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5 Used Cars You Should Buy
Views 95K2 months ago
5 Car Brands That Got WORSE
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BEST Sports Cars Under 10k
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The Best SUVs for Under $35k
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The Best Budget Hot Hatch
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  • CKtube
    CKtube 29 minutes ago

    Look at the bottom of the screen at 5:12

    GTR TOM 31 minute ago

    Yes the old slk, which was already crap?

  • Joel Pacheco
    Joel Pacheco Hour ago

    You talk to much 👎👎👎

  • Costa
    Costa Hour ago

    My 4.2 liter b6 is still the best Audi I have ever had

  • Clickbait
    Clickbait Hour ago

    Did This Bitch Just Tell Us To Buy A TESLA

  • Chris Shoap
    Chris Shoap Hour ago

    Only a Chad's son would own a bmw

  • Chris Shoap
    Chris Shoap Hour ago

    12 year olds: OHMY OMG ITS A SKYLINE Me: mkay, oh look it's an reliant!

  • Aedan McCurdy
    Aedan McCurdy Hour ago

    But where’s the Miata Bladed

  • Josh Phillips
    Josh Phillips Hour ago

    Can we stop with the terrible looking aftermarket grilles! The TJ looks better without them

  • Aldo Gonzalez
    Aldo Gonzalez 2 hours ago


  • Benjamin Counter
    Benjamin Counter 2 hours ago

    I heard that the srt crossfire ain’t that bad

  • Felix Ventura
    Felix Ventura 2 hours ago

    Define cheap

  • Ebrahim Saadawi
    Ebrahim Saadawi 2 hours ago

    The 918 Spyder gets 60+ mpg and 2.5s 0-60.

    • Jose Bonilla
      Jose Bonilla 51 minute ago

      Ebrahim Saadawi sounds like a good first car 😂

  • Car Details
    Car Details 2 hours ago

    Why all of them new cars? It’s really annoying

  • Car Details
    Car Details 2 hours ago

    My Toyota Celica GT

  • Jeff Moe
    Jeff Moe 2 hours ago

    U forgot 2003 Sentra spec v ..6 speed

  • josh Merrell
    josh Merrell 2 hours ago

    Keep it coming! Way more enjoyable and realistic than some boring tutorial. Excellent!

  • John Kings
    John Kings 3 hours ago

    VW Passat 3b 1.9TDI from 1999 with 379 655 miles and still going like its new

  • Leo Sales
    Leo Sales 3 hours ago

    What's specific price???!!!!!!!

  • Xavi
    Xavi 3 hours ago

    why does this guy talk like he's trying to sell me a 50k / month Amazon Marketplace Deal where all I sell are wolf mugs

  • Leo Sales
    Leo Sales 3 hours ago

    How much

  • Rich Thomas
    Rich Thomas 3 hours ago

    97 honda civic hatch (EK9) Manual. Slow but so much fun!

  • Johnathon Naumann
    Johnathon Naumann 3 hours ago

    The dodge caliber srt4 gets 27 mpg which is close enough

  • christian alejadro
    christian alejadro 3 hours ago

    Maybe the gt86 or frs or brz

  • Sam Lavery
    Sam Lavery 3 hours ago

    Mini Cooper s

  • Flight Hits Clips
    Flight Hits Clips 3 hours ago

    In other words.... *7 douche bag cars*

  • Joshua Turner
    Joshua Turner 4 hours ago

    It’s not rated at 30mpg. But on the highway I average 30-31mpg going 75ish in my 2001 c5 vett 6 speed. I’d say that’s pretty impressive for being 18 years old.

  • David Schweizer
    David Schweizer 4 hours ago

    Landrover Series 3, the 4 cylinder diesel is super fun to drive. It get's 23,5 mpg

  • Gabriel Felty
    Gabriel Felty 4 hours ago

    My grandfathers 02 Ford Ranger had 675,000 miles when I was in it! He sold it to a friend and it is still going with nearly 800,000 miles

  • Lonath Senevirathne
    Lonath Senevirathne 4 hours ago

    Audi TT - 45 MPG TTS - 40 MPG TTRS -34 MPG Better than all the cars u had im the list in 0-60 and MPG (even being slightly understated)

  • Joshua Black
    Joshua Black 4 hours ago

    1.6 million miles in a 1997 f350 dually diesel

  • Gendervoidfoxkingdemiqueer 69

    Um hello how is the Saturn sw200 not on this list?

  • Isac Gonzalez
    Isac Gonzalez 4 hours ago

    C7 Z51

  • Gopu Power
    Gopu Power 4 hours ago

    Nice hairstyle and beard!!

