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Bye Bye, Makeup!!
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I Love Days Like These
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Lots of Changes!
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I Am NOT a Before Picture!
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  • J C
    J C Hour ago

    You are fat though... And gross... Just saying

  • Doggo 9484
    Doggo 9484 14 hours ago

    This is so funny!

  • Brandy Nicole
    Brandy Nicole Day ago

    I haven't laughed this much in so long! I wish ya'll were my friends 🤣🤣🤣

  • Susan Norman
    Susan Norman 2 days ago

    She is hilarious! A natural comedian!

  • Zhelde
    Zhelde 2 days ago

    How does one go about obtaining a Scottish husband? lmaolol.

  • Voney Sinton
    Voney Sinton 3 days ago

    What is a pob?

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith 3 days ago

    Why isn't the ending more popular?

  • beech
    beech 4 days ago

    shes gonna use the red to represent bloodshed or someone getting their period..? im legit concerned

  • LuciousFox 79
    LuciousFox 79 4 days ago

    You guys are so cute!

  • Danté K
    Danté K 4 days ago

    I just looked this up to watch it again 😂😂😂

  • Julia L
    Julia L 4 days ago


  • Atti Vamp
    Atti Vamp 5 days ago

    May God bless you forever !!!!

  • Atti Vamp
    Atti Vamp 5 days ago

    I love this couple !!!!!!!

  • Mary Reid
    Mary Reid 5 days ago


  • LuciousFox 79
    LuciousFox 79 6 days ago

    Lmmfao It looks like a dance you would do for the first harvest of cheese! 😂😂 Ken and leo are always funny!

  • Sammi Samosas
    Sammi Samosas 9 days ago

    I used to watch you guys when I was in high school and now I’m almost finished university it’s been so long and I’m so glad you’re still making vidoes!!

  • Jasmine Cook
    Jasmine Cook 10 days ago

    Wtf did I just watch...

  • Gloomybih
    Gloomybih 10 days ago

    OMG I found it!! I loved this video as a kid!

  • Linda 82
    Linda 82 10 days ago

    🙄 Ugh I am happy for u 😒

  • Debbie Hariman
    Debbie Hariman 10 days ago

    People are mean nowdays .

  • bigprengel88
    bigprengel88 11 days ago

    biggest beta ive ever seen,

  • J Nic
    J Nic 11 days ago

    still haven’t lost weight i see

  • J Nic
    J Nic 11 days ago

    body positivity just means fat now

  • glitter sunflower
    glitter sunflower 12 days ago

    the tatties look a bit white and my roast has to be swimming in gravy :)

  • DevilRing25
    DevilRing25 12 days ago

    Were gonna what

  • Lovice Brinkman
    Lovice Brinkman 12 days ago

    Beautiful couple 💞

    JAYSON. ROBINSON 13 days ago

    Adorable. Have a good day.

    JAYSON. ROBINSON 13 days ago

    Anna says hi cory

  • Mojtaba Univers
    Mojtaba Univers 13 days ago

    There is that little part of arab in every one in the wourld why

  • Stella Davis
    Stella Davis 14 days ago

    the meme is real lmao

  • cool I'll see you soon

    Loving yourself means improvement and stable Heath and mental health. Why you doing this my dude, your gonna influence others that's not good.

  • Sandi Brown
    Sandi Brown 15 days ago

    trashy house aye

  • Sandi Brown
    Sandi Brown 15 days ago

    then you shull not have some cus oyur face ugly brat

  • Meenakshi Naren
    Meenakshi Naren 16 days ago

    this is better than the meme

  • Jess Hoyos
    Jess Hoyos 17 days ago

    Ouch. Used to love these but this content has not aged well. Comes off really ignorant. Guess we are all becoming more woke!

  • Daniel Budik
    Daniel Budik 18 days ago

    The guy is cute,he must have a BBW fetish.

  • All Night Cats
    All Night Cats 18 days ago

    Is that base thing a real tip? Because I think I just accidentally leaned something from a parody video.

  • All Night Cats
    All Night Cats 18 days ago

    Lady, you are hilarious and I love you.

  • MamboJambo55
    MamboJambo55 19 days ago

    Overeaters Anonymous is a great organisation. You need to lose a significant amount of weight Gloria, or you will die young.

  • sleazyfellow
    sleazyfellow 21 day ago

    When you got a huge gizzard under your chin and fat that's grown on your face, I'm sorry but there's an issue with you. You over indulge and don't have the activity to burn it after. Change your lifestyle because being obese for years IS life shortening. The only time it's ok to have the extra meat on your bones is being a baby (0-12/24 months), other than that it is ill advised.

