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  • Jayden Banco
    Jayden Banco 3 days ago

    Cody got fucked up damn

  • Red
    Red 3 days ago

    Do5 is the best 😂😂😂😂

  • Daniel Tepale
    Daniel Tepale 5 days ago

    1:03 funny lol loser cody

  • Emily :D
    Emily :D 9 days ago

    Mmm yes kids are so interesting that a brother slammed his little brother on the ground on his shoulders

  • dnail35077
    dnail35077 12 days ago

    At least cody is being nice saying "are you ok"

  • isaac_ pilot17
    isaac_ pilot17 14 days ago


  • jetsu3yahoo
    jetsu3yahoo 15 days ago

    Poor White people's homes are so dirty

  • Theo Fields
    Theo Fields 17 days ago

    I think Cody is a pussy and I think he deserved it. When Jake slammed him into the floor all he did was cry he didn’t try to fight the little pussy. I just wish Jake slammed him harder. I know what you are going to say. You don’t really mean it. I mean every word I have said. If you don’t agree with me you are more of a pussy than Cody. Don’t cry Cody you pissy pussy.

  • Wolfboy20000 /cookie

    Dude bru boi that Popeye's chicken its lit

  • longshotdreamer
    longshotdreamer 18 days ago

    bro i wanna fucking kill the kid that threw cody THIS KID LOOKS LIKE HES 14 STG I WANT THIS KID TO GET HIS ASS BEAT

  • Ailin Torres
    Ailin Torres 19 days ago

    Hellooooooooo....... it's me!!!!! 7u7 7u7

  • Wolfboy20000 /cookie


  • Brenda the Fox
    Brenda the Fox 19 days ago

    Poor cody WTFAK

  • BVLuis
    BVLuis 19 days ago

    My dad/mom would beat me up if acted like that in front of guests

  • Amazingspiderman 511

    What kind of fathers is this just yelling at them and not taking action? I wish I can take Cody’s place in life for just 5 minutes so I can teach his siblings a lesson other than Emma.Shit man,I want to beat up Jacob

  • Natalie moreno
    Natalie moreno 20 days ago

    Bby I fuckin miss you N happy Month Anniversary Again.. Love U.

  • Crsfas Fassha
    Crsfas Fassha 22 days ago

    Soooo stupid 1 by the way

    JOHN GAMING 22 days ago

    It fEelS Go0 DoSENt it

  • Starburst boy 88
    Starburst boy 88 22 days ago


  • Kingsive 66
    Kingsive 66 23 days ago

    U show them yo 7 dollers

  • yrmh 06
    yrmh 06 24 days ago


  • yrmh 06
    yrmh 06 24 days ago

    Get you 1 dollers bill out of here

  • Tia a cloWn
    Tia a cloWn 24 days ago

    2:39 is my favvv

  • Tia a cloWn
    Tia a cloWn 24 days ago


  • EzE
    EzE 26 days ago

    Hardest mix

  • Julian Isaiah Roberts

    9:26 Daaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnng Cody Sliped On A Floor I Bet Its Definitely Not Even Funny Lol.😁

  • Ajthegamer 314
    Ajthegamer 314 27 days ago

    I love you too

  • MsFlattsfan
    MsFlattsfan 27 days ago

    None of this is funny!!! Kids need to be taken out of that house especially Cody!!! He is the worst father I have ever seen and the fact he finds it funny just shows how bad he is!!!

  • Natalie moreno
    Natalie moreno 28 days ago

    I Love You 2... And you don't know how much I've been missing you.

    • Dade.Emmanuel
      Dade.Emmanuel 19 days ago

      @Natalie moreno me 2 ❤

    • Natalie moreno
      Natalie moreno 19 days ago

      @Dade.Emmanuel Alr Baby I love u

    • Dade.Emmanuel
      Dade.Emmanuel 20 days ago

      @Natalie moreno yk wua gimme like around 2 weeks n ill see kus my mama wus gon kall wr yesterday buh den she hurd da hurricane buh imma kall her rn n tell her to kall wr rn

    • Natalie moreno
      Natalie moreno 20 days ago

      @Dade.Emmanuel but like when is you coming to w.r??

    • Natalie moreno
      Natalie moreno 20 days ago

      @Dade.Emmanuel ok

  • MagmaPlayzStuff
    MagmaPlayzStuff 28 days ago

    If I was Cody, wanted to take my fist ball it up really tight and punch him straight in his jaw so hard he wont be able to eat or talk for a *WEEK!* And the worst part, Cody's dad did nothing to stop the situation. Sorry ass parents.

