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  • David
    David 3 hours ago

    Thanks guys, this is the most comprehensive Tesla charging video I have seen, intetesting and very informative. A couple of queeries spring to mind... @22.10 "only a 40 minute charge", is this information shown in the app so you can plan ahead for this restriction? Also you mentioned that there can be, under certain circumstances, overstay charges levied, again is this pre- notified in the app?

  • Iconhulk
    Iconhulk 3 hours ago

    Dammmmmmnnnnn that tuned Explorer Was SIIIICK..... !!

  • J M
    J M 3 hours ago

    Do I need a college degree major in EV Charging ?

  • PagedPaper6
    PagedPaper6 3 hours ago

    I agree it's all about the tires in winter but it's also about which vehicle would you rather be in if some jerk goes left of center?

  • David Silverstone
    David Silverstone 3 hours ago

    60k for a sport! good luck Fiat.

  • KesselRunner
    KesselRunner 3 hours ago

    Can't get it in a 2dr. Whelp, that was a waste...

  • Mamo
    Mamo 3 hours ago

    $60k and they still don't put a $100 front cam on the thing. Cheap bastards.

  • Ιερώνυμος Κόρακας

    That's not what "money pit" means. "Money pit" is used for a something you purchase, and just to maintain costs way more than what it cost to attain, and keeps costing a lot in the future. What they're talking about is "low resale value".

  • Lurtz Uruk
    Lurtz Uruk 3 hours ago

    I love it, but... it's just too much money.

  • Mamo
    Mamo 3 hours ago

    Oink It's a heavy pig.

  • M. Sami
    M. Sami 3 hours ago

    I'd rather enjoy that V8 rumble. And i'm a ford guy.

  • Doc6mm
    Doc6mm 3 hours ago

    Why not a Cummins? But I guess a guy who spends 60k on a Jeep isn’t going to be working on it.

  • kilroyvolvo1
    kilroyvolvo1 3 hours ago

    Jeep is pricing themselves out of their own market.

  • Max Hamilius
    Max Hamilius 3 hours ago

    Why does that boy always shows up with this ridiculous german junk?

  • Smores
    Smores 4 hours ago

    Great review! As jealous as I am, the 3.6L has plenty of pep (much more than I was expecting) and performs just fine for my 19 rubicon 😀. Also you forgot to mention the different fuel costs. 3.6L takes regular, but the 2.0T takes premium I believe. I know it’s a small difference, but diesel ain’t cheap in California either

  • pradell pompilus
    pradell pompilus 4 hours ago

    10000 miles on dpf fluid? How big is that tank?

  • MultiPurposeReviewer

    All we need now to round out the new off-roader SUV wars is for Nissan to bring back the Xterra, and for Toyota to BUILD THE FT-4X ALREADY!

  • jokil1986
    jokil1986 4 hours ago

    towing capacity 3500 lbs, no thanks.diesel engine = pulling trailers

  • Shamar Johnson
    Shamar Johnson 4 hours ago

    The Jeep is the fastest SUV thoe

  • sabgarcia1
    sabgarcia1 4 hours ago

    Nathan looks all bad ass in the commercial.

  • eric B
    eric B 4 hours ago

    This was a poor comparison. Sorry

  • kjevers1
    kjevers1 4 hours ago

    Good video. I do think it's really stupid that the manufacturers don't standardize the charging plug. Kind if no brainer, don't you think ?

  • Paul Feasal
    Paul Feasal 4 hours ago

    The Volts are horrible with reliability.

  • Martin Leonardo Santacruz Molina

    Just buy a used wrangler and buy a 2.8 duramax diesel

  • William Andrade
    William Andrade 4 hours ago

    Diesel sucks only good for country people

  • Paul W Jones
    Paul W Jones 4 hours ago

    There all over priced in Australia. I don’t think there going to sell many. When the new model came out the recommended price was going to be $42,000au. But now there trying to sell them for $70,000au. Just greed. It turn me of buy one now.

  • Bong Lim
    Bong Lim 4 hours ago

    Only hard core Jeepters will buy this overpriced Wrangler

  • Angel Rosero
    Angel Rosero 4 hours ago

    Daría lo que fuera por entender a todos esos cabrones! Me encantan los motores con ese poder y este sleeper esta a otro nivel !!!

