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  • southbreeze
    southbreeze 8 hours ago

    Good job. You are a patient woman!

  • painkillerO8
    painkillerO8 20 hours ago

    Where do I buy the Vinyl itself?

  • Sherryl Keith
    Sherryl Keith 15 days ago

    I am really sure you can build it yourself mates. I made it 2 weeks ago thanks to woodprix website.

  • Jeff Duff
    Jeff Duff 18 days ago

    Those pants look great on you, I just LOVE your back pockets

  • Ed
    Ed 20 days ago

    Thank you !

  • John Nickolsen
    John Nickolsen 29 days ago

    The last time I used Minwax, I thought I would never get the job done. It was not an issue of dry time. It was the amount of material and number of coats that's a job took. Never had that problem with Deft or Flecto.

  • C R
    C R Month ago

    Don't buy this HomeRight digital temperature heat gun, I bought one and at its highest temperature it didn't even begin to heat the surface of the paint I was trying to remove.

  • Giter Dun
    Giter Dun 2 months ago

    Pattern scribe with the flat bar method. More accurate for all walls. Place an undersized thin board( 1/4 in luan) flat in place shelf goes rhen use a thin metal bar ( Varied. Lengths. 12 in and 3 in. Will do it) to get the wonky shapes. Scribe your lines on template and then transfer to the real goods via reverse scribe with said bar method. . cut n done.

  • Joe Ciccone
    Joe Ciccone 2 months ago

    Minwax products suck. It's watered down garbage. Mohawk is best. Old Masters, Zar, General Finishes. That's what you want to use. If you want red then buy a red wood. If you want brown then buy a brown wood. But why buy a yellow wood just to stain it red? You can stain a red wood redder, a brown wood browner, or a yellow wood yellower. You can stain a white wood pretty much any color you want. You can add a touch of brown to a red wood or a touch of red to a light brown wood. You can add a touch of red to a light brown wood and in a second step add more brown to make it darker. But you're not going to paint brush red stain on yellow wood and have it look good. It's gonna look like you went to Home Depot and bought some random wood and a can of red stain off the shelf and tried to stain yellow wood red. And both examples show that. You may as well staple your Home Depot receipt to it. A general guideline is if your finished product looks like it was stained then you didn't do a very good job. If someone looks at it and they think you bought it that way or they think that's the natural color of the wood then you know you did a good job.

  • Keith Garchow
    Keith Garchow 3 months ago

    Ms Penning please thank your father for sharing his knowledge with us who appreciate the skills he has acquired over the years. truly the best scribing video I've seen.

  • Samer Qassis
    Samer Qassis 3 months ago

    Are u serious ?... I will never buy this brand

  • bestlogicmaster
    bestlogicmaster 3 months ago

    I enjoyed the video and appreciate the workmanship. Unfortunately, drywall walls are often not accurate or square, therefore any wonderfully cut shelf may not be tight to the wall--regardless of the scribing. I believe that a better approach would be to measure (via tape, to the closest 1/8"), cut, place, fill with paintable chalk and finish paint. And then get on to to the other unfinished projects.

  • kombolasha
    kombolasha 4 months ago

    1:02 if you wanna skip the Duluth Trading Company commercial.

  • Kim Donally
    Kim Donally 4 months ago

    maybe that company will send you some work gloves too ;)

  • Stephen Lee
    Stephen Lee 4 months ago

    You should take off that entire wall , I see no underpayment , vinyl siding is designed to leak and that’s a proven fact , if you don’t have tyvek or something like it and it isn’t taped your in trouble

  • chillyr1998
    chillyr1998 4 months ago

    Thank you for the information. Great video.

  • Almazbek Khaldarov
    Almazbek Khaldarov 5 months ago

    Good job! 👍👍

  • zaneyone1
    zaneyone1 5 months ago

    So when you don't have matching replacement siding, how do you patch a hole? Seems like all the repair videos have that extra matching siding.

  • Tommy Graham
    Tommy Graham 5 months ago

    You didn't PATCH the siding. You REPLACED it.

  • Damage, Inc.
    Damage, Inc. 6 months ago

    What about the back wall?

