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WWE 2K20 Gameplay [PS4]
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Oninaki Gameplay [PS4]
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  • Renato Valente
    Renato Valente 2 hours ago

    I don't trust anything this loser says. He is a known communist, that's why. Here in Brazil, the a**hole happily saluted other idiots like him with a hand sign used by a big and ultra-violent drug dealer gang in here (they're called "Comando Vermelho", or Red Command). So I don't trust a single word this sorry loser says.

  • Quantum Fox
    Quantum Fox 9 hours ago

    I am trying to use a 3900x on an x370 Xpower gaming titanium, but the MB keeps telling me that the CPU is not installed or having issues. Basically, the red HW light is on, and when I power on the system, the light for CPU is on. Any help would be great. Thank you in advance. Also, I cannot access the BIOS at all. I have tried removing the battery and resetting the CMOS multiple times, attempting to plug into my graphics card and to the motherboard using Display Port and HDMI. I cannot bring up the BIOS at all.

  • Enrique Bermudez
    Enrique Bermudez 12 hours ago

    Now do it with 3950x...

  • Infinium Unity
    Infinium Unity 13 hours ago

    music in club? PLS

  • Leo EX
    Leo EX 15 hours ago

    Вау эффекта нет. Спасибо за старания, но лучше что-то другое подкрутить для красоты на эти потеряные фпс, травы там добавить, объектов разрушаемых, танков в боях на конец, пусть будет не 15\15, а 20\20. Техникам на заметку. При включенных ультра тенях, после смерти танка у него пропадает тень. Да, да, мёртвые танки не дают тени от слова СОВСЕМ :)))

    JUST FORTNITE 18 hours ago

    Sid you raise the power limit to +50 or no Plz inswer .

  • AomiNe
    AomiNe 18 hours ago

    in my opinion it looks better than Outer Worlds

  • Joshua Shaw
    Joshua Shaw 23 hours ago

    Very helpful thank you 😊👍

  • JoJo Valentine

    I want Space Invaders with Ray Tracing

  • CyFx
    CyFx Day ago

    Plz can someone helpe?? plz help!!? someone plzz help me!! I got the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R RGB I have got this cooler for this type CASE: Deepcool Matrexx 50 is good or not bro??? Wil it fitt in my pc.. Or do i need more cooling plzzz help me! Monitor: Samsung UHD 4K Smart TV CASE: Deepcool Matraxx 50 CPU: Intel Core I7 3720QM CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.60GHz Graphics Card: RTX 2080 AORUS 8GB Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390 UD Cooling: Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R Power: With 650W Power RAM: DDR4 RAM 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB 3000 C15 SSD: 250GB Kingston SSD HDD: 1TB SEAGATE HDD HDD: 320GB Toshiba HDD HDD: 320Gb Do i need more cooling??? Yes or no?? Or something els

  • likesimulator
    likesimulator Day ago

    Вообще огонь

  • mark swishersweets

    i want one now :D


    damn right , the average gamer in a fucking fanatic of the first person shooters , and every fucking time a game a bit more complex come up , the fucking average gamer blame it instead of blame it's own narrow fucking mind, it happened exactly the same for metal gear 5, all this of course wouldn't be a problem if only they have the common sense of fucking shut the fuck up and not write a singe comment about a game that clearly make them feel stupid , it's not like gaming must rotate around their only faculty to fucking run and shot like a damn bunch of morons , and i say that even if i am a fan of syphon filter were we can enjoy the comfort of the automatic aim

  • Ellypsis
    Ellypsis Day ago

    What is this crap.

  • Reno Putra
    Reno Putra Day ago

    Looks and feels like a mobile game lmfao

  • DoxInfect3D
    DoxInfect3D Day ago

    12309 on 1080p Ultra Fullscreen 8063 on 1440p Ultra Fullscreen specs: 6700K 4.513Ghz 1.264v MSI RTX 2080 Super Gaming X Trio 2145Mhz Core +110 9101Mhz Mem +1350 stock voltage 16GB DDR4 2400Mhz CL16 XMP

  • Levi Núñez
    Levi Núñez Day ago

    Next gen consoles will rejoice!

