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  • Karl Andersson
    Karl Andersson 47 minutes ago

    Think I need to rewatch at half speed

  • jacob lafave 2000

    Quick tip you can take off the rail on the pistol if you dont like it

  • powerbeat
    powerbeat 2 hours ago

    i have this pakage only 50 euro

  • Fidel Cashflow
    Fidel Cashflow 2 hours ago

    I gotta keep it real. This sucks. The fanboys won't tell you the truth.

  • MindzEye Productionz

    Hey hopefully you or another filmmaker can help me with this. I recently had my first DP gig on a low budget film. We didn’t slate and the director was also in control of the audio/boom. Long story short, the editing process is a PAIN! Hundreds of audio files with no kind of organization to make it easier to match the files that needed to be synced. Literally having to listen to every file as well as trying to remember the days and orders of everything shot is tedious as hell. What is the proper way to manage the audio and video files so that editing and syncing in post is way easier. Mind you I’m NOT talking about syncing the clips in post but more so I’m talking about FINDING the correct ones to match the video it needs to be synced with. PLEASE anyone help. Thanks :)

  • Rochelle
    Rochelle 8 hours ago

    I wish u didn't paint it black, I'm hardly seeing anything your doing 😟 not seeing it in detail.

  • Benedict Madrazo
    Benedict Madrazo 10 hours ago

    2019 :)

  • robert budd
    robert budd 14 hours ago

    Robot still feels like a person in a suite. Destroys the whole feel of the movie for me.

  • Tom Kendrick
    Tom Kendrick 15 hours ago

    Sorry to be a downer, but I had to stop watching at 12:09 because it's trying to fit WAY too many things into way too short a time span with zero foundation to back it up. That scene right there at 12:09 does NOT belong 2 minutes after you essentially introduced the young girl character. I have no idea who she is, why she is in this position, or what the explosions are or anything. The confusing and jarring storytelling is distracting. I'm too focused on trying to figure out what's going on and on who these people are and I can't focus on emotionally connecting with the characters. It's very well produced, don't get me wrong, I just can't watch it because it's pretty triggering, which is normally ok and rewarding even, but when I have no background, if the stage hasn't been set up for this degree of conflict and pain, then it's just unwatchable for me. It takes time to develop a story to the point where you can start pressing those buttons. You can't shove like 4 different high drama moments into the first 12 minutes and not expect people to be burned out by it, ESPECIALLY if we haven't had any time to connect with the characters and get a baseline. The beginning sequence may have looked better if it was just a drone shot. Start high, we see a car drive along a curvy road with debris laying all around, then some opening titles or something overlayed to keep the pace going and then boom boom boom and we see the windshield blow out or something with red and then the car crashes and blows up. "Wait. What happened? WTF? The car was totally alone. No one was there to shoot it up." Then, maybe an opening title or something, and then reveal the girl in the back. That beginning shot of the normal car driving just seemed super boring and cliche and I almost wanted to click away just because of that.

    POPETIN 15 hours ago

    in 2012 the video quality from these guys was like seeing 8k on a 1080p monitor

  • Jamel Hamilton
    Jamel Hamilton 15 hours ago

    This was good but you were going to fast

  • Randy Clower
    Randy Clower 16 hours ago

    This is future me. Thank you from future me 2011 Ryan.

  • Logan Speight
    Logan Speight 18 hours ago

    It was awesome, but I had NO IDEA what was goin on someone explain

  • Abdullah Mahmood
    Abdullah Mahmood 20 hours ago

    I just love *FILM RIOT* 💜

  • Did You Reset it ?
    Did You Reset it ? 23 hours ago

    Korean subtitles? Can't change it... DISAPPOINTED!

  • Lykos
    Lykos Day ago

    that vfx shot was delicious!

  • •Paradox•
    •Paradox• Day ago

    Hi Bob

  • Scott Yates
    Scott Yates Day ago

    I loved it it gave me some good idea's thanks enjoyed it

  • Daniel Břecka

    A dumb question. I expect it to arrive on monday, but i havent seen a single review on this camera without using lenses. Do I need some?

