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EU Green Week 2018
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Take a Green Step (DE)
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Take a Green Step (ES)
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Take a Green Step (FR)
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Take a Green Step (EN)
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  • Widdekuu91
    Widdekuu91 23 days ago

    Great video! :D

  • Sel in
    Sel in Month ago

    Cette video contient des sons et bruits dangereux pour la santé

  • Makoma Moloto
    Makoma Moloto Month ago

    Enforcement is a great challenge.

  • Mev VIII
    Mev VIII Month ago

    That's true there is value there... Where are the new jobs then?

  • moodini99
    moodini99 Month ago

    Interesting vid, but I'll stick to wanton use of single-use plastics. I really couldn't care less about the environment. If humans want to save the earth, they shouldn't reproduce

  • Flo Paris
    Flo Paris 2 months ago


  • I like Green
    I like Green 2 months ago

    Quick, how much does a plastic and metal fork cost?

    • Fun Stun Yum
      Fun Stun Yum Month ago

      It depends the size and how much forks are in there too

    • Fun Stun Yum
      Fun Stun Yum Month ago

      Plastic is 89 cents meanwhile steel forks are 3,49

  • * Crafticorn *
    * Crafticorn * 2 months ago

    Damn this one is really awesome! Maybe the message reaches more people in this commercial style and funny way! Lately I am really seeing progress in changing all the shit that´s going on in the world - at least in Germany!!!! I mean fucking plastic bags are banned!!!! Hope straws and party dishes are next.

  • Chris Art&Eco
    Chris Art&Eco 2 months ago

    Perfect motivating video, very good for environment !

  • DutchMongol
    DutchMongol 2 months ago

    This video gave me cancer.

    • moodini99
      moodini99 Month ago

      It gave me AIDS. But, hey, I look slim and awesome now ;p

  • mugglesarecooltoo
    mugglesarecooltoo 2 months ago

    It's the individual's fault that littering happens, because common citizens are stupid people. Got it. Thanks to the Elite for helping us understand how we are worthless 5-year-olds and that we can't be trusted even to the degree that the EU has to ban plastic.

  • cookie gamer
    cookie gamer 2 months ago

    No I’m not.

  • PeωDie Pie
    PeωDie Pie 2 months ago

    YOU KILL MEMES!!!! EU Sucks!!! Article 13 sucks!!! RU-clip Ads is bullshit

  • PdRy
    PdRy 2 months ago

    Yeah ! GO FORTH @EU !! 🇪🇺💪 we are #ReadyToChange ! Make it happen !

  • Fun Stun Yum
    Fun Stun Yum 2 months ago

    I see the trailer always but there should be other languages AS well. Not only english.

  • Vivilon Rane
    Vivilon Rane 2 months ago

    provide better alternatives through political initiative so bigger companies will change!

    • Wilm hill
      Wilm hill 2 months ago

      Single use plastics will be banned in 2021.

  • sunsetworms
    sunsetworms 2 months ago

    Remember, people: This is what the EU was founded for. Nation states would have never managed to ban plastic forks. XD

  • radzimir2
    radzimir2 2 months ago

    Typical EU-Hate-Speach: they hate us for our freedom of choice! Calergists know better.

  • Thomas Lörinczi
    Thomas Lörinczi 2 months ago

    plastic was used in the making of this video

  • marsnr1
    marsnr1 2 months ago

    Can you please stop using this as an advertisement. I don't want to see anything from fascist, antidemocratic organisations as the EU on my youtube videos. Freedom and sovereignty are worth fighting for. We can only have freedom in Europe when the fascist EU is destroyed.

  • Tobias Niederwieser
    Tobias Niederwieser 2 months ago

    Ich spuck auf euch

  • N. Oric
    N. Oric 2 months ago

    Best AD

  • ApollonCZ
    ApollonCZ 2 months ago

    *Socialism is shit* *EU is shit*

  • NoobGyver
    NoobGyver 2 months ago

    Stop this ad is annoying.

    • MadaraCZech
      MadaraCZech 2 months ago

      Fucking propaganda paid with our money.

  • NoobGyver
    NoobGyver 2 months ago

    Nah were still alive.

  • ka rindl
    ka rindl 2 months ago

    wie heißt der song?

  • SubaruSTI07
    SubaruSTI07 2 months ago

    You should stop your demonic and destructive contraption that is Article 13 instead of Banning plastic. Should we now fucking ban Lego bricks and trash bags or what? EU You always find stupid excuses to get loved by the libtards.

