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Random/Unscripted Q&A #5
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Make your own ESC/Servo Tester
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DIY Plasma Arc Speaker
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  • J B
    J B 17 minutes ago

    The warning at the end of the video gets covered by video thumbnails of the videos recommended!

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    Gear HD 23 minutes ago


  • Dragoby
    Dragoby 26 minutes ago

    I really like this series as I really like to do diy over buying things. I think a diy or buy on a UPS for a future video idea!

  • Julian T Mathews
    Julian T Mathews 43 minutes ago

    what is the minimum rpm it can work at?

  • Conner Gil
    Conner Gil Hour ago

    Lithium keramic batteries

  • Michatroschka
    Michatroschka Hour ago

    geil, auf deutsch ist es sehr angenehm zum anhören

  • J4FuN TV
    J4FuN TV 2 hours ago

    how long its lifespan

  • Unity Vegas
    Unity Vegas 2 hours ago


  • J. Lietka
    J. Lietka 2 hours ago

    if that small welder got to working, it could be used to connect 18650s (via nickel strip) together, right? thanks again

  • Tobi Sndr
    Tobi Sndr 3 hours ago

    Ich finde es total cool, dass du jetzt auch Videos auf deutsch machst :)

  • Chris Shand
    Chris Shand 4 hours ago

    Perfboard soldering video next lol you make it look so easy I'm almost tempted to blame the Chinese boards I order 🤣

  • LMT Lipola
    LMT Lipola 5 hours ago

    You are great... mann

  • Tom Phillips
    Tom Phillips 5 hours ago

    Very much over with most things here...

  • Pete Shannon
    Pete Shannon 6 hours ago

    "Heat bet"..."price tak"... "stantart 3D prinder"... LOL

  • creative inventions
    creative inventions 6 hours ago

    Use magnifier length begger than screen

  • Sourabh Chavan
    Sourabh Chavan 6 hours ago

    I'm confused about working & operation of TIG welding if possible can u make something like TIG machine PLS...

  • Forest Whispers
    Forest Whispers 7 hours ago

    Clap on, clap off, the Clapper!

  • Lord Xevas
    Lord Xevas 7 hours ago

    Sir please help me,i have a question n i searching everywhere there is no answer,so i dicide to ask here, im confused with BMS modul 3S 25A.. May i changed into 2S 25A with that bms? Or i use a special BMS modul 2S 25A? Thanks you sir..

  • leuteris mandal
    leuteris mandal 7 hours ago

    I bought a rgb led strip but i can't yous the controller to change colours. What am i suppose to do ??

  • K C
    K C 8 hours ago

    Dude... did your 12 year old make that travesty??

  • Chetan Verma
    Chetan Verma 8 hours ago

    Hello , can you make auto cutoff timer circuit for mobile phone charger plug , working on 220 AC or 5 v 2amp dc Like - we connect in our 220v AC circuit board and set the timer according time duration

  • Omar Rahmane
    Omar Rahmane 8 hours ago

    *Dank u, dokter.❤️*

  • AlexMI
    AlexMI 8 hours ago

    Nice Video, i would be interested what kind of issues one would face when dealing with Microcontrollers as the typical hobbyist will not design his own powersupply.

  • usman haider
    usman haider 9 hours ago

    Differential amplifier circuit is wrong. Non inverting input pin is grounded instead of resistor.

  • JonasEDVStuff
    JonasEDVStuff 9 hours ago

    Jaaa, ich kann dich endlich Mal gescheit verstehen 😂👌😍

  • picaoid
    picaoid 9 hours ago

    One single analog input is enough for all buttons. Guess how?

  • Mac M.
    Mac M. 10 hours ago

    Would love to see a comparison with a similar capacity LTO based pack, maybe GWL could sponsor a video

  • Kscott McCauslin
    Kscott McCauslin 10 hours ago

    been waiting for this. i need to make these

  • Mitesh Dhanani
    Mitesh Dhanani 11 hours ago

    Sir as u r showing y r we attaching a round circuit in the middle

    VINIT SINGH 11 hours ago

    What power of potentiometer shoud i need to perfectly control my tda8932 audio amplifier ic. Bxxx k and no xxxx like 1906. Please tell me as quick as you can.

  • YliVirittäjä
    YliVirittäjä 12 hours ago

    Have you tested the cheap ebay ones,are they reliable and are they safe

  • Marcelo Menescal
    Marcelo Menescal 12 hours ago

    When i saw LiPo, i immediately thought “Lithium-Polonium”. Then I thought: “that’s ought to be pretty dangerous indeed”.

