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best anime OP of all time
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quote retweets
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my post-mass effect 3 ending
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slowly approaching bear
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buff shaggy open RP
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yugi orders a hazelnut latte
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you've heard of guitar hero
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pokemon go on a plane
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new cards in gacha games
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5 Party Board Games I Love
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fun new pottermore trivia
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chrom in smash
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skeleton banker
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  • Lego1upMushroom
    Lego1upMushroom 2 minutes ago

    This just feels like a rip on big hero 6

  • deathsdoor07
    deathsdoor07 6 minutes ago

    Me: Aerith flashbacks.

  • Captain Resentiment

    Eventually, Layton stopped thinking.

  • jj c
    jj c Hour ago

    I saw ur kiss kiss fall in love video... Mary me

  • 雪ディアナ
    雪ディアナ Hour ago

    I actually experienced this... playing project diva arcade.

  • LittleMonkey Badass


  • Velvet Dawn
    Velvet Dawn Hour ago


  • Leeroy Porkins
    Leeroy Porkins Hour ago

    Joey Wheeler on the list?🤣

  • MrRegio93
    MrRegio93 Hour ago

    When no one wants to join your party so you let your multiple personalities take over

  • the memes that you will cherish

    saving this for reference

  • mc bad robot voice
    mc bad robot voice 2 hours ago

    So can we vote lygon best villain yet or what?

  • mc bad robot voice
    mc bad robot voice 2 hours ago

    This is me playing any mmo

  • troy kneram
    troy kneram 2 hours ago

    I'm so glad you voice fl4k. I couldn't pick a better person

  • Madog Wolfie
    Madog Wolfie 3 hours ago

    I don’t even watch a anime and yet I love your videos

  • Introbulus
    Introbulus 3 hours ago

    > 5/5 for Sailor Jupiter. A man of good taste.

  • Introbulus
    Introbulus 3 hours ago

    Was there ever a part 2?

  • C I
    C I 3 hours ago

    My parents couldn't buy me those so I had to get school lunches. After trying some lunchables looks like school food wasn't so bad

  • Triet Lam
    Triet Lam 3 hours ago

    So you are telling me Tomoko isn’t just him with a wig but a real human being?

  • Lucas Arthur
    Lucas Arthur 4 hours ago

    Love all the one piece stuff

  • sweepintime 56
    sweepintime 56 4 hours ago

    Ugh binji is the worst character in this series so far.

  • Epicomix
    Epicomix 4 hours ago

    *You're not my boy.*

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill 5 hours ago

    Yep that’s the unfortunate truth about people’s opinions now a days.

  • Daniel BPD
    Daniel BPD 5 hours ago

    Style rly?

  • Mia Reyes Toriz
    Mia Reyes Toriz 6 hours ago

    I love this

  • Jay House
    Jay House 6 hours ago

    Zenitsu, but there's no episode 50.

  • steven vogel
    steven vogel 6 hours ago

    I have that same Calvinball T shirt. That is all.

  • Robert
    Robert 7 hours ago

    I don’t know how u do his voice so perfectly😂😂

  • zjweims
    zjweims 7 hours ago

    yo I literally haven't seen the treatsa ones in 7 years and this man just found one in 2019???

  • I like many rainbow flags

    0:18 what you guys want

  • sweepintime 56
    sweepintime 56 7 hours ago

    *uses dagger*

  • ɐɹɐZʇou
    ɐɹɐZʇou 8 hours ago

    his face at 1:28

  • werevin06
    werevin06 8 hours ago

    my friend asked me if aigis was a boy or a girl.... my response was: Aigis

  • Yuuki Kuroutarou
    Yuuki Kuroutarou 9 hours ago

    Meanwhile in London ... What the bloody hell is that shiny yellow ball doing up in the sky and why, for the love of Pete, is it blinding when we try to look at it? Why is the sky a great cyan colour? What is this black thing on the ground that's shaped like me and follows me around? Why do I feel like shedding some garments? Bollocks, I need to head to the pub.

  • EveryTimeV2
    EveryTimeV2 11 hours ago

    Thanks this is cancer.