  • Tomi Klučka
    Tomi Klučka 2 months ago

    Idiotic childish and retarded ad. GG L2P

  • Mine Forcers
    Mine Forcers 2 months ago


  • Bence Róka
    Bence Róka 2 months ago

    I got my driving licence. I saw my friend using a plastic straw. I lost my driving licence. My friends funeral will be on next week.

  • NIG
    NIG 2 months ago

    Dont care about environment lmao

  • Georg
    Georg 2 months ago

    Great spot!

  • Tomi Klučka
    Tomi Klučka 2 months ago


  • voorhalven
    voorhalven 2 months ago

    But why the consumer? Yes, we are all responsible. But don't sell plastic if it can polute.

    • Noémi Fehér
      Noémi Fehér 2 months ago

      Because we are more intelligent and responsable ;)

    • Nervyl Hraje
      Nervyl Hraje 2 months ago

      Since EU is largely based on capitalist principles, it probably believes the problem would be better solved through supply and demand.

  • Pfouuu
    Pfouuu 2 months ago

    propose alternatives, and ban plastic tools

  • Dangel
    Dangel 2 months ago

    Fuck you European Union and all your "almighty awesome ideas". Fix way of governing and then implement these annoying things.. Thx

  • You don't know me
    You don't know me 2 months ago

    If you really want a change, consider making contact with China. It's currently the biggest plastic waste country. Whole EU only makes about 10% of waste. But I get it's smaller steps to reach the goal.

    • PdRy
      PdRy 2 months ago

      China produce largely for EU markets. If we don’t order plastic stuffs, Chinese factories will stop making them.

  • acha
    acha 2 months ago

    Great add for real !

  • urgiduurrgghh
    urgiduurrgghh 2 months ago

    you want preserve the environment but not the european people? importing africans and muslims though is all part of your kalergi plan anyway and making them the united european police force like PESCO is part of your plan, fuck your environmental BS i am not your fucking janitor to clean up your fucking shit only for you to kill me and my family when i have done what you have asked, you pieces of jew worshipping shit have some fucking nerve doing this expecting good will from us while lying to us with a knife behind your back you are fucking cancerous scum

  • pencil IDFB BALL
    pencil IDFB BALL 2 months ago

    i like climate change :)

  • dominik hecker
    dominik hecker 2 months ago

    Das Video ist nicht mal ansatzweise lustig es ist nur Traurig das sie hier den wohl ungeschicktesten Menschen der Welt zeigen. Und was soll mir jetzt dieses Video zeigen, dass alle Menschen die Plastik benutzen ungeschickt wie sonst was sind? Und zum Thema Plastik im Wasser wer schmeißt es denn ins Wasser? Ich habe noch nie Plastik in einen Fluss oder See geschmissen. Und wenn es Normale Menschen machen und nicht irgendeine Müllanlage in China es machen dann Lehrt sie halt es nicht zu machen aber doch nicht mit so einem Video. Dieses Video hat null aussage neben den "Der Typ ist ungeschickt und dadurch schmeißt er Plastik herum". Also was nehmen wir hier raus: 1. Macht besser Videos (Die ihr dann als Werbung Verbreitet wie dieses hier) die Menschen Lehren besonnener mit Plastik umzugehen 2. Sucht und stellt die Leute oder Firmen an den Pranger die Plastik in die Ozeane kippen aber nimmt nicht den Normal Verbraucher den Plastik manchmal hat er keine andere Option (Oder alternativ gebt ihm eine Option die genau so viel kostet oder weniger aber nicht die Umwelt verschmutzt).

    • Ms. Nutellaninja
      Ms. Nutellaninja 2 months ago

      Ich finde das Video gut. Man kann es natürlich einfach so verstehen, dass der Mann zu ungeschickt ist, aber ich denke es ist eigentlich klar was die eigentliche Message dahinter ist. Es ist doch super, dass die EU mal darauf aufmerksam macht! Und anfangen können wir ja erstmal bei uns. Vielleicht machen es uns andere Länder nach. Natürlich kostet das nicht-Plastik Besteck mehr, ist dafür aber mehrfach benutzbar, womit es am Ende vom Preis her recht egal ist ob man mehrfach Plastikbesteck kauft oder einmal das nicht-Plastik Besteck. Du weißt, dass China unseren Plastikmüll importiert? Insofern haben wir schon einen (indirekten) Einfluss darauf, wie viel in China in die Müllanlage kommt.

