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SSG | Vote GFX | #1
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  • Sandalphon
    Sandalphon Month ago

    Black people

  • TheToaprimezilla
    TheToaprimezilla Month ago

    I love this. I really enjoyed the music and hero mode.

  • Dana Hill
    Dana Hill Month ago

    I like the music

  • Shadow wolf
    Shadow wolf 3 months ago

    If the game play and graphics were better I would have enjoy this game like I did Budokai 3 or raging blast

  • Jinxquan 721
    Jinxquan 721 5 months ago

    He could put more in to it

  • Epic Soul Eater
    Epic Soul Eater 6 months ago

    0:28 Broly the original Super Saiyan Blue

  • nigel
    nigel 8 months ago

    my favorite is super vegitos final kamehameha

  • Christopher Lewis
    Christopher Lewis 9 months ago

    All right

  • Randy Escalante Garcia

    There's no way they could take the music out the background?

  • randy Alsbrooks
    randy Alsbrooks 9 months ago


  • Henrique Béjinha
    Henrique Béjinha 9 months ago

    9:02 Vegetto UI

  • ArmedOx31
    ArmedOx31 10 months ago

    2:42 he did a Jiren

  • Kassandra Rodriguez
    Kassandra Rodriguez 11 months ago

    Ohhhh my gosh I love broly and he is my favorite character ever 😍😍❤️❤️🌟

  • Brice the ultimate Saiyan

    Did he make a barrier

  • MonsterHuntressRoon

    I feel so bad for Vic Mignogna. >_<

  • Mor33u
    Mor33u Year ago

    Lol is that on EASY ?

  • Lord Frieza
    Lord Frieza Year ago

    Actually bardock would lose his power level was at 10,000 with super Saiyen his power level would be to 500,000 if frieza transforms to second form he wins

  • Dragonking276
    Dragonking276 Year ago

    I want gogeta ssj4

  • 5Z Plk
    5Z Plk Year ago


  • 5Z Plk
    5Z Plk Year ago


    ITALO GUSTAVO Year ago

    Já tenho!

  • Eric Melendez Battle

    Adult Goku vs Kid Goku

  • Sαѕυкє Ucнιнα™


  • Mikethebunnygaming 10

    Do a fan fight of Bardock fight the ginyu force then fighting frieza

  • Dokkae - Bae
    Dokkae - Bae Year ago


  • SonOfThe Morning Star

    they still haven't remake this fuck dbz fighters dbz raging blast 3 or remake for the ps4 raging blast 2 for the ps4 raging blast 2 will get way more sales then fighters this game was number 1

  • Prince Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue

    cool video ;)

  • Elias Aguilar
    Elias Aguilar Year ago


  • The DPV Prince
    The DPV Prince Year ago

    Goten is adorable when he says,” charge”.

  • Elias Aguilar
    Elias Aguilar Year ago


  • Strider Sonata Blade

    Which body type did you use

  • Monika Srivastava

    gotten is my favourite character

  • Xicorssgss Preciado

    I Play On Ps3 But my start button won’t work ;-;

  • bitente
    bitente Year ago

    i think goku wins

  • Red Rxses
    Red Rxses Year ago

    Bruh i remember when you play one part of the story in hero mode, yo attacks be weak af

  • A1BadBoy 105
    A1BadBoy 105 Year ago

    Angry kamehameha is my favorite attack in tehkaichi other then the super sprit bomb

  • xxnightcattt ray

    Is it me or did gohan called his dad piccolo?

  • Evil With In
    Evil With In Year ago

    F*** this s*** everyone's playing Dragon Ball Fighters Z and Xenoverse 2 and Xenoverse 1 this game is absolutely f****** trash the only time I like the game is in 2011 I think that's when it first came out I'm not sure but the only reason back then people like his game because you can create your own character but now we have Xenoverse 2 so who gives a f*** about this game now oh and fighterz but you can't create a character on there even the old Dragon Ball games for fun well bye guys I'm going to watch Dragon Ball super

  • AIGDmaster
    AIGDmaster Year ago

    1:38 LOOOL

  • Tuninho Castoldi

    My favorite ultimate attack is uiltimate is 1-Ultimate Gohan 2-Future Gohan Super Saiyan 3- Teen Gohan Super saiyan 2

  • Ilyes Grissa
    Ilyes Grissa Year ago

    Arrete de faire de video

  • jaysonx vdennis
    jaysonx vdennis Year ago

    I have a video just like this one but in my video gohan is already in ss2

  • Richard White
    Richard White Year ago

    That's not Bardock

  • Elijah Price
    Elijah Price 2 years ago

    “I’ll put you out of your misery” line is my favorite. That proves how sadistic broly is.

