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  • steelyman08
    steelyman08 10 days ago

    Wow! What a treat to run across this upload. Thank you so much for posting it. What a voice!!!!!

  • Liveart Artlife
    Liveart Artlife 15 days ago

    Godless! 🙏🏽

  • Eamonn Gaynor
    Eamonn Gaynor Month ago

    Rutger hauer was so special so unique so priceless so wonderful both as an Actor and a human being we the public will nevwe let him die

  • DesertRose122
    DesertRose122 Month ago

    Gorgeous man..it makes me cry to know he's no longer here..😭💔

  • Greenlightdayglodist

    Dope performance

  • Glen Stevenson
    Glen Stevenson 2 months ago

    He cares about stuff so sorry he's passed away

  • SteppenWolff100
    SteppenWolff100 3 months ago

    In the Anti-Fascist Resistance indeed , but it should be noted tho' that the tank was E n g l i s h. Churchill was hellbent to crush the leftist Greek resistance.

  • Julio Moreno B.
    Julio Moreno B. 6 months ago


  • Trevor Hall
    Trevor Hall 6 months ago

    This roland kit is fucking ridiculous

  • Kim Massey
    Kim Massey 7 months ago

    If only I discovered you sooner...! Then again I may have discovered you just at the right time...

  • bengom68
    bengom68 7 months ago

    March 2019 , , BP oil still flowing into the sea ! ! ! , , Thanks Abie ! , , Love your art !

  • bill hanna
    bill hanna 7 months ago

    The truth , real & unabridged ...911 is the Biggie.

  • M Trikaliotis
    M Trikaliotis 7 months ago


  • ZeitgeisterOm
    ZeitgeisterOm 8 months ago

    I will never forget hierosonic

  • Blastbeat Apologist
    Blastbeat Apologist 9 months ago

    Wow this interviewer is not to be trusted

  • Blastbeat Apologist
    Blastbeat Apologist 9 months ago

    Poor shirt choice

  • Tony Caesar
    Tony Caesar 9 months ago

    One of my favorite groups...peace an blessings to the gods

  • K A
    K A 10 months ago

    Hey guys you don't do concerts anymore?

  • Charles Hanes
    Charles Hanes 11 months ago


    786LILJOKER 11 months ago


  • ErHaNcAdAyS
    ErHaNcAdAyS Year ago

    Wellcome.back she is.amazing.i.listen still .2018 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Public Relations

    Abby Martin, would you marry me 💍🙏😍?

  • Clifton Spivey
    Clifton Spivey Year ago

    Does anybody know the title of that Xenakis track he opens up with?

    GUZE` SPITERI Year ago


  • Dan NG
    Dan NG Year ago

    so beautiful song and voice....lovely

  • Kellee Maize
    Kellee Maize Year ago

    Thank you so much for using my music on your video. It means the world! I would love to connect with you. Please email me at Kellee@kelleemaize.com as I am about to release new royalty-free Creative Commons Music. Also, please follow me on Instagram @kelleemaize and I will follow you back! Much Love! Kellee

  • Maria Virgínia Tinti

    Oh god, how wonderful...

  • Glenn McKinney
    Glenn McKinney Year ago

    She is a real Diva...not one of those pop wanna-be...a fantastic performer....

  • neotrinity89
    neotrinity89 Year ago

    I 💜is new face but I miss is belly dancing 2

  • Roberta Heiman
    Roberta Heiman Year ago

    Has anyone ever played an instrument with such passion?!

  • Cristiane Santos

    Esta cantora é incrível!

  • DesertRose122
    DesertRose122 Year ago

    He looks scary but is so nice and humble.

  • chucklinkt
    chucklinkt Year ago

    I watched an interview of a war correspondent who covered many wars. The interviewer asked, "We all know what you've experienced and what you've gone through, based on that please tell us how you define courage?" Without missing a beat the correspondent replied, "Being scared as hell but going and doing it anyway." This is how I see and understand Abby Martin... very courageous reporter, journalist, activist, artist, woman but most of all a human being. She has earned the deepest respect of caring, intelligent and determined people.

  • Hurley Byrd Wildlife Feeders

    Incredible off-the-hook violin and music, amazing musicians all of them........ But when she sings.... it's like a cat screeching in my ear. They should bring a talented vocalist into the fold.

  • Carl Moore
    Carl Moore Year ago

    real good honest report.

