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  • Calvin Wang
    Calvin Wang 5 hours ago

    mages seem unbeatable. I played a 6knight with pipe game and 3* bat ck and abba and still lost to all the magic dmg

  • Hoxton 57
    Hoxton 57 10 hours ago

    Big misplay on holding viper and qop selling DK. Swim could have conpleted DK earlier. Also Octa instead of maelstorm was kind of meh

  • Sebas
    Sebas 16 hours ago

    @27:00 "the free roll is just a misplay... a good player would never free roll here." Why would you ever not take the free re-roll?

    • Hoxton 57
      Hoxton 57 10 hours ago

      Also you can save the free roll to free roll on a higher lvl which makes the value of that free roll higher since probability of getting high tier units increase on lvl

    • TheNimbusMaster
      TheNimbusMaster 15 hours ago

      You dont need to use the free re roll on the turn you get it. Unless you are going to loose you can save the roll for later when you have the economy to actually use the options you are looking for without loosing economy from interest

  • Calvin Wang
    Calvin Wang 17 hours ago

    Why is underlord not in underlords?

  • Anthenor Jr
    Anthenor Jr 20 hours ago


  • RBX
    RBX 20 hours ago

    Tombstone not OP. Yeah alright

    • invokerdoom rollin
      invokerdoom rollin 19 hours ago

      it is op but becomes ass , against specifically mage kotl burst and scrappy with techies ace effect chain explosion

  • Hargrovius
    Hargrovius 21 hour ago

    Assasin bonus is almost irrelevant for Magesassins, you use assasins for their abilities. Morph ults and screws off, QoP ults the entire enemy team from your second line and Viper is there to tank. It's better to have 6 mages than 3 assasins for the most part, you often have to do without Viper because he is turbo contested.

    • Hargrovius
      Hargrovius 50 minutes ago

      @Gary Roach Yes, thanks.

    • Gary Roach
      Gary Roach 52 minutes ago

      I think you mean assassin bonus? Mage bonus is pretty relevant there for morph and qop ults

  • MrHandsomeboynow
    MrHandsomeboynow 21 hour ago

    8:30 the word is casual. It’s a very casual game, not competitive.

  • L G
    L G 21 hour ago

    I've played a lot of DU, but I've started on TFT. DU might be better in a few months, but it feels a lot more shallow. There's QOL stuff I miss, but there seems a lot more variety and strategies

  • xcannibalrabbit
    xcannibalrabbit 21 hour ago

    necro >>>>> arc. contract arc is good but heartless and warlock(ace) is just too good to pass up

  • A Friend
    A Friend 22 hours ago

    Depth of strategy, but it has VERY shallow gameplay.

  • Marius Richter

    Which exactly bug is he talking about on min 2:00?

    • Marius Richter
      Marius Richter 18 hours ago

      Ty guys!

    • SylverWolf 73
      SylverWolf 73 23 hours ago

      So assassin's were "buffed" so that they reduce healing (when attacking idk if it happens during a critical) but they don't crit anymore except for phantom assassin (her passive is a crit) and it basically makes assassin's useless rn until next patch

    • Dylan Flannery
      Dylan Flannery 23 hours ago

      Its in reference to the fact that assassins didn't crit. They either hotfixing it today or hotfixed it yesterday so maybe this is misinformation as they work now.

  • Bahaa Addin Taleb

    Omg Finally 6 mages game

  • Tyr_
    Tyr_ Day ago

    "...sell a puck was a misplay... ?" - 2 cost Puck for only 1 gold return. Math genius here

    • Tyr_
      Tyr_ 2 hours ago

      @Callum Knight no, in reality there is no other implications in favour of selling this unit - but there's more implications when it comes to not selling it. He didn't threw away 1 puck but 2 at once actually (1 was in shop) - so by selling it he took the decision not to go for a puck 3 - that probably would have been completed easily. I mean , overall, 1 Gold does not justify at all getting rid of it. And especially not at this moment in the game when you,re ahead and have a good economy.

    • Callum Knight
      Callum Knight 21 hour ago

      He explains his reasoning straight after, it’s more complicated than “but you only lose 1g”

  • Nicklong
    Nicklong Day ago


  • Sad Penguin
    Sad Penguin Day ago

    stupid pig

    DEMOON Day ago

    Savages already shit at mid& late game,this just make sand King and druid completely useless.