  • Daisuke Uchiha
    Daisuke Uchiha 2 years ago

    You suck so much you shouldn't even have a RU-clip channel 😠

  • UI power
    UI power 2 years ago

    future Gohan

  • UI power
    UI power 2 years ago


  • su van nguyen
    su van nguyen 2 years ago

    I Almost past all i past Meta Cooler Core Or Cure

  • su van nguyen
    su van nguyen 2 years ago

    And i mean it XD

  • su van nguyen
    su van nguyen 2 years ago

    Phillip Danchell is Better XD

  • su van nguyen
    su van nguyen 2 years ago

    Thats not How you Unlock all character Is it Just for Look for all i dont Wanna do that that video is stupid

    • MLN_GPika YT
      MLN_GPika YT Year ago

      su van nguyen Calm down and read the description 🙇‍♂️

  • Kelly Price-Carroll
    Kelly Price-Carroll 2 years ago


  • Yadira Cervantes
    Yadira Cervantes 2 years ago


  • f. g0nc9lv3s
    f. g0nc9lv3s 2 years ago

    wonder if hero mode have japanese voice

  • Kern Cummings
    Kern Cummings 2 years ago

    How's gogeta in it but vegitos not plus vegito is stronger than gogeta

  • Dragonell Z Animation

    Dude you have really good content you should upload more!!

  • Ariel Azzanesi
    Ariel Azzanesi 2 years ago

    Vegetto , Vegetto Vegetto Vegetto

  • Joselito Carrera
    Joselito Carrera 2 years ago

    dowload mod goku gt

  • Hermish Wagner
    Hermish Wagner 2 years ago

    Where is kid trunks

  • Valkyrie Luciffer
    Valkyrie Luciffer 2 years ago

    This is bullshit!!!

  • Mackenzie Miller
    Mackenzie Miller 2 years ago

    Cool and i like your character too.

  • LONEWOLF9701
    LONEWOLF9701 2 years ago


  • Luis Querevalu
    Luis Querevalu 2 years ago

    me quedo en la parte cuando baby me lanza lanzallama me pide presionar equis ..lo hago pero no me sale,,,por favor ayudenme que hago

  • Luis Querevalu
    Luis Querevalu 2 years ago

    me quedo en la parte cuando el ozaru me lanza la roca gigante me pide presionar circulo lo hago pero no me sale...y el ozaru me termina matando...por favor como hago

  • KashGangHuncho -
    KashGangHuncho - 2 years ago

    but dbx 2 won't give voices but this will

  • SavageSSG
    SavageSSG 2 years ago


  • Josue muñoz
    Josue muñoz 2 years ago

    hey goku no esta muerto usas mods

    • Mat 9860
      Mat 9860 2 years ago

      No, en el RB 2 podías personalizar a los personajes también cambiar el aura del personaje, aumentar la cantidad de vida entre esas cosas. Era un buen juego no se porque no hicieron una tercera parte

  • Edinson Aquije
    Edinson Aquije 2 years ago

    yo tengo ese juego en mi ps3

  • ktb_OG
    ktb_OG 2 years ago

    Should have trained before doing any main missions....

  • ktb_OG
    ktb_OG 2 years ago

    2011?! Wow this game is old AF

  • jevil
    jevil 2 years ago


  • Mace Windu
    Mace Windu 2 years ago

    1:13 dats a bitch slap right there

  • Lorenzo Gamer543
    Lorenzo Gamer543 2 years ago


  • Sunaruto2
    Sunaruto2 2 years ago

    @SuperSaiyanzGaming wats da name of this theme song?

  • Eduardo Saraiva
    Eduardo Saraiva 2 years ago

    Epic! olldddddddd!!?

  • Eduardo Saraiva
    Eduardo Saraiva 2 years ago


  • Vent Light
    Vent Light 2 years ago

    You should turn off the music in this.

