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Britain in The 50s
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  • Glen Bousquet
    Glen Bousquet Day ago

    martin Trump

  • Koksal Ceylan
    Koksal Ceylan 3 days ago

    Where all the Cabin boys? Andrew!.

  • mr. ram
    mr. ram 4 days ago

    The Spanish Armada. Ruined it ... Had spain just focused on destroying Britain s ships 1st..then history would be so different

  • Andy64878 Andy64878

    shame we havnt got a navy now

  • David Brennan
    David Brennan 8 days ago

    Missed out lots of stuff...... including what is of importance..... HMS Captain?...... nothing more?

  • Christian Slaatten
    Christian Slaatten 10 days ago

    child molester

  • Anon Nymous
    Anon Nymous 11 days ago

    Listening to that Commodore, you get a very good idea of why hubris is often referred to as the "English disease".

  • Anon Nymous
    Anon Nymous 11 days ago

    As an old sailor, it makes me very sad to see Victory permanently drydocked.

  • Jörg Westermann
    Jörg Westermann 11 days ago

    Great Documentary,very interesting👍👍Britannia rule the Waves💪Greetings from Germany😎✌

  • daverjax
    daverjax 12 days ago

    HO! Point of Order. Francis Drake was the FIRST to Circumnavigate NOT Magellan, Magellan NEVER Finished HIS Voyage AS HE WAS KILLED IN THE PHILLIPINES HALFWAY ROUND.

  • jandmchavez
    jandmchavez 13 days ago

    Maybe Prince Andrews family should pay for the reparations the blacks want in America for slavery ! Chicanos won't pay one Dam penny !! They the Dutch and English Need to step it up and that includes the African nations who sold they're own into slavery !!!

  • trag
    trag 15 days ago

    Paedo alert.

  • cardinia1
    cardinia1 15 days ago

    i love cake

  • Chop Chop
    Chop Chop 16 days ago

    19:00 "The Royal navy was reluctant to embrace the turban." Clearly. The British enslaved the turbans homeland, sent it's people to die in British wars, and starved millions of it's people to death by stealing the turban's people food.

  • Graham Johnson
    Graham Johnson 16 days ago

    Has Andrew been extradited yet . What is it he's accused of? child sex , trafficking , rape ? Serious time if guilty .

    • Chop Chop
      Chop Chop 16 days ago

      Fucking Fergie should have been an act of treason.

  • lars kristensen
    lars kristensen 17 days ago

    if you want to experience history first hand then visit denmark and see the frigate jutland. only steam frigate left in the world restored and open to public. built in 1860 but so moderb it could retract propellar into hull to reduce drag when using sail. have a look. global-mariner.com/index12Jylland.html page 2 is interior.

  • Dave Ware
    Dave Ware 19 days ago

    Prince andrew hung out with Jeffrey Epstein. Just sayin

  • Bernie Schlàfer
    Bernie Schlàfer 19 days ago

    The crowbar Doesn’t change anything I stated Britain and France got their butts kicked out of Europe They declared War against Germany which was always the preplanned intentions before 1939. The issue had nothing to do with anyone except Germany and Poland with their nasty murderous Bolshevik Dictator Who found it fun in murdering German civilians in old East Prussia. Britain and France lost the War at Dunkirk The only reason they were returned to Britain was due to Hitler trying to put an end to an unnecessary war He offered Britain and France an end Giving back every country taken except Poland because of Russias involvement He even offered compensation and defence against all Britain enemy’s Churchill said no Sent messages to all consultants to close the door to any German Ambassador So who was the war monger??? It was Churchill He lost his war and to save his face he called in the Yank to save his butt America won the War due to material and no invasion to their country. All the rest matters little The facts of Archival Records don’t change There’s too much fiction written about WW2 can’t change that either

    • Branon Fontaine
      Branon Fontaine 18 days ago

      Bernie Schlàfer...Hitler was unable or unwilling to accept the fact that Germany got its ass kicked in WWI, I don't care how bad the Treaty after WWI made life for Germany and its citizens, the Krauts got their asses handed to em and should have suffered because of that. Hitler, like the true micro-penis havin chump that he was, invaded Poland for no goddamn reason other than he was throwing a fit like a little girl....Hitler allowed the soldiers at Dunkirk to be evac'd in hopes that Churchill wouldn't get pissed off and call the U.S. and other allies for help against Germany. Churchill didn't need to talk with any ambassador from Germany, because Germany was in the wrong, and that's it, end of discussion as far as Churchill was concerned....Hitler had no right invading any country, period, and as a result of his doing so, Germany and the Krauts got their asses kicked, again....they dragged Italy and Japan into that ass kickin as well, and I personally believe all 3 of those counties got off light...we should've carpet bombed them into dust and colonized all 3, as I believe we should've done where I served, that being in Iraq....but it is what if is....now Germany is being overrun by the animals of islam, which is something they deserve I guess, but I don't really care either way.....

