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Cameronazi - Topic
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  • SOS Andreas
    SOS Andreas 10 days ago

    how did this not fucking blow up yet blood

  • Koufun
    Koufun 12 days ago


  • AlexPlaysGTA
    AlexPlaysGTA 20 days ago

    Typical roblox kids playing this song

  • Country Boy
    Country Boy 21 day ago

    Just wanted to say FUCK YOU to whoever the fuck disliked this banger!!

  • MajinV MajinV
    MajinV MajinV 24 days ago

    {Verse 1: $ubjectz} Fuck niggas always talk shit, they give me attitudes Bitch you talking all that shit, show some gratitude I rip your face off wipe my ass, and split your head in two I kill you pussy niggas, and I will shoot at you {Hook: $ubjectz} Bitch, fuck up out my face Boy, fuck up out my face Bitch, fuck up out my face Bitch, why you talking shit? Bitch, you get fucking sprayed Bitch, you get fucking sprayed Bitch, fuck up out my face Bitch, fuck up out my face {Verse 2: Cameronazi} Pussy nigga, it's a murder rate Pussy nigga, it's a murder rate Pussy nigga, it's a murder rate Pussy nigga, it's a murder rate Pussy nigga, it's a murder rate Pussy nigga, it's a murder rate Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye Wait, fuck up out my face Aye, make that AK spray Aye, watch them bodies lay Aye, that shit make my day ($ubjectz) Little bitch slit ya wrist Blood drip on my fists If a nigga test me bitch Ima lay him in a ditch 1, 'u-xx_large_top_margin': $height > 0}" style="box-sizing: border-box; display: block;"> {Hook: $ubjectz} Fuck up out my face Boy, fuck up out my face Bitch, fuck up out my face Bitch, why you talking shit? Bitch, you get fucking sprayed Bitch, you get fucking sprayed Bitch, fuck up out my face Bitch, fuck up out my face {Outro: Cameronazi & $ubjectz} Slit ya wrist, Little bitch Slit ya wrist, Little bitch Slit ya wrist, Little bitch Slit ya wrist, Little bitch Slit ya wrist, Little bitch Slit ya wrist, Little bitch Slit ya wrist, Little bitch Slit ya wrist, Little bitch

  • zillasleezy bag
    zillasleezy bag 24 days ago

    Music video on my channel

  • retep
    retep 25 days ago


  • Tiger LeBron
    Tiger LeBron Month ago


  • John Edwards
    John Edwards Month ago

    How do I buy this

  • Lz_ EqualiTy
    Lz_ EqualiTy Month ago


  • Derp Turtle
    Derp Turtle Month ago

    I am

  • Derp Turtle
    Derp Turtle Month ago

    I could be the 1000 sub


    Shout out to the Inferno VST from Sytrus, lmao

  • BklaccSideBoi
    BklaccSideBoi 2 months ago


  • Infamous
    Infamous 2 months ago

    0 dislikes hell yeah

  • Tayboiithekxdd 6
    Tayboiithekxdd 6 2 months ago

    we don't give a fuck

  • zmacius
    zmacius 2 months ago

    siema polska

  • Pepe †Brawl Stars†

    Fireee 🔥🔥🔥

  • ReavoVERT
    ReavoVERT 2 months ago

    Underrated as HELL this is fire...

  • zSov
    zSov 2 months ago


  • ph4ntom ツ
    ph4ntom ツ 2 months ago

    dude subjects literally came in loud af with that deal voice.

  • 666.LilTylerGabriel
    666.LilTylerGabriel 2 months ago


  • IcyIvy
    IcyIvy 3 months ago

    This is some good shit

  • ArtaLip PolaStar666
    ArtaLip PolaStar666 3 months ago

    Fucking god fuck at me😈

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher 3 months ago


  • El_kiddo s
    El_kiddo s 3 months ago


  • Wild Child Nemesis
    Wild Child Nemesis 3 months ago

    Ay that lit

  • Caleb
    Caleb 3 months ago

    jesus fuck this song is amazing

  • Earthquake Productions

    Is Cameron Willis his real name??