  • Sam Williams
    Sam Williams Day ago

    Is this full ray tracing or only reflections ray tracing like the previous demo?

  • Bikash Sharma
    Bikash Sharma Day ago

    Game had better graphics then real life man!!!!!!

  • 0namey
    0namey Day ago

    00:40 - why your cinebench result is so low compared to this ru-clip.com/video/J69aiJJEHzQ/video.html ?

  • Bang4BuckPC Gamer

    Lmao it looks like ass on PS4. It looks a lot better on Epic Settings at 1440p with My Radeon VII LC pumping out over 100fps.

  • J.C. Denton
    J.C. Denton Day ago

    Better than nothing, at lest it can run easily 60FPS on my 2007 machine

  • Camera Never Lies

    is it best to lower the voltage to keep it cooler

  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy Day ago

    On the second viewing I already hate that kid. His voice acting is painful to listen to you. No inflection in the voice, no tone to it either and the sudden on 180 in "leave me alone" to "okay". This game is either going to be surprisingly good or painfully average with maybe on or two redeeming qualities. Either way we are going to get an interesting review from Angry Joe. Edit 1: I have to say that terminator squad walking past those guys was well done. So maybe there might be at least a few good campaign moments. Edit 2: Saw the Uzi bit. I am starting to fear the lasers will be a repeat of the Alien Colonial Marines smart gun incident. We will either wield it in the end or see very little use of the laser guns.

  • BIG JERM 724
    BIG JERM 724 Day ago

    Reminds me of a shit game called resistance


    Still not the Terminator game we've been waiting for forever.

  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy Day ago

    I kinda of wished for a real time strategy game. That way we can get all sorts of different terminators and resistance troops as well as weapons imagine playing as John Connor or Skynet and having similar gameplay akin to Halo Wars 2 or even the Warhammer games. Or even a gears of war game with some elements of dead space limb based damage. Imagine using a thermite grenade to melt a terminators legs off and then it starts crawling towards you or highjack a terminator and have fight a anti-terminator.

  • kismetcoyote
    kismetcoyote Day ago

    The SkyNet PC Master Race, can't even help this cold pile of mess.

  • Mr. Ihab Issa
    Mr. Ihab Issa Day ago

    A New Rendering "Fake Real Time Ray Tracing" software mimick that doesnot need RT cores & works on Direct X 11 - Even top dogs from last gen 1080ti (Pascal) Radeon VII (GCN 5.0) Fails to Deliver 😂🤣 Sell Them ASAP ru-clip.com/video/efOR92n9mms/video.html

  • Bosco _ FPS
    Bosco _ FPS Day ago

    Wooo it's 2001 and this is cutting edge! And WOW the voice acting, it's as if this is REAL LIFE. Just horrendous.

  • Nick King Televised

    2070 Super is like the old 2080, or older 1080ti. Best Deal on the market right now, get the equivalent of a $1000 card 7 months ago for under $500

  • StreamerGeo
    StreamerGeo 2 days ago

    Dude last time I removed it, my cpu and motherboard broke, I got replacements through RMA thankfully. I still want to install a better cooler, but I’m scared to attempt again to remove the stock cooler :( Maybe my bios got corrupted. Do you make any changes to the bios before removing the cooler? Like restore bios to stock settings ?

  • MrSammy
    MrSammy 2 days ago

    😒 pft dont trust anything phil says

  • //DEC4YY2K18
    //DEC4YY2K18 2 days ago

    It's over. The damage has been dealt. How will Incelfanboys ever recover?

  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy 2 days ago

    I just want to know what "Hardware support for ray tracing" means. Is it dedicated CUs specifically for ray tracing? or will it use a dedicated A.I processor to de-noise a frame thus needing less rays to achieve the effect they want.

    • Barbaroja
      Barbaroja Day ago

      Right, it's too vague (obviously on purpose), I mean, wouldn't any GPU that can render a ray traced image at all and in an capacity qualify as having "hardware support"? Like pascal cards for example, they have DXR support and the image is rendered by GPU's cores itself, thereby having "hardware support". Having dedicated hardware for accelerating ray tracing is another thing entirely.

