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Nukumachi - Heart City
Views 35K3 months ago
Views 20K5 months ago
Views 23K5 months ago
Agrume - Monofunk
Views 43K5 months ago
Partyball - Dream
Views 22K6 months ago
Agrume - Worldwide Weeb
Views 55K6 months ago
VANTAGE - Bittersweet
Views 82K6 months ago
AnTgry - So Real
Views 102K8 months ago
AnTgry - Caroline
Views 37K8 months ago
AnTgry - AnTgry 1997
Views 86K9 months ago
AnTgry - Love & Affection
Views 58K9 months ago
FIBRE - Jupiter Love
Views 50K9 months ago
FIBRE - Digital Light
Views 53K9 months ago
Ace Buchannon - Buns of Steel
Views 141K9 months ago
Doktor Plekter - Kraftfull
Views 29K9 months ago
Doktor Plekter - BitterSync
Views 26K9 months ago
FIBRE x ev.exi - Cascara
Views 38K9 months ago
VANTAGE - 1998 City
Views 34K9 months ago
Neon Dreams - Runaway
Views 35K10 months ago
QB9 - All Night
Views 85K10 months ago
Agrume - Shades Of Grooves
Views 78K11 months ago
RobClemz - Zinc
Views 42KYear ago
Desired - Neon Maze
Views 67KYear ago
HAWAII94 - Dreams
Views 32KYear ago
SELECTA - Alright
Views 41KYear ago
Special Q - Keys
Views 39KYear ago
AIRGLOW - Last Call
Views 30KYear ago
Views 18KYear ago
bl00dwave - Escape
Views 35KYear ago
LAGUNE - Compass
Views 36KYear ago
T-Bow - Piña Colada
Views 72KYear ago
FIBRE - Totality
Views 365KYear ago


  • Xutta
    Xutta 12 minutes ago

    any L U D W I G G E R S ?

  • Daniel von mühlen
    Daniel von mühlen 17 minutes ago

    WHY THERE'S 2.4K DISLIKE ? wtf is wrong with people?

  • Daniel von mühlen
    Daniel von mühlen 34 minutes ago

    i love this song!

  • Lloyd verse
    Lloyd verse 48 minutes ago

    Etika brought me here. That then brought me into soundcloud, social media, and video games. It's been a wild ride through all things music, crazy video game nerds fighting other nerds, and many fun and hilarious moments from Twitter and other platforms. Thanks etika, changed my life 👌 wont forget it, May you rest in peace

  • shocknova16
    shocknova16 Hour ago

    Lum be trippin'

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Hour ago

    Estrellar by Marcos Valle. It was in some liquor commercial. Biccardi?

  • ariweather
    ariweather 2 hours ago

    This song: **plays** Me: **groovin**

  • Soulless Mushu X4
    Soulless Mushu X4 3 hours ago

    I feel like break dancing

  • Parm Axolotl
    Parm Axolotl 4 hours ago

    It surprised me to learn that this gif is from a hard sci fi anime

  • Alain X
    Alain X 4 hours ago

    Gracias Martita

  • grimlock g1
    grimlock g1 5 hours ago

    1:46 Tenemos que ir Martí A donde doc Al futuro

  • Gabriel Martinez
    Gabriel Martinez 5 hours agoō-abe-make-plastic-love-cruel-angel-thesis-play-in-the-2020-japan-olympics

  • Kapucha
    Kapucha 5 hours ago

    Track "Tanuki" on Bandsintown kinou to onaji ichinichi ga kurete kanojo wa fukai tameiki to tomo ni nemuru oose nakatta yakusoku mata hitotsu fueta dake sore demo ashita o yumemiru Baby baby, close your eyes Go back into your endless dream mezameru koro wa tokku ni egao ga modotteru Ah, samishii nante Ah, kanjiru hima mo nai kurai Just believe someday you'll find your hard times gone Try not to look back on your yesterday Read more: TANUKI - BABYBABYの夢 Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  • space potatoes
    space potatoes 7 hours ago


  • Diego Cejudo
    Diego Cejudo 9 hours ago

    I don't even know what kind of music is this yet I can't stop repeating it

  • Nahuel Pacheco
    Nahuel Pacheco 9 hours ago

    Re picantovich

  • timberrecycling
    timberrecycling 10 hours ago

    how to find more musics with bass like this

  • Savour_ ey
    Savour_ ey 11 hours ago

    How tf does this have 2000x the amount of views on RU-clip as on spotify?

  • Optimus Primate
    Optimus Primate 12 hours ago


  • legolvr1997
    legolvr1997 13 hours ago

    We need an extended version of this song!

  • joo ta rô jo
    joo ta rô jo 13 hours ago


  • Guillermo  Martinez
    Guillermo Martinez 16 hours ago

    s ᴍ ᴏ ᴏ ᴛ ʜ

  • Shiori Zakura
    Shiori Zakura 17 hours ago

    I'm on a music binge. And ah, I did not regret clicking on this. This is cyoot~ The voice and everything. :3 ❤💎

  • Jede2865 Pff
    Jede2865 Pff 22 hours ago

    God song!

  • Andrew Nakagome

    How does this have 9m views dang

  • Neucleon pthalo


  • Neucleon pthalo


  • Neucleon pthalo


  • Neucleon pthalo


  • Neucleon pthalo


  • Neucleon pthalo


  • Miles Hamada
    Miles Hamada Day ago

    What would happen if we joined calamarciñas and cefalopop with a fan band in an animation on the beach by day and night?