    • Austin G
      Austin G 18 days ago

      Did you find some of that Nazi meth? You're nuts

  • Freddy von grunn
    Freddy von grunn 20 days ago

    Michiel de Ruyter great admiral 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Brad Butcher
    Brad Butcher 21 day ago

    Except for those pesky Americans.

    DELIBRIUM 22 days ago

    can you please re-edit this docu so that pedophile is cut out

  • Jacob Zondag
    Jacob Zondag 22 days ago

    I know someone who probably wishes that he had died a glorious death during The Falklands' War.

  • Anderson George
    Anderson George 22 days ago

    Freeloading Andy working;now there's a novelty

    • George Anderson
      George Anderson 15 days ago

      Whats he done since mate? FREELOAD.

    • Alan Wayte
      Alan Wayte 16 days ago

      Maybe google his service in the Falklands conflict

  • Eternity Sphere
    Eternity Sphere 23 days ago

    The Duke of Kiddy Diddling.

  • Tommy O Donovan
    Tommy O Donovan 25 days ago

    Can you imagine Andrew molesting under aged children with Jeffrey Epstein. It's a virtual certainty.

    • Jacob Zondag
      Jacob Zondag 22 days ago

      Power corrupts, even very ancient power.

  • Markus Daxamouli
    Markus Daxamouli 27 days ago

    Ahhhh wonder if he was having sex with children when making his appearances in this series.

  • who cares
    who cares 28 days ago

    If you could only see 2019 and the shiteee heap youre facing🤣 Andy

  • thomas buckley
    thomas buckley 29 days ago

    andrew - where are the little girls?

    • Branon Fontaine
      Branon Fontaine 18 days ago

      thomas buckley .... how would he know? It's been what, 20 years or somethin like that?

  • Allmachts Daggl
    Allmachts Daggl 29 days ago

    why are there flags of the federal republic of Germany to represent the imperial fleet? This is a massiv failure. As well as stating that Germany "started" WWI.

    • Allmachts Daggl
      Allmachts Daggl 26 days ago

      @hans2406 That is a much too complex topic to simply state: "gErMoNeY sTaRtEd Ww1" Look at ALL the facts, not just a few

    • hans2406
      hans2406 26 days ago

      Who started WW1? Who had plans ready to enter Belgium and Luxembourg to battle France? And what's more, just did that thereby starting the four year slaughterhouse of the western front. Germany!

  • Swift Nick Nevison

    Came here to watch a documentary about the royal navy but all i can think about now is epstine.

    • Swift Nick Nevison
      Swift Nick Nevison 27 days ago

      @Markus Daxamouli Something seriously wrong with the wealthy elite if so many of these people want to diddle kids. Lets not forget that the royal family were very close to jimmy Saville as well.

    • Markus Daxamouli
      Markus Daxamouli 27 days ago

      Nailed it...I mean your comment did, and I guess the Prince was too. Your right, all I can think is wonder how many 10 and 12 year old children he was having sex with and not the Royal Navy. While I doubt he will ever face justice in this world, that addiction more than others harms others not just the user. The Royals have their faults, but diddeling children SHOULD be a line they wont cross.

  • scott left
    scott left Month ago

    Sure don't sound like a royal narrator.

  • LordTimCahill
    LordTimCahill Month ago

    the american narrator is so obnoxious.

  • Malcolm Wallace
    Malcolm Wallace Month ago

    Jeffrey Epstien's frequent flyer narrating.

    • Quansem
      Quansem 14 days ago

      And he has an American accent too! Conspiracy!!