  • UwUoddnameUwU .-.
    UwUoddnameUwU .-. 11 hours ago

    Best 13 seconds of my life

  • HippieSmashing -
    HippieSmashing - 11 hours ago

    Voice of gold

  • haoddd
    haoddd 12 hours ago

    i think tho is funn e and haha i fun goof says waked up

  • Schizophrenic Melancholy

    0:32 “Who’s Rem?”

  • The Hidden Ninja
    The Hidden Ninja 13 hours ago

    It sounds like Stitch!

  • Schizophrenic Melancholy

    Dokkan Battle, anyone?

  • Daniel Verberne
    Daniel Verberne 14 hours ago

    Jisney pictures sounds like a euphemism for porn to me now...

  • Daniel Verberne
    Daniel Verberne 14 hours ago

    This made me laugh in bed and now my spine is crooked.

  • Samuel Johnson
    Samuel Johnson 16 hours ago

    I look forward to seeing what you guys do for Apollo Justice.

  • NEET Kitten
    NEET Kitten 16 hours ago

    Odin Sphere in a nutshell

  • Grace In A Sweater
    Grace In A Sweater 19 hours ago

    7:21 Hell yeah, Homestar Runner!

  • boof stain
    boof stain 19 hours ago

    those obviously arent hamburgers they are jelly donuts

  • boof stain
    boof stain 19 hours ago

    after pressing every single statement in a testimony *saves* OBJECTION! judge: nah *RELOAD*

  • Generation 7
    Generation 7 20 hours ago

    Can you use the cheese and cow concepts to make a real game? Please?

  • Wow Dude
    Wow Dude 20 hours ago

    "MORE VERBOSE" "We are unable to determine the precise location of the computation device that would assist in our efforts to further locate the criminal in question."

  • Generation 7
    Generation 7 21 hour ago

    Tfw you realize warframe is like a clicker game because everybody wants to see large numbers

  • Ticci Toby
    Ticci Toby 21 hour ago

    I read this last year!

  • Kushimaru Kuriarare
    Kushimaru Kuriarare 21 hour ago

    9:24 >tries birthday cake oreo >"i think the cream is different" *surprised pikachu face*

  • Generation 7
    Generation 7 21 hour ago

    Oops I liked. Oops I commented about how I liked.

  • Menelik Eyasu
    Menelik Eyasu 21 hour ago

    very enthusiasm. best anime 10/10 would recommend.

  • Clarence838
    Clarence838 22 hours ago

    Can you please make a skit where you sell something to a shopkeeper (by accident) and try to buy it back but the keeper is selling it back at 10x what you sold it for

  • Just a Random Loli strolling by

    I actually did this in Senran Kagura

  • Rhizoma
    Rhizoma 22 hours ago

    All i saw was: -_- (Not racist bc im asian)

  • Liljake28
    Liljake28 22 hours ago

    this isn’t bad

  • Brypleb
    Brypleb 23 hours ago


  • Luke Triton
    Luke Triton 23 hours ago

    b o x

  • T.K Kitty Kat
    T.K Kitty Kat 23 hours ago

    * *Ryoma from Danganronpa pops into mind**

  • Jedd the Jedi
    Jedd the Jedi 23 hours ago

    Someone edit footage of the 2003 Daredevil movie to this.

  • Pickle Poopie
    Pickle Poopie Day ago

    That's sick

  • M3G4 T3RR4
    M3G4 T3RR4 Day ago

    This man filmed up in front of an actual fucking refrigerator up-close and I’m dying because of it. I could totally imagine someone walking through and seeing him and just be like “oh he’s recording again” and I fucking love it.

  • Scrubflub
    Scrubflub Day ago

    Food review...

  • not idkdie
    not idkdie Day ago

    I'm eating some spicy ramen right now

  • Vladimir Putin

    This is the peak of human evolution

  • lemon
    lemon Day ago

    *We need this man to predict Area 51' and storm it*

  • Conyx
    Conyx Day ago

    I remembered

  • JT 91
    JT 91 Day ago

    While I do love Bradicus and Chadicus, I much prefer their Russian cousin, Vladicus

  • Noel-James Rosal

    Crazy thing is theres a lot of people that can recite Shrek's first encounter with donkey Nice video btw :D

  • James Terry
    James Terry Day ago


  • Mugman Rojito
    Mugman Rojito Day ago

    Tidus using Provoke Hey you! Take me on! Hey you! Take me on! Hey you! Take me on! Hey you! Take me on! Hey you! Take me on!