  • Terry David
    Terry David 2 days ago

    Power is huge at launch

  • storm
    storm 2 days ago

    I can't see anything in the upper corner

  • elysiumcore
    elysiumcore 2 days ago

    it still will not have the Ps5 top game lineup...MS has a lot to prove

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe 2 days ago

    It takes courage to admit mistakes

    • Korey Miller
      Korey Miller 2 days ago

      It's easy when you didn't make those mistakes. Spencer turned this boat around.

  • Pluhanchik Pluha
    Pluhanchik Pluha 2 days ago

    gtx 1080 oc & 8600k 4.9Ghz 7502 score

  • Amit Dev
    Amit Dev 2 days ago

    I want Crysis 1 remade on this tech and engine. I am ready to contribute to crowdfunding.

  • Juneao Alfred
    Juneao Alfred 3 days ago

    they says.. non rtx card can do RayTracing with fps below 20.. look at this.. non rtx card run RayTracing at playable fps.. liar.

  • Zeaxile
    Zeaxile 3 days ago

    How do we turn rtx on/off

  • Nayro 80
    Nayro 80 3 days ago

    your intro gave me a spook

  • TheStin777
    TheStin777 3 days ago

    Why is the fps so small?

  • Damo Jackson
    Damo Jackson 3 days ago

    The Nvidia cards are faster than AMD cards in this demo even without using their onboard RT hardware. Let that sink in before you start masturbating why you're so smart for not having a RTX card.

  • Jeff Young
    Jeff Young 3 days ago

    See digital foundry’s video on this to understand how done tracing was used to save on performance to make this happen. Still not true ray tracing

    • DarkReturns
      DarkReturns 3 days ago

      This is ray tracing, that's the whole point....

  • mallolollo
    mallolollo 3 days ago

    94 °C ? hmmmm... ah ok sorry... lol

  • Reinfarcements
    Reinfarcements 3 days ago

    Yeah because there has never been a non-FPS game Americans loved and praised. Never. Give me a break. I'll be sure to let Death Stranding "fly higher" than my bank account. I'm gonna go jerk it to a picture of a gun and the sound of explosions now.

  • Alex V
    Alex V 3 days ago

    why not mention noise level?

  • Powernod
    Powernod 3 days ago

    The score alone by itself is useless. What is the score for an RTX2060S / RTX2070 at the same settings ? only by comparison does this score becomes useful .

    • Powernod
      Powernod 2 days ago

      @burr yeah you are right. Just saw this excellent analysis from @Digital Foundry : ru-clip.com/video/efOR92n9mms/video.html . Still , even without RT-core support , the nvidia "Turing" architecture still remains significantly stronger than their AMD "Navi" counterparts , as we can see in that video. (*and let's not forget that it's a 14nm Vs 7nm process !!! )

    • burr
      burr 2 days ago

      No it doesn't the demo doesn't have support for the RT cores. This demo is completely useless to compare anything at this point.

  • Алмаз Исаев

    Вся суть видео отражающие поверхности.


    At 1:30 of video you mention about the reflection of player on the window. However RTX fails because apart from player's and corpse's reflection you don't see the blood on the floor (!) RTX BUSTED!

  • coyotewld
    coyotewld 3 days ago

    nvidia f**k you (c) Linus

  • Ryan Huynh
    Ryan Huynh 3 days ago

    1:28 the torchlight reflection from the drone look quite jarring, this doesn't happen with Nvidia card.

    • Sam Williams
      Sam Williams Day ago

      Ryan Huynh ah I see. So it must be an issue on the side of Amd.

    • Ryan Huynh
      Ryan Huynh Day ago

      @Sam Williams nope, the clips with Nvidia cards or the original clip by Crytek dont display those weird bars.

