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Green Screen Stream Test
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  • Levi Komio
    Levi Komio 9 hours ago

    Use to be my favorite RU-clipr man, remember watching a video with my lady and hearing her disagree with almost everything while I was sitting with the straight face for 24 minutes trying to give you the benefit of the doubt about the switch lol, The whole “who would play a handheld for 3 hours” really fucked my whole vibe up with your content. Now we both own Switches and do just that with our free time. Any who wish you well man hope you get like reviewtechusa and admit your wrongs think it would bring in some solid support also. Wish you well man

  • nick albano
    nick albano 10 hours ago

    I’m not gonna lie I’m not really hyped about this game.

  • h_grunt
    h_grunt 12 hours ago

    If your 2014 video of "Sony / Kojima = Overrated" didn't exist, then I'd actually agree with you here. Not because "Omg, his legs don't cave in, I want realism in all videogames", but because the gameplay we were shown was "boring" at best. There is nothing to judge this game on yet, except for the graphics. It looks good, but it sure as shit didn't surprise me that we didn't see any proper gameplay - because the hype actually comes from Kojima-fans only.

  • Spuddicus Maximus
    Spuddicus Maximus 20 hours ago

    Do you still hate poor people bondy-boi?

  • DopeBangin Junt

    Metal gear Amazon prime solid

  • Alvarrel Mikail Marhadi

    I bet that they're gonna throw you into a full hour of a Series Pilot when you first jumped into the game.

  • Sony Soldier
    Sony Soldier Day ago

    DBZ fantards are the second most moronic fandom in all of media.

  • だよしびしび
    だよしびしび 2 days ago

    Play rust

    JOHN BOYAJY 3 days ago

    Metal gear series was great, this game looks ridiculous thought,but metall gear was great, this game I will not buy,give ME GUNGRAVE GORE.

  • Mr. JoJo
    Mr. JoJo 3 days ago


  • Mr. JoJo
    Mr. JoJo 3 days ago

    This is a old ass video ngl

  • Vegan Kool Klux Kliq

    Sony lost. Xbox won.

  • Mr Flibble
    Mr Flibble 3 days ago

    Keep playing call of duty games i know original a bad word for stupid people

  • durrelly
    durrelly 4 days ago

    This is still hilarious

  • Little cute Kirby
    Little cute Kirby 4 days ago

    Meanwhile in 2019 Switch is the fastest selling console in the US

  • Space Man
    Space Man 4 days ago

    For someone who grew up on metalgear this kinda gets me angry.

  • Neo TricksterZerothe4th

    Watching people play and react to Sekiro is fun, but to me, actually playing the game isn't as I don't play Souls-like games.

  • Slender
    Slender 5 days ago

    The graphics looked a lot better back in the day


    I agree with you. Kojima has lost his mind.

  • R6SCopperAdventures

    bond speaks the truth yet again

  • Shikamaru Nara
    Shikamaru Nara 5 days ago

    Lol That like to dislike ratio.

  • The Chaos
    The Chaos 6 days ago

    Wait... This shit is still a thing???

  • stalker
    stalker 6 days ago

    Id people dont know this vid is sarcasm. Then your not a human

  • DaBlackStar
    DaBlackStar 6 days ago

    My phone alarm LITERALLY went off after she said surprise mechanics...........that was an actual surprise..EA is jus shit spinning like pros

  • DaBlackStar
    DaBlackStar 6 days ago

    I wonder why these videos about the switch as a failure have

  • Brokenhashtags
    Brokenhashtags 6 days ago

    Extreme ups simulator

  • The Law
    The Law 6 days ago


  • Akashi_is_kawaii 310

    This is the mostly dumbest graffiti game made by sega. They would even let you control the movement of the can. All you do is just press keys and the paint just gets there in the wall like they just slapped a sticker on the wall with the outline and everything

  • Spuddicus Maximus
    Spuddicus Maximus 7 days ago

    What's up Bondy. Are you going to admit to being an exceptionally thick headed simpleton yet?

  • UndeniedReal aka The Lite Skin Gawd

    BG is definitely the better gamer. All these shortcuts you missed. Maybe if you took your time and talked to NPCs you would have a better understanding of the game clown.

  • UndeniedReal aka The Lite Skin Gawd

    Bond can never talk bad about KidSmoove again. This nigga getting exposed on here with the boss and not knowing how to quick change weapons, and not knowing the correct chips to use. Smh

  • Giants/Mets/Blazers

    Most of the comments pretty much sums up Kojima’s ass kissing fanbase lol. Kojima could shit into a ziplock bag and his fans would call it art that needs to be enshrined in a museum 😄. His games were never really all that great, and Death Stranding proves his consistency. It will be another game with good gameplay but a shitty story with tons of plot holes. That’s your typical Kojima game.

  • Sora L
    Sora L 7 days ago

    bond, are you getting hd deluxe edition of xenoblade chronicles? also what do you think about the ff7 remake i would like to hear your opinion as a true gamer.

