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My birthday gift to YOU!
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LIVE Q&A with Tara!
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LIVE Q&A with Tara!
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LIVE Q&A with Tara!!!
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LIVE Q&A with Tara!!!
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Tara Simon Studios 🎤🎶
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  • S. Nowo
    S. Nowo 25 minutes ago

    Hello Tara. Please make a reaction to "Wicked Game" Diana Ankudinova ru-clip.com/video/7jv-DQnf2UY/video.html. She is 16 years old and she has an interesting voice and manner of performance.

  • Eunice Del Mundo
    Eunice Del Mundo 40 minutes ago

    Idk why everytime you sing the part, it's giving me a goosebumps😭💕💕😍😍😍

  • Mahlee Vouge
    Mahlee Vouge 42 minutes ago

    Best reaction ever

  • Mahlee Vouge
    Mahlee Vouge 48 minutes ago

    New subs here ☺️☺️

  • Frederic L. Fiachetti

    acting differently .... "less" power more emotion in this live ... ru-clip.com/video/SyILdRAOS88/video.html

  • Jo-Anne LeBel
    Jo-Anne LeBel Hour ago

    There is a video of Avi doing this song at the Basemnet

  • Malika Diza
    Malika Diza Hour ago

    It’s crazy cause that video was shot in the Grand Canyon 😊😊💖

  • Carl Williams
    Carl Williams Hour ago

    Darn that girl is not a keeper.

  • Carl Williams
    Carl Williams Hour ago

    That was a lot better

  • Carl Williams
    Carl Williams Hour ago

    Your observation at the end about their voices sounding like instruments is insightful. The audio engineering in this piece is also incredibly skillful.

  • Frederic L. Fiachetti

    3 more steps to cry 3 times more.... first, Lara Fabian "Je t'aime" ru-clip.com/video/H6dfSzFoRAk/video.html .... second her emotion when her audience sing "on t'aime" ru-clip.com/video/N-roGMGyFu0/video.html and the last one the author of "je suis malade" singing his version of "je t'aime" ru-clip.com/video/Wqe3H8EuAaE/video.html

  • Frederic L. Fiachetti

    3 more steps to cry 3 times more.... first, Lara Fabian "Je t'aime" ru-clip.com/video/H6dfSzFoRAk/video.html .... second her emotion when her audience sing "on t'aime" ru-clip.com/video/N-roGMGyFu0/video.html and the last one the author of "je suis malade" singing his version of "je t'aime" ru-clip.com/video/Wqe3H8EuAaE/video.html

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee 2 hours ago

    The anchor - through rose

  • LordSpeedy 88
    LordSpeedy 88 3 hours ago

    Congratulations that was your First Floorgasm. Beleve me there are more. Nightwish is a big Number all over the world meanwhile. And greets from Europe.

  • Kelly Blackmon
    Kelly Blackmon 3 hours ago

    Floor is a vocal goddess.

  • Mark Nermal
    Mark Nermal 3 hours ago

    To kz tangdiangs say something please

  • Desiree Dyer
    Desiree Dyer 3 hours ago

    I have learned one thing today watching vocal coaches react to music .... just don't ... they kill the music technical never trumps emotion. We love songs not for the technical quality but for the emotion it conveys.

  • Spartan News
    Spartan News 3 hours ago

    I'm reacting too....holy...whew...lol ;-)

  • eralyn concon
    eralyn concon 4 hours ago

    She has a good singing voice too. 😀

  • Baka Cat
    Baka Cat 4 hours ago

    hey Tara, I was wondering what your favorite music genre?

  • Kelvin James Asugas
    Kelvin James Asugas 4 hours ago

    TARA HEY!!! how about reacting to GOLDEN CAÑEDO' performances in the clash.... PLEASE I beg u🙏

  • Kelvin James Asugas
    Kelvin James Asugas 4 hours ago

    I am sorry tara but I think SHE still doesn't improve on singing that chorus... Sorry

  • noel perseveranda
    noel perseveranda 5 hours ago

    Proud pilipino!

  • Tina Hickson
    Tina Hickson 5 hours ago

    I love that you give feedback but never critical...I love it

  • Laura Gonzales- LG Photography

    Awesome!!!! Goosebumps!!! Who are their vocal coaches?