    • Sam Williams
      Sam Williams Day ago

      Ryan Huynh maybe that's the desired look? But it's still in early days for ray tracing. Amd can update their drivers and fix it if that was a glitch

  • jergernice1
    jergernice1 3 days ago

    they could bring out basically a super super with better rtx performance nearly same price. 10% faster but with 40% fast rt performance. for similar pricing. as opposed to another jump cost and performance. at least on the non ti parts.

  • Guitarist First
    Guitarist First 3 days ago

    When the games really will be like that? And not just another engine demo with graphics we never get. Wich looks by the way like total CGI.

  • TehKazlehoff
    TehKazlehoff 3 days ago

    can this pls be Crysis 4 and not some hot mess Climbing sim, or battle royale horror game crossover?

  • BaH4o3eH
    BaH4o3eH 3 days ago

    What's wrong with your sound/video isolation? Current FPS translates directly to ears

  • menotu 000
    menotu 000 3 days ago

    Score: 3268 on an RX480 8GB. Only dropped below 30fps in front of the club with all the glass windows.

    • Lehel Zelenka
      Lehel Zelenka 2 days ago

      You might want to redo the test then. My GTX 1050 ti pushes 2824 points with fullHD and very high.

  • Selim Nazar
    Selim Nazar 3 days ago

    There must be a catch, this is too good to be true. I mean, there must be some limitations in place for this to work properly. Of course, I wouldn't mind at all if there isn't any, because this looks amazing.

    • k Ho
      k Ho 3 days ago

      Crysis 3 looks really good too.

  • Vic M
    Vic M 3 days ago

    really cool.

  • Adan Rodriguez
    Adan Rodriguez 3 days ago


  • KeinZantezuken
    KeinZantezuken 3 days ago

    "Benchmark from the makers of HUNT" Not Crysis. I found this peculiar. I also have had no idea what HUNT is and had to google. Speaks illegally shipped volumes.

      ZIN PLAYS Day ago

      KeinZantezuken EA

    • KeinZantezuken
      KeinZantezuken Day ago

      @ZIN PLAYS Who has the right to Crysis then?

      ZIN PLAYS Day ago

      KeinZantezuken Because they’ve nothing to do with Crysis now since they don’t have the right. So the way they present themselves as a creator of their new game is a success because you had to google it and they’re getting money from this game not Crysis.

  • joesaiditstrue
    joesaiditstrue 3 days ago

    rtx 2080 1440p very high: 8622 1440p ultra: 6971

  • Roy Bodin
    Roy Bodin 4 days ago

    Will a Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler fit inside that case?

  • Terry Johnstone
    Terry Johnstone 4 days ago

    Please test with a Vega64. I think they might use the compute units to calculate ray tracing which might make the Vega56/64 better at RTX than the 5700xt.

    • TheLoucM
      TheLoucM 3 days ago

      Sadly, even pascal is better at this than vega. Navi is also better. Turing destroy everything even without using RT cores

    • Keelan
      Keelan 4 days ago

      It's not RTX bro, that's nvidias marketing. Just raytracing, or dxr

  • Hurnt
    Hurnt 4 days ago

    I just got the mouse but I got it to play console games so how to I charge it? By plugging it in to the usb part of the console?

  • Desjardins Family
    Desjardins Family 4 days ago

    I got the same score (within 100 points) on my radon vii running at the highest resolution allowed on the benchmark. What resolution is this 5700xt running at?

  • A - R - V
    A - R - V 4 days ago

    Demasiado powa ese demo!

  • Bababa Bababa
    Bababa Bababa 4 days ago

    I have the red devil 5700 but the flash wouldn't work. I've tried all of the bios for it but no results

  • Hless421
    Hless421 4 days ago

    That’s great if you have a 9900k and a 2080 ti because nobody with those specs uses a 1080p monitor. I went with 1440p because eye candy. 1080p don’t look so good tho

  • Sérgio Magalhães
    Sérgio Magalhães 4 days ago

    False Nvidia ray tracing marketing is over!