  • LeVent Dehors
    LeVent Dehors 6 months ago

    why d'you do that to this chair.... it WAS so beautiful

  • Ty Rea
    Ty Rea 6 months ago

    how to PATCH…not replace…GEEZE!!!

  • Jon Cocks
    Jon Cocks 7 months ago

    Or just use a tape measure. Be done in a jiffy. Put kettle on. Do it your way take all day, no wonder tradesman charge by the hour.

    • bighand69
      bighand69 6 months ago

      Tape Measure can give a fit but scribing is the cleanest fit of them all.

  • W B
    W B 7 months ago

    Thank you for sharing! In process of remodeling after 15 years in house realized existing closets aren't designed for current needs. I combined 2 - 6ft California closets into a 12 ft walk-in closet for my daughter who has a lot of great storage but needed the ability to see everything and give everything room to breathe. She is able to stay organized and on time even with her busy schedule so it was worth it. Now I am finishing the remodel for the 2 closets I took apart to build the 12-ft walk-in. Project 1 is in a 5th bedroom that serves as den and craft room. There is a secretary and upper cabinet in there from my original kitchen remodel so I took extra oak plywood from a custom wall unit that is getting replaced with a beautiful new wall unit upgrade and used 4 side panels to create the peg board sides to hold the custom shelving to compensate for removing the reach in closet organization system where I am removing the wall to add a double center door to help remove the feeling of claustrophobia and open it to the family room for more unified feel. I am cutting 20 shelves and the walls are not plumb (likely due age related settling (25 yo home or to drywall/mud etc) so this will help tremendously. My second project is in the 4 th bedroom where there are 2 large reach ins. I am converting one of the reach ins into a large linen closet with 6 - 5 1/2 ft X 2' & 2 - 5 1/2 ft X 1' shelves held in by furring strips. Again the walls aren't plumb and since I have other pantry closets that were done with rough cuts and caulk, I do not want the same sloppy work for these projects. Over the years the caulk method looks terrible and the supports are not fully supporting the weight so I will be added support and fixing what needs it. To anyone reading this post, I agree the time constraints to cut wood for a perfect fit will test your patience, but using this method requires much less time than trying to cut quick, caulk, paint or having to get more wood to finish your project. Thank you Susan and your dad for your time and posting this method to help our projects along. I will be looking into your channel. W

  • Andrea Weis
    Andrea Weis 8 months ago

    Another ad.

  • Kelpo Gaming
    Kelpo Gaming 8 months ago

    Ive used Minwax for years but I just recently switched over to Varathane. They have cooler color options as well as better dry times, and tbh I think it looks better too. Plus having nothing but problems with Minwax polyurethane. Not a single issue with Varathane. I will never go back

  • rjcontra
    rjcontra 8 months ago

    WOW!!!! been a trim carpenter now going on 43 years. Do plenty of custom closets. A lot faster way using a framing square, a real tape and never use a jig saw to cut long straight cuts. It aint a piano :)

    • bighand69
      bighand69 6 months ago

      +rjcontra It depends on the standard of finish that is desired. Some jobs I do have a specification from the architect that filler is not to be used on jointing surfaces such as shelves.

  • Tesscod
    Tesscod 8 months ago

    My husband was staining oak stair rails and posts with Varathane. He was almost finished when he spilled the can. He went to the store and mistakenly bought Minwax stain. Both are in yellow cans. I convinced home to go out again and get the Varathane stain. Based in your video I am glad he took my advice as I don't think the colour would be consistent between the two brands. Thanks for the helpful post

  • Robert Ibbotson
    Robert Ibbotson 8 months ago

    nice job i have a dining table and six chairs to do and reupholster.

  • E vazkee
    E vazkee 8 months ago

    Goggles check. Gloves check. Hearing protection check. Lazy bum shorts and cloth sandals? Fukn idiot

  • Kenneth Preuss
    Kenneth Preuss 9 months ago

    I have seen about 10 videos using the tool you just used to remove siding. Everyone was edited to make it look seamless. It is anything but this video showed just how much effort is needed to remove the siding thank you.

