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    JJIGGYDOC 3 years ago

    I wouldn't walk the street in camo, definitely pack camo from when I get out of city.

  • silverhairdemon
    silverhairdemon 3 years ago

    lol I hear the same thing when I am camoing in the city.

  • Angelique Dovaston
    Angelique Dovaston 7 years ago

    Friction had the best set all of Outlook!!

  • yidoboyo
    yidoboyo 7 years ago

    best night

  • Alex Sharp
    Alex Sharp 7 years ago


  • L Davis
    L Davis 7 years ago

    can anyone tell me the tune that is dropped with ed rush + optical - chubrub? cheers xx

  • cop030
    cop030 7 years ago

    whats unique about this ant gel?

  • verifieddugey
    verifieddugey 7 years ago

    i know where to buy this vat19 in USA

  • Flint S
    Flint S 7 years ago

    poor ants(

  • yook choo
    yook choo 7 years ago

    Omg this is so amazing Where do you get this from?

  • Lowinator
    Lowinator 8 years ago

    what when the ants die? how moch they live?

  • Rockistar
    Rockistar 8 years ago

    @KnowledgeAddicted yeh i know same...but when you buy their ants they dont provide with the queen which sucks sooo much...and they'd probably eat all the gell couse' it is adeible....

  • shelman23
    shelman23 8 years ago

    Bought one for someone else and I don't want to give it up. Got to buy another one. I want one @ least 25x15 any ideas where to find?

  • Nigel
    Nigel 8 years ago

    @chabbalato it got better :P

  • Timenova2
    Timenova2 8 years ago

    @xcreepyteddyx Not true. It provides nutrition for the Workers, but they have no goal or purpose in there. Where's their brood and colony? Queens require a different nutrition, and the larvae require protein. Neither are provided by the gel, so you could only keep workers for a few weeks before they died.

  • ownedkapoo
    ownedkapoo 8 years ago

    @owendude09 Did you poke the lil holes in the gel with the stick included?

  • Colm Duggan
    Colm Duggan 8 years ago

    where u get the ants?

  • maltej1982
    maltej1982 9 years ago

    @xcreepyteddyx ant workers of that spezies shown in the video have a lifespawn form 4-6 years normaly, queens more then 20 years, in that gel most are dead after a few days/weeks. (hope u understand what i mean, my english sux)

  • maltej1982
    maltej1982 9 years ago

    oh look daddy, i have found some ants, and put em in a gelfarm, now they are dieing, isnt it funny?

  • pippintoon
    pippintoon 9 years ago

    Whats the song??

  • edge1andre
    edge1andre 9 years ago

    @Ahmudda bullshits you can have 150 antmons if you want but is better 30 or 25 :/

  • It's Complicated
    It's Complicated 9 years ago

    Thanks for subscribing! Stay tuned for more great beer reviews and more!

  • skullz1312
    skullz1312 9 years ago

    @Telonelemon3 yes, just like the man who made it lol.

  • Bear Ass
    Bear Ass 9 years ago

    @Glaceon404 thanks man

  • AnonymousMonster
    AnonymousMonster 9 years ago

    @KnowledgeAddicted antchow (dot) com

  • buddhas know best
    buddhas know best 9 years ago


  • Dam Son
    Dam Son 9 years ago

    Is this song Bipolar?

  • Toon Link
    Toon Link 9 years ago

    I'm surprised you wouldn't have played 'ant' by devin townsend instead.

  • Justin M
    Justin M 9 years ago

    Im so happy im not an ant

  • Marcus Peecheemow
    Marcus Peecheemow 9 years ago

    @maltej1982 yeah, and when they dig into the sand, they will suffucate themsevles cause the sand will just collapse... i think dirt would be better

  • KayRHCP
    KayRHCP 9 years ago

    bad news

  • Feisas
    Feisas 9 years ago

    i agree.

  • Glazike tv
    Glazike tv 9 years ago

    музыка за кадром полное гавно

  • masscashstacks
    masscashstacks 9 years ago

    Can you buy new gel????

  • SapereAude
    SapereAude 10 years ago

    i cannot believe that a queen was actually crawling outside my room. She is now currently tunneling her own chamber to create eggs. Oh, and to questions how long ant queens may live, if you caught her right after she mated (like me), then she can live at most 20-25 years in there if you dont mess with her and let her do her thing.

  • GigaNova
    GigaNova 10 years ago

    thats the name of the Ants! fool

  • ConcussedCoffeeGeek
    ConcussedCoffeeGeek 10 years ago

    Yes, You actually order the ant after you get the gel. I'll see if I can find the site

  • van
    van 10 years ago

    as nerdy as it can get ...