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith 13 hours ago

    I plan on using an old PSU to make a bench power supply, but by combining the common voltages to individual rails, and then using step up/step down converters at the output of each rail. I'll have three different adjustable voltage ranges without bottoming out on amperage.

  • cak kar
    cak kar 13 hours ago

    Fucking fake

  • Daniel Lassander
    Daniel Lassander 13 hours ago

    I never thought about it before, but you are left handed :)

  • asddsfdsaasdf
    asddsfdsaasdf 14 hours ago

    Maybe a relay would do the trick ? Or it would be to slow ?

    UNITY 14 hours ago


  • J_Net Reloaded
    J_Net Reloaded 16 hours ago

    Why didnt you solder a mic out jack to the board dummy? also why dont u add pots so u can tune things! also the old mic that broke may have a working condensor part you can try?! redo this.

  • J_Net Reloaded
    J_Net Reloaded 16 hours ago

    Starts @2:20 and btw fuck usb mics stick with analogue they never brake¬!

  • AbangZai2.0
    AbangZai2.0 17 hours ago

    Ty for this info video

  • Lorandt Foelkel
    Lorandt Foelkel 17 hours ago

    You deserve your nickname: you are a GREAT person and engineer! Excellent explained and reproduced. Was a GREAT pleasure from my side #askLorandt

  • alienpioneer
    alienpioneer 17 hours ago

    Isn't the current first transformed from 220V or 120V , then rectified ? Transforming a square signal into another square signal using a transformer makes no sense to me .

  • Kyle Reese
    Kyle Reese 18 hours ago

    Your English has changed so dramatically since I first watched you. Good work, and thank you for all the videos.

  • Gusstavv's Stuff
    Gusstavv's Stuff 18 hours ago

    This was a bit long infomercial... and quite educative btw! Thanks!

  • the Joseph factory
    the Joseph factory 19 hours ago

    I have a trutech portable DVD player but I have no idea how to charge it,can someone please help me

  • Marty Jackson
    Marty Jackson 20 hours ago

    Hi Could you do a video on converting a cheap PWM solar controller to MPPT? Maybe add some inductors and ??? I don't know if it can be done. Or how. Thanks

  • pyrocra
    pyrocra 20 hours ago

    Scott u seem like the guy to ask!!! I built my own 10s6p lipo for my ebike but i was looking into (lto) batteries. But i am having issues finding a dc to dc buck module from the nominal 2.3vdc to 36vdc , that can handle 20-30amps. Any help??? Attempting to build one with a quick swap method. Keep one in your bag and swap out for another 30amp hour battery in a matter of seconds lol

  • Ian Montgomery
    Ian Montgomery 21 hour ago

    Also with your SMD soldering you should use finer gauge solder.

  • Etnaa flonne
    Etnaa flonne 21 hour ago

    can the pi use this type of paper or pi zero w ?

  • keith king
    keith king Day ago

    Another cool video

  • Capt Mike
    Capt Mike Day ago

    I figured it all out! Your a lefty.

  • Vilo Shmillo
    Vilo Shmillo Day ago

    My head hurts.

  • Ian Grams
    Ian Grams Day ago

    Wow talk about good timing. I recently got an HDMI audio splitter from Amazon and it seems ever since I plugged it in my speakers have been making similar noises. Not sure I can manage building a filter (even with a kit 😅) but I was considering trying out some snap ferrites. Thanks for the interesting and informative video!

  • Shawn Darmanin

    Hi, do you still have the arduino code for microstepping pls ? If you still have it I would really appreciate your help. I currently need it for a similar project involving a stepper motor. Thanks

  • Ian Montgomery

    I would never bother salvaging an electrolytic capacitor. Most good tech will replace electros during a repair because they degrade.

  • wafL
    wafL Day ago

    I know I'm late but what if you add a gear so with 1 crank turn there is like 5 turns on the generator?

  • TheCarmacon
    TheCarmacon Day ago

    "die Messung wurde mittels der Messinstrumente durchgeführt" - jaja das brennt sich ein wenn man versucht in der Uni die Laborprotokolle zu strecken :D

  • TheCarmacon
    TheCarmacon Day ago

    Hast du irgendwas mit dem HackRF von Great Scott Gadgets zu tun?

  • John Feistner
    John Feistner Day ago

    AKA The Doomsday radio

  • khamis phitia
    khamis phitia Day ago

    I've been trying to find out why power supply circuits rectify, then chop and then step down the 'square wave' then finally rectified. Why not just step down the ac, then rectify? a simpler circuit but maybe it has disadvantages that I may not be aware of.