  • Daorsi
    Daorsi Day ago

    swim the kind of guy that uses the word "basically" way too often

  • Indra Gunawan
    Indra Gunawan 2 days ago

    Stop touching you hair man..damn

  • Jakub Fitrzyk
    Jakub Fitrzyk 2 days ago

    Back to gwent, to us. At least try play gwent

  • Bobby
    Bobby 2 days ago

    Everything you said could be summed up in 5 minutes. Your videos are way too long.

  • Michael D
    Michael D 2 days ago

    Those 3 cost odds for 3 star are really high. Should we just start rolling aggressively on 7? Or just push 8 for the extra unit and then roll?

  • Anthenor Jr
    Anthenor Jr 2 days ago

    Tier S, yea, zero, no.

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 3 days ago

    Why are these things always unnecassarily long? You spend so much time ranting endlessly, it would help if these could be more summarized more than this.

    • deeman010gdj
      deeman010gdj Day ago

      Um you come here for Swim's opinion no? I don't think I'd watch these if he was just straight up reading the notes.

    • Muhammad Ali
      Muhammad Ali 2 days ago

      @Bot Hack Giving feedback because I like his channel you smartass.

    • Bot Hack
      Bot Hack 3 days ago

      maybe you can stop watch the video and just read the changelog by yourself? obviously reading it yourself not only save your time, increase your productivity in life as well

  • Rando Thomas
    Rando Thomas 3 days ago

    Tier 0 (Zero) ... Lol. Good stuff just v decreased all other viable comps to tier 2 and so ist was für only Tier 1 build in the Last weeks.

  • david togi
    david togi 3 days ago

    What is "good stuff"?

    • João Domingos
      João Domingos 2 days ago

      @Nick O'Hara and which pieces are those?

    • Nick O'Hara
      Nick O'Hara 3 days ago

      Good stuff is where you just build the strongest units in the late game and (mostly) ignore synergies beyond pairs.

  • David Sokoll
    David Sokoll 3 days ago

    Really like how well and quickly you explain your thought process. Learning a lot! 👍

  • Nova Ky
    Nova Ky 3 days ago

    Whats rhe passive bug? Ive heard about it but i dont know whats happening

  • Jason Winterboer
    Jason Winterboer 3 days ago

    Nice analysis Swim. Thanks!!

    HIGHER LEVELING 3 days ago

    thanks swim

  • Ivan Privalikhin
    Ivan Privalikhin 3 days ago

    No one plays on a square box, that image with Anessix is made in paint coz they haven't started on the big update. Hopefully it really comes in a month :O

  • Chris Pribanick
    Chris Pribanick 3 days ago

    I played a game earlier today and assassins weren't working. The only crits I saw anyone get, myself with 6 assassins included, were from PA or lycan. :(

    • Chris Pribanick
      Chris Pribanick 3 days ago

      @deadpixel1791 wish I knew that earlier Dx all good. The 400 crit quest can wait until later.

    • deadpixel1791
      deadpixel1791 3 days ago

      Yeah its bugged. Assassins are broke right now

  • Bahaa Addin Taleb
    Bahaa Addin Taleb 3 days ago

    Is 6 new heroes even good for the game ?? Isn't RNG terrible already??

    • Mike Wolf
      Mike Wolf 3 days ago

      @Bahaa Addin Taleb They did say that though. Im not sure where but I think its in the description in Steam and Playstore/Apple Store. It even had Sven poster.

    • Bahaa Addin Taleb
      Bahaa Addin Taleb 3 days ago

      @Chris Pribanick that's crazy I don't think alliances will be switched in and out every season Maybe they'll add a sixth slot in the shop or something like that ..

    • Chris Pribanick
      Chris Pribanick 3 days ago

      The ratios are off for the number of units in each tier, so more, or less, units are needed to balance it out. Besides, iirc they said they plan on having seasons and heros/alliances would rotate in and out over time.

    • Satvik Saha
      Satvik Saha 3 days ago

      I don't think so. Which units are so bad that they can never be played? Not many. Plus there are many builds and alliances like troll that need a new unit to be flex.