  • _Lucid-Sp4rks清醒

    Still hasn't blown up

  • Bukow69
    Bukow69 3 months ago

    This is auto generated by RU-clip lol

  • Am'k
    Am'k 3 months ago

    Oh MY GOD

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy 3 months ago

    Straight heat, does anyone know of any tracks like this to listen to?

    • Wardog soldier
      Wardog soldier Month ago

      No but do you know a band that sounds similar

  • punk possie
    punk possie 4 months ago

    GCSY forever

  • Yrusonoz 79
    Yrusonoz 79 4 months ago

    Well...if you hate me🖕

  • Mr Cheesehead
    Mr Cheesehead 4 months ago

    Im here from ILLX Gs love this song

    CHIPPY BOY 4 months ago


  • IgnacioNachoP 112
    IgnacioNachoP 112 4 months ago

    Yo lq conosco por un ramix de videos bizarros

  • Wild Child Nemesis
    Wild Child Nemesis 4 months ago


  • Owen Burke
    Owen Burke 4 months ago

    i’m the dude you told to listen to this song in rainbow, my ears hurt

    • Tiger LeBron
      Tiger LeBron Month ago

      Your comment 🤦🏽‍♂️💩

  • Lucien Richardson
    Lucien Richardson 4 months ago


  • Ricardo Mendoza
    Ricardo Mendoza 4 months ago


  • Matthew Castillo
    Matthew Castillo 4 months ago

    This song is 🔥, but not enough people know about it

    • MeanLeanMachine
      MeanLeanMachine 3 months ago

      I remember when this first dropped I listened to it all day everyday

  • Twister official channel

    Atomic bomb 💣💣💣💥💥💥💥

  • Jordan Boak
    Jordan Boak 4 months ago

    Now pull up, NOW PULL UP!

  • John
    John 5 months ago

    Bitch I’m on goon shit empty out a full clip Niggas think savage you ain’t savage where your tools bitch

  • NPK
    NPK 5 months ago

    3,2k Wiews? WHYY?!!

  • Kentrell W
    Kentrell W 5 months ago

    cam cam!!!

  • Memes are the Best
    Memes are the Best 5 months ago

    THIS GAVE ME CHILLS 👍🏾👍🏾😬👌🏾👌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ziyaad Houser
    Ziyaad Houser 6 months ago

    We done told you you that

  • uglymofo
    uglymofo 6 months ago

    "Ziiillllaaaaaaa"😂 shits fire🔥

  • Leland Newsome
    Leland Newsome 6 months ago

    hype beast mode over 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • uglymofo
    uglymofo 6 months ago

    Me: Cameronazi:🔥 Me: :) Fr tho, why the fuck is he being slept on right now

  • maps maps
    maps maps 6 months ago


  • Ary
    Ary 6 months ago

    someone put this on spotify please 😩🔥🔥

    • X - Man1418
      X - Man1418 3 months ago

      It’s on iTunes too

    • Ary
      Ary 6 months ago

      @Newcomer Ace imma check that real quick 🤔

    • Newcomer Ace
      Newcomer Ace 6 months ago

      It is on Spotify lol

    ARSEN 6 months ago

    Топ песня

  • KawaiiKiller99
    KawaiiKiller99 6 months ago

    hey good job on trying to sound like city morgue. there is just one small little problem, you should try to add a bit of talent first, then youll be golden 👌😉

    • Jordan Boak
      Jordan Boak 3 months ago

      KawaiiKiller99 wtf u talking about? Zilla is literally in this song.

    • fetichbeats
      fetichbeats 4 months ago

      @Chase Death fr fr 💀

    • Chase Death
      Chase Death 4 months ago

      Bitch please... Some1 fix this nigga ears

    • KawaiiKiller99
      KawaiiKiller99 6 months ago

      Fl0rb idk at the time i thought this will show em >:) but i didn’t do my research. but i also remembered me here is no d e f i n i n g music taste. we all like different things. i was just being salty for no reason

    • BiG BOY
      BiG BOY 6 months ago

      @KawaiiKiller99Zillakami raps the chorus

  • feet inspector
    feet inspector 6 months ago


  • FinOlkkuzGT
    FinOlkkuzGT 6 months ago

    i showed this to my dog now he are demon dog

  • Psycodelicrelic
    Psycodelicrelic 6 months ago

    Ive attributed many views

  • Sanderkæ Game
    Sanderkæ Game 6 months ago

    ❤ Zillkami ❤ Scarlxrd ❤ ❤ Cameronazi ❤

  • first nam3
    first nam3 6 months ago

    This shit mad fire💥💥💥💣💣💣💥💥

  • Waj IsBack
    Waj IsBack 6 months ago

    Hype X 2.0?