  • John Macrae
    John Macrae Day ago

    Thanks for bringing up this very important topic. In most of the maker designs we see here on RU-clip and elsewhere, EMC is never mentioned. Yet it affects us all on a daily basis, from interference on audio to degraded WiFi or other equipment performance. Moreover, you can even, unknowingly, affect your neighbours. I have friends who have tracked down interference on audio to faulty/cheap/nasty SMPS several houses away!

  • Vincent
    Vincent Day ago

    Even though I've never spoke german, it looks weirdly familiar :)

  • NEW OctanGaming234

    All I heard:Nein

  • Janus Kobain
    Janus Kobain Day ago

    I… I like your beard, man!

  • M Smith
    M Smith Day ago

    Great stuff as always. But... @4:10 holy sht.. either switch on after plugging..or use insulated terminals..or longer leads to keep your hands away from mains. Longer life means more videos for us to watch!

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  • Martin
    Martin Day ago

    So it looks like it is suitable to check the airflow and oxygen sensor in the car. Wooow!

  • John
    John Day ago

    step 1. buy a soldering iron

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  • Alexander Thorbrügge

    *Electro Boom enter the chat*

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    Solarzelle Day ago

    Höh er hatt doch mal ein q und a gemacht da ist mir der Akzent überhaupt nicht aufgefallen

  • Yuval Esroni
    Yuval Esroni Day ago

    If I am correct, the ferro-magnetic layers of the stator are laminated and insulated from one another, unlike the print layers which are fused together. The insulation according to a theory I've heard, increases the electric potential difference between the layers and make the magnetic flux stronger.

  • Muhanad ALbarassi

    too advanced topic

  • Paul Pozniak
    Paul Pozniak Day ago

    thanks for sharing cheers1

  • Andreas Podlich

    Warum sprichst du dein Deutsch immer so "Ich übersetze zurück aus Englisch auf Deutsch" aus?

  • Gábor Szűcs
    Gábor Szűcs Day ago

    Can you do a video about power adaptors and cables audiophiles use and why are they good if they are not a hoax all together?

  • Hamid PCM
    Hamid PCM Day ago

    ترجمة للعربية غير موجودة

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    Sketchy Dood Day ago

    English version, German version? Damn I understand nothing anyways.

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    Hamid PCM Day ago

    سلام عليكم

  • Steven Kolsters

    You have the same Voice as norvritchs

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    Please suggested which camera use to take you awesome videos

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    Alter wie geil! Endlich Videos auf deutsch! 😍

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    tourdumonde77 Day ago

    Am I the only stupid dumb of the entire internet who did not understand ? I need to know

  • E N D E R _ S T U D I O S

    So that's how you pronounce würth

  • Jan Peter
    Jan Peter Day ago

    Mach doch einen Zweitkanal für deine Deutschen Zuschauer, weil für englisch sprechende ist es denke ich mal ziemlich verwirrend...

  • Tricky Rat
    Tricky Rat Day ago

    You cheated - lots of English words in there. :)

    • Karel Štípek
      Karel Štípek 5 hours ago

      No, half the words in German are similar to English (half/halb)

  • RaytjeKn
    RaytjeKn Day ago

    Is it me or is this just a matter of measuring the resistance of the RTD easily using a multimeter? O I was wondering, the RTD says it's capable of 850 degrees celsius. But can you put the RTD on the surface of for a example a aluminium plate without it burning?

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    Saarbrücken Burbach auch vertreten😂

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    First thing to do in the morning! Watch greatscott videos!!

  • Tarci
    Tarci Day ago

    I made an Arduino Synth and MIDI clock signal bleeds through the audio output. Do you think I need choke inductors? where should I put the LP filter? Difficult subject :(

  • Christopher Hall

    Ich wohne im Deutschland aber bin amerikanischen... Dass hier ist absolut perfekt danke!

  • Cyprian Guerra

    On the subject of audio. Did you happen to try to connect helmet intercom to action camera? I've seen you trying an intercom before (BTW that video motivated me to get one, thank you, best riding related decision ever). I have this funky setup where I connect two microphones to the camera via 3.5mm splitter - one is next to the intercom's microphone recording my voice, one is near the right intercom's speaker recording its output. It's okayish and has an advantage of working with every kind of intercom but it's uncomfortable (I have 2 extra microphones and a splitter in my helmet after all) and the sound quality of the other party speaking is "meh". I'd love to know how to match all the signals and actually connect that intercom (both microphone and speaker) to the 3.5mm input of the camera. I'm pretty sure it's not (very) complicated, I just lack knowledge.

  • Joop Terwijn
    Joop Terwijn Day ago

    “Let’s get started”..... ? 🤪 danke for denn Deutschen Video, ist gut für meine Deutsche Sprache (ich bin einer Niederländer 🤪)

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    Do something for my drone ESC as well😭😭😭

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    Top VIDEO !

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