  • Nidal Dakmak
    Nidal Dakmak 3 days ago


  • Bahaa Addin Taleb
    Bahaa Addin Taleb 3 days ago

    I still facepalm involuntarily In real life

  • Chukcha78
    Chukcha78 3 days ago


  • Rober
    Rober 3 days ago

    Hey 😂

  • Michelle De Lange
    Michelle De Lange 4 days ago

    That orgasm though...

  • Jacob Stevens
    Jacob Stevens 4 days ago

    Please get a haircut fam! Get a fade

  • Nicklong
    Nicklong 4 days ago

    nice game

  • Robert Dascoli
    Robert Dascoli 5 days ago


  • JaVonte Snipes
    JaVonte Snipes 5 days ago

    What's that opening song?

  • JaVonte Snipes
    JaVonte Snipes 5 days ago

    What's that opening song?

  • Matthew Gravelyn
    Matthew Gravelyn 5 days ago

    Really appreciate your explanations during and after the game. I have learned a lot of great tips from your videos. Thanks!

  • Justin
    Justin 5 days ago

    Uh that thing at 2:40 I'd appreciate you not doing that again :) too realistic lmao

  • Marius Richter
    Marius Richter 6 days ago

    Is it better to play dragons or better said dragon knight with another dragon pair like viper or Puck or is it not rly needed?

  • M3galodon
    M3galodon 6 days ago

    11:44 literally my every single game laltely

    DEMOON 6 days ago

    No board can beat shaman and troll ace build.....

    DEMOON 6 days ago

    搞黄色?basically, 你号没了~

  • Nova Ky
    Nova Ky 6 days ago

    Swim is trying to get canceled up in this bitch lmao

  • Loujacx
    Loujacx 6 days ago

    "do you slap your dog?" babe in the back: "no thats reserved for me"

    MJG FVME 6 days ago

    The yugi reference makes me fuck wit you even harder fam 😂

  • Jesse Sutton
    Jesse Sutton 6 days ago

    36:50 'At this health amount...*chokes* At this health amount you start drinking water for dear life! -Chat "Do you ever slap your dog?' -Girlfriend 'No, that's reserved for me.' Lucky flytrap Swim.

  • Daniel Thorup
    Daniel Thorup 6 days ago

    Swim. When you speak your mind on anything, it's your truth you're owning. Don't let your girlfriend emasculate the joy out of your being. Joke about the dog ;) ;) ;)

  • Jake Tagila
    Jake Tagila 6 days ago

    @swim has anyone ever said you look like John Bass from Baywatch?

  • Stephen Nguyen
    Stephen Nguyen 6 days ago

    @29:21 That low key kiss lol

  • Taylor Pace
    Taylor Pace 6 days ago

    -sees video title/thumbnail: YES! It’s a guide! -sees video is 45 minutes long: goddamnit it’s just going to be him rambling while he plays again. @me if you ever make guides again so I can resub.

  • Jason Riff
    Jason Riff 6 days ago

    LOL Registered Comedian!

  • ahmed
    ahmed 6 days ago

    Obvious virgin talking about getting a girlfriend, lol.

  • Derp
    Derp 6 days ago

    keeps saying mechanism vs mekansm

  • Stew Bacca
    Stew Bacca 6 days ago

    Chat: How do you get a girlfriend? Swim: You basically trap them.

  • Dennis P
    Dennis P 6 days ago

    If this vid doesn't get flagged or at least age restricted for how goddamn LEWD it is I don't know WHAT RU-clip is doing. Straight up acoustic porn this vid

  • Stew Bacca
    Stew Bacca 6 days ago

    Statistically speaking, I'm infinately degenerate in an infinate universe.

  • That1GuyWhosNumber1

    Is there a reason not to take free rerolls?

    • Tobias Ahlin
      Tobias Ahlin 6 days ago

      Roll value/interest game if not loosing then you only use it with good roll value and above 55 gold so even if you get some good stuff you can safely get it at least the important once before round starts and then the unimportant upgrades after if it happens to be an insane roll so you never lose interest and have the highest chance of hitting stuff you want. Can be good if someone who was going your units died to.

    • Ash16180
      Ash16180 6 days ago

      If you win next round you don't get another, so you can keep the last one. Sometimes you want to keep it for a higher level or a roll down.

  • Stew Bacca
    Stew Bacca 6 days ago

    I fapped for 8 seconds once. It was stunning.