  • Cameron Fischer

    The new Kingdom Hearts theme song sounds great

  • DekuCake
    DekuCake Day ago

    How did I watch this for so long and NOT realize this was ProZD!?

  • nessyboyok earthbound

    He was drinking from a MSU cup I thought that ProZD was from California

  • nessyboyok earthbound

    I used to live in Mesa Arizona and I'm gonna move back in a year or two so I can go to ASU I wish I still lived in Mesa that way I can meet you ProZD but that probably won't happen 😔

  • Elle Palabra
    Elle Palabra Day ago

    this is the phantom thieves with Akechi

  • Ethan Sky
    Ethan Sky Day ago

    Welcome to episode 369 of why the hell was this on my recommended.

  • HybridOverlord

    0:23 your welcome

  • LT War Chief
    LT War Chief Day ago

    I think College Humor said it best: "Anime is great. It's just the fans that suck. Now let's go watch Cowboy Bebop."

  • Teddy B.
    Teddy B. Day ago

    Wait! Aren’t you that one guy from that one show?

  • Di_________ _
    Di_________ _ Day ago

    Me in fallout games:

  • A P29
    A P29 Day ago

    I hope you get a special place in Hell dude. This is so much pain 🙄😂

  • Breezy Otaku
    Breezy Otaku Day ago


  • MaxZaps Gaming

    Yes, but I find if you give Count Cornelius Cheddar a pair of sunglasses from Cool Cow, he now gains an entourage of Cool Cows holding Big Guns, allowing you to intimidate the Dairy Driver into giving you Black Bree when paired with Unfair Trade, if you then make Count Cornelius eat the Black Bree, he becomes Lord Bree, gaining another new entourage of Cool Cows possessing Black Bree. You can repeat this process at least 5 more times to turn him into the Grate God allowing you to obliterate any 10 cards from a person's deck at any time, with his attack power increasing with each attack. Unfortunately this move was banned due to what happened when combined with a regular Cool Cow, Somersaulting Cheese Factory, and Copy Cow

  • MaxZaps Gaming

    The 2nd dude is how I create my Pokemon Sun team, I just get my favorite Pokemon and hope that works

  • MaxZaps Gaming

    I need this game

  • Star n Row
    Star n Row Day ago

    And now everyone went to watch the original.

  • Alex Fleming
    Alex Fleming Day ago

    I LOVED lunchables, and still kinda do

  • Marc Yinug
    Marc Yinug Day ago

    the funniest part about this video is how he's constantly trying to trash on lunchables but he has to admit that he enjoys it a little bit.

  • Atomic Hobbit
    Atomic Hobbit Day ago

    Ace Combat Zero Cipher: Hi Pixy, I'm Ciph... Pixy: The world would be better if we blew everything up and reset everything to zero. Cipher: Ummm...Okay

  • Sleepy Pink
    Sleepy Pink Day ago

    Why is he being Gordon Ramsay to $1-$2 dollar children’s snack foods ? 😂😂😂😂😂 It’s made for little kids they don’t have the same taste buds as a grown up so of course it’s going to be bland 😂😂😂

  • Mossmyr
    Mossmyr Day ago

    "Not too salty, just like the ocean."

  • Jessey Holderby

    I can do this with Bohemian Rhapsody so what

  • chatman
    chatman Day ago

    Wow he really sounds like Mr. Satan

  • Dabii
    Dabii Day ago

    *_When Sora disappears into thin air_*

    VAPOR Day ago

    Everyone's addicted to your fl4k voice .... Or maby it's just cause it's a well rounded and supurbly designed character

  • Trurl
    Trurl Day ago

    That's why I like that you only get shit if you collect all 900 korok seeds in Zelda BotW. :)

  • Anthony
    Anthony Day ago

    This is so cringe and retarded