    • DeadLit Studios
      DeadLit Studios 17 hours ago

      You sure do. It's only the body. The most common setup is a metabones, or viltrox speedbooster with the Sigma Art 18-35mm. I get mine this week, but couldn't afford that set up so I went with the Rokinon 35mm Cine lens.

  • James
    James Day ago

    what app did you use to use your phone as a monitor?

  • Wolfgang Snitsar

    Try ArmorAll on the pipes without painting them or Rain-X.. It works.

  • JonnyD
    JonnyD Day ago

    At the 10min 08 sec mark, you mumble the name of something [that you say you've done another video about] that all low-budget filmmakers should have when it comes to sound. "Sound______" What is it? Thanks!

    • Anirudh Ramakrishnan
      Anirudh Ramakrishnan Minute ago

      That's the name of the software. Here's a link to the video

  • Levi Fontaine
    Levi Fontaine Day ago

    My problem with gun noises in movies is they are almost never loud enough. Lone Survivor captures this well. Most movies have not only weird inaccurate sounds that are far too quiet.

  • Acheko 211
    Acheko 211 Day ago

    Ryan ...Am Tom from Africa South sudan ...Ryan kindly reduced your explainational cause we need to see how what you are saying.. Otherwise its boring for sure

  • Snaar
    Snaar 2 days ago

    Story blocks isn't free as you said in the description

  • Anilrao Anilrao
    Anilrao Anilrao 2 days ago

    Aap mujhe hindi

  • Iron Lung Productions

    Za Warudo,Toki Wo Tomare

  • Negasuki
    Negasuki 2 days ago

    I learned something... "wow. how long did it take them to get ALL of those clips?!?" 2;00 they let the cat out of the bag saying they got them from stock photography. Thumbs up for this video just for that twitst

  • Jai Suthar
    Jai Suthar 2 days ago

    Is it in 1080 x 1920 with 12 bit 4444 with 60 fps in super 35 without crop right ? (in this video 7.13 you mentioned)

  • Triple Dot
    Triple Dot 2 days ago

    You guys made my childhood awesome. thanks

  • Full Frame Visuals
    Full Frame Visuals 2 days ago

    Honestly, the Bruton Stroube house and Lucas' room in particular look like every filmmaker's absolute dream office! <3

  • Kawas Films Productions

    Hi, how are you? I have an XEEN 50mm T1.5 lens and I want to place it in a Canon C200 4k camera but I need an adapter and I don't know which is the ideal adapter, can you please help me?

  • Claymon Lamb
    Claymon Lamb 3 days ago

    That leaf blower in the the room when he was sleeping....hahaha

  • Claymon Lamb
    Claymon Lamb 3 days ago

    That leaf blower in the the room when he was sleeping....hahaha

  • Sopheak Team
    Sopheak Team 3 days ago


  • VIJAIproducciones
    VIJAIproducciones 3 days ago

    a masterpiece

  • Haley Katko
    Haley Katko 3 days ago

    i could eat your hands

  • TVA Recordings
    TVA Recordings 3 days ago

    3:55 is a good tip!

  • animemotorcycleclub

    Watch Dark subbed, the dub is not good.

  • Andrew Preston
    Andrew Preston 3 days ago

    Trailer music... where can i find it or more like it?!

  • Venomlily16
    Venomlily16 3 days ago

    This was great . I can't WAIT for " Jock Itch " the movie ! You know that time of the month that all GUYS go through ? A friend of mine told me about it in middle school . She said it's why ball players tap each other on the butt . It's a code for, " I feel you, man," or I know what you're going through and I got your "stuff " in the locker room ". Lol .

  • anshack666 Vid
    anshack666 Vid 3 days ago

    But my question is that won’t the audience know where the light is coming from (especially when it’s from bottom or top) when the scene’s setting is absolutely dark?