  • negativezero
    negativezero Year ago

    hi lili

  • negativezero
    negativezero Year ago

    wish i could rehear her play on pfp in cali for matt hyde)))

  • Maria Neves
    Maria Neves Year ago

    Maravilhosa, isso sim é uma voz❤❤❤👏👏👏👏

  • Papa Pill
    Papa Pill 2 years ago

    Ben you are such a geek. I love it. Thank u

  • Papa Pill
    Papa Pill 2 years ago

    Thank u Ben. I c me n u

  • Rootskandub Y EL ECO NO CONOCE LEY

    Life is Riddim

  • MetallicBlue1000
    MetallicBlue1000 2 years ago

    Wulgar was here..

  • louisetta1000
    louisetta1000 2 years ago

    Very interesting !!! I was luckly ! professionally I did what I wanted to do in my life... It did not bring tons of money... sometimes it did (very short period of times)... artistic professions are always complicated...

  • louisetta1000
    louisetta1000 2 years ago

    I adore NATASHA ATLAS !!!!

  • Iron Fist
    Iron Fist 2 years ago

    This woman is a liar. She is not a journalist. She is an activist.

  • :Neter :Nafu
    :Neter :Nafu 2 years ago

    Real shit

    SALAR 2 years ago

    i love you sussan

  • Elizabeth Faitarone
    Elizabeth Faitarone 2 years ago

    thank you for uploading this convert! I saw Natasha Atlas in Butlins, UK. it was a weekend full of wonderful belly dancers like Horacio Cifuentes with Beata, and workshops! A memory I treasure every day. I had Mish Maoul but my CD dissapeared. Haram ALEYK is my favourite track and I love dancing to it!

    LA RANA VOLANTE 2 years ago


  • Armen Minassian
    Armen Minassian 2 years ago

    What are the lyrics of this video ?

  • Funk Rocker
    Funk Rocker 2 years ago

    WOW! She is super amazing, so much emotion in her playing. Her notes and the way how she plays them speaks to your soul

  • Gripper Graham
    Gripper Graham 2 years ago

    644 likes thank god no one is listening to your total crap

  • didi simoes
    didi simoes 2 years ago

    us presidents have to be killed. ..no mercy. ..they are the problem along with the corporations. ..having a good time with our suffering. .no fucking mercy for idiots please. ..and I am just a peaceful guy. ....love my life and yours as well as my planet. ..

  • didi simoes
    didi simoes 2 years ago

    watch the EU project. .eletric universe theory

  • didi simoes
    didi simoes 2 years ago

    identifiying them its easy. .fucking them its easyer. ..killing them its the new world anyway survival. ..us and them. ..and after all we are just ordinary man. ..kill them all and start the Vênus project. ..please help us to survive on our Planet darling

  • didi simoes
    didi simoes 2 years ago

    lets reduce human population starting with the top players of this entire shit. ..no mercy fox

  • Yuri muckraker
    Yuri muckraker 2 years ago

    love abby Martin and love the three Zeitgeist documentaries soo much!

  • Malika Amani
    Malika Amani 2 years ago

    The most Beautiful voice! Absolutely Magical & Ethereal! ♥ Love Natacha so very much!

  • mujaahid72
    mujaahid72 2 years ago

    LCOB The Truth !

  • Winter Haydn
    Winter Haydn 2 years ago

    If I'm not mistaken, Ben McLeish is the priest figure. Which is hilarious.

  • mad dusa
    mad dusa 2 years ago


  • Ray Simmons
    Ray Simmons 3 years ago

    This is incredible!

  • Ruth Allen
    Ruth Allen 3 years ago


  • Jonathan Arreola
    Jonathan Arreola 3 years ago

    How are there only 99 comments? Damn! Let's tell the fuckin' truth!

  • John Appleseed
    John Appleseed 3 years ago

    Still love this lecture, later I realised it was my introduction to Peter Joseph, very interesting man! (still the world's largest Xenakis fanboy)

  • Atalanta
    Atalanta 3 years ago

    Haven't found a single thing I disagree with him on. What was wrong with that audience? I'd have been in tears.

  • Deus Ex Spiritus
    Deus Ex Spiritus 3 years ago

    Anybody know where to find the full Kymatica OST?

  • John Appleseed
    John Appleseed 3 years ago

    As Xenakis is my favourite composer and the humour in this is great, this may be my favourite presentation I've seen, I keep coming back to it because I love it! thank you so much!!!

  • Debbie S.
    Debbie S. 3 years ago

    Lee Camps is a brillant speaker of truth. He says it in reality. So grateful there are young kickasss people who are still human and care.

