Brooklyn and Bailey
Brooklyn and Bailey
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  • Lucille Cooper
    Lucille Cooper 38 seconds ago

    you guys are awesome!

  • Alison Wiktor
    Alison Wiktor 2 minutes ago

    If u like the twins press here👇🏻

  • alifsaeb
    alifsaeb 4 minutes ago

    That’s not how you do the hand roll Brooklyn

  • Alisa Sperry
    Alisa Sperry 4 minutes ago

    is beautiful!!

  • Roshini Vanapalli
    Roshini Vanapalli 4 minutes ago

    I had the captions on so when she said “this black mirror is from World Market” I thought it said “this mirror is from the Black Market” 😂 🤣

  • Fay Porter
    Fay Porter 5 minutes ago


  • Gracie Martin
    Gracie Martin 5 minutes ago

    That is not an e-girl

  • Ally C
    Ally C 6 minutes ago

    I got the new teacher this year and I have her 2 scrunchies and today I gave her some stickers and a hydroflask for her birthday

  • Bella Noel
    Bella Noel 8 minutes ago

    Yeah, I ran to grab a real bra and ditch my sports bra. Guilty as charged 🤦

  • jeff jones
    jeff jones 9 minutes ago

    It's a good thing I love Pringles

  • Maryana Caetana
    Maryana Caetana 13 minutes ago

    eu falo português

  • Maranda Hardin
    Maranda Hardin 21 minute ago

    Back girl

  • Green Mclaugh
    Green Mclaugh 24 minutes ago

    Bailey never did a full pose

  • CheepCheepBeep !
    CheepCheepBeep ! 25 minutes ago

    My whole friend group consists of boys... I’m the only girl. 😢 *sheds one silent tear*

  • Averys_ Adventures
    Averys_ Adventures 30 minutes ago

    I’m a vsco girl

  • Violet Hope
    Violet Hope 32 minutes ago

    Who are you? Soft girl 🧸 VSCO girl 🐢 E-girl🖤 Tell me in the comments

  • April Fetting
    April Fetting 36 minutes ago

    Just curious from a parent stand point, how do y’all afford to change your decor/rooms so much? I’m just trying to pick things for my kids rooms, hoping they like them when they are teens. 😂

  • April Fetting
    April Fetting 38 minutes ago

    Both of you have such gorgeous rooms!!

  • Madison Bell
    Madison Bell 39 minutes ago

    I relate because i can't have a boyfriend till im 20

  • Selselah Bahrami
    Selselah Bahrami 45 minutes ago

    Omg i love these sorts of videos but you guys should try doing a parody

  • Emily Becky
    Emily Becky 45 minutes ago

    Love it! 😀

  • Natalia Munoz
    Natalia Munoz 48 minutes ago

    Which I had a twin

  • Lily Meadows
    Lily Meadows 53 minutes ago

    I wanna see the other roommates room tours

  • Serenity G. Patrick
    Serenity G. Patrick 57 minutes ago

    Wait, for the first times in their lives the twins are not sharing a room but also not sharing a floor? Brooklyn on the ground floor and Bailey on the second floor? Is that called space? The twins are growing up.

  • awhclementine
    awhclementine 58 minutes ago

    ngl brooklyn looks like my art teacher

  • Anna Talburt
    Anna Talburt 58 minutes ago

    Left side of the bed

  • Andrea Ares
    Andrea Ares 59 minutes ago

    The thing on your wall with the flower looks like mexican crafts

  • Natalia Munoz
    Natalia Munoz Hour ago


  • Lara Mitchell
    Lara Mitchell Hour ago

    Those cookies look really good

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith Hour ago

    TikTok Girls In Real Life | VSCO Girl, Soft Girl, E-Girl 1,249,332 views •Published on Sep 12, 2019

  • haley giammalvo
    haley giammalvo Hour ago

    Omg I loveeeeee Cole Sprouse 😂💕

  • Gracie Santiago
    Gracie Santiago Hour ago

    I love it, that’s so my style ❤️

  • Anam Sohail
    Anam Sohail Hour ago

    Part 2 please

  • Faith Downs
    Faith Downs Hour ago

    brooklyn ruled

  • The Myyah and Emi Show

    Yes my cousin was supposed to buy us good food but she bought us taco bell and the dorito taco wasnt bad but wasnt good

  • The Coconuts
    The Coconuts Hour ago

    I like your hair like that.

  • COM 585
    COM 585 Hour ago

    14:57 the coke in the backround

  • Mystic
    Mystic Hour ago

    These college videos can be very emotional..

  • Tyson Washington

    Hello beth

  • Juliette Cox
    Juliette Cox Hour ago

    I love your room Bailey I love your lamp

  • Lily Kennedy
    Lily Kennedy Hour ago

    I knew it was Kari

  • Abby Rose
    Abby Rose Hour ago

    no offense but aren’t the hearts under the eyes an e girl thing? i’ve never seen soft girls do that 😂

  • John Doe
    John Doe Hour ago

    I got ringworm because I picked up stray kittens too! 😂

  • Sam Samawi
    Sam Samawi Hour ago

    i think they both won

  • Hanna Lee
    Hanna Lee Hour ago

    4:10 i knew it was Kamri right away! Lol

  • jeff jones
    jeff jones Hour ago

    I so love Pringles

  • Jin's Laugh Saves Lives

    Wait did they move out of their sorority dorm (idk what it’s called)

  • Natalia Munoz
    Natalia Munoz Hour ago


  • Chesley Combs
    Chesley Combs Hour ago

    Brooklyn was full on visco

  • Anna Penguin
    Anna Penguin 2 hours ago

    I love the shower curtains!! Sooo cute!