  • Tuxedo Cat gamer
    Tuxedo Cat gamer 29 days ago

    Cody got yoted

  • Ailin Torres
    Ailin Torres 29 days ago


  • Kingsive 66
    Kingsive 66 29 days ago


  • Ailin Torres
    Ailin Torres 29 days ago

    Are you still 12? Answer me!😠

  • Ailin Torres
    Ailin Torres 29 days ago

    Remember me Manuel read my name if you don't.

  • Jobro The player
    Jobro The player 29 days ago

    I wonder if Cody attempted to kill Jake It wouldn’t be surprising

  • Ah'launna's Books & Paint

    Jake should be on the bills team seance he plays football

  • screaming birb
    screaming birb Month ago

    So I thought to myself hmm I wonder if I search up kid runs away will I get results and what do ya know

  • Ah'launna's Books & Paint

    Wish they didn't say the r word

  • Liam's World
    Liam's World Month ago

    1 like = 1 heart for poor Cody

  • Ah'launna's Books & Paint

    My dad would fart on me and my sisters faces

  • Robbie Clarke
    Robbie Clarke Month ago

    Jake is the type of person that needs to be shot on sight or smashed in the head with a crowbar made from extremely strong metal material. or Better yet, get trapped in a box for the rest of his life, ya feel me?

    • Chris Ross
      Chris Ross 8 days ago

      No shit I seriously think that kid is a future serial killer. In fact it wouldn't surprise me at all if he was actually molesting one of his siblings as well! I swear nothing outside of a beheading would help him.

  • Jaren Diekemper
    Jaren Diekemper Month ago

    Dad: WHAT ARE YOU DOING JAKE Dad 2 seconds later: You can at least turn the light on

  • James
    James Month ago

    Signs of emotional abuse in young kids seem unconfident or lack self-assurance (he jus does innit) struggle to control their emotions (Cody’s crying and anger) have difficulty making or maintaining relationships (not acting nice to anyone in the house) act in a way that's inappropriate for their age (idk the tantrums)

  • James
    James Month ago

    Lmao I like how the girl in all of the videos is just like ‘I’m okay with this, it’s not the life I choose but it’s the life I got.”

  • Kira Soukhawan
    Kira Soukhawan Month ago

    The parents thinks it funny when their kids just gets hurts

  • Mark Suydam
    Mark Suydam Month ago

    child abuser

  • SmileZ YEET
    SmileZ YEET Month ago

    Jake is a fucking bitch I'd beat his fucking ass I'm not kidding

  • Oxic 285
    Oxic 285 Month ago

    I wonder what Cody is going to do when he looks back at this when his older

  • xD Spry Crescent
    xD Spry Crescent Month ago


  • {Saturn Chan}
    {Saturn Chan} Month ago


  • Daniela Valdebeito


  • deja jones
    deja jones Month ago

    this shit is so sad.. I’ve never seen so much dysfunction

  • isaac_ pilot17
    isaac_ pilot17 Month ago

    A joke all for love and friendship for ma dawg

  • isaac_ pilot17
    isaac_ pilot17 Month ago

    Gets copyrighted

  • NightRider 110900

    9:41 and I like how he’s not defending his son all he cares about is his shirt

  • NightRider 110900

    I like how they say get out my chair but they don’t sit in it

  • Xucci
    Xucci Month ago

    things are getting a little wild in the caillou house

  • FluXit
    FluXit 2 months ago

    this family is cancer.

  • CretanFat
    CretanFat 2 months ago

    hey baby😘 Lolololololololololololololololol

  • Samuel BRAWL STARS
    Samuel BRAWL STARS 2 months ago

    New fruit in Market Basket Called the GINGER TOMATO 11:49

  • roc3hunna
    roc3hunna 2 months ago

    y’all are pussies...KIDS ARE KIDS. if you watch the vids cody is fine.. they fuck around wit eachother but they always end up being okay. mind ya damn business those not your children

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 2 months ago

    Cody got RKO

  • Ulises Games
    Ulises Games 2 months ago

    This family is is most funniest revenge 😂😂

  • R Dawg
    R Dawg 2 months ago

    It doesn't matter what happens because Cody gets blamed for everything

  • IhaveLigma69
    IhaveLigma69 2 months ago

    I love how the other dude in the house just chillin there laughing

  • Ana Talita
    Ana Talita 2 months ago

    ITS not funny

  • Ana Talita
    Ana Talita 2 months ago


  • Risky Prod.
    Risky Prod. 2 months ago


  • thomas hayes
    thomas hayes 2 months ago

    Ginger is mean as hell

  • Erik Canseco
    Erik Canseco 2 months ago

    Okay but the dad did not have to emphasize how his son’s testicles are.

