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7 Layer Dip Recipe
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  • MrKoolhill
    MrKoolhill 5 minutes ago

    What are the measurements?? LIKE HOW MUCH CELERY? And do you use the whole onion?

  • SINternet Entertainment
    SINternet Entertainment 44 minutes ago

    I have some family that need to eat this all the time. When you have to have a special door put in you house so you can leave you need to start trying thing.

  • trina h
    trina h 2 hours ago

    I can make this, soon easy lemon squeezey

  • Carolina Sportsman Outdoors

    I bet your ass is rotten after eating this for a week.... damn eat this shit to breakup with your girl. Be safe and stay away from open flames 🔥 on this diet

  • Michael Eggers
    Michael Eggers 3 hours ago

    My God this is not even possible. Fact 1 to lose 1lb of fat you need to lose 3500 calories. So to lose 14 lbs in 7 days you would need to be in a caloric deficit of 7000 calories a day. Sure you may lose 15lbs in 7 days but it won't all be fat. You know your body does retain water through carbs and the more carbs you eat like the typical American diet the more water weight you will hold. Fact 2 if you want to avoid loose or saggy skin you should not lose more than 2 lbs per week. Slow and steady change is the way to go folks not simple hacks and one dose remedies. Change your lifestyle, and you will see the most benefits. Drop soda only drink water. Take cold showers. Go for a walk or hike. Start calorie counting, eventually it becomes easy to the point where you don't have to actually count them.

  • Kevin Nash's Kitchen

    👍 will be watching out for those in stores. Thanks

  • Nature101
    Nature101 5 hours ago

    Better have more recipes to keep the weight off. Soup is going to be boring. Maybe also try skipping evening or breakfast.

  • Michael Holt
    Michael Holt 5 hours ago

    Ennis Tx, that’s my home, well actually Garrett but I graduated from EHS.

  • Jules Winnfield
    Jules Winnfield 7 hours ago

    Ditch the onion soup mix if you want to stop the horrible farts.

  • I Finn
    I Finn 7 hours ago

    I lost 15.5lbs in 5 days. Full fast 3 days, 4th day ate a keto meal at 3pm, full fast the 5th day. No farts.

  • Paul Unis
    Paul Unis 7 hours ago

    Best Prime Rib recipe and cook that I've ever tried. Roast came out perfect medium rare and the au jus recipe was incredible as well..Thx Troy!

  • Kevin Gordon
    Kevin Gordon 8 hours ago

    Soup taste great! Taste like something grandmama would fix.

  • MarkNJ20
    MarkNJ20 8 hours ago

    This soup is delicious

  • Koana
    Koana 9 hours ago

    I actually need to gain weight but this stuff looks so good lol

  • Tim Podhorn
    Tim Podhorn 9 hours ago

    I like your cutting board, in the shape of a pig. Really cool. Yeah, I like cabbage too. Good video...

  • Edward Boyer
    Edward Boyer 10 hours ago

    T Roy great dish looks fabulous but the best part about beans is waiting until every one eats an gets back into the tv then (BOOM !) you cut tha cheese blow your own living up just gas em !

  • ForceHost
    ForceHost 11 hours ago

    Blend it

  • Krusty Pickles Gaming
    Krusty Pickles Gaming 11 hours ago

    How about uploading a lower sodium version of this soup I feel like them bouillon cubes are going to make my blood pressure explode

    VOREVOX' MOM 14 hours ago

    Thank you son!

    KIM JONG UN 15 hours ago

    I'm adding beef to mine.

  • T DoubleU
    T DoubleU 15 hours ago

    i didn't add any salt but throws 7 bullion cubes in it

  • T DoubleU
    T DoubleU 15 hours ago

    i didn't add any salt but throws 7 bullion cubes in it

  • xxmastamind1xx
    xxmastamind1xx 17 hours ago

    Was good untill you kept adding canned beans... as a Portuguese man it hurt my soul.