    • E B
      E B Hour ago

      sleazyfellow hahaha gizzard :,D

  • Sandi Brown
    Sandi Brown 22 days ago

    our fat

  • Miguel Fernandes
    Miguel Fernandes 23 days ago

    Didn't talk about health at all... Blinding.

  • Liz R.
    Liz R. 23 days ago

    I'll love to see you guys with babies 😙 God bless you!

  • Dzhokina Dzhokina
    Dzhokina Dzhokina 24 days ago

    Deraburrybrownnn ahahahahaah

  • Teokotai Taura
    Teokotai Taura 24 days ago

    Wish they had this in New Zealand ☹️😢

  • Christina Acosta
    Christina Acosta 24 days ago

    This video NEVER gets old

  • mxsturbxtx
    mxsturbxtx 25 days ago

    i just wanted a normal makeup tutorial...

  • MarLee Smith
    MarLee Smith 25 days ago

    Such a great video! This meal looks amazing!

    JAMIE X 27 days ago


  • Christmas Trees
    Christmas Trees 27 days ago

    you both had better not commit any crimes now because your DNA is on file. no joke

  • Alex Hosseini
    Alex Hosseini 27 days ago

    ...Yo y’all think she glerps him?

  • Ana Pedroza
    Ana Pedroza 27 days ago

    Love this vid

  • Jessie Dahl
    Jessie Dahl 27 days ago

    i <3 all my clutter. i feel like as long as i know where everything is at despite the mess, its ok. there are piles, but i know whats in those piles so its ok!

  • Stidd
    Stidd 28 days ago

    lmao boom roasted, *clap* *clap* *clap*

  • Christmas Trees
    Christmas Trees 29 days ago

    its fine to have preferences of course, and a preference for a larger girl is totally fine as long as he would not become unhappy if you lost the weight (which does happen) and as long as he does not care about your size over your health

  • Christmas Trees
    Christmas Trees 29 days ago

    LISTEN UP: you arent supposed to use makeup after like 6 - 12 mos.

  • Christmas Trees
    Christmas Trees 29 days ago

    I know I will be attacked for this. I love Gloria and her vids and wonderful personality and talent...but I will admit that deep down I am a little concerned that Ali may be a factor in her not being as healthy as she can be. I would hate to lose such a great person who makes the world better

    • Christmas Trees
      Christmas Trees 28 days ago

      me2. maybe she is trying. I think in one vid she went to the gym. so who knows. I am more worried that she might not be trying because he likes her this way maybe. I don't know maybe I am talking out of my ass

    • A.laysh89
      A.laysh89 28 days ago

      Christmas Trees oh I see. I just recently started following her but I see what you mean, she has gain a lot more in last few years. That’s to bad. I have PCOS so I know how hard it is to lose weight. But you can definitely do it, it’s just a lot harder. She definitely shows a lot of PCOS symptoms. Acne, and hair thinning. I love her and hope she gets it under control for her health!

    • Christmas Trees
      Christmas Trees 29 days ago

      @Manx Kipper i know its very hard for some people to lose..there is PCOS and other conditions so I dont want to judge....but this seems to be to be reaching a level that may be dangerous. I still think she is wonderful and beautiful but just a little worried. I dont know if her husband is worried because he should want not to lose her

    • Manx Kipper
      Manx Kipper 29 days ago

      Christmas Trees I agree. She gets bigger and bigger, there is something unhealthy here. A young woman really struggling to do things, laboured breathing...

    • Christmas Trees
      Christmas Trees 29 days ago

      @A.laysh89 cuz he likes larger women and before they got together, she talked a lot about losing weight and such and now, not

  • Trippy Erin
    Trippy Erin Month ago

    I love watching decluttering videos. It always inspires me. So, yes please do a wardrobe video bc I need to do mine. 😂

  • Christmas Trees
    Christmas Trees Month ago

    i wonder what it must feel like to get dressed up and go out to dinner with someone you love and then go home together and go to bed together. it must be heaven

  • imoriginalwooo
    imoriginalwooo Month ago

    Ugh that food looks so delicious! -drools- PS - Gloria, you look lovely! PSS - I really like the aesthetic of the restaurant.

  • Meredith Kavanagh

    Still watching

  • Marie Cosplay
    Marie Cosplay Month ago

    Stop judging her your are a big hater🙄

  • Amelia
    Amelia Month ago

    Here bc of the meme 🥰

  • No No
    No No Month ago

    This is a map of the heart disease death rate in America: This is a map of the obesity in America: These are facts.

