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  • Ricky Ostrom
    Ricky Ostrom Hour ago

    Just 3 years! How about 1 year per card.

  • M M
    M M Hour ago

    In prison he'll be a princess!

  • Douglas bunn
    Douglas bunn 2 hours ago

    Probation can't add time only a judge can. Tax dollars already pay court cost why should she have to pay them twice??

  • Megan B
    Megan B 3 hours ago

    In my country, England, this would not happen. The father is, shock horror, fat and they are a different race. It would be thought better the children were split up in care than kept as a family!

  • Joe Nelson
    Joe Nelson 3 hours ago

    Karma wins every time

  • Why Me
    Why Me 4 hours ago

    So now we are back to African American judges, huh I thought they were just judges. Like the actor Sidney Poitier said "you think of yourself as a colored man, I think of myself as a man".

  • Damien Chance
    Damien Chance 6 hours ago

    Why would you do that glen????? You should have been a good father to your daughter

  • Damien Chance
    Damien Chance 6 hours ago

    What wrong with these parents now and days... they're never take care of these kids.

  • Damien Chance
    Damien Chance 6 hours ago

    I believe the man said the word "piss" on camera

  • E Rayburn
    E Rayburn 6 hours ago

    "I can't breathe" ... "I NEED air!" Wahhh! Cry me a river a$$hole. You made that bed, now you can lay in it...🤬 Ridiculous!!

  • Moddie Seven
    Moddie Seven 6 hours ago

    Thank you to that Resource Officer on duty at one of the girl's school that listened to her and helped her and her sister(s) get the justice they deserve to start the healing process. Those parents disgust me!

  • Emily Barrett
    Emily Barrett 6 hours ago

    And now she was found innocent

  • B C
    B C 6 hours ago

    Fake news

  • Frances Welch
    Frances Welch 7 hours ago

    I feel she is guilty. didn't want a baby an didn't want anyone to know.... She is a sick girl needs help.. I

  • Frances Welch
    Frances Welch 7 hours ago

    I feel she is guilty. didn't want a baby an didn't want anyone to know.... She is a sick girl needs help..

  • Sak battezone
    Sak battezone 7 hours ago

    And that how bullying is caused

  • Brent Delong
    Brent Delong 8 hours ago

    Hail to the king, Baby.

  • Matt Kelly
    Matt Kelly 8 hours ago

    This DIPG is no joke we gotta get together as a nation on this a stop it whatever it takes

  • Septara
    Septara 8 hours ago

    65% of the knowledge we learn in school we never use when we leave school. The lunches are horrible, the teachers don’t take care of the students, the nurse just gives you an ice pack and says “oh, you’ll be fine.”, the teachers watch you like hawks and scold you over nothing, they say you and your classmates are like family, but our classmate are more like our fellow inmates in a prison. They don’t care about how the students feel, as long as the teachers get paid that’s all that matters. And when a student hurts themselves and they go to a guidance counselor, they don’t care. They just call your parents and talk bullshit. When a student kills themselves, they do everything possible to stop them from getting the blame, for their reputation. The school doesn’t give a damn about the students, as long as they aren’t losing reputation they don’t care. As long as they’re getting paid they don’t care. My school always says how we have the lowest bullying reports in the county, but that’s just because nobody reports it. They’re too scared to speak up. We may have low reports of bullying, but our school is full of bullies. Everyday I see someone being harassed or being insulted by another student. Whether it be the lunch line, homeroom, the bathroom.. it’s everywhere. All of these students don’t just kill themselves for no reason, the school can blame it on other reasons, but we all know the school and the students had some part in the death... and unfortunately, the only people who can explain why they chose to end it all aren’t here..

  • Arav Bhatt
    Arav Bhatt 9 hours ago

    pussy steelers fans

    WAYNE O 9 hours ago


  • bill vernatter
    bill vernatter 10 hours ago

    That's mt healthy genius

  • John Smith
    John Smith 10 hours ago

    Seems like she keeps making it worse and worse on herself, admittal & remorse go a long way

  • Dave Sackenheim
    Dave Sackenheim 11 hours ago

    I already don't buy anything in Cincinnati because they're freaking tax... Cincinnati voters voted down... Let Metro go into the bottom where it needs to be

  • Aila Ross
    Aila Ross 11 hours ago

    And of course this school is the "Home of the Indians". But I guess they're not ready for that conversation either

  • Lucas Comer
    Lucas Comer 11 hours ago

    Hey is that my 6th grade teacher?