  • SurroundedByStupidity
    SurroundedByStupidity 2 months ago

    Would you stop wasting my tax money with these stupid youtube ads, please? Second time already I had to watch this shit. I'll keep using plastic anyway. Nothing better than one way plastic for parties, 'cause you don't have to clean dishes and stuff afterwards. The EU however (at least in its current state) is the worst that could happen to Europe. It was a good idea at first (for free trading etc.) but it has become an institute for prohibitions. Only two things the EU is good at: Banning things and making lobbyist happy.

    • MadaraCZech
      MadaraCZech 2 months ago

      Just propaganda paid with our money. :/

  • i wonder if you're reading this

    Give me money to buy stainless steel forks instead of buying cheap, decent plastic forks

  • Just Kate
    Just Kate 2 months ago

    We need to change *now* if we want to protect our planet!

  • Just Kate
    Just Kate 2 months ago

    If the 2020's would be time when the world begining to be ECO and we could change a lot... I would be so happy because my children probably will born in the late 20's or early 30's so she would have a happy life too! I hope that this programm will be success!!💚🌏

  • Nadia
    Nadia 2 months ago

    So cool - love it!!!

  • René von Bielefeld
    René von Bielefeld 2 months ago

    Why is it always in commercials, that males are being displayed as stupid morons?

  • Hippokrates
    Hippokrates 2 months ago

    If you dont want to do anything and u still want to help, just don't skip commercial's on this channel.

  • Mimitos29
    Mimitos29 2 months ago

    You’re right make them stronger i hâte when forks broke

    • Thomas Lörinczi
      Thomas Lörinczi 2 months ago

      yeah i hate when plastic cups start leaking water

    • OX televizija
      OX televizija 2 months ago

      Mimitos29 yeah i hate when i can't hold plate properly

  • wc spotter
    wc spotter 2 months ago

    So this is where Alexander the horrible,terrible, no good very bad day is.

  • entropino
    entropino 2 months ago

    Why must the EUSSR send its propaganda ads to me? Well I guess it proves it wants throw away the money it steals, typical. Should I not be able to buy the substances humanity creates with its genius no says the parasite it pollutes the oceans even though you don't throw it in the ocean. . No the parasite will always find ways to regulate, to domineer the environment wont be the last thing, they have a red heart. A balanced world... Balance is death. (Also if you want clean air, better start building those nuclear plants, but noo they scary member chernobyl and even scawier they make the possibility for countries to get nukes and then we can't bully them anymore)

  • random things
    random things 2 months ago

    big haha want to die please kill me

  • Cillit Boom
    Cillit Boom 2 months ago

    Buy me a dishwasher and we'll talk. Until then I'll stick with disposable convenience, thanks. HashTag:UseItThenLoseIt

    • PdRy
      PdRy 2 months ago

      You are garbage man

    • Optim
      Optim 2 months ago


  • Martin T
    Martin T 2 months ago

    #Frexit #GiletsJaunes Natura2000 met fin à l'égalité, des agriculteurs doivent faire tous les efforts pour le reste du monde. Le classement en zone Natura2000 dépend plus de la politique que de l'écologie. Si il fait se mettre à 28 pour s'occuper de mon jardin, que va faire mon maire!? Peut-être lui va s'occuper d'Airbus pendant qu'on y est.

  • Martin T
    Martin T 2 months ago

    #Frexit #GiletsJaunes Natura2000 is a way to end equality: some farmer are ask to do all the effort. Registering land under Natura2000 is random. At the end why my mayor has to ask the opinion of Poland and Romania to deal with my garden!? Will we also ask local official to give their opinions on Ariane 6? after all now they don't have anything to do.

  • Martin T
    Martin T 2 months ago

    Yeah, my desire are much more simple: #Frexit A world in which countries unite for space (Ariane 6) and in which my local officials can deal with the environment without Poland and Roumania interfering. In other words : a world in which #EU does not exist

  • Dairis
    Dairis 2 months ago

    Why cant you just ban it? Who asked for plastic? Nobody, on USSR times we had one bag for shopping and paper to put meat, fish and so on, i didnt ask for plastic but i will keep using it if you cant ban it.

    • Nervyl Hraje
      Nervyl Hraje 2 months ago

      @Sloft-70 In what year?

