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  • Bobby Grafton
    Bobby Grafton 2 minutes ago

    Please do your research before spewing lies and false information about vaping. The information you provided is 100% inaccurate.

  • James G
    James G 9 minutes ago

    Can't stand the music. After 30 seconds I'm out, why do you have to force that music on us, I'm out

  • Camila Sarmiento
    Camila Sarmiento 12 minutes ago

    That it’s called slime

  • Fisha
    Fisha 17 minutes ago


  • OwenTubeGaming
    OwenTubeGaming 19 minutes ago

    7:30 the mic tho

  • Sebastian Fischer
    Sebastian Fischer 28 minutes ago

    Yeah the thumbnail was sad

  • Jesse Latrell
    Jesse Latrell Hour ago


  • Caleb Cain
    Caleb Cain Hour ago

    Nice scale. Made of stainless steel so it's easy to clean off the shit and blood. It will never be used in a facility where the pigs are as healthy or clean as the ones in this video. If you want to consider animals a product, that's legal, but don't bullshit about it. It's cruel, and involves pain, filth, and death. If you don't like that, don't support it. If you like bacon enough to be okay with it, at least be honest with yourself about what it is.

  • InfernoBall The Gamer

    7:30 why is his voice like bad quality like his mic is bad

  • frishal
    frishal 2 hours ago

    0:13 only in american

  • Sam Varupa
    Sam Varupa 2 hours ago

    Really you will use that maybe change IP address hahaha

  • Korey Robinson
    Korey Robinson 3 hours ago

    Chip go be like that new Chucky doll

  • Sleepy Stardust
    Sleepy Stardust 3 hours ago

    Cyber clean aah why have normal fun putty when it can be full of dirt

  • Belinda Joy
    Belinda Joy 3 hours ago

    So freaking Cool!

  • Alana Weaver
    Alana Weaver 3 hours ago

    Concern about security and being able to escape during a fire especially the sliding garage doors.

  • Rogue Anime
    Rogue Anime 3 hours ago

    Big Fan! ~V~

  • Ricardo Buquet
    Ricardo Buquet 4 hours ago

    who takes 4 pencils (unsharp) in a backpack?

  • Link 2089
    Link 2089 4 hours ago

    List of song plz

  • Subtan5
    Subtan5 4 hours ago

    Does somebody realizes that your watching adds??

  • Stodie RBLX
    Stodie RBLX 5 hours ago

    wait why does this only have 10 comments

  • EyesOfByes
    EyesOfByes 5 hours ago

    6:35 Yeah, eating carpet... I mean cleaning carpet is very exhausting

  • Mairaj Ahmed
    Mairaj Ahmed 6 hours ago

    Nice sir u come Pakistan

  • kiselina
    kiselina 6 hours ago

    unsubbing just because the fucking music, how can you use those about 4 song on every fucking video, I never wanna hear those songs ever again in my life

  • potato online
    potato online 6 hours ago

    The Cyber clean product is just slime but for *"cleaning"*

  • Crystal Gamer
    Crystal Gamer 7 hours ago

    Hey you guys know that another italian channel is copying your videos simply traducing them?

  • Crystal Gamer
    Crystal Gamer 7 hours ago

    Top 10

  • Link 2089
    Link 2089 7 hours ago

    Song at beginning plz

  • Tapsu10
    Tapsu10 7 hours ago

    Im able to walk bare foot in snow

  • sarah beny
    sarah beny 7 hours ago


  • Vorce
    Vorce 7 hours ago

    Really interesting! I enjoyed the video, keep it up bro

  • Nico Aguayo
    Nico Aguayo 7 hours ago


  • J d
    J d 7 hours ago

    the neverwet is at dollar tree with both steps in one pack for 1 dollar

  • Rup the cuber
    Rup the cuber 7 hours ago

    Nice video

  • Cg -Dizhwar
    Cg -Dizhwar 7 hours ago


  • Jeff MacMillan
    Jeff MacMillan 7 hours ago

    oink oink

  • Enrique MR
    Enrique MR 7 hours ago

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson 7 hours ago

    Good ideas

  • vooytasat
    vooytasat 7 hours ago

    cool .Its my litle car :)

  • Joslin Hasan
    Joslin Hasan 7 hours ago


  • Lieutenant Lettuce
    Lieutenant Lettuce 8 hours ago

    Put some black sludge that came from god knows where on your shoe. Nice work dumbass

  • Batnos Squad collectors

    Where can i get the iron man arm

  • Pik pak
    Pik pak 8 hours ago

    Why not ultra ever dry? •_•

  • Sekurity 33
    Sekurity 33 10 hours ago


  • Vincent Austria
    Vincent Austria 10 hours ago


  • elaineg60
    elaineg60 10 hours ago

    Audio out at “snappy screen”

  • gaming legend 4
    gaming legend 4 11 hours ago

    nether are normal cigarettes

  • Pugest pug
    Pugest pug 12 hours ago

    3:40 soo when did PlayStation 4 allow xbox 360 controllers to connect to them?

  • Glenn .Bergsma
    Glenn .Bergsma 12 hours ago

    What happend with the audio at the last

  • Desai amit
    Desai amit 13 hours ago

    They are really amazing.. for more video

  • aesthetics Disney lover

    Our school has the weird robot thing it's really cool to watch

  • scarlettsgarage1
    scarlettsgarage1 13 hours ago

    Here are the first 9 cars I made in 1/2 size :

  • scarlettsgarage1
    scarlettsgarage1 13 hours ago

    Here's 9 kids cars we made

  • Michael Tired
    Michael Tired 13 hours ago

    great, but why that annoying bacground music? It spoils the fun.