  • Da'Quan Robinson
    Da'Quan Robinson 12 hours ago

    Those kids needs to be punished

  • Canadian Patriot
    Canadian Patriot 12 hours ago

    Poor woman minding her own business gets killed by some @ssholes stray bullet he popped off because he's a coward and it's the only ammunition in his intellectual arsenal was a gun.....smh.

  • Molly White
    Molly White 12 hours ago

    There animals

  • Scr3n74pR
    Scr3n74pR 12 hours ago

    Good riddance.

  • Naya Zaika
    Naya Zaika 13 hours ago

    Wow nice 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Gene jordan
    Gene jordan 13 hours ago

    that's a young woman who is incredible! i'd have trouble smiling for decades, if ever. amazing

  • Rudy Lerma jr
    Rudy Lerma jr 13 hours ago

    He's no good

  • Rudy Lerma jr
    Rudy Lerma jr 13 hours ago

    He needs to get beat down

  • Rudy Lerma jr
    Rudy Lerma jr 13 hours ago

    That is bad ass

  • Celeste Leon
    Celeste Leon 14 hours ago


  • Mossy Creek
    Mossy Creek 14 hours ago

    I cant st and when people who are evil use and disrespect The holy trinity's righteousness to manipulate.


    This is amazing! Side note First to watch and like.😂

  • taylor Merriweather
    taylor Merriweather 15 hours ago

    Give a 45 and life to prison that's just Bull

  • H2 Waffles
    H2 Waffles 16 hours ago

    Good riddance.

  • Adrienne Lipp
    Adrienne Lipp 16 hours ago

    Fuck this!! How is she not guilty, you literally killed an innocent child. Your own child. She should have gone to prison for life. How can anyone just kill a little thing like that. Maybe you should of thought of an abortion or adoption.

  • ItsTracy
    ItsTracy 17 hours ago

    Omg love the dad!!

  • Gerard C
    Gerard C 19 hours ago

    why americans drive so slow ?

  • Jeremy Anderson
    Jeremy Anderson 19 hours ago

    Judge finding out the hard way what it feels like to be a victim of our system.

  • Charnte W2
    Charnte W2 19 hours ago

    As the song goes: "What the world needs now is love sweet love, it's the only thing that there isn't a enough of!" Bless and protect this family!

  • Fragrant Cane
    Fragrant Cane 19 hours ago

    Lol Anderson whiteskins it sounds about white

    G MAN AWESOME 20 hours ago


  • Florence Ferdinand
    Florence Ferdinand 21 hour ago

    How you defile a corpse and still get not guilty I forgot it applies to white girls.nobody told her fast ass to get pregnant and I bet you in a couple she be preggo again..little fast ass had options.

  • Juul Clark
    Juul Clark 22 hours ago


  • Arma Lol
    Arma Lol Day ago

    i would still fuck her. she's cute

  • Martin
    Martin Day ago

    Yeah he’s going to die, a pretty violent death. Serves right, mother deserves the same energy.

  • Tammy Shuttleworth


  • Paul Shanahan
    Paul Shanahan Day ago

    Hopefully the Booty Bandit will pay him nightly visits to his cell.

  • Jordan Scheurer

    Throw that fucker in prison and through away the key

  • ramnod1
    ramnod1 Day ago

    He just said “ why you don’t help me” WTF , you just ruined two lives in the other car you sir are a scumbag I hope you fucking rot in hell!!!!!!

  • peter olsen
    peter olsen Day ago

    Religion, the last refuge of scoundrels.

  • Zach Challis
    Zach Challis Day ago

    If you dont likeit then why are you living there.

  • I confess Jesus Christ as my Lord & Saviour

    Praying for this poor woman! 🙀🤗😢

  • Diana Martiniuc-cameron

    Disguising creep. You are not the child of God, nor is he your maker! You are the devils child.

  • Diana Cooper
    Diana Cooper Day ago

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  • Freddy Wop
    Freddy Wop Day ago

    What a bozo 😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Xeno GearsX
    Xeno GearsX Day ago

    This is too sad sorry😔😔😔

  • Fragrant Cane
    Fragrant Cane Day ago

    Sounds about white💊💉😂😳😰🤢😵

  • Princess Adams

    “Testing showed that baby was born alive” wow

    • Princess Adams
      Princess Adams Day ago

      Now all of a sudden the baby was not born alive interesting🤔

  • Marg Courrier
    Marg Courrier Day ago

    Scary as hell this could even happen

  • James Cox
    James Cox Day ago

    Test drove one last week they are complete shit transmission is garbage feels like a toy or go kart I bought a Cadillac and haven't had an issue but a tire pressure monitor system

  • Canadian Patriot

    she's like durrr!... what was that?