  • sariah
    sariah Day ago

    I don’t know why I kept skipping. This song....

  • Amer Shafiq
    Amer Shafiq Day ago

    I love the gifs and the music <3

  • 。リー
    。リー Day ago


  • Rosenthal Bros

    Can I use this for my outro? I'll gladly credit.

  • Ganjalf The Green

    Holy jesus that ass was fat.

  • Glauco Rocha
    Glauco Rocha Day ago

    if vaporwave was originated in britain, it would've been called "wave of vapour".

  • Phamtastic
    Phamtastic Day ago

    get that motherfucking bag

  • Raapbunnie
    Raapbunnie Day ago


  • DDougz
    DDougz Day ago

    If you play or fap yea you get fined

  • Azuz Puz
    Azuz Puz Day ago


  • Payton Kimberling

    everytime I listen to this song I can’t stop dancing and never get anything done :/

  • cry babies edits

    Rolita para levantarte el ánimo 🍃💓

  • Soulless Mushu X4

    Listen to it when u watching the sun go down

  • coupdetat zone


  • Jacob Morales
    Jacob Morales Day ago

    Hey Artzie I have a question? There was this song you posted last year(I think) and you took it down (deleted it). I think it was by agrume or fibre (I don't know, I'm not entirely sure) but I was wondering if you could tell me the entire name of the song (if you have it or remember it). The only thing I could remember about It was the gif that you used for your video. It was a gif of sailor mini moon turning around and smiling at the camera.

  • RJG Videos
    RJG Videos Day ago

    Still a straight banger in late 2019

  • Staffel023
    Staffel023 Day ago

    Mueve esas caderas mulata.

  • TheCrappyZipper
    TheCrappyZipper 2 days ago

    I hate vaporwave, I love clean remixes and the original art. I havnt even heard Anri's OG of this and I have no need to beacuse this shit is fucking crack cocaine

  • Ryu beauman
    Ryu beauman 2 days ago

    Ikete reiu

  • NinoTheChosen - Ninjala Hype

    I wish it was summer again. 😩

  • Jarrett Burch
    Jarrett Burch 2 days ago

    0:22 What is he saying here?

  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris 2 days ago

    The cover video is my ultimate reminder to go back out clubbing and dancing after I win the big jackpot one day!!💲💲💲💲💲😀 For now, I am taking care of my ailing parents.😭

  • Richard Thomas
    Richard Thomas 2 days ago

    Kind of has a Chicago vibe to it with the horn section parts, I like it

  • Secretracks
    Secretracks 2 days ago

    que chimba esto

  • 1-800-VAPOR
    1-800-VAPOR 2 days ago

    Konkey Dong groobin

  • ColladNG
    ColladNG 2 days ago

    “The clown bastards are herded out on route number 5”

  • Slim Inkognito
    Slim Inkognito 2 days ago

    length and weight and height and width and depth and density не судьба

  • gabby m
    gabby m 2 days ago

    i’m sure someone else has noticed this but the “hey girls... do you know what time it is?” part at 2:49 is from girls’ generation “party” song... i just listened to the song and i was like WAIT A MINUTE i’ve heard that somewhere else 😂

  • Alfredo Hernandez
    Alfredo Hernandez 2 days ago

    Caridad thinks this is unrealistic. Only think that doesn’t make sense is the eyes size

  • Neucleon pthalo
    Neucleon pthalo 2 days ago


  • Franz Isler
    Franz Isler 2 days ago

    Slammer! Japan should play this in the 2020 Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo

  • Luid
    Luid 2 days ago

    I heard this like probably a few months after it was released on RU-clip, in the past 1.5-2 years I got massively into techno and house. Now, if I were to go by my tastes today, I would 100% bang this in a club as part of a house set; actually a massive tune. Rediscovering music is the fucking shit boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Franz Isler
    Franz Isler 2 days ago

    Onward to the Summer Games --2020 Tokyo Olympics

  • Greg Eckard
    Greg Eckard 2 days ago

    if ur on weed it looks like she's eating brains

  • charles piscitello
    charles piscitello 3 days ago

    So when will this be on iTunes?

  • lulabyte
    lulabyte 3 days ago

    me too girl

  • MadMonkey126
    MadMonkey126 3 days ago

    This anime gif is just to good!

  • DeJuanchi27
    DeJuanchi27 3 days ago

    you can definitely say she was ahead of her time. since now she's becoming popular here in north America.

  • Backup NEO
    Backup NEO 3 days ago

    When it's Monday but on summer break

  • Neucleon pthalo
    Neucleon pthalo 3 days ago


  • Neucleon pthalo
    Neucleon pthalo 3 days ago


  • Neucleon pthalo
    Neucleon pthalo 3 days ago


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    Neucleon pthalo 3 days ago


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    Neucleon pthalo 3 days ago


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  • Neucleon pthalo
    Neucleon pthalo 3 days ago


  • Neucleon pthalo
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  • Neucleon pthalo
    Neucleon pthalo 3 days ago

    Del giorno diamatti fonfecuum cerro neo neo nio ninertyo3

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  • Neucleon pthalo
    Neucleon pthalo 3 days ago


  • Neucleon pthalo
    Neucleon pthalo 3 days ago



    (ah-aha i do that ) nice meme

    EVRX DEVELOPER 3 days ago

    i'm ready for Future Funk II :)

  • Урфин Джус

    Кто от Слизня - ставьте лойз)