    • Dalton Mariano
      Dalton Mariano 3 days ago

      @Sérgio Magalhães Mas nunca foi necessario o hardware dedicado, todos sabem disso, mas a prorpia desenvolvedora da demo, a Crytek, disse que poderia rodar muito melhor e até com mais efeitos se além do suporte via software houvesse o hardware dedicado. Qualquer gpu pode processar os cálculos do traçado de raios, até as pascal conseguem, mas quão bom é o resultado? Essa tech demo só faz uso de reflexos e/ou sombras de alguns elementos com uma contagem de raios que não chega a ser exorbitante, efeitos esses que a nvidia já diz que não são tão pesados e que podem ser rodados bem em uma pascal ou turing serie 16. Agora, de novo, a perspectiva é que quando os consoles e novas placas da Amd cheguem ao mercado com hardware dedicado, os desenvolvedores vão se interessar pra explorar as vantagens dessa abordagem ( com iluminação global, por exemplo) ou alguma forma de path tracing leve talvez. Mas se isso vai ser o futuro ou não, só os futurológos (ou tarólogos) pra dizer.

    • Sérgio Magalhães
      Sérgio Magalhães 3 days ago

      @Dalton Mariano Esse benchmark deixou claro que tudo que é preciso para o ray tracing é um hardware potente. Se UE4 passar adicionar esse ray tracing independente de hardware, a conversa que hardware específico será necessário vai toda para o ralo de vez.

    • Dalton Mariano
      Dalton Mariano 3 days ago

      @Sérgio Magalhães Bom Sérgio o Huang usa um marketing barato mas ele não está absurdamente deslocado se vc pensar que daqui a menos de dois anos os novos consoles terão (pelo menos segundo o que os rumores da industria indicam) suporte via hardware dedicado ( ou seja parte dos calculos serão feitos numa parte especializada ) e logo os novos jogos (que sempre foram pensados nos consoles antes dos pcs) vão vir programados pra tirar vantagem dessa tecnologia, a própria AMD vai lançar a RDNA2 com suporte via hardware. Mas isso não quer dizer que o papo do Huang seja verdade quando ele quer dizer que o hardware das turing já tem capacidade de rodar todos esses efeitos e muito menos que as desenvolvedoras estão dispostas a introduzir o suporte a raytracing nas suas engines.

    • Sérgio Magalhães
      Sérgio Magalhães 3 days ago

      @Dalton Mariano Eu lembro de ter lido que o Jensen Huang declarou que daqui a uns 2 anos ja haveriam games que não iriam rodar sem uma vga com hardware para ray tracing. Não era este artigo mas um parecido: www.pcgamer.com/nvidia-ceo-says-buying-a-gpu-without-ray-tracing-is-just-crazy/

    • Dalton Mariano
      Dalton Mariano 3 days ago

      Falso como? Só sendo muito ignorante pra achar que uma aplicação como essa só poderia rodar nas placas da nvidia.Alias se eu me lembro bem sempre foi bem alardeado isso.

  • Cmdr Flint
    Cmdr Flint 4 days ago

    Some scores at various resolutions for reference: Specs: 8700k@5GHz EVGA 2080ti FTW3 (driver 441.12) with a modest OC of 50MHz 32GB DDR4 (3200MHz cl14) Win 10 (up to date) Res: 1920x1080 Raytracing: Ultra Fulscreen: no Score: 15321 FPS: 136-198fps (approx) Res: 2560x1440 Raytracing: Ultra Fulscreen: no Score: 9730 Fps: 96-126fps (approx) Res: 3840x2160 Raytracing: Ultra Fulscreen: yes Score: 4878 Fps: 45-63fps (approx) The fps shown was literally just the lowest and highest numbers I saw.

  • The Impartial Truth

    Why recording quality is so low? WTF with the sound? Dis.

  • Tay Gumi
    Tay Gumi 4 days ago

    For short if I got it correctly at the end you have 3% less Performance than an XT @stock, but you have better efficiency like 5%? So get the RX non XT and flash the Bios? ^-^

  • Skonvolt Skonvolt
    Skonvolt Skonvolt 4 days ago

    dx11 useless

  • St0RM33
    St0RM33 4 days ago

    So much for people paying for overpriced RTX cards XD DLSS/turing cores is dead by RIS, now RT cores are dead for the price as well XD

    • burr
      burr 2 days ago

      @St0RM33 So how come RT cores are dead? You just said that they're doing what they're supposed to do. Or do you actually think that this demo translates to actual ingame performance? And I don't think you know what scammed means.