    • MaXtremeTrains
      MaXtremeTrains 2 months ago

      OX televizija Yes, of course. This video is about the EU

    • OX televizija
      OX televizija 2 months ago

      MaXtremeTrains *in eu

    • Sloft-70
      Sloft-70 2 months ago

      On USSR times I had to eat one poor slice of bread per day.

    • MaXtremeTrains
      MaXtremeTrains 2 months ago

      It will be banned in 2021.

  • FluFflE WaRrioR44
    FluFflE WaRrioR44 2 months ago

    Sehr lustiges Video und sehr gute Message dahinter! Weiter so!

    • Optim
      Optim 2 months ago

      Je suis d'accord, même si je me demande , qui achète vraiment des fourchettes en plastique :)

  • AnotherChosenOne
    AnotherChosenOne 2 months ago

    Yea. The problem is Plastik forks and straws and not that industries dump all their shit in the ocean. Not saying that we shouldn't do our part as well and use less plastic material. I am just annoyed that we have a massive plastic problem in the ocean and who is fault? Those gosh damned plastic straws

  • Flidox
    Flidox 2 months ago

    2019 and nearly nothing happened lol

  • ikagura
    ikagura 2 months ago


  • James Shelburn
    James Shelburn 3 months ago Slowing down the freshwater starting at the headwaters the moisture can penetrate the valleys storing rather than dumping into the rising oceans, busy as a beaver we cannot find a better ally in the fight on #desertification help save the Beaver

  • BloodnutXcom
    BloodnutXcom 4 months ago

    Simply push for businesses to implement a trade-in system and voila - circular economy.

  • Duvee Hie
    Duvee Hie 5 months ago

    Why is there an American voicing for an EU project

    SHIN HAVAH 5 months ago

    They are calling but nobody is listening:

    KILYANN 6 months ago

    Ouais j’adore les devoirs maison !

  • Robert Jaget
    Robert Jaget 7 months ago

    Arrêté le trafic aérien 1fois par mois dans toute l Europe et dans tous les pays qui on signe l accord de Paris faite un geste mais fort sinon ce n est que du pipeau au yeux du monde vôtre traitée

  • Rory Scottish
    Rory Scottish 7 months ago

    Good video😎

  • Établissement scolaire En Nadjah

    À débattre en classe.

  • mammar bakr
    mammar bakr 8 months ago

    S'il vous plait, est ce que je peu utiliser un extrait de votre vidéo sur une vidéo que je veux publier sur le gaz de schiste. je vous cite en référence; et c'est juste pour vulgariser de cette ressource un peu controversée merci.

  • Your Boy Medina
    Your Boy Medina 9 months ago


  • leviatan
    leviatan 9 months ago

    très bonne vidéos elle devrait être publier dans les écoles

  • Fleur Orchidée
    Fleur Orchidée 9 months ago

    Oui et quelles sont ces différentes manières de lutter efficacement contre cette pollution sonore ?

    • Jean Thevenet
      Jean Thevenet 6 months ago

      commencer par arrêter de la nier (dans le cas du peuple réunionnais)

  • Pierre  Chantraine
    Pierre Chantraine 10 months ago

    RISQUE de toutes façons ! Faudrait arrêter de saloper la planète ! Les autorités sont achetées et les exploitants se foutent des dégâts ! Les multinationales sont au-dessus des états. Le fric est roi et contrôle tout !

  • Fouillà
    Fouillà 10 months ago

    look on fouillà

  • Awadhesh Kumar Agravanshi


  • Leblanc Eddy
    Leblanc Eddy 11 months ago

    Ojspvh pour une coolaboration

  • peace and love
    peace and love 11 months ago

    Incredible man and project should have millions of virws

  • Shania M. Lebrun

    Who is this guy?

    • Kers Tin
      Kers Tin 2 months ago

      Even though the question reads like a rhetorical one: Pioneering as Holder of the first Chair of Environmental Law in the UK as of 1991 and by now pre-eminent in the field and of high international repute. Unbelievably brainy, very friendly and likeable, too. As a boss, second-to-none. Never had the luck to meet one like him again.

  • w w
    w w Year ago


  • Devindra Devindra

    we should save environment

  • Dalma Ledesma
    Dalma Ledesma Year ago

    profe de fraces porque nos isiste este trabajo nooooooo


    We measure pm 10 and smaller as well as Nox in more than 50 vacation places crowded with European tourist.. the level surpass limits set by 10 to 100 times, we found many places around the mediterranean where the visibilty is greatly reduced even by pollution, Eu whats going on?