  • Venomlily16
    Venomlily16 3 days ago

    " I don't trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die ." There goes YOUR social life !

  • Tom Tennisco
    Tom Tennisco 4 days ago

    Hey Ry-Guy! Always love your behind-the-scenes stuffs! Such good sauciness! I myself am neck-deep in post-pro on my own short film and am insanely interested in your Sound process. Could you show us the way you handle that most elusive and complex stage of sound mixing? Please? I'll give you a cookie! You know they're bigger if they come from Canada!

  • Yegneshwaran
    Yegneshwaran 4 days ago


  • KoKa Shorts
    KoKa Shorts 4 days ago

    Loved it 😋

  • Mr Chameleon
    Mr Chameleon 4 days ago

    a lot of talking..fuck

  • anxs220
    anxs220 4 days ago

    nice assets

  • The Lendou Adventure

    I like ur video but some talks are just a waste of time

  • Mikey Campbell
    Mikey Campbell 4 days ago

    Looks like some crazy pancake editing or something! I love it! What the heck is that other thing? something for all your macros and hot keys?? Homeboys legit AF

  • TheSistaWarrior
    TheSistaWarrior 4 days ago

    That's about right... then a follow-up short would be them kicking the real estate agent's butt the next day. The ghosts are inside at the windows, crying "why...why...we were just playing...seriously"

  • Mikey Campbell
    Mikey Campbell 4 days ago

    Love you guys! But it's missing some TURBULENT DISPLACEMENT!!!

  • Hunter MacDonald
    Hunter MacDonald 4 days ago


  • Selene Melgar
    Selene Melgar 4 days ago

    Smart and Cute!

  • José Mello
    José Mello 4 days ago

    Film riot. Could you please make a tutorial on how to do the "super sonic flight" where you break the sound barrier?


    Can I do this in powerdirector 10

  • Joe Parkhurst
    Joe Parkhurst 4 days ago

    lol at the bob scene

  • chadiwack
    chadiwack 4 days ago

    What shot exactly in Ballistic was a Storyblocks shot? I thought you shot everything yourself.

  • David Leithe
    David Leithe 5 days ago


  • mr rebel
    mr rebel 5 days ago

    and the lesson is..?? all together class..

  • Oleg Shakirov
    Oleg Shakirov 5 days ago


  • MDB
    MDB 5 days ago

    ...............this dude vlogging with a c300? lmaooo

  • Sue Maleski
    Sue Maleski 5 days ago

    Thats heavy af

  • The Tony Cam
    The Tony Cam 5 days ago

    This is soo good! Lol

  • Darius Newsome
    Darius Newsome 5 days ago


  • George Streicher Music

    There are so many young composers out there who would be more than happy to score your films for next to nothing. I'd recommend collaborating instead of trying to do everything yourself, especially if you're not a musician. Working with different perspectives and sensibilities can bring incredible results. We are not always what's best for our films.

  • Caden Koehl
    Caden Koehl 5 days ago

    Why didn’t you upload this week? I’m having film riot withdraw

  • Jimmy Biggz
    Jimmy Biggz 5 days ago

    didnt know you guys rome around stl...nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!86 family

  • Renato Zanardo
    Renato Zanardo 5 days ago

    When start tutorial?????

  • Mahmuud Ahmed
    Mahmuud Ahmed 5 days ago

    october 2019 🤔 ??

  • Bowske
    Bowske 5 days ago

    I don‘t know if that‘s supposed to happen but I‘m tearing up. Been here since the Revision times. You guys made me smile and sweetened up some of my sour days. Despite the fact that I was able to learn so much from you. The least I can give you back for this is an honest and warm „thank you“. :) ❤️

  • Bowske
    Bowske 5 days ago

    Dude. Times man. I was 18. Love you Film Riot

  • Ryan Maes
    Ryan Maes 5 days ago

    What shutter speed do you recommend for a fight scene?

  • Marty DeLeon
    Marty DeLeon 5 days ago

    i'm selling my Blackmagic Pocket 4K if anyone wants to buy it. Comes with a lens, battery, charger with adapters, davinci resolve and a Samsung 500gb SSD.

