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  • Ishag Shafeeg
    Ishag Shafeeg Year ago


  • Phillip Jackson
    Phillip Jackson 2 years ago

    Really nice music, great atmospherics! I have put together a few Tolkien inspired acoustic tunes myself at

  • devonte lowe
    devonte lowe 2 years ago


    • ComposerJonathanPeters
      ComposerJonathanPeters 2 years ago

      The chromatic scale has been associated with circus music since the early 1900's when a piece called "Entrance of the Gladiators" by Czech composer Julius Fučík became popular and was used to introduce the clowns.

  • RyanHannaMusic
    RyanHannaMusic 3 years ago

    im watching your composition lessons, i examined one of my songs melodys and found that i used both conjunct and disjunct melody, and it is both ascending and decending. i have learned something valuable, thank you!

  • The World of Middle-earth

    Very good indeed! Thank you for sharing this.

  • LifeLoveDreamMusic
    LifeLoveDreamMusic 3 years ago

    OMG Cirith Ungol is so well done! I almost feel spiders creeping on my back!

  • McGigi666
    McGigi666 6 years ago

    oh, you meant anything, but with restrictions. i see...

  • Gizlivadi
    Gizlivadi 6 years ago

    I've started re-reading Tolkien and not really his main works, but the compiled stuff edited by his son (Book of Lost Tales, History of Middle Earth, etc). Honestly I had not known how much and how beautiful things were hidden in these. You should all give The Lost Road a read.

  • McGigi666
    McGigi666 6 years ago

    believing "in anything" sounds very dumb.

  • Maria Stan
    Maria Stan 6 years ago

    I agree with you, but I don't believe that there will be anybody as good as he was.

  • eevie
    eevie 6 years ago

    The eternal NOW that we are all aspiring to. :)

  • Silivreniel
    Silivreniel 6 years ago

    This song is so beautiful and the pictures are good too.

  • Idalina Valoroso Barros

    Loved it thank you

  • Hugh Black
    Hugh Black 7 years ago

    If i had to die, i would want to listen to this song

  • Louise Hampson
    Louise Hampson 7 years ago

    This is the most amazingly beautiful music in the world

  • xsailor85
    xsailor85 7 years ago

    This is what Heaven must sound like.

  • ComposerJonathanPeters

    @theo9754 The flute represents Andromeda.

  • Javier Vega Bravo
    Javier Vega Bravo 7 years ago

    @DesdemonaShelley o another one. But its a spanish author, i dont know if you can get it "The sword of fire" Author: Javier Negrete (first book fine, second book a little wired)

  • Javier Vega Bravo
    Javier Vega Bravo 7 years ago

    @DesdemonaShelley Ursula Le Guin --- Margareth Weiss The Sword of Joram (only the two first books) --- Patrick Rothfuss (The name of the wind) George R.R. Martin (A Game of Thrones). The Master of Fantastic Literature is until now Tolkien, but all this stories get close, straight ahead to the second position , and at least will give you a fine time. I am sure that you perhaps know another ones.

  • The Derp
    The Derp 8 years ago

    Tolkien's book was inspired by the suffering he and his friends felt in the brittish army during the world war the more you know

  • dimensions78
    dimensions78 8 years ago

    @seiistari im sorry to say but much is borrowed from the Scandinavian sagas, and our tales, im scandinavian

    • Robert Burrows
      Robert Burrows Month ago

      Sorrry but it is it’s very own work. And ties more to our older origins such as Atlantis and Lemuria. But no doubt as a scholar of many things. He was influenced by Finnish more and so on. But he did not make anything an allegory to anything else. 😛💕❤️🌸

  • Dimitra Benisi
    Dimitra Benisi 8 years ago

    amazing! Thank you

  • karyna pramesthi
    karyna pramesthi 8 years ago

    Tolkien is awesome! i now believe in existence of middle earth just he once believed!

  • Lee Roberts
    Lee Roberts 8 years ago

    1:25 to 2:00 sounds a lot like Zelda: Twilight Princess....if only there could be a Zelda movie as good as LOTR...