  • terry fogleson
    terry fogleson 6 hours ago

    You might check out Avi Kaplan's "Change on the Rise". Really excellent!

  • Nerve Button
    Nerve Button 6 hours ago

    Please act to chase Holfelder!!!!!!!

  • evidsgm
    evidsgm 6 hours ago

    I love how positive and gracious you are in your review, and you seem to have a great voice just from the few notes you mimic when critiquing ,

  • JoMoe G.
    JoMoe G. 6 hours ago

    Love my girl Cynthia but whats up with the George washington hair

  • Grace Huffman
    Grace Huffman 6 hours ago

    Help me with “only 1” by Arianna Grande (chorus riff) 😂

    • sab reena
      sab reena 3 hours ago

      yesss haha thats the ultimate test

  • Hellowow 39
    Hellowow 39 6 hours ago

    Shocking.....that was one take. Amazing

  • Hellowow 39
    Hellowow 39 7 hours ago


  • Albert Smith
    Albert Smith 7 hours ago

    You should hear their acapella version Of Sound Of Silence

  • ian howell boquiron
    ian howell boquiron 7 hours ago

    Please make a reaction vid of Jessie J singing Reflection 😁

  • Hallel Calandrillo
    Hallel Calandrillo 7 hours ago

    She was so good!!!! ❤️ I’m loving this series!

  • I’am Superman
    I’am Superman 7 hours ago

    2:09 is what Bruno Mars trying to create a melody, not for refocus. It’s Bruno Mars, that’s the type of melody that you don’t sing in front of the mike full blast.

  • David Michael
    David Michael 7 hours ago

    That’s funny because Tristan another voice instructor thinks that first mix high note was auto tuned because no one sounds like that....

  • Ferrous Hart
    Ferrous Hart 7 hours ago

    Tara w/an aside: "cuz I can't have sugar or dairy" while eyes roll. I died.

  • Tiampool TV
    Tiampool TV 7 hours ago

    Finally a worth to watch recommendation for youtube. 😆

  • I love music
    I love music 7 hours ago

    “This is 100% improv by the way...you can’t make this up...” 😂😂

  • Ann Clarice CL
    Ann Clarice CL 7 hours ago

    Can you react to Ella Nympha singing Chandelier?

  • Lorna Cabang
    Lorna Cabang 7 hours ago

    I love love this segment of yours Coach Tara no doubt you are really a great Teacher, a Coach. And Elica really got better the second time around..

  • mitchellsd
    mitchellsd 8 hours ago

    Yes! She's amazing!

  • Jeem Martirez
    Jeem Martirez 8 hours ago

    Proud to be Filipino

  • TheDeathviper106
    TheDeathviper106 8 hours ago

    no auto tune

  • HOLLY Helmstetter
    HOLLY Helmstetter 8 hours ago

    That strange segment is called melisma;; it comes from Arab techniques, for instance, during the call to prayer.

  • KatyKat
    KatyKat 8 hours ago

    I'm sure you're getting alot of this request lately but i do want to see what you have to say about "Diana Ankudinova - Wicked Games". She has a rare sounding voice deep in the larynx.

  • Norwegian Blue
    Norwegian Blue 8 hours ago

    Supposedly he had the flu during this performance. As good as it is, listen to the studio version, which also is an amazing video. He goes to eleven in the studio version.

  • stuyfan
    stuyfan 8 hours ago

    You're so great! Please review lea sangola! She's incredible

  • andrewlongo6
    andrewlongo6 8 hours ago

    Yes she did! Keep singing!

  • Abdullah Alkaff
    Abdullah Alkaff 8 hours ago

    Well alot of these people dislike this video just because they are too defensive. they cant stand a VOCAL COACH giving her input and comments. ignore them tara

  • Yanie R
    Yanie R 8 hours ago

    Can you please react to "Secret Love Song" Morissette Amon

  • Eddyyy C
    Eddyyy C 8 hours ago

    You can also see Emma's version in "The Voice Kids France" ! For a very young girl it was as touching as Lara ! ☺️ (I advise you to watch all the performances of Emma)

  • John Rodrigues
    John Rodrigues 9 hours ago

    Tara, Please react to Todrick Hall; featuring Pentatonix in “The Wizard of Ahhhs”

  • kateprov20v11
    kateprov20v11 9 hours ago

    I know this isn’t the most popular request, but could you please consider reviewing a song from Selah? I was specifically thinking Broken Ladders (there’s a live version). It features Amy Perry’s voice and I’d love to learn from her and what makes her sound so amazing. Perhaps you could point stuff out.