  • Geoff k
    Geoff k 10 months ago

    This is hard to watch

  • itsdaj
    itsdaj 10 months ago

    Nice job and thanks. You picked a hard piece to replace with the light, bush and two j channels.

  • kalvin phan
    kalvin phan 10 months ago

    Yea..... I don’t think she even replace this herself... bunch of editing ... main work have been cut out .

  • C Hiebert
    C Hiebert 11 months ago

    Not at all a patch.

  • Jacob Carter
    Jacob Carter 11 months ago

    Thanks for the video very helpful.

  • Maximus Minimus
    Maximus Minimus 11 months ago

    Needs more swearing!

  • Tom S.
    Tom S. 11 months ago

    Didn't need the Duluth commercial. I tuned in to see how to fix my siding. Goodbye.

  • Brandon Barber
    Brandon Barber Year ago

    Ya where is the wrap someone did not do that right

  • Lincoln Lloyd Redley

    WwwwwwwwwwwwwhAT T T T !!!!! 😶 Okay, electric tape and paint it IS, yah, the lenses patch WAS a neat idea, though. ✌️😉💥

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore Year ago

    Cunningly stands in front of "difficult edge" and says "no gap on either side"...

  • William may
    William may Year ago

    Come on guys, it's 2018! Women don't "belong" in a kitchen anymore, or however you fucking cave retards look at it... Some work on houses, some work on cars, and some piss standing up even, so get over it! It's ridiculous how many guys ALWAYS feel the need just criticize or correct every goddamn thing a woman does when it comes to this kind of thing. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this video, and I found it extremely helpful to be honest...

  • Star Karan
    Star Karan Year ago

    Let's go to woodprix website, if you want to learn how to build it yourself.

  • joseph Norcal USA #1

    good job girl !!!

  • Jeffrey Rivers
    Jeffrey Rivers Year ago

    You were struggling

  • Shantel Guetgen
    Shantel Guetgen Year ago

    You should go to woodprix if you'd like to make it yourself guys.

  • Starr Stewart
    Starr Stewart Year ago

    Great to see that... I made it too. Plans from woodprix helped me a lot :)

  • ENIN MSc Str Eng

    You are so cute

  • Shanta Hsieh
    Shanta Hsieh Year ago

    Nice movie. However you can make it yourself. Just google woodprix and learn how to do it easily.

  • Jan The Man
    Jan The Man Year ago

    Interesting editing of the video.

  • ascoli61
    ascoli61 Year ago

    I like the comparison, but I came away wondering which is better? or at least give pro and cons of both...

  • Gary Bacher
    Gary Bacher Year ago

    Never seen someone make cutting a board so difficult

  • Greg Cashman
    Greg Cashman Year ago

    Thanks everyone for the warning about the commercial at the front...I skipped it... Thank you Susan for the demonstration! Very helpful.

  • Ron deezzee
    Ron deezzee Year ago

    College course. All I remember is shelf and pencil

  • David Parks
    David Parks Year ago

    Old siding is faded. You pull an old piece from the least visible and use it in the front and replace least vis with new.

  • Artem Lebedev
    Artem Lebedev Year ago

    I know that woodprix has the best woodworking plans ever.

  • Keli Weisgerber
    Keli Weisgerber Year ago

    Try to make it with woodprix plans :)

  • Kathleen Gustafson

    Excellent refresher and similar day light closet project at my place. I think however, you will be annoyed by the close mounting of the closet pole to the shelf as you will be bumping into shelf with the hook of your hangers. Give it an extra space of an additional inch for an easier time of taking hangers in and out. Just a suggestion. Many thanks.