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix Year ago

    Let Israel join the European Union

  • visualiza
    visualiza Year ago

    guys, i cant find estonian versio of that clip, also the whole projectpage is not translated. Is the project english only? It has to reach more audience than only english speakers!

    • mahendrik GT
      mahendrik GT 2 months ago

      eestlane xd

    • skypjuh
      skypjuh Year ago

      My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

    • EU Environment
      EU Environment Year ago

      Hi there! Thank you for your comment! The translations in all EU languages will be available in the coming months.

    DAI HOC SAU Year ago

    Great work !

  • Carla Lizzano
    Carla Lizzano Year ago

    What is the target for this video? common people (like blondie little girl) or Industry who does not CARE about enviroment?

  • David Chester
    David Chester Year ago

    Actually a circular economy has a different meaning and it refers to the way our money is used and circulates between earner and spender, producer, bank, investor, builder, worker etc., whilst for it to stop in this cycle would allow its value to fail to earn interest.

  • David Chester
    David Chester Year ago

    A new circular economy of re-cycling used materials is likely to be more costly than if the materials were thrown away and fresh materials used. That's why there is so much pollution and it only when the cost of the trouble caused by the waste is greater than new materials does the world have a chance of recovery. Perhaps the whales and other sea mammals can learn to charge rubbish dumping countries for what they are having to try to digest, with such dire results, recently publicised.

  • Keijo Hyvönen
    Keijo Hyvönen Year ago

    Beginning of new environmental economics era ? The state of environment can not reach those improvement objectives if in other direction is destruction in progress in same time when construction for better world is in relevant stage. I have - if you have missed - for several decades worked with enviromental questions from point of improvements based to real and progressive effects for conserve wear of environment cause by human living I come up with the current situation in what I have made a proposal to remedy the situation of human rights of Finland in the form which takes into account the objectives of sustainable development in Finland, increasing self-sufficiency in energy use and production of renewables. My proposal is called - Villiruusu esitys - Keijo Hyvönen - Siviilipalvelusta Siviilitoimintaan - 27 pages. Unfortunately it's only available in finnish language but despite that its still rather interesting and could include a wider global solution to segregation and decrease of poverty done with Agenda 2030. Generally whole proposal could be universal. The major points are renewables, covernmental administration for independent production, private enterprise for renewable marketing and sell, citizen wage i.e. basic income, tax revenue from national day off and renewable sell to citizen wage fund, equal national civilian defence obligation in where I would like to propose defence administration reform related to environmental education and promotion of sustainable development by founding a new unarmed civilian servant administration in paralell to traditional defence formation to make an independent administration for Agenda 2030 and related improvement of sustainable development energy sources use. On equal unarmed military service - Civilian Defence Corps is not gender in question but rather citizen obligation and duty to protect national interests as they are under threat by climate change.. The corporate welfare as so far have been an objective is quite controversial after abuse of our common environment with pollution what have been leftover as result. The new era of environmental economics will resolve beside of question of fossil fuels and influence of limited assets also other renewable energy sources profitable use as solar power have limits in energy production. Economically the era will devide prosperity in situation in where have been created working energy markets for consumers and microenergy producers what have reasonable effect on energy prices and clean energy use possibilities from point of customer service result from free trade controlled by supply and demand. The corporatism of energy production must have end. Keijo Hyvönen Construction and Electrical Maintenance Expert EU-FI on Google at :önenKeijo

  • Ra Friction
    Ra Friction Year ago

    nice one

  • Sòle Croce
    Sòle Croce Year ago

    Lo puoi considerare un mezzo per comunicare? E cosa puoi comunicare attraverso qualcosa che traumatizza?

  • Muhsin Ayamon
    Muhsin Ayamon Year ago

    we are part of stepping into circular economy

  • April S
    April S Year ago

    Great video, helped me with my exam.Thank you!

  • Ute Steverding
    Ute Steverding Year ago

    😢 Oostvaardersplassen March 2018 😢 Please help us to stop the heinous animal abuse in Oostvaardersplassen and this absurd experiment there!

  • Mr Clarkson
    Mr Clarkson Year ago

    As an American ,I am completely supportive Europe's restrictions or outright Ban on Fracking..America can supply you,as well as other exporters....No worries...