  • Kiwin Gaming
    Kiwin Gaming 6 days ago

    Thanks alot for this guide! i came to round 32 and finished 2nd the first time ever thanks to this! alot of training to do, but thanks mate! Thumbs up :D

  • kurazi k
    kurazi k 6 days ago

    do you always value an open board over interest points or does it depend on lobby/unit composition?

  • Bahaa Addin Taleb
    Bahaa Addin Taleb 6 days ago

    I miss one stream and: Drugs and weed Swim almost dies How to get a girlfriend predator style Dog goes crazy.. holly shit xp

  • Ibrahim Naji
    Ibrahim Naji 6 days ago

    Good Videos but pls cut your fucking hair

  • Atul Yeram
    Atul Yeram 6 days ago

    35:00 that Swim aka Rap God moment. ❣️😂

  • Mathieu Renaud
    Mathieu Renaud 6 days ago

    "How do you get a girldfriend? You set a fly trap because im a predator" Swim 2019

  • akredfox01
    akredfox01 7 days ago

    Say bless you to the person in the back jeez

  • Simon C
    Simon C 7 days ago

    Love ur content

  • UnafraidCookie
    UnafraidCookie 7 days ago


  • Mango
    Mango 7 days ago

    Cringe strimmer

    • Dickson Chng
      Dickson Chng 6 days ago

      @Gehrig Birth k

    • Gehrig Birth
      Gehrig Birth 6 days ago

      I think there isnt a underlords streamer that isnt cringe - swim with his interest points, not inverting board for wolves and touching his hair, bebe with his shitty music and attitude, and that asian dude with the female voice just to name a few

  • matt matty
    matt matty 7 days ago

    were you born charismatic or your ability to play board games made you that way

  • nad leeh
    nad leeh 7 days ago

    Why is he not spending the free rolls, and instead pays 2 gold for a roll.

    • Master Debater
      Master Debater 3 days ago

      What are you talking about? You can’t pay 2 gold for a roll if you have a free roll

  • Amu Shakya
    Amu Shakya 7 days ago

    Trolls will rule when huskar will enter the arena.

  • cocacooler7
    cocacooler7 8 days ago

    Why do you skip the very first round?

  • coolguyjames99
    coolguyjames99 8 days ago

    Stop saying six assassins, I’ve stopped the video now, you said it 167 times in the first 2minutes

  • Dashing Chhangte
    Dashing Chhangte 8 days ago

    small balls swim hahahaha

  • Afif Fauzan
    Afif Fauzan 8 days ago

    To be honest I always cover swim's face with something and mute the video because I like his game play but I dont like him at the sametime lul

    • Cedric Satur
      Cedric Satur 3 days ago

      Me too he is so vain even though he is so ugly

    • Marius Richter
      Marius Richter 3 days ago

      All I can say is that he likes his hair lul

  • Daryl Wong
    Daryl Wong 8 days ago

    Blink Dagger with Target Dummy, freaking hilarious

  • Pierce Sorensen
    Pierce Sorensen 8 days ago


  • Aryo Bimo
    Aryo Bimo 9 days ago

    if you are againts inventors like in 40:30 you gottta spread because tinker ace is making every enemy units explode 1cell away when they dies, which is OP as fck right?

  • Aryo Bimo
    Aryo Bimo 9 days ago

    if you are againts inventors like in 40:30 you gottta spread because tinker ace is making every enemy units explode 1cell away when they dies, which is OP as fck right?

  • jjujoe
    jjujoe 9 days ago

    why don't you use the free re-roll?

    • jjujoe
      jjujoe 8 days ago

      @Daniel Wells thanks man

    • Daniel Wells
      Daniel Wells 8 days ago

      @jjujoe it only disappears if you get another reroll by loosing again. You can save one while you are winning. Open a bot game and try it out.

    • jjujoe
      jjujoe 8 days ago

      @Daniel Wells doesn't the free re-roll disappear if not used?

    • Daniel Wells
      Daniel Wells 8 days ago

      He saves it for a higher level. It's only wasted if he loses again and doesn't use it before round ends.

