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Kelsey Impicciche
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  • William Thao
    William Thao 5 seconds ago

    Haha! I honestly thought that question was gonna be ignored...haha!

  • Kait Rothfuss
    Kait Rothfuss Hour ago

    My dog does the same thing after a bath.

  • Kait Rothfuss
    Kait Rothfuss Hour ago

    He’s soooooooo cute. At least he knows how to get out of his toy box. My dog doesn’t know how to get out of a box.

  • Holly Moonvalley
    Holly Moonvalley 4 hours ago

    U should play star stable online

  • mindyharan
    mindyharan 8 hours ago

    Before she finished her sentence I was like WHAT THE FLAP when she said I'll try a smaller bowl

  • Geraldine şϻίţħ
    Geraldine şϻίţħ 12 hours ago

    Can we all just appreciate how beautiful kelsey is!! (And chewie).... And girl own your choices they're yours not ours if we don't like such a little detail like virtual haircolor then that's our loss not yours! You do you boo-boo! Also I love your goal of becoming an online sensation like Jacky boy and Markimoo! You're already such an amazing character that I believe that you can achieve this goal

  • Elizabeth Beemiller
    Elizabeth Beemiller 13 hours ago

    my name elizabeth j

  • argella1300
    argella1300 15 hours ago

    Good choice with the zucchini flower appetizer. Those are one of my favorite summer dishes

  • Gold Dove
    Gold Dove 16 hours ago

    Why does she look like Betty from riverdale 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Saniyana Grant
    Saniyana Grant 17 hours ago

    I literally screamed when I found out kelsey in bitlife is born on my exact birthay

  • akacreamette
    akacreamette 18 hours ago

    I would love to try all of these. Look soooo good!

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 18 hours ago

    Dark souls 3

  • Olivia Kosel
    Olivia Kosel 20 hours ago


  • Liliana Munchkin
    Liliana Munchkin 21 hour ago

    I’m in Rome too and I believe you fell into very expensive tourist traps ☹️

  • divya259
    divya259 22 hours ago

    Chewie is such a darling! I am getting a goldi/labra doodle soon, fingers crossed! Chewie videos make me more certain about my decision :)

  • Floriansis
    Floriansis 23 hours ago

    Brendon Urie and Mona Lisa

  • Chrys D
    Chrys D 23 hours ago

    I honestly think she’d be the one to date Caleb Finn🤪

  • Maria Alejandra Guerrero Monsalve

    You remind me soooo much of Star from star vs the forces of evil !

  • rita
    rita Day ago

    The cake sounds like POP Tarte to me . :)

  • Tungstens Mum
    Tungstens Mum Day ago

    Now we just need that box of Reese's Puffs to drown and we've got 100 baby challenge.

  • Zam Dd
    Zam Dd Day ago

    It's October 20th!!!

  • Lily Schwartz
    Lily Schwartz Day ago

    Me: food food. 10 min later food 10 m9n food

  • Lily Schwartz
    Lily Schwartz Day ago

    I me you

  • Lily Schwartz
    Lily Schwartz Day ago

    It takes me 2 hours to do my makeup it takes my younger sister who is 14. 15 min to do her makeup I'm 16 . I love you Sososososososososossosososososososo

  • Lily Schwartz
    Lily Schwartz Day ago

    Is any one else here single cause I am single Single qs a pregal .hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Creepy Avocado

    No body:👽 Literally nobody:👽 Me:Did she ever finish it?!👽

  • Kaitlyn Roozen

    I have a new puppy too!

  • Antonette Gutierrez

    I like Alex too

  • Richard Watson

    If Conan can try World of Warcraft, you can too

  • Rebecca Page
    Rebecca Page Day ago

    love you

  • Vanessa Antillon

    The tiny cannoli killed me 😂

  • Captain America

    I wouldn’t let a Fredo decide anything.

  • Taylo Re
    Taylo Re Day ago

    I want one. 🤩

  • Addi Pavliscak

    in the one 100 baby challenge can you name a girl adrianna or a boy corbyn

  • Autonomous Prime ASMR

    100+ options yet very few stores carry the best one ever. Post Honey O’s.

  • Elena and Carter Paulsen

    I have had tiramisu and it is my absolute favourite

  • xLin
    xLin Day ago

    If you ever come to Germany you could life on bread and never eat the same sort for like 2 weeks +

  • CrystalQueenOof
    CrystalQueenOof 2 days ago

    I WOULD NOT DO THIS im the very picky I am also veg

  • Indiana Jones
    Indiana Jones 2 days ago

    Cochestooms lol

  • marshmesarow
    marshmesarow 2 days ago

    LMAOO I saw u irl yesterday at skating

  • JaneBluff
    JaneBluff 2 days ago

    Spotted the Arte Profumi store in the background. Love Sucre Noir. That scent is so good!