  • sprocketrocket07
    sprocketrocket07 Month ago

    Don't know about those particular Disneyland bands, but I bought used ones on eBay that are good to scan and open up a dragon on Disney Infinity games. The dragon flies around a castle shooting fire etc. while you are playing in certain scenes. You would have to ask others about whether yours are useful for that or only a special issue works. Ones I purchased actually do work. I have also been in a clearing out phase at home, halved my wardrobe to start with. Charity shops doing well and selling collectables and many unopened, gifted old toys on ebay with varied success. I have purchased a number of plastic tubs for my collectables and cannot part with items. Clearing mostly for space reasons and I do like having more space. Work in progress I anticipate will take many more weeks ... collected some boxes that were in storage at my parents house too. Only downside is that I find I am more tempted to buy new things now. Got to fight that!

  • Sounds of Zen
    Sounds of Zen Month ago

    Does Philip have a RU-clip channel?

  • theskyispink
    theskyispink Month ago

    Oh my gosh fat girl travel hacks that's gonna be amazing! Looking forward to that!!!

  • T Hobbs
    T Hobbs Month ago

    You could buy a hope chest or foot locker, just to store your cards in, especially the ones from family. I’m older now and I regret tossing letters & cards from my sister, aunt & spouses grandmother, because they are all gone from this earth & I would love to be reading them now.

  • IwuvPugz3
    IwuvPugz3 Month ago

    I have a small box filled with cards that were given to me. I love them so much more than the actual gift. I still collect them when I get them😊

  • CutestHeidi
    CutestHeidi Month ago

    OMG if I am ever there, that is what I want to eat

  • CutestHeidi
    CutestHeidi Month ago

    omg makes me want chicken soup, so sick right now. Sounds so delicious!

  • CutestHeidi
    CutestHeidi Month ago

    Your husband is just like mine, weird smiles and looks....such a cute turd lmao.

  • CutestHeidi
    CutestHeidi Month ago

    #adultingishard LOL!

  • Suleika Ventura
    Suleika Ventura Month ago

    0:45 I thought Boston was in Massachusetts 😂

  • CutestHeidi
    CutestHeidi Month ago

    Oops watch the organize vids out of order. Oh well! Love these

  • CutestHeidi
    CutestHeidi Month ago

    the kitchen is pretty!

  • CutestHeidi
    CutestHeidi Month ago

    It always makes me feel fresh and new when I organize my junk!

  • Stephanie Cook
    Stephanie Cook Month ago

    Ah, cleaning and organizing... What I should be doing. But instead I clicked on your video. 😂😂😂 Love all of your videos, Gloria!

  • mymindremoved
    mymindremoved Month ago

    I hear a slight Scottish accent come through on some words you say. It's cute 😁

  • Nichole Francis
    Nichole Francis Month ago

    Gloria, this is probably a dumb question, but do you have a PO Box or something like that there? I'd love to be pen pals!

  • Michelle-my-belle

    Did I miss something are you still in London or did you move?

  • lightandnightEQUINOX

    You can try buying huge plastic crates with wheels to fit the older that are still usable We have 3 of them stacked on top of each other They are great for keeping clothes and hats

    • glowpinkstah
      glowpinkstah Month ago

      Ugh my issue is, is that I *need* to get rid of more things because I don't use more than half of the stuff I own! But thankfully since we're closer to Fall, I have more of a reason to donate and get rid of things. I DOOOO however want to get more of those sectioning off bit things for drawers

  • Mirella Leblanc
    Mirella Leblanc Month ago

    I'm a self proclaimed Motivational Cleaning Video addict , so I enjoyed this video very much :)

    • glowpinkstah
      glowpinkstah Month ago

      O0o0oh well there's definitely more to come in the future because I'm gonna be getting rid of a lot of stuff and once our bathroom is finished... DECORATING!! But maybe Ali will take over that bit because he's the one with a good eye haha.

  • Dalma P
    Dalma P Month ago

    Please keeping making theses!! I watch them while I clean my room too lol and it’s relaxing 💕

    • Dalma P
      Dalma P Month ago

      Awesome!! Looking forward to your next uploads!!! :)

    • glowpinkstah
      glowpinkstah Month ago

      I'm definitely going to be making a few more of these!!

  • Jenny D
    Jenny D Month ago

    Gloria, I noticed you have a cute pink ring on did you get a new wedding band?

    • Jenny D
      Jenny D Month ago

      That’s a smart idea. Especially when you’re using your hands a lot and could risk banging it around and damaging it.

    • glowpinkstah
      glowpinkstah Month ago

      Hey Jenny!! It's actually a ring that I wear when I'm working out so I don't damage my actual rings! It's made of rubber and is basically used as a placeholder but it has a really cute heart on it :D

  • heyyjer
    heyyjer Month ago

    How has the body shop skincare products been working for you!? Pls give an update!

    • glowpinkstah
      glowpinkstah Month ago

      They've actually been great but right now I keep forgetting to use my british rose mask so my nose and cheeks are AWL red right now. It's also hormonal but ehhhhh. They're honestly great products though!