  • Juan pablo Restrepo cardona

    Ajjaja crei q lo habían poseído jajajajaj ylo iba a quemar

  • drama kid
    drama kid 6 days ago

    hahaha i love the end part

  • DS Studios
    DS Studios 6 days ago

    How does you guys keep coming up with great contents all the time damn "You guys are amazing keep up the good work"

  • Terrence Bunce
    Terrence Bunce 6 days ago

    Hey Flamel! Shhhh Dude hush man....jeez!

  • H & S Photography
    H & S Photography 6 days ago

    I wanted to like this, but i learned nothing. How about a step by step.

  • chrismas
    chrismas 6 days ago

    Is that Adobe Premiere Pro CC? That timeline is complex. I'm here trying to learn Adobe Premiere CC and call myself an editor.

  • Robert J
    Robert J 6 days ago

    THONGS FOR YOUR FEET? Too right! In Australia we already (have always) call them thongs! 😂

  • Barry Dence
    Barry Dence 6 days ago

    I find it amazing that movies with multi million of dollar budgets often feature rear of head speech shots which are out of sync with the dialogue. I've just seen a couple in "IT" Second Chapter where James McAvoy talks. They could either use a second camera, or keep the jaw of the rear head actor out of shot.

  • Otavio Oliveira
    Otavio Oliveira 6 days ago


  • Ugly Nigga
    Ugly Nigga 7 days ago

    1:53 fuuuuuuccccc😩😩😩

  • galloping ghost of the Florida coast

    I'm just trying to go fishing man

  • Point Blank Productions, LLC

    I really enjoyed this. I noticed Lucas had 3 monitors and a television set up. How? I would really want that in my studio. Also I've been following you guys since day one and I love everything that you do, very helpful, but when are you going to shoot a freakin' feature? IJS can't wait.

  • Aaron Small
    Aaron Small 7 days ago

    Congratulations on 10 years, I have found your videos very informative and entertaining. I am always informing people I meet or speak to that are or want to get into film making about Film Riot. Brilliant funny advert as well.

  • Smellycalculator
    Smellycalculator 7 days ago

    My mom said i had to get school supplies and my first guess was to go over here

  • CollinZcruel
    CollinZcruel 7 days ago

    B u b b y

  • Derek Faile
    Derek Faile 7 days ago

    I’m a kid trying to make a whole series on RU-clip with my friends. So thank you for helping.

  • Dhanam Masilamani
    Dhanam Masilamani 7 days ago

    What editing software did you used to edit this. Please answer me. It's my kind request

  • mrbanana101
    mrbanana101 7 days ago

    Checked out the website, can't find any information about the usage terms - are all purchased samples royalty-free and able to be used in commercial projects, no attribution, etc.? I mean, for the price it's certainly worth it, but can't find any info on this.

  • Kevin Eleven
    Kevin Eleven 7 days ago

    The only unrealistic in this movie is the wife not saying "No, you gotta hep me!" when he said he was gonna hangout in the basement. Great short 3 years later !

  • Aish Shukla
    Aish Shukla 7 days ago

    The film is beautiful. Congratulations. We need more film makers like you!

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis 7 days ago

    Very well done in a 5 - 6 minute production. Looking forward to seeing your next project.

  • TCs Production Studio

    Mad! That knocking on the door. Wow. So sick

  • TCs Production Studio

    Mad sound editing. I love it

  • Space Mountain
    Space Mountain 7 days ago

    I want to see you as a major director in the future Andrew. I want to see you direct the film I tell my grandkids about.

  • Space Mountain
    Space Mountain 7 days ago

    Wearing RVCA shirt +1. My man.. (Denzel voice)

  • Kathy Hines
    Kathy Hines 7 days ago

    Well, it's been a while since I was that shocked by a twist! LOVED IT! And how refreshing to see actual "thinking" people doing the smart thing! 👍