  • Anwar Crutchfield

    Genocidal maniac..

  • The End Begins

    "We're losing generations"

  • H2 Waffles
    H2 Waffles Day ago

    When it gets shot up don't blame anyone but yourselves Kroger.

  • Patrick Baptist

    She should have to pay in the millions, dirty rotten judges are worse than the pigs.

  • PrisonEarth
    PrisonEarth Day ago

    And maybe stop giving them drugs that make them suicidal. If anti depressants actually did anything why would the suicide rate skyrocket?

  • Matt Kelly
    Matt Kelly Day ago

    It amazes me this can happen, we need to in her name, and all children that have perished due to this, we need to find a cure not a treatment but a cure. Children of any age do not deserve to die like this. My heart goes out to this family.

  • Candi Cane
    Candi Cane Day ago

    These are not people. They are demons

  • Fragrant Cane
    Fragrant Cane Day ago

    Sounds about white💊💉😂😳😰🤢😵

  • Luis Hernandez

    I lost my Sheltie Casper after 17 years in 2018, I'm looking to adopt

  • Anon Anon
    Anon Anon Day ago

    We also learned how the prosecutor lied. Baby was never burned!

  • Odin31b
    Odin31b Day ago

    How are they able to reverse transactions? Why do banks allow that?

  • carl lagle
    carl lagle Day ago

    Nigga please ! Do your time !

  • Boris Johnson
    Boris Johnson Day ago


  • carl lagle
    carl lagle Day ago

    Nigga please !

  • mikerafone music

    Are you kidding me???!!!

  • SurfK9
    SurfK9 Day ago

    All this guy has to do is "come to Jesus" and he'll go to heaven. Damn ,religion is some f'ed up shit.

  • John Sanabria
    John Sanabria Day ago

    Ppl start hoarding at a certain age they feel I think to not let go

  • Alan C
    Alan C Day ago

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  • Rob Ralph
    Rob Ralph Day ago

    I guess trump just lost two of his loyal supporters.lol

  • Jamie E
    Jamie E Day ago

    Just another example of not raising a properly. Society is as responsible for this as the parents. And the moral depravity keeps marching forward.......

  • Benjamin Sandoval

    Watched the trial and the Prosecution did not Prove By The Preponderance of the Evidence that the Baby was Born alive, therefore she was convicted of Abuse of a Corpse and sentenced to 3 years probation and 7 days in jail with time served .

  • Smokey Encounters

    Cop: "Uh she's a cute.." (Shows picture of golem)

  • Devonta Birden

    Feel her on this, never sign a blank check

  • Smokey Encounters
    Smokey Encounters 2 days ago

    Dear lord jesus please god in magic heaven please fuck my hairy butthole amen.

  • Sgt Rock 68
    Sgt Rock 68 2 days ago

    "Pay ALL court cost". Doesn't matter what the number is. Also doesn't matter if you refuse to pay, you're gonna pay. She acts like she's never been in a courtroom before. Everything that's happened to her was self inflicted. I remember when I was like that, then I got out of high school and had to act like a grown up.

  • Anna Kontogonis
    Anna Kontogonis 2 days ago

    Prison guards lock them both in solitary confinment starve them for 2 years strap them to beds tourcher them make them be beside insane violent inmates that yell scream bang exc with those lights on 24 seven than let them be beaten and raped by the most the craziest violent inmates you have in those prisons make them suffer long and slow into decent into madness than let them suffer in hell where they will be for enternity but make it slow and painful everyday and night by any means necessary those poor girls sick wow

  • Nancy Tran
    Nancy Tran 2 days ago

    He should keep doing squats so he can get his booty hole ready for his new friends in prison.

  • Chewy Prather
    Chewy Prather 2 days ago


  • Dwi Perwira
    Dwi Perwira 2 days ago

    had my TCM replaced by warranty on 39k mile, hope FORD WORLD WIDE gives 100k mile/7 years warranty program especially on Focus & Fiesta in my Country Indonesia....sad if it don't....only hope that my new replacement doesn't messed up again when iit reach up to 200k Mile

  • Ashley Olivares
    Ashley Olivares 2 days ago

    Why does she looks like someone familiar.....

    VIOLENT BREED 2 days ago

    If a slumlord buys and rents it out to someone it’s perfectly fine right

  • Mike Vande Berg
    Mike Vande Berg 2 days ago

    Get off your knees sir, you'll be doing plenty of that in jail.

  • Logan malough
    Logan malough 2 days ago

    What a bunch of douchebags! No masks, no self awareness, no brains!