  • Valencia’s Corner
    Valencia’s Corner 17 hours ago

    your accent makes me so happy

    • larry temp
      larry temp 16 hours ago


  • BigH
    BigH 18 hours ago

    I followed your instruction, bought all ingredients and it is ...... sooo tasty. You are right, no need for salt or pepper. It’s already taste really good. Thanks for sharing this great recipe. I’ve shared to my friends because someone shared to me.

  • Holly Hilt
    Holly Hilt 19 hours ago

    I hope you used low sodium bouillon cubes. One cube has over 60% of the recommended daily amount of sodium for an average adult. Better to make your own broth or buy low sodium broth.

  • Cody Shealy
    Cody Shealy 20 hours ago

    Thanks for being the only video out of the 7 I watched to mention the size of the bird versus the temperature and time for the cook.

  • Steve F
    Steve F 20 hours ago

    If you need to speed things up add a few ex lax cubes to the soup. You'll be losing weight in no time (just don't stray to far from the bathroom for any given time). I wonder if you can sub this prior to a colonoscopy instead of drinking the barium crap>? Asking for a friend.

  • meetube2
    meetube2 20 hours ago

    You gotta Fry the veggies and garlic my friend not throw them all of the end

  • Breakthrough Strategies

    Can you have coffee?

  • Samantha Golper
    Samantha Golper 21 hour ago

    Does the soup mix have salt in it

  • Jacob Paniagua
    Jacob Paniagua 22 hours ago

    Did the cheeks absorb the smoke flavor?

  • Tommy Baker
    Tommy Baker 22 hours ago

    Like mine little thicker like you get at the Tiger TS west of Baton Rouge and in your thumbnail.

    DR. BROOKSIE ESQ. 22 hours ago

    PSA.... 5 minutes after eating you are in "don't trust a fart" mode.

  • Edna Murakami
    Edna Murakami 22 hours ago

    We call that soup sopa de oso because you loose a lot of weight.

  • nein
    nein 22 hours ago

    Lmbo drinking red wine 🍷 and eating cheesecake while reading the comments

  • FSU Stunna Oxendine
    FSU Stunna Oxendine 23 hours ago

    Cocktail sauce vid please!!!

  • Daddy Dutch BBQ
    Daddy Dutch BBQ 23 hours ago

    That’s a nice stuffed loin for sure ! I love all the ingredients! Nicely done Troy !

  • Joe
    Joe Day ago


  • MrZwin
    MrZwin Day ago

    Seems like a joke

  • Lithium
    Lithium Day ago

    You won't lose 15 pounds of fat.

  • 1984 BBQ
    1984 BBQ Day ago

    Troy that looked really delicious ... That was super juicy all that juice .. Packed with flavor I'm sure . Great job brother Cheers

  • Spicy Meatball

    niceeeee..luv it, will try for thanksgiving 2019!!!! i subbed too.

  • Timinator62
    Timinator62 Day ago

    I've been watching a few Comedy Videos here on YT and I wondered why they recommended this video?....then I read the comments....LOL

  • Eva Celik
    Eva Celik Day ago

    You do not burn calories people are not furnaces.bullioncubes has too much sugar and so does onionsoupmix. Possibly will tjat soul make you Lödöse weight IF you use real onions and homemade bullion

  • Daniel V
    Daniel V Day ago

    how many servings does this approximately make?

  • A - 867
    A - 867 Day ago

    How to lose a lot of weight in a few days ? Do it wrong.

  • Lexus Ray
    Lexus Ray Day ago

    You’ll probably have to take a week from your vacation time to do this soup🤣🤣

  • Wasn't me!
    Wasn't me! Day ago

    This is a great way to kickstart a diet. You get kind of sick of the soup after while but one thing i did to make sure i ate soup is on the meat days add meat to the soup.

  • Micah Goulet
    Micah Goulet Day ago

    Anyone who gets their fence good side in, even if backed up against unoccupied land, is a dickhead. -a fence builder.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Day ago

    If you have an Instant Pot, just choose the “soup” setting and it’s done in 30 min. I make this all the time and it’s wonderful. Just don’t use the canned stewed tomatoes, as they have tons of sugar added.