  • Selfish Ghost
    Selfish Ghost 9 days ago

    Does global item stack like the summoning stone

  • Anon
    Anon 9 days ago

    "My grandpa's ass has no pathetic pulls" I'm dying XD

  • Stew Bacca
    Stew Bacca 9 days ago

    "I was being face eat eus" Swim --2019

  • Ethan Roberts
    Ethan Roberts 9 days ago

    Ok I'm gonna sound dumb and like a noob even though I play this game a lot but how did he get an interest point on round 5? I thaught intrest was calculated before the round started?

    • Skyler Drabing
      Skyler Drabing 9 days ago

      If you have a 9 digit ending to your gold and you win, your win gold is calculated for the round and you'll get the extra interest point. Everything else, like selling heroes after the round, doesn't work.

    • Armry Zai Saga
      Armry Zai Saga 9 days ago

      @Daniel Quelapio okay thanks I get it now. felt a bit stupid there for a while lol

    • Daniel Quelapio
      Daniel Quelapio 9 days ago

      @Armry Zai Saga it counts it as the rounds starts but adds the victory gold as if it was there when the round started. If I have 29 gold when the round starts but I buy Medusa for 5 after the round starts and then I win that round, I still get 3 interest points.

    • Armry Zai Saga
      Armry Zai Saga 9 days ago

      @Nile Stephenson so the interest point counts as the round ends, not as the round starts?

    • Ethan Roberts
      Ethan Roberts 9 days ago

      @Nile Stephenson damn I'm like low big boss and didnt even know that thanks

  • Infinite Choices
    Infinite Choices 9 days ago

    40:36 that tinker explosion and the lifelong stun on cumber troll ace bad btw.

    • Satvik Saha
      Satvik Saha 9 days ago

      So disappointed he didn't show damage.

  • j m
    j m 9 days ago

    Smallball swim..😂😂

  • Bahaa Addin Taleb
    Bahaa Addin Taleb 9 days ago

    Holly shit

  • yeah
    yeah 9 days ago

    That double medusa at the end....... wtf

    • Aryo Bimo
      Aryo Bimo 9 days ago

      invokerdoom rollin swim is a valve's numba 1 paid streamer

    • invokerdoom rollin
      invokerdoom rollin 9 days ago

      it is like the game is telling him hey bro go stomp more nothing wrong with hit 2 X of same ace unit that u need on the same roll ahaha and people having troubles finding 1 ace unit in the first place and he is like top decking troll + enigma lvl 2 on same round

  • Daniel Zdzinicki
    Daniel Zdzinicki 9 days ago

    It's such a crime that TFT is more popular than underlords. Underlords is objectively the better game

    • Josh Burns
      Josh Burns 6 days ago

      @Daniel Zdzinicki yes, *in your individual opinion* you think that riot are bad at balancing and that valve are comparatively much better. Many people would disagree with this, and many would also disagree with your previous, more general opinion that underlords is better than TFT. If your opinions are "objectively true" then their disagreements must be as well, because their opinions are just as valid as yours. Obviously this is impossible because two opposite and incompatible opinions cannot simultaneously be the objective truth. The logical conclusion you have to come to is that neither your statements nor their disagreements are objectively true. I'm not saying your opinions are invalid or that I disagree with them. I'm just trying to show you that you cannot say that any opinion is "objectively true". Any opinion can only ever be subjective.

    • Daniel Zdzinicki
      Daniel Zdzinicki 6 days ago

      TFT is run by riot, who are one of the worst companies when it comes to balance. Valve have already shown how they are superior in balance and speed in fixing imbalances.

    • Josh Burns
      Josh Burns 6 days ago

      I agree that it feels wrong that underlords (which I much prefer over tft) is so much less popular than tft, but your comment is invalid. You are an individual who is stating your opinion that underlords is better than tft. It is therefore impossible for your comment to be anything other than purely subjective.

    • Pattern
      Pattern 9 days ago

      LOL has waifus

    • hagrazz
      hagrazz 9 days ago

      @Duncan Edgin youre lowkey just proving my point 😬

  • Tuncay D
    Tuncay D 9 days ago

    9:30 Can you rename your channel to Smallball Swim?

  • Mac Andreo Marquez
    Mac Andreo Marquez 9 days ago

    Yo swim can I join your discord channel if you have one?

  • Nikita Budaev
    Nikita Budaev 9 days ago


  • Вадим TSK
    Вадим TSK 9 days ago

    you son of a BEE ±!!!!#!#!#