  • josie laperriere
    josie laperriere 8 years ago

    Just beautiful thank you for posting!!

  • endK
    endK 8 years ago

    love the lothlorien melody! magical!

  • TheBluebellMoon2
    TheBluebellMoon2 8 years ago

    can't wait to go to Milan to see this ...:)

  • Melane Darkholme
    Melane Darkholme 8 years ago

    @sand451 can you say his descriptions are dull? I mean, he notes every little detail, every motion and every feeling...Even though I haven't red the book from the prototype but from a greek translation, I was still amazed by his spirit! By no means he's boring or childish, but not everyone like the same type of "fairy tails", I suppose^^ But, hell yes, we do love him :)

  • Krinsen12
    Krinsen12 8 years ago

    Es increiblemente hermoso... J.R tolkien es un genio de la literatura, un autentico genio, ojalas y su obra nunca muera...

  • Malcolm van der Ziel

    @seiistari I have read the Silmarillion too, but I think one has to read it at least 10 times to take it all in.

  • UndercoverCracker
    UndercoverCracker 8 years ago

    @Tristus1007 Ummm that is a bit over board but he was a genius!

  • Stephen Dedalus
    Stephen Dedalus 8 years ago

    @sand451 I think that you cannot just divide art to authorship or story-telling, it's just art. And Tolkien was a great artist.

  • Bíborka
    Bíborka 8 years ago

    amazing (L)(L)(L)

  • Jimmy Mavros
    Jimmy Mavros 8 years ago

    hey guys, hate to be a ball breaker, but Tolkien is not a great author, but an amazing STORY TELLER! There is a great difference...Author is Steven King or Kazantzakis or Dostoyevski... Tolien came up with an incredible story that changed much....But he is not an author...He is boring, his descriptions are dull and most of them childish....Still we love him though, don't forget....

  • fire262
    fire262 8 years ago

    Frodo lives!

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 8 years ago

    @yoblyRTF Children of hurin was pretty damn reminded me of a Shakespeare tragedy kinda lol. I read somewhere that Tolkien actually based the character of Turin on a poem called Kalevala. I read about it, and it is very similar. With the whole sister thing, and a doomed fate.

    • Robert Burrows
      Robert Burrows Month ago

      Yes but it is it’s very own work that is not found any peer. And nor is there allegory or plagiarism in it. Sorry to say. But I can agree to your comment to an extent but he was not copying it.

  • Daniel Pedersen
    Daniel Pedersen 9 years ago

    dude. i love this soundtrack. nice inspiration! :D. 5/5 from here dude ;)

  • Malicant
    Malicant 9 years ago

    I've dozens of fantasy novels and whilst many have been brilliant, none have seemed as special as the LOTRs is. There is something about the world of LOTR that is supremely magical and special.

  • vdrs09
    vdrs09 9 years ago

    Tolkien for me is the best writer ever..

  • kezza140884
    kezza140884 9 years ago

    @RazielXXXXXX The eagles of the misty mountains were not under control simply to be ordered at a whim. They had intellect and a purpose in their own right and only appeared due to the long established link between Ghandalf and Gwaihir.

  • llewsedwod
    llewsedwod 9 years ago

    @seiistari Have you read Children of hurin? I read the blurb and it sounded pretty epic, Morgoth's in it.

  • Lythya
    Lythya 9 years ago

    @seiistari The most amazing thing is that Lord of the Rings has no plotholes.

  • Lythya
    Lythya 9 years ago

    True xD When I read the books, I was like "Omg, that's all different" xD

  • Lythya
    Lythya 9 years ago

    I'd say the movies are still very good. Actually, it was the fans there were most excited about the movies, because they were so proud of them. For once it seemed that having read the book BEFORE seeing the movie made you like the movie more. Which is a phenomenom xD

  • Lythya
    Lythya 9 years ago

    How beautiful.

  • George Meladze
    George Meladze 9 years ago

    By the way, sounds very much like some of the King Crimson's pieces! Very solemn and somehow sad. Reminds of the words said by the elves of Lorien: Our sadness is unending

  • Malcolm van der Ziel

    With 'Flower' it means 'Papaver Somniferum'.