  • Shannon Dyer
    Shannon Dyer Day ago

    Haha. You did that, dude.

  • Coming Soon
    Coming Soon Day ago

    Can you come n make it for me please

  • View to a grill

    Thanks Troy, gonna have to loo for one the next time I am in HEB! Take care brother!

  • Dexter Torillo

    Global warming express 😖💨💨💨💨!!!

  • Anne Jeffries
    Anne Jeffries Day ago

    This cabbage soup for weight loss has been around for years and in every magazine!

  • Smokin' Joe's Pit BBQ

    Oh man that looked so good T-Roy! The smoke ring was on point too. Man I wish I had an HEB here in El Paso. If you were a really nice guy, you would bring me one of then loins. 😁👍🏼👍🏼

  • Terry Puls
    Terry Puls Day ago

    I’m waiting for the peel a pound biscuits and gravy!

  • KwniStewart
    KwniStewart Day ago

    This is extremely unhealthy and can cause fainting or even worse...I know because my father tried it.It's horrible to suggest that on the internet...

  • Carson James IV


  • Nicholas
    Nicholas Day ago

    I don’t really need to lose weight, a pound or two might be nice I just think the recipie looks good!! Gonna try it out

  • Valerie Griffith

    Well what if you dont eat beef and cant use the beef cubes can you use chicken

  • daniel mccarthy
    daniel mccarthy 2 days ago

    Yummy meal !!

    THEREALSHOWBBQ 2 days ago

    I tell you bro wished we had H.E.B here in NC or at least something similar. That looks amazing. I actually sent an email to their headquarters recently asking were they going to branch out of TX. Of course the answer was No! Lol!! I hope you have been doing well bro.

  • Hamzah Baig
    Hamzah Baig 2 days ago

    The question is. Does it lose fat? Or muscle or water weight

  • Thomas Danyluk
    Thomas Danyluk 2 days ago

    ohmy... ohwow....ohmy.....wow....ohman

  • Corey Stovin
    Corey Stovin 2 days ago

    Not sure about leaving meat out in the unsafe temp zone for over two hours prior to placing in oven.

  • Buckeye Backyard BBQ

    Wow that looks fantastic! We definitely don’t get that company up here in Cincinnati. Maybe I can make my own!

  • elvatoz
    elvatoz 2 days ago

    you win

  • Kendall Kinchen
    Kendall Kinchen 2 days ago

    I made a pot today. The soup is actually really really good. I’ll keep y’all posted on any weight loss. Starting weight 194.4 I’m a 5ft 8in 39 year old female office worker. Yes I have read the gas jokes. I’m not scared. Just don’t get stuck in an elevator with me. Haha

    • C0NS3NT1DA
      C0NS3NT1DA 16 hours ago

      Please reply back here, I would like to know about ur weight loss update.

  • Thomas Knight
    Thomas Knight 2 days ago

    You better clean up your mess or the mrs. is going to have a cow..

  • Louisa Martinez
    Louisa Martinez 2 days ago


  • Ron Jeremy
    Ron Jeremy 2 days ago

    Ribs look like your liver, black and unhealthy

  • Moonshines Roadhouse

    Hey Bro !! That looks great Man !!! You got my mouth watering over here LOL !!! Nice and juicy and cheesy and bacony !! YUMM I say !! Sometimes I get the store bought /stuffed meats too. sometimes you have to adjust the seasonings they put on it, but it's usually pretty good. great cook T-Boy !!! Love ya Man !! CHEERS !!!!

  • smokeyfreshhh
    smokeyfreshhh 2 days ago

    So what happens after 7 days. Your more than likely going to gain all the weight back if not more. How about exercising and working out consistently and just eating clean as a regular habit? Lazy undisciplined people always have some lame formula for a temporary quick fix that is short term and doesn't work for the long run.