  • william tapanes
    william tapanes Year ago

    Are you serious??!! This freakin chick must be getting a payoff from deluth. That company must be going broke and are desperately buying people like this fake fashion chick to advertise their brand!! Good try deluth!! Why don’t you guys just drop the prices on your clothes and see if you can get more customers . Walmart and Old Navy has you beat by the mile🤣

  • georgeEPC
    georgeEPC Year ago

    mostly only works on newer this on older vinyl and it will just crack and keep breaking and you'll just keep chasing it

  • Rusty Harvey
    Rusty Harvey Year ago

    Duluth trading is garbage. Love the way they looked so I bought more. Ended up trashing 6 pair of work pants. None lasted 6 months

  • Brigidz
    Brigidz Year ago

    There's no vapour barrier between the vinyl and wooden substrate. Moisture accumulates on the inside of the vinyl and will make the timber wet

  • gt homer
    gt homer Year ago

    that was n't a patch

  • Davide Nastri
    Davide Nastri Year ago

    I am a noob in the DIY world but I need to cut a bit of a strangely shaped shelf (tubes and other problems in its way). Is a cardboard a good idea? I'd cut the cardboard and then use it as a model to cut the wood. Thanks for your help and ideas :)

    • bighand69
      bighand69 6 months ago

      Davide Nastri Yes you can do that. It is called a template. I make templates all the time. It allows you to cut the board anywhere you want even off site if you desire.

  • Aaron - Lighthouse Handyman Services

    Maybe you should post some honest and true videos and stop bs’ing folks. And if you don’t like the negative and constructive criticism, then maybe you should avoid social media.

  • Jeffrey Knieser
    Jeffrey Knieser Year ago

    Thanks Susan. I'm a pro handyman and just needed a quick reminder how to do this. This was perfect.

  • radar 211
    radar 211 Year ago

    Nice, that's how we do it, but dang, no vapor barrier?

  • Шашни Женские

    I made it too. Just used woodprix instructions for that :)

  • litsci
    litsci Year ago

    Anyone who doesn't believe that women face wild bias in trades should come here. Look at all the men who've shown up to complain about the way she's actually done a nice tidy job here. Why? Because they feel threatened. All this nonsense about "you didn't patch it, you replaced it" -- well, duh. Nobody's going to patch a cheap piece of vinyl siding rather than replace it. As for me, I'm very grateful to her. I have a piece of siding that fell off my house, I was pretty sure I could see how to put it back, but it was nice to see that I had the right idea. And if you don't like the clothing ad, then -- secret life hack for you -- skip that part. You do it by hovering your mouse over the red progress bar and sliding it along till you find the part of the video you're interested in. If you're having trouble figuring out how to do that, I'm sure Susan can show you how to do that, too.

  • kid ringo
    kid ringo Year ago

    Do an exercise video in duluth clothing instead. Not so easy is it?

  • David Hawkins
    David Hawkins Year ago

    sorry but you have no clue what your ask me who are you? #1 the shinny tool with the red Handel has its name in printed on the red part.

  • Eric Raimondi
    Eric Raimondi Year ago

    Way too complicated method, its not molding....just a shelf

  • Chris S
    Chris S Year ago

    To the people that complained about the clothing ad at the beginning. Hi, my name is Chris, and let me teach you how RU-clip videos work. You simply click that line on the bottom at a point further on down the line from where the red marker is already at, and it advances the video. It's almost like you have a time machine, cause you can go ahead and back in time. Best of all, you don't even need a DeLorean, Marty! I know.. amazing!!! Just thought I'd mansplain that to all the other mancomsplainers. You are welcome. To the OP, thank you for the informative video.

  • Scott _____
    Scott _____ Year ago

    I want to cover the walls of my nice metal storage building with pegboard. I will do some wood framing inside the metal frame to provide additional support for the pegboard and so I can later have some small shelves and hang some items on the wall. I wondering what I can connect each sheet of peg board together so that I will look seamless and cleaner. any ideas?

  • Scott _____
    Scott _____ Year ago

    she is cute!

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  • SalemKid
    SalemKid Year ago

    is there a video of a man showing how this is done properly? thanks in advance!

  • All Flortec Inc.

    all garbage products .

  • speed freak
    speed freak Year ago

    I use dryer lint soaked in wax

  • Keith Blackburn
    Keith Blackburn Year ago

    Omg she needs a man

  • Aaron - Lighthouse Handyman Services

    We could without the commercial for Duluth Trading.

  • Checkers Lane
    Checkers Lane Year ago

    You replaced an entire piece of siding cause of that little dot? Thats stupid. You could have easily fill that hole with water resistant glue and call it a day

  • awandererTJ
    awandererTJ Year ago

    Ever heard of using a straight guide while cutting with a jigsaw?