    • St0RM33
      St0RM33 2 days ago

      @burr that's not the point. Hardware acceleration will always help. Point is that novideo noobs got scammed

    • burr
      burr 2 days ago

      You do realise that AMD and Sony/Microsoft is going with dedicated hardware right? Atleast have a clue before you open your mouth lol.

    • Desjardins Family
      Desjardins Family 4 days ago


  • RepsUp100
    RepsUp100 4 days ago

    This is awesome, I hope AMD and NVIDIA releases optimized drivers for his benchmark.

  • chris amd
    chris amd 4 days ago

    fuck nvidia rtx :))

  • Kira_900
    Kira_900 4 days ago

    I don't think this demo makes an high use of ray tracing, impossible to keep those performance with that gpu

    • Diocre
      Diocre 4 days ago

      it is possible. but in making games of course you have to do some tricks to optimize the game. but as long as it is not noticeable and runs properly it is fine. the point here is that this demo vs turn on / turn off rtx on nvidia channel. you will question the price of rtx which they boast that the card is for ray tracing.

    • TheLoucM
      TheLoucM 4 days ago

      @Desjardins Family It seems like you are the fanboy here...

    • Desjardins Family
      Desjardins Family 4 days ago

      I don't believe it.. * cries overpriced RTX tears *

    • ne0tas
      ne0tas 4 days ago

      not impossible

  • The Danix 95
    The Danix 95 4 days ago

    Could you try it at 1440p?

  • ImportRace
    ImportRace 4 days ago

    That’s awesome

  • supreem ss
    supreem ss 4 days ago

    Here we go!

  • Kaynix Alexander
    Kaynix Alexander 4 days ago

    over 60+ fps all the time. nice.

  • PhazeDelta
    PhazeDelta 4 days ago

    RIP Nvidia

    • Desjardins Family
      Desjardins Family 3 days ago

      @Ryan Huynh the only reason dxr is unplayable on Pascal cards is because they lack fp16 and asynchronous compute. Pascal was a one trick pony that did that 1 trick very well. Which was draw a fuck ton of triangles...

    • Ryan Huynh
      Ryan Huynh 3 days ago

      @Kishaloy B. Nvidia never even said RT games require RTX card dude, the first ray trace demo ever was done on Volta GPU (march 2018) ru-clip.com/video/J3ue35ago3Y/video.html Nvidia just said the DXR performance would be unplayable on any non RTX card which people didn't want to believe so Nvidia had to extend DXR support to Pascal. Well Nvidia were correct there.

    • Kishaloy B.
      Kishaloy B. 3 days ago

      @Ryan Huynh Nvidia at first really tried to market that "Only RTX is needed to run RT games", later they released a driver which made the Pascal GPU's to run on the DXR fallback layer which enabled older Pascal cards to run RTX. If the consumers never screamed about their lies, then Nvidia wouldn't have ever done that, just cause you read a few articles more than others doesn't mean you know everything about everything.

    • Ryan Huynh
      Ryan Huynh 4 days ago

      @Diocre lol how misinformed are you ? GTX cards can play DXR titles as well, it's not limited to RTX lineups only. In DXR titles the RTX 2060 is just as fast or faster than 1080Ti. www.techspot.com/review/1831-ray-tracing-geforce-gtx-benchmarks/ In this benchmark the 350usd 2060 is as fast as the 400usd 5700XT and it's only ray traced reflections. The worst fps killer would be ray trace global illumination as seen in Metro Exodus

    • Diocre
      Diocre 4 days ago

      @Ryan Huynh lol. die hard nvidia? it is the price that is questionable here. and they have this quote "only possible with rtx". and this is the proof that rtx is not that special. possibly a scam. had twice the price but just added few upgrade. watch all nvidia turn on turn off rtx. Seeing neon noir after that and you will laugh at their joke.