  • The Lazy Gardner
    The Lazy Gardner 2 days ago

    So cool. My grandfather use to just use a bamboo stick and blow. He got the coals hot in a jiffy. Then he switched to an accordion blower. Grandma would just sit there and can the coals. My dad got lazy and just turn on the gas grill. Cheers

  • mykael lewis
    mykael lewis 2 days ago

    Can I use stevia packets in my coffe

  • pur2str01
    pur2str01 2 days ago

    For this meal, should I not eat bananas at all??

    • kotk05
      kotk05 2 days ago

      Why would he know the answer to your question? Plus did you hear what he said about the hospital giving this soup and fruit to obsese heart patients?

  • FastPass Studios
    FastPass Studios 2 days ago

    hey just want to share that is is highly unsafe and there’s a reason it’s only for morbidly obese patients. and you don’t lose weight because your “body burns more calories than you consume”... you lose weight because there’s not nearly enough balanced nutrition to live off of.

  • Massiv_johnson
    Massiv_johnson 2 days ago

    I made this. Biiiig success with my two 6 year old boys. I might go easy on the garlic powder, and shred the onion that goes into the steaks next time. There will be a next time. Very nice.

  • Michael Benson
    Michael Benson 2 days ago

    It's 3am and I just have a pot of this simmering. Can't wait to try it. I need some more healthy, veg packed options in my diet. Cheers ✌️

    JAMES CONNOR 2 days ago


  • Falunto Melanis
    Falunto Melanis 2 days ago

    Not even close to my creation which is the best stew ever made, but I´ll give you a pass. Good job.

  • Olorin Mithrandir
    Olorin Mithrandir 2 days ago

    I eats that good stuff during the winter time.

  • Kyle Lynd
    Kyle Lynd 2 days ago

    Looks terrible I bet they all lose weight cuz no one wants to eat it

  • Jumana Bayrhe
    Jumana Bayrhe 2 days ago

    Looks so delicious!! I’m going to try it today

  • Stuff & Places
    Stuff & Places 2 days ago


  • A Place For My Stuff

    I'm sorry but if you have to say red beans, rice AND sausage you don't know what you are doing. Red Beans and Rice has sausage in it always has. This is like saying "Hamburger with beef"

  • Andres Saucedo
    Andres Saucedo 2 days ago

    This is the soup that Mariah Carrey eats to stay so thin. Love my skinny queen

    • kotk05
      kotk05 2 days ago

      But it doesn't help her with new hit songs :*(

  • Stephen Lynch
    Stephen Lynch 2 days ago


  • kyle comerford
    kyle comerford 2 days ago

    Tried your recipe and I loved it. Enjoy your videos and keep posting!

  • FattyMcButterPants
    FattyMcButterPants 2 days ago

    Chris Kyle is that you

  • Aka_B
    Aka_B 2 days ago

    Yeaaaah umm don’t be having sex during this period of time

  • A_Good_Boy I_Promise

    Hey boss I’m making that peel a pound soup you made in 2016 right now

  • Darcy King
    Darcy King 2 days ago

    Simple and delicious Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  • Victor Alvarez
    Victor Alvarez 2 days ago

    It’s good to rinse out the meat before putting it on the marinade, reason is , sometimes at the grocery meat department they can drop it on the floor, just putting it on the back in the package without cleaning it..be safe with that meat at all times. Pretty nasty just putting it in the marinade without rinsing.

  • April Lynn
    April Lynn 2 days ago

    You lose weight because you can’t stay off the toilet! I shit my pants after eating it twice! Almost shit in my car! Never again! Cabbage soup diet! 🤢

  • Brian Dowd
    Brian Dowd 2 days ago

    Amazing. I made 10lb ham today amd followed you video. Everyone at our Friendsgiving enjoyed it. Thanks!

  • Rin Lashea
    Rin Lashea 3 days ago

    For the people that have had success did y'all eat it more than 3 times a day,is it true that the more you eat the more u loose?

  • Ben Bryce
    Ben Bryce 3 days ago

    That looks great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!