  • Sabrina Asciutto
    Sabrina Asciutto 2 days ago

    to be honest the only real italian meal you had was the lunch. italian breakfast is usually only sweet: pastries, coffee/cappuccino, fruit or yogurt/milk with cereals. the last restaurant was more a show off than a real italian dinner experience.

  • Turtle Williams
    Turtle Williams 2 days ago

    Next time u go take me with u lol

  • gabiluch87
    gabiluch87 2 days ago

    Impicciche Dad having affogatto for dessert is a mood..

  • gabiluch87
    gabiluch87 2 days ago

    I wouldn’t mind going about my day eating food recommended by italians

  • Anna Cronqvist
    Anna Cronqvist 2 days ago

    Kelsey literally drinking pure orange juice: what fruit is that? That's not just orange juice...

  • poke fan
    poke fan 2 days ago

    You talk too much you seem like a Gemini

  • Shahriar Iqbal Antor

    I want to visit usa just to meet you

  • Mr Egg potato
    Mr Egg potato 2 days ago

    Kelsey, I can help u insert caption Mmmm,mmm,delicious,mmm Mmm

  • Scott Nguyen
    Scott Nguyen 2 days ago

    How much did you pay?

  • Aina Sakeenah
    Aina Sakeenah 2 days ago

    Shouldnt watch this when I'm hungry..

  • Out_ Gamed
    Out_ Gamed 2 days ago

    I am a steampunk for Halloween

  • Cassidy Garrison
    Cassidy Garrison 2 days ago

    All my Hispanic classmates: "Mexican food is the best!" Then, they proceed to call me white and make fun of me Me: "IM ITALIAN AND HAVE YOU TRIED OUR FOOD?!" - Curses in Italian -

  • Austin So
    Austin So 2 days ago

    You should go on worth it lol your reaction is priceless

  • Chloe And Nevaeh
    Chloe And Nevaeh 2 days ago

    You would have to have 100 years being pregnant each year to get 100 kids if you’re female in bed lif you would have to have 100 years being pregnant each year to get 100 kids if you’re a female in bitlife

  • iamtheavocado
    iamtheavocado 2 days ago

    Italy seems so peaceful. Would like to visit in the future. BTW love this travel vlog. It makes me want to go there too which is what travel vlogs should definitely be this days. You should do more ♡ Love from PH

  • Lizette Garcia
    Lizette Garcia 2 days ago

    The depth of appreciation in your facial expressions with every good bite is everything <3

  • mezlabor
    mezlabor 2 days ago

    Its October 18th you have 2 more days to get a BF lol.

  • K B
    K B 2 days ago

    Wish I had your life. Growing with every experience. Love you Kelsey!!!😍

  • mdlay
    mdlay 2 days ago

    Yeah, but can you ever really go wrong with italian food? I think not

  • Pig Head
    Pig Head 2 days ago

    If I were working somewhere and they asked for a recommendation, I would reccomend the must expensive meal😂😂😂

  • janesya
    janesya 2 days ago

    One of fav moments.. 3:00 Kelsey's dad: 'So, you'll let them pick anything?' Kelsey: 'Yeah!' Kelsey's dad: 'You'll eat brain?' Kelsey: 'If they pick it for me I'll eat brain.' Kelsey's dad: *shakes head while looking cool with sunglasses* Kelsey: 'So judgy.. hahaha..'

  • Tudy Ranza
    Tudy Ranza 2 days ago

    Oh mio God! Italyyy!🇮🇹 I'm Italian! I'm glad you liked Italian food ;-) Next time Venice😍.... I can take you around the city😂😜

  • Danielle Merasty
    Danielle Merasty 2 days ago

    HAHA shes giving the "Mark Wiens" eyes (youtube food enthusiast) :p

  • Danielle Krongold
    Danielle Krongold 2 days ago

    I got go so hungry watching this anyone else..... just me??

  • Thirza Schoenmakers

    the people from tiktok know who I was thinking of at 6:43

  • Christian Hater
    Christian Hater 2 days ago

    I wonder how much footage goes into one 15-minute episode of this?

  • NaTaLiE343
    NaTaLiE343 2 days ago

    Everything looks sooooo goood

  • lola pats
    lola pats 2 days ago

    lol, word of the week. now we know from where is the idea of the face of the day

  • Sofia Fallone
    Sofia Fallone 2 days ago

    aren"t adults to old 2 go trick or treating

  • Ella Burrowes
    Ella Burrowes 2 days ago

    omg I'm going to Rome tomorrow that's so cool!! love u btw xx