    • 4Horsemen of The Apocalypse
      4Horsemen of The Apocalypse 7 days ago

      @Sora L Oh lord, then they will take forever

    • Sora L
      Sora L 7 days ago

      @4Horsemen of The Apocalypse it may be more than 3 parts to be honest. if midgar is one disk. dont forget the flashbacks and open world part. i doubt an episode will be from chocobo ranch to nibelheim.

    • 4Horsemen of The Apocalypse
      4Horsemen of The Apocalypse 7 days ago

      FF7R is trash, theyre splitting it to 3 parts so wait til they released the wholke collection

  • Watch Out
    Watch Out 7 days ago

    I don’t get why everyone seems to act like this game is a huge mystery. It looks like a pretty boring stealth based 3rd person shooter. Just like every other shitty Kojima game.

  • Elijah Johnson
    Elijah Johnson 7 days ago

    I think this game is pretty good so far, I plan on really digging into it when I’m done with astral chain.

  • Steven Brown
    Steven Brown 7 days ago

    Fuck that bitch and fuck you too boy

  • Thatuglysenpai
    Thatuglysenpai 8 days ago

    Bond lookin like my Spanish teacher

  • wrath nobody
    wrath nobody 8 days ago


  • Renegado140
    Renegado140 8 days ago

    Omfg that damn repetitive Shokio or whatever his name is EXPOSED EXPOSED!! Lol

  • MegaZoneEX
    MegaZoneEX 8 days ago


  • Ali Rohani
    Ali Rohani 9 days ago

    Well done and well thought out. I try to tell steam fanboys why exclusives exist and you just added a new vocab word I can use... market differentiation. Well done bro!

  • Renovence
    Renovence 9 days ago

    You're gonna bankrupt Smoove at this rate. lol

  • UndeniedReal aka The Lite Skin Gawd

    Alex can never show his face on the crumbside again

  • UndeniedReal aka The Lite Skin Gawd

    The first time I was on Bond side. He bodied Alex bitch ass. Good job bond.

  • Kevin Lewis
    Kevin Lewis 9 days ago

    one day smoove will learn.....never bet 🤣

  • The Majestic Spider

    He's STILL taking L's... Amazing.

  • Johnny The truth teller

    Gears 5 game of the year digital foundry said it was the best looking game this generation

  • Bleste011
    Bleste011 9 days ago

    Look on the bright side, at least Gears 5 doen't have a score of 68. Bye bye future kids college fund.

  • BlackhawkTheBloodedge

    It's was too funny seeing smoove feeling so confident he would win on wwp 206

  • Wip3ou7
    Wip3ou7 9 days ago

    Crowbcat did a good vid on gears 5

  • 산
     9 days ago

    What was the bet?

  • steverl22
    steverl22 9 days ago

    All that dude does is COLLECT L’s!

  • gLitch X Gaming
    gLitch X Gaming 9 days ago

    Arent you a little too old to be participating in these kiddy virginities ?

      BLACKB0ND 9 days ago

      gLitch X Gaming You need to be 21 to gamble child

    • uberpwner48
      uberpwner48 9 days ago

      Everyone could do with having a hobby, and exposing/btfo'ing physically grown console drones for the (will/woe)fully ignorant fools that they are is his.

  • ShitendoIsDoomed !!

    Xsluts keep crying them Microcock tears!😁

    • Games Cubes
      Games Cubes 9 days ago

      ShitendoIsDoomed !! Lol Sony is pure garbage. No ips.

  • C-Dub Carter
    C-Dub Carter 9 days ago

    Alot of Gears haters here

  • AlmightyGamer
    AlmightyGamer 9 days ago

    He said EXPOSED 16 Times I've Counted.

  • Videogamelover58
    Videogamelover58 10 days ago

    Another L

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams 10 days ago

    Yu wrong for this 😂

  • Marcus B
    Marcus B 10 days ago


  • omegazio
    omegazio 10 days ago

    Gears 5 is definitely not GOTY Material.

    PITOVIVE1 10 days ago


  • Drezzy G.F.T.P
    Drezzy G.F.T.P 10 days ago


  • conehead larry
    conehead larry 10 days ago

    Well ..even though kidsmoove got an L for the bet ..but for the game itself did pretty okay ..considering sitting at the green zone instead of yellow 😂

  • Cammankingdom 23
    Cammankingdom 23 10 days ago

    Astral chain is better

  • Og RaiZo
    Og RaiZo 10 days ago

    A once famous man once said it best ... another one lol

  • Thomas Schmidt
    Thomas Schmidt 10 days ago

    Gears of War feels so 2008.

    • C-Dub Carter
      C-Dub Carter 9 days ago

      @poop train conductor 5 is awesome

    • C-Dub Carter
      C-Dub Carter 9 days ago

      @poop train conductor 4 is trash

    • poop train conductor
      poop train conductor 10 days ago

      i thought i was the only one who felt like that. i clocked out at 3 years ago came back to play 4 a few days ago and im struggling to finish it.

  • B.C. Rivers
    B.C. Rivers 10 days ago

    I knew this game wouldn't score in the 90s. Another L to hand to Smoove. On the bright side, it didn't drop into the 60s like Whackdown 3. So, yay?

  • Itek 1
    Itek 1 10 days ago

    What was the bet?