    TOOTSIEROLL118 U_U 2 months ago


  • Channey 32
    Channey 32 2 months ago

    Lol u called it

  • sosa tha kidd luh trèo

    This whole video disgusts me

  • yrmh 06
    yrmh 06 2 months ago

    You got a trash bag

    • Dade.Emmanuel
      Dade.Emmanuel 2 months ago

      nikka shutyoooooo heat winnin a championship headahhhhh nikka 😂

  • Zeffvron
    Zeffvron 2 months ago

    Soo at first he threw the egg and then he said he didn’t throw it and then at the end he said all I did was throw an egg.

    TOOTSIEROLL118 U_U 2 months ago

    Can’t forget Lonzo

  • McNug
    McNug 2 months ago

    No but seriously Cody has it ruff i hope his dad,mom,and older brother go to fucking hell these pieces of fucking shit deserve to fucking die

  • McNug
    McNug 2 months ago

    Fuck this dude and Fuck his Ratchet ass wife

  • WindowStudios45
    WindowStudios45 2 months ago

    Dad= lower level sociopath

  • Nightcore Is My Life
    Nightcore Is My Life 2 months ago

    New Thumbnail 🔥

  • Glitchy 76
    Glitchy 76 2 months ago


  • Mr Creepy
    Mr Creepy 2 months ago

    Dad smash my PS4 Me laughing Dad what are you laughing at Me You paid for it

  • Lil_Nigga
    Lil_Nigga 2 months ago

    Drake with the curls lookin ass

  • Kwyie Irwing
    Kwyie Irwing 2 months ago

    kyrie finna win a ring in Brooklyn tbh

  • Damian LiGOAT
    Damian LiGOAT 2 months ago

    nigga fuck that Damian just got a supermax contract nigga that shii crazy!!

  • Ayoub Izzeldin
    Ayoub Izzeldin 2 months ago


    • Dade.Emmanuel
      Dade.Emmanuel 2 months ago

      n thx fo wasting yo time on me hatin ass

  • Ayoub Izzeldin
    Ayoub Izzeldin 2 months ago


    • Dade.Emmanuel
      Dade.Emmanuel 2 months ago

      I'm a retard bc I gave ma opinion yea igh

  • yrmh 06
    yrmh 06 2 months ago

    Why you talking like Mario

  • Andy Tran
    Andy Tran 2 months ago

    U act like such a baby

    • Rival Blue
      Rival Blue 2 months ago

      Dade.Emmanuel There still not gonna win

    • Dade.Emmanuel
      Dade.Emmanuel 2 months ago

      😂 is jus da I hate da warriors so much

  • yrmh 06
    yrmh 06 2 months ago

    Boi ima fire yo ass

  • Trista Damon
    Trista Damon 2 months ago

    10:27 daddy05 said i farted😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Laura Ortiz
    Laura Ortiz 2 months ago

    9:25 Cody got trip

  • Laura Ortiz
    Laura Ortiz 2 months ago

    4:25 Cody throws egg at Jake

  • Laura Ortiz
    Laura Ortiz 2 months ago

    1:00 Jake slams Cody after throwing water

  • Laura Ortiz
    Laura Ortiz 2 months ago

    0:20 Jake sends Cody's friend is hey baby on Xbox

  • Maciej Chmura
    Maciej Chmura 2 months ago


  • Tropicz
    Tropicz 2 months ago

    1:02 • • • AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!!!🗣

  • Josiah Taylor
    Josiah Taylor 2 months ago

    0:46 I burst out laughing so hard when I heard Daddyofive.

  • Young Muggs
    Young Muggs 3 months ago

    Daddyofive = Peter Cody = megan Motheroffive =lois Jake = chris Alex = stewie Ryan = Brian

    • Shaddoe
      Shaddoe 4 days ago

      You forgot: Ryan = Brian