  • Dark Playz48
    Dark Playz48 5 hours ago

    My definition of cheap is up to 50k for a car not a few hundred thousand

  • Matt Heindselman
    Matt Heindselman 5 hours ago

    I just bought a 2010 Mercedes ML350 with 190,000 miles. Is this a reliable vehicle? Perfect condition with complete service history. I hope to baby it to 300,000 miles or own it for 5 years. At that time, I'll feel pretty good about taking it to a junk yard. Time will tell, Only reason I bought it was that I have an independent mechanic who can work on it much cheaper than Mercedes. I think this is the key with luxury/European brands.

    DAN THEGAMER EIVIL 5 hours ago

    I have dreven a toyota hilux with 70k miles drives like is new

  • Charlie Shawcroft
    Charlie Shawcroft 5 hours ago

    Your prices are wayyyy off mate m3 for that price never thats a one off and probably cocked

  • Erik Wahr
    Erik Wahr 6 hours ago

    I get 16 average MPG from my mk7 golf r, not even tuned yet

  • Harry Gregory
    Harry Gregory 6 hours ago

    The laferrari

  • Great White
    Great White 6 hours ago

    "The MX-5 is CHEAP and fun" Where i live, even the NA Miata is worth and sold almost around 1 Billion Rupiah ($60K-$100k)

  • Christian Buczko
    Christian Buczko 6 hours ago

    Audi A5 3.0tdi quattro. 240hp, 30mpg around town, upto 50 on motorway drives. And it looks awesome.

  • Mythic Jay
    Mythic Jay 6 hours ago

    Honestly Chevrolet comero ss looks amazing

  • nick banana
    nick banana 6 hours ago

    BMW e90 LCI 330i manual, nice family car with 272hp and 34 mpg on the highway.

  • Gorazd Petrushevski
    Gorazd Petrushevski 6 hours ago

    1.100.000 miles, daewoo racer 1994

  • Wolf Tech
    Wolf Tech 6 hours ago

    Toyota Starlet GT Turbo Only 880KG 1,3L turbo engine

  • Alexander Skarin
    Alexander Skarin 7 hours ago

    But the BMW e65/e66 sold over 300000 cars total

  • Wyatt Rankin
    Wyatt Rankin 7 hours ago

    This man is stupid, a 150,000 car is “cheap” to him

    EJ'S GARAGE 7 hours ago

    My 500 horsepower Porsche Cayenne Twin Turbo is more fun because it has 10 mpg lol. Great video by the way.

  • Physilogical Edits
    Physilogical Edits 7 hours ago

    chevy pick up 410,000 miles

  • miki1981pl
    miki1981pl 8 hours ago

    Czerwone są szybsze niż inne kolory 😂

  • Ishkaran Brar
    Ishkaran Brar 8 hours ago

    McLaren MP4-12C (30 Mpg) McLaren P1 (34 Mpg) Porsche 918 (94 Mpg or 67 , not sure)

  • CaptainSparkles DyGamer

    Cheap cars makes chips 🍟

  • matt dogx
    matt dogx 8 hours ago

    This is so confusing 😂 I was like golf gti 36mpg... my golf r does 40mpg! But then I realised... the American gallon is smaller than the uk gallon!

  • hector fland
    hector fland 8 hours ago


  • bullzeye1423
    bullzeye1423 9 hours ago

    The high mileage myth is right, when looking for a used car I wanted to avoid high miles but the truth is these new car engines are built to last a long time. Passed up some good deals

  • BoG1
    BoG1 10 hours ago

    I have mercedes w124 and Mercedes w210 and both of them have 500k kilometers

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen 10 hours ago

    Toyota Mr2 spyder loads of fun, lightweight, great handling & great MPG

  • Dave Wsh
    Dave Wsh 11 hours ago

    Highest miles Volvo V50 230,000

  • Brady Tharp
    Brady Tharp 12 hours ago

    My brothers truck has 360k miles, and he bought it for $300

  • Benjamin Hoyt
    Benjamin Hoyt 12 hours ago

    Interesting content but I don't need plugs between every segment.

  • Camron Iglesias
    Camron Iglesias 12 hours ago

    My GS300 is 16 MPG, where’s my poor gas mileage people at?

    BG GAMING CHANNEL 12 hours ago

    1.6 opel astra

  • Rylan Jeffrey
    Rylan Jeffrey 12 hours ago

    My cobalt ss is pretty fun to drive and I get 35 mpg easily when I'm cruising on the highway

  • gaurav tripathi
    gaurav tripathi 13 hours ago

    Seriously dude!!! look rich and impress people we dont even know.

  • Hagios
    Hagios 13 hours ago

    Please Help im looking for a pre-owned car and im looking at that company good and legit? im looking at this car toyota camry 2016 SE and if ever this gonna be my very first car and i need help,i dont think i can afford to buy a new one thats why im going for a used one,please check this for me heres the link of the car im looking for. And they add this at the description for the car " 7-year/100,000-mile Limited Powertrain Warranty12-month/12,000-mile Comprehensive Warranty160-Point Quality Assurance Program" is this really good?or not really?please help im noob when it comes to cars thanks and Gob Bless.