  • chris amd
    chris amd 4 days ago


  • KingBreivik
    KingBreivik 4 days ago

    It's so easy to fool AMiDiots. 🤣🤣🤣 This looks like real time ray tracing? i.imgur.com/x4zzLrf.png

  • Seventh Taco
    Seventh Taco 4 days ago

    I don't know, looks decent, but I'm really sick of ray-tracing as primary preference nowadays over quality games.

    • Keelan
      Keelan 4 days ago

      @spork8655 AA is not really that important at 1440p to me, and most AA these days are just big blur filters like taa/fxaa. I'll use 2x msaa if it's an option though.

    • spork8655
      spork8655 4 days ago

      @Argoon1981 I mean... yeah you could do that if you don't mind the shimmer and you're on old hardware. It isn't *super* important to me, but I can't imagine leaving it off if I have the overhead to run AA. It objectively improves picture quality if implemented properly.

    • Argoon1981
      Argoon1981 4 days ago

      @spork8655 I play pretty much all modern games with AA of minus old games (mostly to prevent them from running to quickly), I want all the performance that my PC can muster. AA is just a cherry on top but is not needed to enjoy said games.

    • spork8655
      spork8655 4 days ago

      It's easy to forget that's how Antialiasing was in the late 90's and early 2000's. You could turn it on with cutting edge hardware, but the performance hit was incredible on those first graphics cards that supported it. Can you imagine playing games these days with no AA? I can't even remember the last time I played a new game that had no form of Antialiasing. Pretty much everything uses it now, good and bad games alike... and Ray Tracing will likely be the same way in a few years. It's just that right now the computational power needed is a little crazy.

    • Dwayne Knight
      Dwayne Knight 4 days ago

      Seventh Taco No one prefers RT to quality games. There aren’t even that many RT enabled games, and most of them are actually good games regardless.

  • maroom1
    maroom1 4 days ago

    It get beaten by RTX 2060 6GB and this Demo does not even use RTX hardware features wccftech.com/neon-noir-cryengine-hardware-api-agnostic-ray-tracing-demo-tested-and-available-now/

  • morwar100
    morwar100 4 days ago

    Just ran the benchmark on a r7 2700 non X at stock and a 5700xt undervolted with 16gb ram on ssd and scored 9793. Avrg. 90-120 with a low of 78 fps on 1080p ultra full screen setting. 2 runs.

    • morwar100
      morwar100 2 days ago

      @burr your right. Ive seen that its very taxing to run this feature. Unfortunately i cant use it yet though. I wasnt expecting much. But it was fun to give it a try with this demo to see what will be possible on a $400 console.

    • burr
      burr 2 days ago

      @morwar100 well i'm using a 2080ti and a 9700K 5GHz. But it's more of a reference to how hard actual games is to run ray traced. CoD ran really well though

    • morwar100
      morwar100 2 days ago

      @burr That's impressive. Metro ex. is a notoriously difficult game to run. Your doing well. 1080p ultra over 60 is okay with me though. Rtx is just out of my budget. The fact that it does anything at all on my my build gives me pause.

    • morwar100
      morwar100 2 days ago

      @Desjardins Family word! Pretty good stuff.

    • burr
      burr 2 days ago

      You're getting about the same FPS I got in metro exodus on ultra settings, RTX high at 1440p. Should tell you something about actual real performance. Don't get your hopes up from this demo.

  • Abdul Sadiq
    Abdul Sadiq 4 days ago

    It just works

  • CountCarbsNotCals
    CountCarbsNotCals 4 days ago

    Sign me up how do I do this on on my 5700 xt?

  • morwar100
    morwar100 4 days ago

    Have AMD even released optimized drivers for this engine running RT? Certainly it can only improve from this point.

    • burr
      burr 21 hour ago

      @Levi Núñez lmfao nice argument. No shit sherlock. RTX 20xx will be old in a couple of years, what a newsflash lmfao.

    • Levi Núñez
      Levi Núñez Day ago

      @burr Current Nvidia RTX cards will not be a reference when it comes to Ray Tracing in a couple of years from now. So buying RX 5700 today is the same as buying an RTX 2000 card.