  • Diane Frame
    Diane Frame 9 hours ago

    Wow! She did great and yes!, she sang better in seconds!

  • Maya
    Maya 9 hours ago

    Please react to Lisa Cimorelli! She’s really talented- I attached a video of her singing live on Instagram Live. ru-clip.com/video/JGsMtIdhVK4/video.html

  • Lex Lex__1
    Lex Lex__1 9 hours ago

    All delivered excellent ratings: - Leading RU-clip shows - Teacher of singing - contestant Vocal Competition - And also, support group

  • Stlmetsfan55
    Stlmetsfan55 9 hours ago

    Here’s one for you: ru-clip.com/video/AtklJXnHthQ/video.html

  • ZenGeekDad
    ZenGeekDad 9 hours ago

    Love your style here: the breaking down of vocal technique, giving it structure, and tying results to specific skills one builds on by practice. And the demos you do show not only the points you make, but also that you have the chops/credentials from which to critique. But a suggestion: your mic here is falling way short of the task. It sounds worse than AM radio - tinny, with all lows dropped. I realize part of the audio tone this is from recording amid flat walls and no dampening. But mostly, really, it's the cheap mic. For $100 you can get something 100 times better. And your voice (and videos) deserve it. Go splurge. (And get more followers / customers as a result.)

  • Lamont Cranston
    Lamont Cranston 10 hours ago

    This will be the first time I'll be asking if you could check out Darren Espanto's take on Chandelier by Sia. He performed it live on the Wish bus. Here is the link; ru-clip.com/video/aCgP-MJ7rQ8/video.html I saw a few reactions from other vocal coaches but I like yours better.🙂

  • Санчо Кирияк

    Hey) wanna see your react to TNT boys - Sa araw ng Pasko its beautiful christmas song))) and our boy little bigger then and bang bang video)

  • Abby Darel
    Abby Darel 10 hours ago

    Hey Tara I NEED you to listen to the Hercules Muses Medley by Michael Korte!!! Please these 5 men are phenomenal!

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P 10 hours ago

    Your way of explaining is great.

  • Shasha8674
    Shasha8674 11 hours ago

    Good tone and vibrato. More air flow may help. He can sing! God bless!

  • Shasha8674
    Shasha8674 11 hours ago

    Good tone. If you can't have sugar/dairy then gluten maybe out also. Gluten is wheat/barley/rye..oats/corn/rice. Rice is low in gluten. Wild rice has no gluten...is a grass. No gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO/food with a label...taking vitamins/good oils/minerals...probiotic...LDN...detoxing may help the brain/body/health issues. Yes..she sang better. Maybe more space between words would help also? She has talent! God bless her and her family! God bless Tara! You are great help!

  • Linden Wyckoff
    Linden Wyckoff 11 hours ago

    Ok but when you say bye, you need to lift your hand and put your whole body into it. Like this, watch. 👀😁 😂🖐

  • Kevin S
    Kevin S 11 hours ago


  • nodgelyobo1
    nodgelyobo1 11 hours ago

    I've never really listened to Adele much, but you had me engrossed there with your constructive input

  • Natalie S
    Natalie S 11 hours ago

    Could you react to a compilation by PTX videos called "Pentatonix vocals that I think every vocal coach should react to"? I know you don't usually react to compilations, but it is so, so good!

  • Deborah Ellenberger
    Deborah Ellenberger 11 hours ago

    Excellent. She really improved

  • Chaos Tade
    Chaos Tade 11 hours ago

    Lara Fabian = perfect woman.

  • Felicia Williams
    Felicia Williams 11 hours ago

    That kid with the snacks 😂 but oan...Aleka did great!!! U can tell she was nervous poor baby.

  • Ph33rless Gaming
    Ph33rless Gaming 11 hours ago

    David draimon never used autotune. His abilities are very high.

  • Brandon Nguyen
    Brandon Nguyen 11 hours ago

    So technical, on point, and talented. And Morissette too! Subscribed!!