  • Jeff Moore
    Jeff Moore Month ago

    No mention of 'The Great Michael' that was a precursor to the English building Carrack or great ships....!.?.!.? Oh well, atleast Scotland had a hand in sinking the Mary Rose.. La Grande Nef d'Ecosse

    • 72Bigray
      72Bigray Month ago

      comedy...now go and live off English taxpayers money... if you're a sweaty... independence is what ya need.. and i pray for

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell Month ago

    Americas navy would crush Englands. Sorry royals you simply are irrelevant now

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell Month ago

    Holy shit it's prince Andrew the child raper. Hey prince you fucking freak did your ancestor henry VIII rape children also? Is it a family thing? Because we all know the queen snatched those 10 children from that home in the 60s and they where never seen again. From what I understand the filthy queen whore had those other kids kiss her nasty fucking feet. You royals are not special just crazy

  • philthy cat 1
    philthy cat 1 Month ago

    Where's Tony (we,ve only got 3days) Robinson ? Everybody else seems to be here. Can't be proper history without wee Tony.

  • canadiankewldude
    canadiankewldude Month ago

    Now Britain is giving the country away to new people. We will see if they actually leave the E.U..

  • Killing DeadThings

    Two things I have got to go see. HMS Victory and The Harrison clocks.

  • jocelyn magno
    jocelyn magno Month ago

    Ohhhhhh more thumbs up....Amazing😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍

  • Searb reath
    Searb reath Month ago

    Then, the british government forced the sailors to stay in port for MONTHS confined to the ship "incase the french come back". The truth was, they had no paid the sailors and the government owed them an enormous sum of money. Disease broke out, thousands of sailors died, lowering the amount of money the government had to pay. Fucking british government hates its people. You are as useful as a cannon ball.

  • Rick Boyd
    Rick Boyd Month ago

    Great empire lost to islamo loving commies

  • Charlie Roscoe
    Charlie Roscoe Month ago

    Superior tactics and training win battles.

  • FjordFish
    FjordFish Month ago

    8:43 - this guy sickens me with his blatant bias.

  • Bert Hamoen
    Bert Hamoen Month ago

    At 13:45 "the Dutch continued to challenge the English supremacy in the tradelanes" ??? It is usually called doing business (or at least trying to do so). Here it is made out to look as an act of war!

  • Bernie Schlàfer
    Bernie Schlàfer Month ago

    And what did it all give to Britain when WW2 came???? They lost the War as of Dunkirk Hahaha.... so much for having the very best of technology????

    • The Crowbar
      The Crowbar 19 days ago

      @Bernie Schlàfer The Brits got out of Dunkirk mainly because the panzer divisions got really far ahead of the bulk of the German army, and were commanded to wait for the infantry to catch up. This gave the British like 3 or 4 days of escape time. And about popping only a few ships, the Royal Navy took part against the Italians and Japanese. The germans didn't have too many warships except U-boats, and their two big bois, Bismarck and Tirpitz both got done in by aircraft carriers. The only German carrier, Graf Zeppelin was never finished because they diverted resources elsewhere and Zeppelin was relegated to glorified warehouse duty.

    • Bernie Schlàfer
      Bernie Schlàfer Month ago

      Sebastian Tiainen The war was lost to Britain and France at Dunkirk Popping a few ships at sea was a minor aspect to the war at that stage. Britain France and all their allies lost the war as of Dunkirk ...... Hitler gave the British military their freedom by allowing them to return to England If hitler continued into th beaches of Dunkirk there would never have been any British or French/Allies standing Instead he made a deal with Churchill who back stabbed everyone A typical war monger Where had I read such events you ask??? It’s known as historical archives and literature not written by propagandist......... Britain was destroyed and sold out by Churchill And it’s time Britain acknowledged this fact in its history

    • Sebastian Tiainen
      Sebastian Tiainen Month ago

      Lost the war? What have you been reading? Also, Royal Navy was still operational and whacking the Nazis even after Dunkirk.

  • zakstev
    zakstev Month ago

    The dullard Prince Andrew, not so very popular right now, is linked to Epstein and Clinton.

    • Claude
      Claude Month ago

      get a life lunatic loser

  • timothy lines
    timothy lines Month ago

    the inbred still own us.

  • JiminyPopapill
    JiminyPopapill Month ago

    I wonder did they ever sail to Little Saint James?