    • Levi Núñez
      Levi Núñez Day ago

      Next gen consoles will be awesome with Ryzen and Navi hardware.

    • morwar100
      morwar100 2 days ago

      burr I’m aware. But it’s not something I’m overly concerned with at the moment. When it’s matured and ubiquitous it will be less costly and I’ll be more inclined to cough up what’s more pocketbook friendly. For now the few games it’s in aren’t really my bag anyhoo.

    • burr
      burr 2 days ago

      @morwar100 Clearly not lmao. You're not going to get good RT performance without Hardware. And every GPU after 2020 will have that hardware. Cough up the dough or play without ray tracing.

  • D Rudey
    D Rudey 4 days ago

    Why would it run so well even without specialized hardware when RTC tanks performance so hard?

    • burr
      burr 2 days ago

      @Matty S Except that the consoles will have dedicated hardware. And the next AMD gpus will have it aswell. Ray tracing runs like garbage without it.

    • maroom1
      maroom1 3 days ago

      @Desjardins Family rx590 is 7.1 TFLOPS fp32 at max turbo boost. Fp16 runs at exactly same speed which makes it useless. No point in running fp16 PS4 Pro which have proper fp16 support runs 8.4 tflops which double of fp32 Same thing for vega Eitherway it does not matter because it has no benifit in games and most games do not even support it

    • maroom1
      maroom1 3 days ago

      @Desjardins Family lol. I have done my research. The only polaris that support fp16 is ps4 pro gpu which uses modified polaris. Xbox one x and desktop polaris do not have proper support for fp16. Fp16 runs exactly same gflops as fp32 in those cards which makes fp16 useless

    • Desjardins Family
      Desjardins Family 3 days ago

      @maroom1 the rx590 does have fp16. 7.1 teraflops of fp16 to be exact. The gtx1070 has 0.1 teraflops of fp16. It's absolutely does matter.... Get your facts in order bub

    • Cookies4Wookiees
      Cookies4Wookiees 3 days ago

      Design of the multiclustered cores is greater than NVidia's core cluster arrangement on 1080. AMD can slight better in computational work loads because.

  • SkilledRebuilds
    SkilledRebuilds 4 days ago

    Is any part configurable? Any presets available?

    • Bear Puns
      Bear Puns 3 days ago

      There's an ultra preset and a very high preset. That's it.

  • elysiumcore
    elysiumcore 4 days ago

    Im expecting similar or better on Ps5

  • rwdturbo
    rwdturbo 4 days ago

    The 5700xt has hidden 7nm rt cores! Awesome. 🤫🤭

    • TheLoucM
      TheLoucM 4 days ago

      standard 2060 runs this bench at about the same framerate as the 5700XT... wihout using its RT cores.

    • Jack Bailey
      Jack Bailey 4 days ago

      It doesn't. The Neon Noir demo makes a point of being able to do raytracing without any dedicated hardware for it

  • björn sjöblom
    björn sjöblom 4 days ago

    looks to run great:)wonder how fps will be when they ad rt cores support aswell:)

  • starkistuna
    starkistuna 4 days ago

    wait what when did they addedd raytracing to 5700xt ?I have it!

    • Argoon1981
      Argoon1981 4 days ago

      @SUPER USER Some years ago, Amazon bought the source code for Cryengine 3.8 from Crytek and the licence to make it their own. Even tho that meant Crytek was pretty much creating a direct competitor they were just short on money and add no choice.

    • Driguest
      Driguest 4 days ago

      but Crytek want to release the the API (of this ray tracing ) for free, so i think that even Amazon can add it to the Lumberyard :)

      SUPER USER 4 days ago

      @Driguest when did Amazon buy cryengine from crytek lol?

    • Driguest
      Driguest 4 days ago

      @deadlydragon no :/ even if Lumberyard is a part of Cryengine, the Engine is owned by Amazon and is no longer maintained by Crytek ! :/ so only for Cryengine 5

    • deadlydragon
      deadlydragon 4 days ago

      @Driguest does it work with lumberyard, also?