  • tinseltina
    tinseltina Month ago

    it's okay i suck at fake eyelashes too.

  • CrustyCakes View
    CrustyCakes View Month ago

    A new video idea could be trying on clothes that have a memory attached to them😁 Sending ❤️❤️from LA

    • glowpinkstah
      glowpinkstah Month ago

      I will keep that in mind when I'm clearing out my closet <3 <3 <3

  • VJ4rawr2
    VJ4rawr2 Month ago

    What camera do you use? It's really amazing

    • glowpinkstah
      glowpinkstah Month ago

      It's still my lil ol' g7x mark i! I just got the lens fixed and I upgraded my editing software recently so if things look clearer, that's why :D

  • Fraulein Kunst
    Fraulein Kunst Month ago

    Do you think you'll ever upload gaming videos again on glowgamestah? Or in general? I always loved those. I keep checking back now and again to see if you played the rest if Life is Strange 😉 xxx

    • glowpinkstah
      glowpinkstah Month ago

      I will make it a point to edit the Dead by Daylight video at some point!! I keep meaning to but I keep forgetting it exists because I hardly post gaming videos hahaha! <3 <3 <3 Also, I stopped editing the life is strange videos because of the shootings that happened so close to me recording them. I remember something about gun violence in the game so I didn't feel comfortable sharing on the same day that it happened. Hope that makes sense but I'll definitely finish that game!

  • NileSings
    NileSings Month ago

    Inspiring me to get mine done!

  • One Winged Angel crochet

    This may give me the kick up the butt to finally do some tidying and get all my clothes and crafty things organised! lol

    • glowpinkstah
      glowpinkstah Month ago

      yayayayay!!! omg crafty things being organized is one of my faave things.

  • Bridgette Martin
    Bridgette Martin Month ago

    I'm in the middle of a mess, too. This was super motivating, haha. Thank you! I definitely want to see a try on thing.

    • glowpinkstah
      glowpinkstah Month ago

      Thanks Bridgette!!! Hope you got on ok with yours, it's always hard to start (like anything else) but watching videos helped me figure out where to start too!

  • Yasmeen Giesser
    Yasmeen Giesser Month ago

    Does phillip have a youtube channel?

  • jessgal21
    jessgal21 Month ago

    Ugh been meaning to do this for so long, but today is that day lol

    • jessgal21
      jessgal21 Month ago

      @glowpinkstah I've finally done it 💕💕 The less clutter there is the better

    • glowpinkstah
      glowpinkstah Month ago

      How did you do??

  • Ki Co
    Ki Co Month ago

    I love a good tidy. Where did you get your sugar and coffee jars from? You are the cutest Gloria.🥰

    • glowpinkstah
      glowpinkstah Month ago

      We got them years ago from John Lewis with some gift cards we got for our wedding!


    Hey queen! ❤️👏🏻

  • peppytea
    peppytea Month ago

    I thought I was the only one that kept hoards of birthday, Christmas, wedding, anniversary and whatever cards 😩 thank you for not making me feel so alone Gloria 😂💖🌟

  • Professor Ruthie
    Professor Ruthie Month ago

    Hi, Gloria & Ali, @glowpinkstah Congratulations !!! You decluttered a lot. In addition to my profession, I am a calligrapher. The art of people’s lettering is so very special to me. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I keep cards and letters. A person has taken the time to write down their feelings and emotions. That is so very special and valuable. Prior to my cancer, I would write out all my birthday cards. Many friends still say Ruthie I still have your beautiful cards. I usually will calligraphy peoples names on the envelope really big and vertically across the envelope in a separate area I will write the address. This was a special request many of my friends made because they will Cut out their names from the envelope and use it to decorate example ; my friend uses it as a name plate at work & on her desk. Other people will use it for DIY crafts. It makes me feel so special. I was to share a little story. Many years i would always send birthday cards and special Event cards to the priests and nuns of the Catholic Church I attend. One day my priest asked me if I could come if. Yikes!!!! I thought oh Lord what did I do . 🤔🤔 Fr. Reilly shared that he had kept every card that I ever sent the church. He asked me if Icould kindly calligraphy the Marriage and Baptismal certificates for them. He said that he could pay me a little. I was so very honored . I started to cry. I would have the opportunity to create a special document that will be a memory of one of the most important days in someone’s life. I have been volunteering as Church calligrapher since 1989. I am excited about continuing this work with my church after I finish Chemotherapy. I am So happy to find someone still values penmanship and value cards. 🖊 Gloria you are very special in our lives. Thank you for sharing your life with us. God bless you ❤️

  • forrestlarsen
    forrestlarsen Month ago

    hey gloria. i randomly thought of you today and stopped by to check in. i'm happy to see you're doing well. i remember we were visiting you in san jose when you first told us about ali. i miss you.