  • Guitar George
    Guitar George Month ago

    Nice! Love Naval history. And damn, Nelson was a badass! Lost vision, disabled arm from a prior musket ball. And yet he's still on the front lines right up to the very end!

  • TJW595
    TJW595 Month ago

    I must say that when i clicked on this video i wasn't expecting the narration to be done by a member of the royal family.

    • Autodidact2
      Autodidact2 19 days ago

      ... especially not one accused of fucking 14-year-old girls on the late Jeffrey Epstein's Caribbian island!

  • Tom Colins
    Tom Colins Month ago

    Sadly, after all these heroic battles Great Britain is being invaded by stealth through immigration.

    • Pompytwo
      Pompytwo Month ago

      Utter tosh. Such far right wing propaganda is the stuff of Russian troll farms where the current virtual war is being waged. Britain knows how to ignore such utter rubbish echoing the rhetoric of the Third Reich during the 20th Century.

  • brian trend
    brian trend Month ago

    yeah and Nelson lived in Wimbledon (now part of Londons' zone 3) an I lived in Wimbledon so that makes me famous. bloody impressive1, girls interested can call me I'm available....call me....

    • brian trend
      brian trend Month ago

      and I have cool surfboard board but theres no waves in the English channel bummer

  • Senor limpio
    Senor limpio Month ago

    Briddish? who are the Briddish? there is no D in BRITISH

  • pat
    pat Month ago

    he looks like he did in the photo with his underage prostitute . smile scumbag.

  • TheFlapJack_123
    TheFlapJack_123 Month ago


  • Gary Tarr
    Gary Tarr Month ago

    Ahh Randy Andy , friend of Jeffrey Epstein , pedophile who committed suicide because he knew too much !!!

  • matthew smith
    matthew smith Month ago

    I cant be fucked with cunts that say England when they mean Britain.

  • Scottie Barnes
    Scottie Barnes Month ago

    Who’s this guy doing the voice?!

  • Rupert Rozells
    Rupert Rozells Month ago

    The British navy indeed ruled the waves under the many competent, brave & patriotic admirals & their admirable crew. Lord Nelson was one of the best & heroic masters of the 7 Seas. Most interesting documentary of the British Navy.

  • Dr Dogma
    Dr Dogma Month ago

    germany have been the ever better army . sailor . they have a empire of white people . not african colonies

  • Socairnone
    Socairnone Month ago

    Enjoyable documentary pity it was not british narrator and to be honest an insult to the royal navy to allow that much less than honourable royal german parasite andrew to have any part in it.

  • Andrew Lennon
    Andrew Lennon Month ago

    Is the Battle of the Nile not worth a mention ?

  • samain11
    samain11 Month ago

    The only Navy that seriously embarrassed and influenced the Royal Navy was the new American navy which was of course only one generation away from being English.

  • Andrew Cox
    Andrew Cox Month ago

    All jail the Mary rose11

  • Stan Ogdons stuntman

    Prince Andrew is such a twat

  • Murmurations
    Murmurations Month ago

    Before you ask (or assume), no, not Trump, but Maarten Harpertszoon (van) Tromp. No charge.

  • Bullettube
    Bullettube Month ago

    Where was Commodore Chris Parry educated? On Mars? The USS Constitution was not a "cut down battleship" but a completely new design by Joshua Humphreys who was inspired by the designs of a French Naval engineer; Jacques Boux. If he had studied the history of ship building he would have known this! Old "ironsides" was fast and powerful, and defeated several British frigates during the war of 1812. Her design convinced the Royal Navy to design better frigates with more gun power. The Royal Navy was, until the Dreadnought, not known for innovation, instead they waited until their competitors built better ships, such as the design of the HMS Warrior in response to the French Gloire. To me, the British always seem to muddle along until they are in desperate peril before acting decisively. Kind of like what they are doing now with Brexit.

    • Bullettube
      Bullettube Month ago

      @Paul Langford Quite a few British 74s were cut down to 50 guns or less to extend their life. I read in the book "The Black Fleet" that one reason for this was because they sagged for the lack of diagonal support. No British cut down 74s existed until after the Napoleonic wars. The excuse of a cut down battleship was later popularized after the war. The fact remains, despite your wishful thinking, the Royal Navy has been defeated only twice in it's history, and that was by America. Your only consolation is that since America was colonized by the British, you defeated yourselves.