  • Burhanuddin Rabbany
    Burhanuddin Rabbany 13 hours ago

    Pasti mahall 😳

  • Burhanuddin Rabbany
    Burhanuddin Rabbany 13 hours ago

    Pasti mahall 😳

  • Pegg Electronics
    Pegg Electronics 14 hours ago 😘🥰😍

  • Julio Reyes
    Julio Reyes 14 hours ago

    F d police

  • Akshat Singh
    Akshat Singh 14 hours ago

    India cannot be called a developed country after watching this

  • FrostY
    FrostY 14 hours ago

    Pretty sure that's just your average street sweeper

  • GhostDogg o
    GhostDogg o 14 hours ago

    Cost of living gets higher, so everyone must start living in smaller spaces, and what better more fun way of living than with overpriced transformer furniture. I could not imagine a better way to start my day than with building the required object for the moment multiple times a day, every single day. And what if a certain component breaks, and judging from the el cheapo particle board and triplex construction it will, and then you are fucked. Enjoy your modern compact shitty hipster life,with expensive low quality gear, me i'll just live in a village somewhere where i can afford to rent an old apartment that has a bedroom, kitchen,and living, and bathroom.

  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle 15 hours ago

    When the product becomes useless it simply changes colour Why am I laughing

  • Tommy Tv
    Tommy Tv 15 hours ago

    0:02 Me: puts all my money in a safe uses the noke hook Phone goes flat Me oh SHIIIIII-

  • 张迪
    张迪 16 hours ago

    Where can I buy those ghost cubes?

  • Random Nane
    Random Nane 18 hours ago

    The first inventions I would use it to play wit like slime tbh

  • Строительство Домов СтройМонтаж23

    Столик для кровати очень классный #строительство

  • how lovely
    how lovely 19 hours ago

    1:53 for some reason I thought that was a real guy. I’m tired, but maybe I’m dumb.

  • Banana Syrup!!!!
    Banana Syrup!!!! 19 hours ago

    You can make better if you put your mind to it

  • JAN GOMEZ 831
    JAN GOMEZ 831 19 hours ago

    I want the china car why dont they bring it to the united states

    NINJA KING 19 hours ago

    Another level another level

  • Brett J
    Brett J 20 hours ago

    Imagine having to climb down that first one every time you need to take a piss during the night. No thanks.

  • David Harris
    David Harris 20 hours ago

    the drawback to the moving roof is when its open its open to everything flying out there and the bed buddy just needs a toilet in the bed then you don't have to get out of the bed & I want power in my shower

  • Kurt Animates
    Kurt Animates 20 hours ago

    what happened to the mike ??!?! XD

  • Vlad Khmel
    Vlad Khmel 21 hour ago

    1:00 the screen is photoshopped in

  • QuiteDecent
    QuiteDecent 21 hour ago

    $500? Lol

  • Schuyler Zheng
    Schuyler Zheng 21 hour ago

    I like this chanal And I checked all recommended chanal

  • Colin Brown
    Colin Brown 22 hours ago

    Does the glass roof have solar sensitive options? Like electricity through the window for charging devices or powering a home during an outage? If not itd be an interesting idea.

  • Erik_notpanda on twich

    9:55 300 dollars wtf I would just take my shoe off 👟

  • Nickname 42
    Nickname 42 22 hours ago

    I have developed an earbud that you can use again $ 2000

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  • Josh_ Y7T
    Josh_ Y7T Day ago

    I need the que bottle

  • graywoulf
    graywoulf Day ago

    Some very useful ideas here. And thanks for changing the music and not playing Dubstep. Much more enjoyable to listen to.

  • Aaron Benjamin

    samsung s4 or 5 had the scroll with your eye feature

  • BB-9E
    BB-9E Day ago

    Please tell me you won't take off your shoes on a plane

  • Athena
    Athena Day ago

    I am a slime seller, and pro :D

  • Dalek Caan
    Dalek Caan Day ago

    Pls do 7 Australian inventions

  • Jose Franco
    Jose Franco Day ago

    Where can we see/buy them?

  • death skull
    death skull Day ago

    Onece somebody told me that the world was guna rom me and i wasnt the sharpest tool in the shed but hey now your a rock star

  • Flanker_469
    Flanker_469 Day ago

    The brake light is the only one id purchase. The other product costs were insane

  • Harryjandarchie Gaming

    And the price......only three!THREE HUNDERED FLIPPIN DOLLARS

  • Christopher Johnson

    I fell like Ucella could be defeated by a pocket knife

  • Rogue Anime
    Rogue Anime Day ago

    That showerhead costs more than the 700 million gallons of water it saved!! lol ~V~

  • Gaming Kiwi
    Gaming Kiwi Day ago

    Removes the infections so when you grab it, it will infect your hand GREAT

  • Mohamed Khader

    Very nice looking Sir but when's come to India? From India.

  • Tameem Moaleji

    I don't trust the NEBIA SPA SHWOER's claims. All the images and words are misleading and redirecting attention. Sounds like it was done by some lawyer.

  • Th3romba5
    Th3romba5 Day ago

    Did the microphone die

  • Havoc1001
    Havoc1001 Day ago

    There isn't a single tent in this video that is worth the price....

  • Lisa Campbell
    Lisa Campbell Day ago


  • Lisa Campbell
    Lisa Campbell Day ago


  • Adil Ibrar
    Adil Ibrar Day ago

    I’m not buying these but styll

  • Daniel Ott
    Daniel Ott Day ago

    I like likes