  • NEED For Speed gaming
    NEED For Speed gaming 14 hours ago

    I drove a 2019 GT86 it has around 35 mpg

  • dj grant
    dj grant 14 hours ago

    My favorite fun fuel efficient car is the Lexus rc f sport

  • Bradley Lane
    Bradley Lane 14 hours ago

    A 2000 f-150 572,901miles

  • Eliya Mok
    Eliya Mok 14 hours ago

    Me : wow thats absolutely not cheap !! Also me : Did he say cheap GT-R ?

  • Trifecta G Motoring
    Trifecta G Motoring 14 hours ago

    I have to say, the most fun car with more than 30mpg for its power, looks and sound would hands down be the Fiat 500 Abarth

  • yaboiokzay 1
    yaboiokzay 1 14 hours ago

    She would suck me dry

  • Mike McCormick
    Mike McCormick 14 hours ago

    Only the Toyota faithful would buy the overpriced Supra. Should be a $35k car, not $55k.

  • Captain Corsa
    Captain Corsa 15 hours ago

    Tesla Roaster

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 15 hours ago

    I just got my dad's old 2014 audi A6 TDI, and it could get over 30mpg in the city and 45+ on the freeway.

  • Puggie Popo
    Puggie Popo 15 hours ago

    I'm a Tesla fanboy. I'm glad to see that these "don't get a Tesla" videos are either from hardcore haters or satire😂

  • the kitten Studio !!!!!!

    that blue Porsche in the background is so cool!!:)

  • JETZcorp
    JETZcorp 15 hours ago

    This dude stands on the summit of Mt Cringe.

    MANDO JAS 15 hours ago

    My 2001 Mustang has 271,000 miles and it’s still stock!

  • Gxp Z06
    Gxp Z06 15 hours ago

    Owned my 2003 z06 for 17 years and it often did 34+ /- highway

  • Nate Cook
    Nate Cook 16 hours ago

    2015 VW Jetta base 4 cylinder

  • Scott Curtis
    Scott Curtis 16 hours ago

    Wing vents bring them back

  • Yoshiaki Uematsu
    Yoshiaki Uematsu 16 hours ago

    tbh, the jaguar sounds like a real jaguar

  • Nutra Gardens
    Nutra Gardens 16 hours ago

    Eclipse GSX AND GST 3000 GT

  • Southie
    Southie 16 hours ago

    80's Monte Carlo SS Plymouth Prowler Chevy SSR 1970 Mustang Mach 1

  • Manny Huerta
    Manny Huerta 16 hours ago


  • John Castillo
    John Castillo 16 hours ago

    Planet Honda in Union NJ has a 90s accord with over 1 mil miles. With the car fax attached to it

  • itzmychannel
    itzmychannel 16 hours ago

    put your hands away when recording plz

  • itzmychannel
    itzmychannel 17 hours ago

    please back away from the camera it’s scaring me

  • Burton Bogart
    Burton Bogart 17 hours ago

    Local taxi company has a few caravans with 450-500k... Dude said it was the original engine and trans, just religious maintenance

  • Will Martin
    Will Martin 17 hours ago

    Ford shit stain? BMWs are chick cars. My Lexus goes 145 mph stock. We don't have emissions... Mod = 165 plus. Mono. Hyundai's are gay. When you have money cause we went to college. Lexus is number one in customer satisfaction. Look on RU-clip.....700,000 miles and keeps going.

  • Tyler Ames
    Tyler Ames 17 hours ago

    My brother used to have a Mustang EcoBoost, except he modded his to push out 350 hp, and my god that thing was fun. It also still got like 30, if not, then like 29 or around there

  • 3v4761
    3v4761 17 hours ago

    1994 honda civic ex....35 mpg and it had no competition in its class

  • Sir Savage the 21'st
    Sir Savage the 21'st 18 hours ago

    I personally do not mind a 4cyl mustang.

  • Corey Badeaux
    Corey Badeaux 18 hours ago

    3.2 v6 mustang never heard of it lol 3.7 you mean and the v6 mustang in 05-09 made 210hp the gt made 300

  • April Ward
    April Ward 18 hours ago

    My V6 Camaro 45 miles per gallon and FUN to drive.

    • Jose Bonilla
      Jose Bonilla Hour ago

      April Ward 45 mpg maybe giving no gas on a downhill average mpg for a v6 camaro is still 28 ish

  • Donko Kazakov
    Donko Kazakov 18 hours ago

    Can you please clarify the mpg to a l/100km thanks in advanced

  • Julian Barragan
    Julian Barragan 18 hours ago

    I once drove in mercedes taxi which had 1.200.000 kilometeres

  • Ulysees Spence
    Ulysees Spence 18 hours ago

    What website do you find these cars on