    • Paul Langford
      Paul Langford Month ago

      That's right: a completely new design, based on a "cut down battleship". It didn't have the multiple gun decks, but used the large cannon.

  • Paco Xispa
    Paco Xispa Month ago

    The Action of 9 August 1780 was a naval engagement of the American Revolutionary War in which the main Spanish fleet led by Admiral Luis de Córdova y Córdova, together with a squadron of French ships, captured a heavy British convoy of sixty-three vessels causing a severe blow to the commerce of Great Britain. military.wikia.org/wiki/Action_of_9_August_1780

  • Paco Xispa
    Paco Xispa Month ago

    Siesta time😆

  • Paco Xispa
    Paco Xispa Month ago

    Blas de Lezo and The Defeat of Edward Vernon’s Invincible British Armada in Cartagena de Indias www.domingosenise.com/book-summaries/blas-de-lezo-and-the-defeat-of-edward-vernons-invincible-british-armada-in-cartagena-de-indias.html

  • Paco Xispa
    Paco Xispa Month ago

    The English Armada The Greatest Naval Disaster in English History www.bloomsbury.com/uk/the-english-armada-9781350019416/

  • Paco Xispa
    Paco Xispa Month ago

    The Defeat of Nelson at the Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 1797 etenerifeholidays.co.uk/tenerife-island/history/the-defeat-of-nelson-at-the-battle-of-santa-cruz-de-tenerife-1797

  • Paco Xispa
    Paco Xispa Month ago

    The U.S. Senate has just given the OK to hang on its walls a portrait of Bernardo de Galvez. Who? Bernardo de Galvez, the cheerful and humble Spaniard who was Governor of Louisiana, Viceroy of New Spain, Commander in Chief of the Caribbean fleet, which included the French navy, and one of the biggest heroes of the American Revolutionary War. Never heard about him? www.google.com/amp/s/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/5618526/amp

  • Paco Xispa
    Paco Xispa Month ago

    THE MANILA GALLEON - THE SPANISH TRADE ROUTE THAT LINKED THREE CONTINENTS FOR 250 YEARS www.andresurdaneta.org/urdaneta500/de/the-manila-galleon-the-spanish-trade-route-that-linked-three-continents.asp?cod=2352&nombre=2352&nodo=&sesion=1347

  • Paco Xispa
    Paco Xispa Month ago

    Spain as the first global empire www.cambridge.org/core/books/concise-history-of-spain/spain-as-the-first-global-empire/F7B8F313785D9617BA12636F41696996#

  • Paco Xispa
    Paco Xispa Month ago

    A mustang is a free-roaming horse of the Western United States, descended from horses brought to the Americas by the Spanish. Mustangs are often referred to as wild horses, but because they are descended from once-domesticated horses, they are defined as feral horses. Wikipedia

  • Paco Xispa
    Paco Xispa Month ago

    Get started SpainInTheUSA From Menorca to America: 200 years of Farragut David Farragut, one of the most famous U.S. Civil War leaders was actually the son of a Spanish immigrant, George Farragut, who fought in the U.S. Revolutionary War. This year we commemorate 200 years of their legacy. blog.spainintheusa.org/from-menorca-to-america-200-years-of-farragut-4f83871e14c9

  • Paco Xispa
    Paco Xispa Month ago

    The cowboy has deep historic roots tracing back to Spain and the earliest European settlers of the Americas en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cowboy#Spanish_roots

  • Paco Xispa
    Paco Xispa Month ago

    WELCOME TO ST. AUGUSTINE, AMERICA'S OLDEST CITY If you're looking for history, culture and a few days of magic, come visit historic St. Augustine that has earned its reputation of being the oldest city in America.(Spanish,no english) www.visitflorida.com/en-us/cities/st-augustine/welcome-to-americas-oldest-city.html

  • Paco Xispa
    Paco Xispa Month ago

    THE ORIGIN OF THE DOLLAR From the Spanish dollar to the US dollar Between the 16th and 18th centuries, the real, a Spanish silver coin, was the currency of reference for world trade. The English in the American colonies called it the 'Spanish dollar' and ended by adopting it as their ownThere are many words that enclose fascinating stories, and dollar is one. It has grown and evolved since its birth in witness to and as a reflection of the progress of humanity. www.iberdrola.com/culture/spanish-dollar

  • Ace The Mace Siyam

    Oh look it’s pedophile Prince Andrew

  • Daniel Ernest
    Daniel Ernest Month ago

    Great documentary! If Nelson hadn't insisted on wearing his full dress uniform complete with decorations, he might well have survived the battle. When he was being taken down below, he instructed that his face be covered with a handkerchief, lest his men lose heart upon seeing him wounded. A true hero and a tactical genius who looked after his men, but should perhaps have had a little more regard for his own personal safety!