  • Kevin Vela
    Kevin Vela 3 years ago

    This is whack

  • SafeSpaceAmerica
    SafeSpaceAmerica 3 years ago

    Love watching you all live.

  • incapablegamer
    incapablegamer 3 years ago


  • DarkRenaissance2012
    DarkRenaissance2012 3 years ago

    Art and Science = Renaissance

  • lisa ann catano
    lisa ann catano 3 years ago

    passion purpose!

  • Bella
    Bella 3 years ago


  • Michael Fox
    Michael Fox 3 years ago

    keep coming back to this!!!

  • kdjd due
    kdjd due 3 years ago

    My inspiration..

  • The Bad Cecilia
    The Bad Cecilia 3 years ago

    A woman after my own heart! Rock on my soul sistah, rock on!

  • Dorian Rainwater
    Dorian Rainwater 3 years ago

    so beautiful

  • ComeOnIsSuchAJoy
    ComeOnIsSuchAJoy 3 years ago

    I still think she's way too easy on Bush and way too hard on Obama. It's not Obama's fault the GOP's been cockblocking a lot of his plans for most of his administration. : P But if Sanders doesn't win in 2016 we're totally fucked.

  • Michael Fox
    Michael Fox 4 years ago

    get on the road!!!

  • norm5122
    norm5122 4 years ago

    Is mike mangini on the bass?

  • Mel Macam
    Mel Macam 4 years ago

    Wow! Awesome speech, especially at the end part. And most of all, WOW for Abby Martin!!! She's so damn beautiful! I think I'm in love... Lol

  • Rob Stuart
    Rob Stuart 4 years ago

    Beautiful vision, beautiful music, beautiful people!

  • Gone-D
    Gone-D 4 years ago

    Thank you to all who helped make this a reality and for sharing online! Best of luck to us all as we move forward (pun intended).

  • John Appleseed
    John Appleseed 4 years ago

    wow, this was seriously amazing!!!! I love Xenakis a lot and his just made my week. the way it morphs in the ending is really thought provoking and inspiring. thank you

  • Red Pill Addict
    Red Pill Addict 4 years ago

    Violence was a necessity in human life for a very long time. To this day violence is a necessity for those living in third and even second world countries. But in the first world violence is definitely a futility.

  • rosalie grace
    rosalie grace 4 years ago

    Crazy in love with this amazing artist!

  • Michel Milon
    Michel Milon 4 years ago

    Beautifull artist !!!

  • David Cipolla
    David Cipolla 4 years ago

    This is sooo fuxking awesome, Peter Joseph is the man & one badass drummer too!!! None the less an extremely creative composer as well, all the music for Zeitgeist is awesome imo & stands alone as music in its own right.

  • Monsieur Merde
    Monsieur Merde 4 years ago

    love those tits

  • Chris Edward
    Chris Edward 4 years ago

    Abby is so hot and smart, but too Utopian to listen to. You can't call for freedom and fairness. One precludes the other.

  • milyondolarlıkadam
    milyondolarlıkadam 4 years ago

    lol this chick is fuking nuts! love it :D

  • Jesse Thomas
    Jesse Thomas 4 years ago

    I love it i discovered them through Kymatica too!

  • MrMiroslavius
    MrMiroslavius 4 years ago

    Есть певицы, а Есть Наташа Атлас!

  • Bruce Marmy
    Bruce Marmy 4 years ago

    OK that's stupid funny. Lee Camp is the latter day Lenny Bruce. Just more coherent.

  • Bruno Ortega
    Bruno Ortega 4 years ago

    amazing show!!! where i find "more love" song?

  • Rolie
    Rolie 4 years ago

    Its Insane the plethora of information and skill peter Joseph has acquired. i consider him one of the smartest people alive.

    • Eddie
      Eddie Year ago


    • Daniel Ceron
      Daniel Ceron 2 years ago

      Ive always thought the same. He'll go down in history, like MLK, Ghandi, Jesus and Buddha.

    • Dawn Howard
      Dawn Howard 4 years ago

      @Tyler Rolie Agreed.

  • Kiki Londa
    Kiki Londa 4 years ago

    this beautiful woman's voice speaks directly to my heart <3

  • William Larson
    William Larson 4 years ago

    What dismays me most is this -- Abby and her message is not being taken seriously here. I know she speaks the truth, and unlike our elected reps, delivers advice with reason and compassion. As a nation, it seems to me we lack the courage and resolve to see our wrongs for what they were, still are (and which continues to this day). So what then? How about a meaningful & positive future for our kids? But using depleted uranium rounds to settle the score won't cut it.