  • David Scott
    David Scott 4 hours ago

    I like the diesel sound 👌🤙😎

  • Rediscover Film
    Rediscover Film 4 hours ago

    That metallic teal color is phenomenal.

  • Mason Seigerman
    Mason Seigerman 4 hours ago

    Stupid money for a Jeep.

  • GMK_TaYo
    GMK_TaYo 4 hours ago

    Awesome, I’ll check the price later. 😁

  • George Travers
    George Travers 4 hours ago

    At $60,000.00+ the Rubicon wrangler is just a toy for grownups to play with.


    its luxurious and nice inside... ITS JUST UGLY! People want HANDSOME luxury. Kia Telluride got it right. This is just a ladies soccer minivan with neat options. I DO NOT like this at all.

  • George Travers
    George Travers 4 hours ago

    The automatic is the best choice for rock crawling. Because the torque is multiplied by the torque converter and also can be applied slowly and have more control to avoid slippage on the rock face compared to a mechanical clutch stickshift.

  • Reignmkr!
    Reignmkr! 4 hours ago

    Ummmm...I'm failing to see why anyone would want to use a non-fast charger or an AC charger? Secondly, most people will have their favorite spots to charge. Just like they do with gas stations. The only real concern is out of town or long distance travel.

  • Robert Mills
    Robert Mills 4 hours ago

    That's the Jeep to have! Wish it wasn't so damn expensive

  • roin shengelia
    roin shengelia 4 hours ago


  • Donald Washington
    Donald Washington 4 hours ago

    You guys love trucks know where you're from

  • LateBraking
    LateBraking 4 hours ago

    "Is it the same engine as in the Ram?" "No, they moved stuff like the alternator because water." That makes it basically the same engine, though. Just with accessories in different locations for waterproofing reasons. The engine itself is the same.

  • Harley Robertson
    Harley Robertson 4 hours ago

    No 2 door ecodiesel.......well jeep, just you wait until the defender 90 comes to you in P400 petrol form, with 400hp and 400lbft.....the D240 4 cylinder will have 239hp and 317 lbft, the torque may be a lot less but the the jeep weighs a lot more....a whole lot more

  • EEtotheO
    EEtotheO 4 hours ago

    Sure it might perform pretty close, but like, it’s way uglier than a durango.

  • David Moore
    David Moore 4 hours ago

    You take a very unreliable truck brand and act surprised when you break it. :D

  • Julian Andre
    Julian Andre 4 hours ago

    That looks like fun

  • Zeeka 55
    Zeeka 55 4 hours ago

    Track hawk?

  • Kyle White
    Kyle White 4 hours ago

    The manual windows always hit my knee on the JKU, so power windows for me!.

  • War2827Eagle
    War2827Eagle 5 hours ago

    Deleted and tuned. BEAST.

  • daniel jackson
    daniel jackson 5 hours ago

    Modern diesels are money pits when they age. That said the Jeep having the DEF fluid will reduce EGR valve usage and thus reduce intake carbon build-up, a good thing.

  • Daniel Hemple
    Daniel Hemple 5 hours ago

    Put a tune on a Durango and try it again, without mixing fuel and blowing intercooler or Turbo

  • RaginCajundogg
    RaginCajundogg 5 hours ago

    The diesel is worthless off road with the low crawl ration of the Rubicon. On the highway it should be better on fuel but it will take many miles for it to pay for itself with diesel prices higher than gas and the premium 4k engine price.

  • 46Rambo
    46Rambo 5 hours ago

    do my 4:88 rear end with a stick shift is still the better option offroad. On road I'll take my diesel one ton that get 24mpg easily and tows the jeep on a trailer

  • FixItQuick
    FixItQuick 5 hours ago

    Pretty pricey. But so it goes with a Wrangler. But I will wait until the Bronco releases. If the 4 door Bronco has the 2.7l with the 10 speed and a tow rating of 6k or so I will probably get the Bronco. Lighter, likely cheaper without the diesel upcharge, and almost 100% sure it will tow better. 3500lbs is just not enough for my boat or even my small camp trailer with a SxS in it.