  • phil gibbs
    phil gibbs Month ago

    Shit its Epsteins best buddy.

  • taggartlawfirm
    taggartlawfirm Month ago

    PAX Brittanica, the pox Brittanica was something totally different.

  • taggartlawfirm
    taggartlawfirm Month ago

    “Sought out the drug trade...” ???? The Royal Navy went to war with China to force the Chinese to allow the British to sell opium to China. A bit of irony.

    • 齋華魏
      齋華魏 Month ago

      I think they meant that Britain wanted in, knew of opium growth west of Europe, but had to sail over there first. Ships to move the drug and/or enforce the purchase by China.

  • Michael Airley
    Michael Airley Month ago

    Why is there a child abuser doing an intro to this video?

  • 51WCDodge
    51WCDodge Month ago

    Jellicoe was lambasted mainly by Beatty, who playing the 'Cavalary man', he did foxhunt a lot and was considered an odious man, by charging in with his Battle crusier force getting the crap shot out of him, and running away. Not even bothering to signal Jellicoe where the enemy was. Jellicoe achived his stratigic mission and his orders, The German High Seas fleet was neautralised, and the Home Fleet was intact. A ship in harbour is no threat to you and a drain on your enemies rescourses. Most of the civil unrest in Germany during 1918 wa sstarted by the German Navy.

  • Joe Soap
    Joe Soap Month ago

    It must have been the Britsh experience in India that convinced them use 'turbans'.

  • Peter Day
    Peter Day Month ago

    The comments of the public have a penchant for weak comedy and nonsensical remarks.

  • worddunlap
    worddunlap Month ago

    "Tickle your arse with a feather, sir?" Lord Nelson's cabin boy lovingly asked...

  • Samuel Davidson
    Samuel Davidson Month ago

    Who got this stupid American to do the voice over? It undermines the awesomeness of the subject to be constantly bombarded with his poor grip of English.

  • Mark Mark
    Mark Mark Month ago

    rofl...andy has finally found a use for himself...a youtuber :)))

  • Xavier Andrade
    Xavier Andrade Month ago

    The English channel is only called like that in English.

    • OK! But then again.
      OK! But then again. Month ago

      Andrade.. Yet is recognised Internationally as the English channel.

  • Mr. Ken
    Mr. Ken Month ago

    This is too fuzzy to watch.

  • Plight_of_Icarus
    Plight_of_Icarus Month ago

    One thing I learned by watching this video. It is better for the British to be seen as incompetent, than weak...

  • Steve Dee
    Steve Dee Month ago

    Lord Nelson was my childhood hero the greatest man that Britain has ever produced in my opinion thanks to him we was never invaded by the French and Raleigh ✋ stopped the Spanish but iff I had to choose which one was better than the other it would be Nelson all day long have a good en everyone Stevie

  • polygamous1 Sozou

    Yet the most majestic ships ever to sail the seas will always be the old wooden ships of he RN still the most beautiful ships ever made

    • Oliver Smith
      Oliver Smith Month ago

      @RicTic66 Arghhhh!

    • RicTic66
      RicTic66 Month ago

      @Oliver Smith Arghhhh! Ye shivered me timbers there ship mate. No time for lilly, livered lubbers. Avast ye scurvy dogs and let us plunder and pillage all who would have us swinging at execution dock. I love being a pirate 😊

    • Oliver Smith
      Oliver Smith Month ago

      Oh they were indeed. Especially when pirates ran them and the whole crew enjoyed the finer quarters! Arggggh!

  • jesse holmes
    jesse holmes Month ago

    To this day steam powers our lives. Turbinia led the way.we have harnessed the power of the atom, yet we still use steam. I hope the next-generation finds a peaceful way to take us to the stars

  • jesse holmes
    jesse holmes Month ago

    I enjoyed this history lesson