    • ChanMan
      ChanMan 9 days ago

      That Smoove pay 60$ to bond and jackmove respectively. Bond gets 60$ n jackmove gets 60$, if gears 5 did not get a 90 or above by 50 critics. Well......

  • theravenflow
    theravenflow 10 days ago

    Lol you didn’t have to do the cycle like that but It’s entertaining nevertheless.

    BLACKB0ND 10 days ago

    Another bet and another L for Kidsmoove LOL

    • gezforce
      gezforce 9 days ago

      The power of the L strikes again... the Kid will never learn

    • Blank9890
      Blank9890 9 days ago

      BLACKB0ND so what does he owe you?

    • Word Out
      Word Out 9 days ago

      KidSmoove have to learn never bet on Microsoft Xbox.

    • B.C. Rivers
      B.C. Rivers 10 days ago

      @Missile87redefined It's still not in the 90s. Smoove lost another bet. :)

  • Ryan Ybarra
    Ryan Ybarra 10 days ago


  • The gamer
    The gamer 10 days ago

    Here we have a real example of a degenerate PC gamer

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 11 days ago

    So having fetishes are acceptable, but playing pornographics games are not?? Logic 100??

  • madmex89
    madmex89 11 days ago

    You just had to use Alberto Del Rio for the intro lol

  • Raylight
    Raylight 11 days ago

    This game looks boring and bad.

  • ArkonBlade
    ArkonBlade 11 days ago

    I havent watched this channel in a long time. When did bond jump to being a console fanboy lol

  • rpblackout743
    rpblackout743 11 days ago

    Not a single lie was told throughout the entirety of this video.

  • Tim Marker
    Tim Marker 12 days ago


  • Türkisch Van
    Türkisch Van 12 days ago

    This game looks awful tbqh, Lords of the Fallen is a better Souls clone than this...

  • Johnny Casteel
    Johnny Casteel 12 days ago

    Nintendo nerds are like religious nuts.

  • Clone Guy901
    Clone Guy901 13 days ago

    how is playing consoles in 2019 anyway everyone on pc now

  • Famer 7
    Famer 7 13 days ago

    Come now horsey 🏇

  • Famer 7
    Famer 7 13 days ago

    Woah woah come down Horsey!

  • Dave the Duck
    Dave the Duck 13 days ago

    Subway surfers in the early 90’s

  • UndeniedReal aka The Lite Skin Gawd

    This actually was a decent steam. You missed the first mini boss by all the blue acid. It's pathway you keep walking by just walk through it. Targeting different enemy limbs is how you farm for parts. Stop worrying about the weakness points unless you just want to kill them quickly. If you want different weapons target the enemy hand the weapon is in and chop it off. Each level only has one charge station to upgrade. The object is to find shortcuts back to the upgrade station.


    Dam the field of view is nuts

  • Wisppeons!
    Wisppeons! 13 days ago

    why not play with a mouse and keyboard?

  • The new Legend
    The new Legend 13 days ago

    A little bit of the bubbly 🍾

  • Jean-Luc Devon
    Jean-Luc Devon 13 days ago

    This game is literally NyQuil

  • North American Ape
    North American Ape 14 days ago

    For anyone that still somehow doesn't understand why competition is needed and why it benefits the consumers the most. Let's look at 2 franchinces that have absolutely no competition. NBA 2k and madden. Yeah, let's talk about the high quality of those games....oh wait ...that was a jk because the effort that gets put into them is dogshit and guess what? It doesn't matter because you can't go anywhere else. Even in the context of live it isn't really competition because 2k has such a die hard loyal fanbase that they've now accepted whatever mediocre shit they get and won't ever leave.

  • Александр Селиванов

    Эта игра не для тупых, сори.

  • Panthorium
    Panthorium 14 days ago

    Have you seen the recent vid on Death Stranding? Norman Reedus takes a piss on the ground and monologging how he got nothing left in the tank. Im not joking. There is a pee pee option in the game to “Urinate” and the description says: Be considerate and not pee on people or property 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣 Edit: The reveal trailer from gamescon has people giving him a standing ovation when he pees too 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ On a crazy note, the baby is used to see “Dead people” and is a fetus from a brain dead mother at a remote facility that you have to hookup the fetus to a machine to resync/trick baby into helping you.

  • The Watchman
    The Watchman 14 days ago

    Sunset Over Flop! LOL!

  • GamE FrEak
    GamE FrEak 15 days ago

    Xbox fanboys r SOB. they r all assholes

  • Nick Thorp
    Nick Thorp 16 days ago

    Pointless pollution

  • Ferelinstincts
    Ferelinstincts 16 days ago

    Damn man, you're STILL making videos about this? I'll give you this, you're persistent haha

  • stefan popa
    stefan popa 17 days ago

    Xbox is cool it can play any Xbox,Xbox 360,Xbox One game

  • HyruleMaster022
    HyruleMaster022 17 days ago

    Thought they already owned them. Huh, neat.

  • B.C. Rivers
    B.C. Rivers 18 days ago

    Holy hell, he's back on camera.

  • Naruxos07
    Naruxos07 18 days ago

    Talk about taking shit personally. You're a joke.