  • Jessie Harbin Jr.’s Dashcam

    $60k for an FCA vehicle?! Hell no! Especially a Jeep. You can buy a very nice 4x4 heavy duty diesel pickup truck for that price.

  • Kelp Pardue
    Kelp Pardue 5 hours ago

    Toronto Red is a must

  • Turbojunki
    Turbojunki 5 hours ago

    $$$$$$ So much dough! And they will sell every single one, who can afford these things?

  • StingrayZ
    StingrayZ 5 hours ago

    Nice video. I am not sold on this though. 4k is a significant amount of money. I am seriously considering this as my DD. I would need to see some MPG numbers, 0-60, and how does the on road ride/ handling change because of the weight? Yes....... I said on road handling because I would want to know how it would handle an emergency maneuver.

  • A Physics Professor
    A Physics Professor 5 hours ago

    What? 17 miles / hour? I could walk home before it was done charging!!!

  • Nissan Patrol GR 3.0 Di Turbo

    OK so Jeep have got half way there by FINALLY offering a diesel Wrangler. Just need it in the Wrangler we all want:- SWB MANUAL!!!!!

  • Michael Byrdsong
    Michael Byrdsong 5 hours ago

    The Touareg was nicer. It had more of an executive feel than the family feel of the atlas.

  • aleo corona
    aleo corona 5 hours ago

    What is wrong with you, Chad, really...? ;-)

  • smudgeone
    smudgeone 5 hours ago

    The first thing you do when putting huge tires on a Jeep with a 3.6 is to regear your axles or put new axles under it. Forced induction is not great with the JL Pentastar. The nice thing with diesels is that you can add a lot of weight and bigger tires and not immediately kill your fuel economy. Mods tank fuel economy hard on the gas motors.

  • Al al
    Al al 5 hours ago

    Wish I waited for the diesel / wish you were able to see what the ruby felt like on the road ... and the fuel rating on the ruby - wish you guys would test HO2 systems for CO2 emissions and additional mileage... on gas and Diesel engines as I have been reading up on those systems and the benefits as a catalyst ....... check dynacert or Karbon clean and a quite a few others

  • Skylar Parks
    Skylar Parks 5 hours ago

    Tesla posts 0-60 times including roll-out.

  • nic louw
    nic louw 6 hours ago

    We’ve had diesel Wranglers (merc Benz 2.8 crd) for years and years and years in s-africa.

    • Blikkies Blignaut
      Blikkies Blignaut 3 hours ago

      True, but never in a Rubicon. Only Sahara and Sport. I love my Sahara crd.

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall 6 hours ago

    i drive a Cummins and have a wrangler if they make a gladiator diesel .... Mabey lol just Mabey ill ditch them both

  • Josh Gutierrez
    Josh Gutierrez 6 hours ago

    In order to get the maximum possible performance you might also want to put regen on low

  • Maxey
    Maxey 6 hours ago

    I drive my Jeep from Indy to Ouray and Moab each year. The diesel makes the most sense for me. That said, I can buy a lot of gasoline for that $6000 upcharge for the diesel and auto combo.

  • Macdude Rider
    Macdude Rider 6 hours ago

    So weight wise the V6 is now the lightest Wrangler (JL) Unlimited. I understand that even the 2.0 liter engine is heavier than the 3.6?

  • dvnt
    dvnt 6 hours ago

    did all this equipment (adaptive air suspension, front and rear locking differentials) only come on the 2004 v8s? I'm interested in a V6 TDI and want to see if I can find one with this stuff.

  • keith hodge
    keith hodge 6 hours ago

    How does it max tow do that test

  • ninline2000
    ninline2000 6 hours ago

    I keep thinking about buying an EV. Then I do research and realize it's not for me yet. Maybe in a few more years.

  • oak 1971 KD9NXQ
    oak 1971 KD9NXQ 6 hours ago

    Jeep owners: "Give us s diesel!" Fiat: "Here take this Eco-diesel and STFU" Jeep owners: "FML"

  • Terry Rodbourn
    Terry Rodbourn 6 hours ago

    If Audi goes Electric they better have a range like the Tesla Model 3/S/X, especially at higher prices!