  • Suicdeboys I want to die new Orlando

    This is dope

  • Magiik Playz
    Magiik Playz 7 months ago

    holy sh*t this is fire

  • Big Scarecrow
    Big Scarecrow 7 months ago

    This shit Fire on lucifer nigga

    YVNGRVD ! 7 months ago

    Finally some christain music

  • Vertigo
    Vertigo 7 months ago

    blood on my sleeves

  • Liam Gaming TV
    Liam Gaming TV 7 months ago

    Is it just me, or are these guys the ghetto Roudy Rough Boys?

  • AknewT8kenLife :p
    AknewT8kenLife :p 7 months ago

    Who else came here from ILLX

  • Meek_The_Sneek 1
    Meek_The_Sneek 1 7 months ago

    Suck the sweat off her tits ima nasty lil bitch

  • Gustavo Leyva
    Gustavo Leyva 8 months ago


  • S O L A R_ X
    S O L A R_ X 8 months ago


  • Fuckoutta Here
    Fuckoutta Here 8 months ago


  • Chompy Wong
    Chompy Wong 8 months ago


  • Luz Pattereson
    Luz Pattereson 8 months ago

    So underated wtfffff

  • SquishyJelly
    SquishyJelly 8 months ago

    It’s young Godzilla ⚔️⚔️🔥

  • Tyler Marriott
    Tyler Marriott 8 months ago

    The beat is to fire

  • x e n o n
    x e n o n 9 months ago

    My favourite of the album. We need a music video ASAP

    PROD. MUTAN'T KIRAX 9 months ago

    They should have made a loop of the begging guitar rifts and make that a song

    • Lil Cube
      Lil Cube 2 months ago

      Lil Lano has some songs which should be very similar to that guitar riff.

    PROD. MUTAN'T KIRAX 9 months ago


  • Henrik Gullikstad
    Henrik Gullikstad 9 months ago


  • Jesus Moon
    Jesus Moon 9 months ago


  • Edward Ichtay
    Edward Ichtay 9 months ago

    Fucking Flames almost passed out🔥🔥 This my new gym anthem

  • KillerJo-209 TV
    KillerJo-209 TV 10 months ago

    XXX TRAP SHIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

  • Maxcine Forrest
    Maxcine Forrest 10 months ago


  • Senti Longs
    Senti Longs 10 months ago


  • kool aid man
    kool aid man 10 months ago


  • kool aid man
    kool aid man 10 months ago


  • kool aid man
    kool aid man 11 months ago

    Cameronazi need to do more of this

  • Armin Savage
    Armin Savage Year ago

    I love that song

  • Bark Bark
    Bark Bark Year ago


  • Suprimoæ°´
    Suprimoæ°´ Year ago


  • Senren Sa Remashita

    This shit fire more please or let me join i got it to

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy Year ago

    Is this the best quality version

    • TheMW2informer
      TheMW2informer 10 months ago

      Rest in peace Xxxtentacion watch this video, it shows what different Kbps sounds like haha the song they use is ass though 😂

    • kool aid man
      kool aid man 10 months ago

      @TheMW2informer someone is smart asf but can you speak English please

    • TheMW2informer
      TheMW2informer 11 months ago

      Cool Guy yes these "topic" videos with this look are made by RU-clip and are 328kbps quality

  • war
    war Year ago


  • D4vil_Gacha
    D4vil_Gacha Year ago


  • MeanLeanMachine
    MeanLeanMachine Year ago

    Fuck n*gga you a bitch

  • xo_giuse
    xo_giuse Year ago

    why this legend is so underrated?