  • goku omg
    goku omg 2 years ago


  • William Saiyan
    William Saiyan 2 years ago

    Can you do all the voices when they all talk to you

    • Bob Kolterjahn
      Bob Kolterjahn 2 years ago

      I'm afraid not all the characters do that, trust me.

  • Pedro Teixeira
    Pedro Teixeira 3 years ago

    The hate on cooler in this video...

  • Dj Arabinho
    Dj Arabinho 3 years ago

    where supar siyan ?

  • Theoofers04 Snap
    Theoofers04 Snap 3 years ago

    I have this game your awesome

  • Alex Hernández
    Alex Hernández 3 years ago

    What is fue suit of goku??

  • SuperSaiyan Izzy
    SuperSaiyan Izzy 3 years ago

    to me ragin blast looks way better than xenoverse

  • Arres Adam
    Arres Adam 3 years ago

    gogo is the best

  • Dragon gamer 68
    Dragon gamer 68 3 years ago


  • the new ermac
    the new ermac 3 years ago

    majin buu is not a hero

    • SBD Matthew
      SBD Matthew 2 years ago

      the new ermac yes he is

    • ThePumaoX
      ThePumaoX 3 years ago

      If fat Buu isn't a hero, then Yamcha, Tien, Piccolo and Vegeta aren't either.

    • Tom Jordan
      Tom Jordan 3 years ago

      then vegeta is not either

  • David Madureira
    David Madureira 3 years ago

    Broly is so powerful that just doing his voice can hurt you

  • Lawrence Mcbride
    Lawrence Mcbride 3 years ago

    he should have went ssj3

  • Daniel Tymus
    Daniel Tymus 3 years ago

    0.47 that looks wrong but nice tail i mis dem horns in secod form

  • Tjaart Blommestein
    Tjaart Blommestein 3 years ago

    How do you get a dragon ball

  • Edward Perez
    Edward Perez 3 years ago

    Broly Legendary Super Saiyan he's going kill Goku!

  • Mortarion
    Mortarion 3 years ago

    Who is Broly talking to at 1:10

  • Jayfrm6 Walthour
    Jayfrm6 Walthour 3 years ago

    Why did broly want to fight goku but he thinks goten is goku

  • Jayfrm6 Walthour
    Jayfrm6 Walthour 3 years ago

    Why did ghoan in the move why did he hold back

  • Jayfrm6 Walthour
    Jayfrm6 Walthour 3 years ago

    show he will be over power

  • Jayfrm6 Walthour
    Jayfrm6 Walthour 3 years ago

    I really like this one lol

  • Brandon Network
    Brandon Network 3 years ago

    Why aren't Broly's socks shown in this game?

    • mtramd
      mtramd 2 years ago

      Brandon Smith oop

    • IceBerg TV
      IceBerg TV 3 years ago

      trolling at its finest ahaha

  • Brandon Network
    Brandon Network 3 years ago

    Why does Goku have a Gold Ring over his head?

    • Raphael
      Raphael 3 years ago

      @Brandon Smith Maybe because he thinks the angel ring looks cool

    • Brandon Network
      Brandon Network 3 years ago

      +Anime Senpăi I realize that, but why make him dead? Why use the option to make him dead? Why not play as him alive?

    • Raphael
      Raphael 3 years ago

      because he is dead

  • Brandon Network
    Brandon Network 3 years ago

    Why does Gotenks seem to just skip over Super Saiyan 2?

    • Tom Jordan
      Tom Jordan 3 years ago

      +Anime Senpăi I guess it's a mystery that only god and himself know

    • Raphael
      Raphael 3 years ago

      @Tom Jordan Or it was just a mistake of toriama like not giving trunks and goten a tail ?

    • Tom Jordan
      Tom Jordan 3 years ago

      maybe fusion form is already considered as the supersaiyan 1. Thus the first "golden haired form" is actually the supersaiyan 2.

    • Raphael
      Raphael 3 years ago

      @Brandon Smith But all fusions are like this

    • Brandon Network
      Brandon Network 3 years ago

      +Anime Senpăi Well I think he should be exactly like the others. Having 1, 2, and 3. I'll never get skipping 2.