  • Baker Mayfield #6HUNNIT #DAN6EROUS

    Was this filmed near boulder reservoir?? I recognize that road lol

  • RockGod333
    RockGod333 6 hours ago

    Audi’s Quattro system is impressive considering it’s not an actual off road vehicle. Well done. 👍

  • Inside Humans
    Inside Humans 6 hours ago

    I got a Durango SRT & just love it👍

  • Nicholas Livoti
    Nicholas Livoti 6 hours ago

    60k is too much. They need a cheaper one, like a street legal roxor.

  • Javier Hernandez
    Javier Hernandez 6 hours ago

    The ecodiesel is a crap engine.

  • D Taylor
    D Taylor 6 hours ago


  • Maxim Buy
    Maxim Buy 6 hours ago

    could someone explain me please: if Tesla had another charging port on the right-hand side rear and two more on either side before the A-pillars (like in a Porsche) - and you could reach to 4 superchargers - would it charge 4x faster?

  • kn7gez
    kn7gez 6 hours ago

    Music sucks

  • GeekDude
    GeekDude 6 hours ago

    “The tires are the biggest differentiate here” No it’s the fact that you have a huge ass truck made for basically all terrains vs a mom’s wagon/SUV. Plus the Outback is also probably half the price of the Raptor. This is a very dumb comparison video.

  • mike goettina
    mike goettina 6 hours ago

    and a real jeep has 2 doors not 4!!! that is way to long like a truck. trucks not so good 4x4 off road like a real jeep

  • SilentShores
    SilentShores 6 hours ago

    Pretty sweet!

  • fmxman1564
    fmxman1564 6 hours ago

    Good point on the supercharging!

  • Cerberus
    Cerberus 6 hours ago

    This is the one i'd get if i were going for my 3rd Wrangler.

  • mike goettina
    mike goettina 6 hours ago

    psa make crap Engine the pentastar v6 junk . how do you think that a psa diesel just more psa crap its not cumings its crap

  • tha idealist
    tha idealist 6 hours ago

    More torque translates to more payload so that means you can bring _extra shock mounts, axles, control arms_ for when they *inevitably* break. I said the same about the new Defender. But with Land Rover just bring a spare Land Cruiser to tow you home.

  • Greg Weik
    Greg Weik 6 hours ago

    Has Jeep told you anything about getting the Gladiator front camera in the Wrangler?

    JIGA BACHI 6 hours ago

    4 Door Wrangler: Mom's School Bus and Brat's-movil. Wait, WOT ? ! No 2 door Diesel Wrangler ? WTF, Jeep ? That EcoDiesel is begging to be uncorked and tuned.

  • AM D
    AM D 6 hours ago

    9:30 Some of us like the occasional audible diesel clatter :)

    • David Silverstone
      David Silverstone 3 hours ago

      Just buy an old TJ and save 50k. The valve train is so noisy it sounds like diesel anyway. LOL

  • Stryker
    Stryker 6 hours ago

    No 2 door for the diesel is really odd.

  • derpybob69
    derpybob69 6 hours ago


  • Senshi Bat
    Senshi Bat 6 hours ago

    Put Jethro tull"living in the past" on that BEO and GO GO GO!

  • biggsly5000
    biggsly5000 6 hours ago

    Four door waranglers remind me of an overpriced old Cherokee on steroids.

  • biggsly5000
    biggsly5000 6 hours ago

    Some have said a FCA diesel is a grenade waiting to blow but time will tell.

  • tha idealist
    tha idealist 7 hours ago

    No overheating engines off road for America finally

  • HaldogLife
    HaldogLife 7 hours ago

    Roman , you’ve been killing it in content! Always enjoy TFL videos.

  • William Arrington
    William Arrington 7 hours ago

    You could just slap a vr tune on the cayenne. Adds 35whp and 70 trq no parts

  • bluejayrover
    bluejayrover 7 hours ago

    Putting the diesel in the two door and in the Cherokee would be ideal and a real long term keeper.