  • Charly
    Charly 2 hours ago

    whale exhale lol

  • Anshi Pathak
    Anshi Pathak 2 hours ago

    And earth day

  • SquiggleSquirm
    SquiggleSquirm 2 hours ago

    I also love you guys

  • SquiggleSquirm
    SquiggleSquirm 2 hours ago

    what do you use to edit your video

  • Peyton Woodsmall
    Peyton Woodsmall 2 hours ago

    where are all of the links you said that would be in the description??

  • Sara Howard
    Sara Howard 2 hours ago

    1. Purple 2. Green 3. Coral 4. Pink 5. Both 6. Floral 7. Blue patter 8.royal blue 9. yellow

  • Natalia Munoz
    Natalia Munoz 2 hours ago

    It is called Natalia Muñoz and it’s the same picture as my profile

  • Natalia Munoz
    Natalia Munoz 2 hours ago

    Lol!! Love you

  • Josie Galdes
    Josie Galdes 2 hours ago

    Ok, I don't know if anyone else caught it but, it said baileys best friend, not a boyfriend?

  • fab meg
    fab meg 2 hours ago

    Can we please see your roomate's room tour?

  • ocean chin
    ocean chin 2 hours ago

    The dog can tell your pregnant and Protect the pregnant woman

  • Italicc
    Italicc 2 hours ago

    kidnapping series... noen??

  • Sarah Kaufmann
    Sarah Kaufmann 2 hours ago

    Where did you get the picture frames for the pictures in the bedroom?

  • satesh churman
    satesh churman 2 hours ago


  • Joy Bonner
    Joy Bonner 2 hours ago

    Awesome guys

  • ••Bryana Valcarcel••

    *Im sorta all three of them but not as exaggerating as them* 😂

  • Crystal Campbell
    Crystal Campbell 2 hours ago

    Can u show ur roomates room too

  • stranger things fan Cloud

    My name is Brooklyn too !!!🥀🥀💕💕

  • Fava Bean
    Fava Bean 2 hours ago

    I have that same small succulent!

  • Kellie Lanier
    Kellie Lanier 2 hours ago

    Love you

  • Mahek Makhija
    Mahek Makhija 2 hours ago

    Is it just me or Brooklyn kinda looks like Serena from gossip girl

  • B a s i c x B e e
    B a s i c x B e e 3 hours ago

    I’m freakin love your beautiful LOVLEY EYES! eeK SO CUTE

  • Bella Bragg
    Bella Bragg 3 hours ago

    Beautifullllllll Ilysm Brooklyn and bailey

  • Shumi MUKANDO
    Shumi MUKANDO 3 hours ago

    It was a basket xx

  • the chill out zone
    the chill out zone 3 hours ago

    I died at the mr Irwin thing

  • Julia Berisha
    Julia Berisha 3 hours ago

    Yes l will watch you guys

  • Faith Pruett
    Faith Pruett 3 hours ago

    Super cute🤗❤️ plz do more vids with Asa!!!!

  • 위츠커Wietske
    위츠커Wietske 3 hours ago

    Those pictures are amazing!!!

  • Angelika Hammon
    Angelika Hammon 3 hours ago

    Are you eyelashes lifted or filled or natural?

  • Cameron Kallay
    Cameron Kallay 3 hours ago

    Who else came here from the empty house tour when she said she was seen holding the lamps??? 😂😂

  • Mrudul
    Mrudul 3 hours ago

    how tall are you guys? I'm about 5' 1''

  • Dadida
    Dadida 3 hours ago


  • Morrigan McD
    Morrigan McD 3 hours ago

    Where did you get those shorts and t-shirt, Bailey?? Anyone know?

  • Person Mcperson
    Person Mcperson 3 hours ago

    Literally the only reason I clicked this is because of the barden bellas

  • Sarabel Deal Bojorquez

    Brooklyn's look gives me Serena Vaderwoodsen vibes with her hair. 💗🥰

  • kannyn zbranek
    kannyn zbranek 3 hours ago

    2:19 save the turtles

  • Descendants Fan
    Descendants Fan 3 hours ago

    Yay! I have been waiting sooooo long!

  • Hannah Thompson
    Hannah Thompson 3 hours ago

    That elephant succulent came from walmart, i was about to buy one

  • Adina Wahedi
    Adina Wahedi 3 hours ago

    The basket that you showed on the wall we put our bread on it in our country Afghanistan 🇦🇫 if you want I can send you the pics

  • Sergio Pedraza
    Sergio Pedraza 3 hours ago

    Hi I love Brooklyn and Bailey and can you plz subscribe to Sammy's play world and btw are you ok on your rash Bailey

  • jeff jones
    jeff jones 3 hours ago

    Yes Brooklyn you are perfect

  • RainyFTW
    RainyFTW 3 hours ago

    I could not tell who was funnier because I kept confusing who was who😭

  • Evelyn Dansereau
    Evelyn Dansereau 4 hours ago

    Does asa is gonna come live with you?

  • Summan Mazhar
    Summan Mazhar 4 hours ago

    Who’s older ?

  • Ezzy Ashworth
    Ezzy Ashworth 4 hours ago

    Why you so obsessed with me

  • Azzy Dome
    Azzy Dome 4 hours ago

    I absolutely hate how you portrayed the e girl

  • sarah
    sarah 4 hours ago

    9:09 Mr Kate! :)

  • Grace Gary
    Grace Gary 4 hours ago

    SOOOO CUTEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  • Oliwia Rzemieniak
    Oliwia Rzemieniak 4 hours ago

    1 = Tina 2= Bethany 3= Bailey 4= Brooklyn

  • cupcake lover
    cupcake lover 4 hours ago

    Brooklyn’s room is sooo much bigger 😂