  • Jordy Joosten
    Jordy Joosten 10 years ago

    hey, can i refill the gel? without buying a whole new ant works? i wanaa buy one

  • breakspirit
    breakspirit 10 years ago

    i bought some on ebay for like 10 bucks for a cube of it. i think you can melt it to any shape you want

  • adrianvdb
    adrianvdb 10 years ago

    DEVIN TOWNSEND FTW! You got a great taste for music man. ut this isn't one of hes best songs.

  • scotlandw8
    scotlandw8 10 years ago

    i have my antfarm, its just the same as that but i havn't got my ants yet, it takes 2-4 weeks to come (weather conditions arn't satisfying for ants to be posted, its too cold)

  • Matt
    Matt 10 years ago

    use a straw and cover one end wif toilet paper , then suck them up :)

  • m su
    m su 10 years ago

    What have you got for ants?

  • jimuteno
    jimuteno 11 years ago

    lol kinda funny

  • tom666blue
    tom666blue 11 years ago

    ants live about six months, and usually don't eat all the gell

  • adrianvdb
    adrianvdb 11 years ago

    how do u get extra gel?

  • Wubbel4
    Wubbel4 11 years ago

    how ken you get ants

  • omgwhyamihere
    omgwhyamihere 11 years ago

    Devin can make anything look cool

    TCHEN 11 years ago

    i have ant but no farm lol

  • GramHex
    GramHex 11 years ago

    Their food is actually the gel they are digging in.

  • Lamarfin
    Lamarfin 11 years ago

    Mhh... Do you have to feed ants?

  • Emmenite
    Emmenite 11 years ago

    Yeah, these ant farms are cool indeed. Surely you can get them all over the internet. I used to have one myself. I have heard that "real" sand is more comfortable for the ants, but the gel in these farms is more stable, easier to observe, and also doubles as a food source for the ants. My only gripe was that the farm seemed small, but I guess almost any ant farm is.

  • Dan Davis
    Dan Davis 11 years ago

    fucking awomse and music

  • manjot kharbanda
    manjot kharbanda 11 years ago

    are you fuckin serious?

  • rb373
    rb373 11 years ago

    queen ants aren't illegal to own, just illegal to ship through the US, for example in Germany you can purchase one

  • Hyun Jung Kim
    Hyun Jung Kim 11 years ago

    my teacher got this for Science and she said that u can't have a queen ant cause thats a legal and if u get a queen ant the queen ant will keep making baby's.does this answer ur question?

  • Toots007
    Toots007 11 years ago

    ants are HARDCORE!

  • Sergio Betancor Sánchez

    Which is the name of the song

  • stalefish99
    stalefish99 11 years ago

    My ants seem to escape for no apperant reason. the lids on but they keep escaping!

  • dfefe qwdqwd
    dfefe qwdqwd 11 years ago

    if you go to the website and look at them, you'll be surprised to find that the aquarium case is really small: 6.5 inch long by 5.5 inch wide by 1.25 inch deep... still really cool though.

  • WildAnimalRule
    WildAnimalRule 11 years ago

    This ants are normal, they were catched ;) . And there is no way to escape, cause they're closed inside.

  • rockyboy201
    rockyboy201 11 years ago

    what site can you buy these ants from?

  • rockyboy201
    rockyboy201 11 years ago

    do the normal ants (like the ones in your garden) do any thing differnt to the ones you can buy?. and if so what do they do differnt? also can the ants escape? PLEASE REPLY!!!

  • rockyboy201
    rockyboy201 11 years ago

    do the normal ants (like the ones in your garden) do any thing differnt to the ones you can buy?. and if so what do they do differnt? also can the ants escape? PLEASE REPLY!!!

  • RedSoxFanForLife
    RedSoxFanForLife 11 years ago

    This looks so cool. I'm definitely going to look into getting one of these. Nice video! Perhaps make one while it's illuminated?? 4/5 Stars. -RSFFL

  • Hotelfboy55
    Hotelfboy55 11 years ago

    u know what would be cool, get one of those tiny cameras for looking inside people and put through one of those tunnels so it was like day in the life of an ant. just a thought.

    HABSA K 11 years ago

    and you think if you put one type of ant in there for like a week then put a diff type of ant in there they will battle?

    HABSA K 11 years ago

    will any type on ants work in one of these antworks? and if not what site can i buy ants off of?