  • Jim Corbeil
    Jim Corbeil 12 hours ago

    Ok, Girl - Your Battin' a 1000. Looking forward to episode 6. : )

  • Andrew Fisher
    Andrew Fisher 12 hours ago

    And still super vocals even despite almost destroying his vocal chords on their first album.

  • RichGirl
    RichGirl 12 hours ago

    Please do JUNE’S DIARY video

  • radiotryn3
    radiotryn3 12 hours ago

    Please react to Donna Missal - "Keep Lying" (Live) | Vevo DSCVR Her voice is insanely good! ru-clip.com/video/ad3qqlZThl4/video.html

  • Chaos Tade
    Chaos Tade 12 hours ago

    how can I know lara fabian as a 20s guy and a vocal coach in her 30s (i suppose) doesn't? Maybe because Im European? Idk..

  • Your Majesty
    Your Majesty 12 hours ago

    Please react to Beyoncé Barbra Streisand Tribute "The Way We Were"

  • DEHRIB Aissa
    DEHRIB Aissa 12 hours ago

    Can you review a young girl singer called diana ankudinova she's is so intresting and i recommand her so much

  • MiMi Ortiz
    MiMi Ortiz 12 hours ago

    THAT'S MY GIRL ! When ever someone tells me " What I like to do? " SLEEP that's what I like to do😂😂 She did great and Miss Tara is so cheering ❤ LOVE this series

  • Tinkerbellgirl59
    Tinkerbellgirl59 12 hours ago

    the passion in his face when he plays his cello...its amazing.

  • Chaos Tade
    Chaos Tade 12 hours ago

    you seem so lovable person!

    DEAR ARMY 12 hours ago

    that was so cute and she was already good the first time and better with you that‘s my favourite so far😍😍😊

  • Blake Bierwagen
    Blake Bierwagen 12 hours ago

    When can we see you react to kodi lee.

  • parano
    parano 13 hours ago

    It's just gathering fun and information amazing and we can saw at 2:35 amazing women from previous video 😂

  • Frank Mendoza
    Frank Mendoza 13 hours ago

    LOL, I love how she says ''There's this Rock quality to his voice.'' I know she said she's Never listened to them before so obviously that comment was out of ignorance but still. It was a little funny to hear :) Loved your reaction to it.

  • Always And Forever Art

    I suspect bamboozling there is no way that came out of her. I'm a woman and my metal scream sounds nothing! Like that bravo 👏👏👏

  • DebbieTDP
    DebbieTDP 13 hours ago

    The originator was ... ru-clip.com/video/tazfAeF0ZB4/video.html

  • Sarah Negroni
    Sarah Negroni 13 hours ago

    Get it girl!

  • paran sisilitan
    paran sisilitan 13 hours ago

    such a humble person, with such talent how come only now the world start to know him, with his voice, he can already be famous n super rich if he start 2 or 3 years ago till now, yet he keep low profile, walk slowly alongside his fans, from stages to stages till now the world start to know him, n ofcourse not because he promote himself(making album, etc), but mostly from his fans suggestion,

  • Camille Boucher
    Camille Boucher 13 hours ago

    awww this was so cute!! she sure did sing better in seconds. i love this series! :D

  • Kyeisha Hodge
    Kyeisha Hodge 13 hours ago

    This is great! Thanks for this. The adele part was genius and you're right it seems simple when you hear it but then trying it outright (without your tips) I DID NOT get it. Hahahahaha!

  • SoulViolist
    SoulViolist 13 hours ago

    You should react more to more Kevin Olusola, he is amazing :D

  • Stephen Michalski
    Stephen Michalski 13 hours ago

    These episodes are so soooo enjoyable n fun to watch......Tara.....in her element.....teaching the world to sing.......if there were 100 "Tara" clones in every province.....the world would be back on track to being the garden it was meant to be.

  • Miguel Angel Barragán

    Loved her!!

  • Zahnaysha Cleaton
    Zahnaysha Cleaton 13 hours ago

    Can you react to Trey Songz Love Faces

  • Mike Boucard
    Mike Boucard 13 hours ago

    Yet another great video ... The kids in the background are too cute .. they’re not too sure about what’s going on 😂