    • MikeyMeJnr
      MikeyMeJnr Year ago

      The whole point is that the resulting shelf fits exactly in the space. Imagine that the walls are slightly curved and the corners are not square. If you use a straight edge there will be visible gaps.

  • oneoftwo42
    oneoftwo42 Year ago

    Hi i bought a homeright just recently and i don't have much success with mine. I see yours steam constantly mine seems to stop with movement and i don't understand why. I should have sent it back but i thought i was not doing it right. When i tried it again same thing. So i thought i would go back to the site to get some answers but no longer selling it. So either mine is defective or broke. It does not stay on like i see you doing. Stopping and going. But my question to you is do you have to move very slow with this or hold it a special way i just don't know . If i can't get it right I'll just but another probably go back to Bissell. If you have any advice please get back..Thanks in advance

    • oneoftwo42
      oneoftwo42 Year ago

      I must have but glad to have seen your video. I will try that water but i do use water from my purifier not the water from the sink. But it could be it's just not a good one. But thank you so much.. Gotta go try and use it now and finish my bathroom. Great video.

    • Susan Penning
      Susan Penning Year ago

      So sorry you've been having issues with your steam machine. To be honest, I've not had any issues with it continuing the steam. I don't hold it any particular way and you don't really have to move slowly ... steam just constantly comes out. I would recommend using distilled water to avoid any mineral buildup. Perhaps you have a defective one?

  • Bj Littleton
    Bj Littleton Year ago

    Got to have under layment behind siding

  • John Huber
    John Huber Year ago

    Great tips from your Dad!

  • Deepwest
    Deepwest Year ago

    On what minute she patches the siding?

  • superlibbyanne
    superlibbyanne Year ago

    Ummm that’s not an orbital

  • Neil H
    Neil H Year ago

    You know why she used a small sheet? A normal one would have been a mass of confusion. I tried this at home with a normal sheet...frustrating beyond belief...she needs to pause after each move and then re-explain the move again....having to rewind and watch again with my hand in the sheet breaks the method and confuses the process...again...pause and re-do each move at least three times....C minus for effort but a terrible F for using a small sheet instead of a realistic normal size. Maybe a C+ for somewhat explainable procedure, but slow down. If this didn’t work for you the first time keep looking for better site

  • Joy Hansen
    Joy Hansen Year ago

    Well, I finally did it! I have a square fitted sheet that looks great! Thank you for your tutorial and your CLEAR, concise instructions. There are so MANY videos out there. Yours is the only one that ANY one needs.

  • Maureen Clyne
    Maureen Clyne Year ago

    Thank you Susan!!!!! It worked

  • AtlanticDrain
    AtlanticDrain Year ago

    thanks susan ! great tips ~ SUBSCRIBED ~ thanks

  • Hope Romeo
    Hope Romeo Year ago

    Got confused because mine was bigger, but ended up figuring it out. Mine isn’t as perfect as yours, but it’s better than just the lump I usually have. Thank you!

  • Rob Janson
    Rob Janson Year ago

    Your father did a terrific job...... thanks for sharing this video!

  • Quabledistocficklepo

    This is the third video on this subject that I have seen. It is also the first one that tells the whole story. It's the first one I've seen that tells you everything you need to know. How anyone could talk abut this without mentioning nail removal, I don't know, but that's their problem. You even cautioned the viewer on how NOT to refasten the siding. Thanks for that. I had forgotten that valuable tip. Well done. Who's complaining about that sneaky ad?

  • Vic Cesari
    Vic Cesari Year ago

    nope still video for me.....

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones Year ago

    Hello Susan, The video is really great, we all know the importance of home cleaning. In a post, why you should clean your curtain ( I have read the importance of cleaning. SteamMachine is really good and time-saving machine.

  • jim fox
    jim fox Year ago

    Great fashion show, what an offensive waste of time!

  • Dennis Downes
    Dennis Downes Year ago

    Very Nice! Great build.........

  • Michael McGahee
    Michael McGahee Year ago

    Great video!! Thank you!