  • calvin546
    calvin546 11 years ago

    lol but when they have wings they are semi queens later their wings fall off and then they are full fledged queens

  • Thomas O
    Thomas O 11 years ago

    can anyone tell me where can i buy these blue thing ?

  • Jim Vroman
    Jim Vroman 11 years ago

    if your talking about buying that type of ant farm, I believe you can get it on thinkgeek DOT com

  • Alex Denne
    Alex Denne 12 years ago

    search antworks on the web, you should find it pretty quick

  • oogolixoo
    oogolixoo 12 years ago

    and a dark cover on the sides when you aren't watching them, then feed them insects, sugar water and plain water and the colony should grow into the hundreds. These gel things weren't meant for ant colonies, just a few workers, ants dig to be secure in the dark, the only reason they are digging in the gel farms is they are looking for their old nest they were stolen from.

  • oogolixoo
    oogolixoo 12 years ago

    All those giant ants you see every summer are queens, collect ONE(per ant farm), then leave her in the dark with wet cotton wool for a few weeks, then she will lay eggs and so on...best to get a proper ant farm with soil

  • SubzeroFusion
    SubzeroFusion 12 years ago

    look for some honeypot ants, they're the ones that are black and red, and have a stop and go movment

  • OhLookBirdies
    OhLookBirdies 12 years ago

    Oh man. You really should have used Ants by the DTB as music for this. Really really.

  • fugjoo
    fugjoo 12 years ago

    what kind of gel is it?

  • Sub1117
    Sub1117 12 years ago

    where do you get an ant farm?

  • Apoc4lyps3
    Apoc4lyps3 12 years ago

    ending voice rocks. the vid is too long though, not really funny or something.

  • Anomalicious
    Anomalicious 12 years ago

    Good concept. Not that well implemented.

  • Olllie
    Olllie 12 years ago

    Opeth fan too? "I awoke from the miasma Passing swiftly through the moooor!"

  • SheepEl
    SheepEl 12 years ago

    i hope what u read came true >[

  • kimmrock
    kimmrock 12 years ago

    Where did u get the ants? found them or ordered them.

  • Amy Leach
    Amy Leach 12 years ago

    I guess, I've given up on them. All they do is sit around and then die. Stupid ants.

  • firstbloodpartone
    firstbloodpartone 12 years ago

    Whats up with u guys and ants! r u ok in the head??

  • SheepEl
    SheepEl 12 years ago

    PLEASE DON'T READ THIS. You will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don't post this comment to at least 3 videos, you will die within 2 days. Copy and paste this, to be saved

  • MİNA Ada
    MİNA Ada 12 years ago

    Çooook güzeller bugün siparişini verdim ve blogumada utanmadan döşedim eki ekiiii

  • Notacet
    Notacet 12 years ago

    why didn't you put "Devin Townsend - Ants" from the album Infinity in the background :)

  • Amy Leach
    Amy Leach 12 years ago

    I put my ants in the dark and they're just clumping. They're right next to the radiator so they're not cold. AND they arent using the tunnels ur supposed to start for them, they are digging crappy little tunnels at the sides, and they're not eating the gel so they've given up on digging cause they dont have the energy... because they havent eaten! God they're so stupid. Maybe its the species, they're yellow meadow ants.

  • LauraHelen Binns
    LauraHelen Binns 12 years ago

    thanks ill try it, im willing to try anything right now lol x

  • Olllie
    Olllie 12 years ago

    Try putting them in the dark for a bit.

  • LauraHelen Binns
    LauraHelen Binns 12 years ago

    how long did it take your ants to do this? i got mine on christmas day and they are not digging , they have made one small tunnel , but now they wont do anything, and i mean ANYTHING can you help?

  • kimmrock
    kimmrock 13 years ago

    Where did you get ur ants?

  • glui2001
    glui2001 13 years ago

    I see your point. Hypergeek works...

  • Olllie
    Olllie 13 years ago

    I tried using ants, but I didn't think it suited the footage. I wanted something more peaceful and hypergeek makes me think of nature!!

  • glui2001
    glui2001 13 years ago

    Yeah, why didn't you use "Ants"? Anyways, the minute I saw this vid I went and bought antworks. Just got the kit and just sent away for the ants! Can't wait til I get them!

  • guitarplayr51287
    guitarplayr51287 13 years ago

    Why didn't you use the song "Ants?"

  • Antoneey
    Antoneey 13 years ago

    Haha! Thats great, I want some Ants and some Gel to try that! I already got the album hehe XD