  • angel003darkness
    angel003darkness 9 years ago

    wundervoll einfach unglublich...herrlich *schwärm*

  • schef75
    schef75 9 years ago

    Quite much better than the actual -and corny- score for the LOR movie.

  • SuperWolf3
    SuperWolf3 9 years ago

    Beautifull but Howard Shore's version is still far better...

  • CUTEGURL1000
    CUTEGURL1000 10 years ago

    I completely agree with your list, J.M Barrie (author of Peter Pan) is up there as well for sure.

  • LOTRlover100
    LOTRlover100 10 years ago

    That is just what I pictured when I read the book!!!

  • Maria Neerdorf
    Maria Neerdorf 10 years ago

    niphredi is a flower- it means snowdrop in english

  • Aragornsfavorite
    Aragornsfavorite 10 years ago

    @iamthedarklord1314 It's difficult to disassociate the original music and to grasp this in it's stead. This music is epic and is worthy of being associated with LOTR.

  • Joanne
    Joanne 10 years ago

    this isn't spam! it's a nice comment!

  • Ivanildo Assis
    Ivanildo Assis 10 years ago

    Música suave e tranquila, excelente para fazer meditação.

  • Rosseroni88
    Rosseroni88 10 years ago

    Lorien means Dreamland. Lothlorien is Land of Flower's Dreaming?

  • Astrid Istegal
    Astrid Istegal 10 years ago

    its absolutely beautiful beautifulideo.

  • Meta
    Meta 10 years ago

    "Frodo felt that he was in a timeless land that did not fade or change or fall into forgetfulness. When he had gone and passed again into the outer world, still Frodo the wanderer from the Shire would walk there, upon the grass among elanor and niphredil in fair Lothlórien." --a quote from the book.

  • Matthew Holt
    Matthew Holt 10 years ago

    I liked these songs so much i bought them off of iTunes:)

  • Matthew Holt
    Matthew Holt 10 years ago

    I love this song. Is there any more songs my this man on you tube?

  • Usmcspartan420
    Usmcspartan420 10 years ago

    The Formost,even today, I procliam...

  • Usmcspartan420
    Usmcspartan420 10 years ago

    Thw fire of John Tolkien was as similar(as not many ppl would guess)to the fire that he explained that was born in Feanor,his Inflamitory{but perhaps most noted character that had a small part but a great part,being created thrice as great as the most hardy persons in existance-of all who have ever been born.With J.R.R.Tolkien,I think,it was a similarity to his own veiw that his lifes work of Middle-Earth (ere and behond),of all the Tales of Elves and men,and thier tales,that he was a sage lord

  • ThiefOfTime01
    ThiefOfTime01 10 years ago

    Golden wood, or Dreamflower

  • ExcelsiorW
    ExcelsiorW 10 years ago

    Oooo lovely harpestry. I must teach myself that. Thanks for posting this!

  • WaterBlueFairy
    WaterBlueFairy 10 years ago

    Beautiful music...and your pics too!!!! 5*******

  • Jim S
    Jim S 10 years ago

    Lets not forget about John Howe though. ;)

  • Samanthaflower
    Samanthaflower 10 years ago


  • Annmarija
    Annmarija 10 years ago

    Beautiful music! Nice job, calaf5! :)

  • DontNeedToKnow84
    DontNeedToKnow84 10 years ago

    Elder Scrolls and almost every (if not all) fantasy video games in existence were inspired by the Lord of the Rings and Tolkien.

  • Sareth987
    Sareth987 10 years ago

    Tolkien rules forever

  • Saulo Fontoura
    Saulo Fontoura 10 years ago

    Fantastic Best artistic work to show th beauty of Lothlorien

  • NerdyBoy1104
    NerdyBoy1104 10 years ago

    no the elves are split into 3 main places Rivendell Lothlorien and Mirkwood

  • namekman01
    namekman01 10 years ago

    even the rivendel elves?

  • NerdyBoy1104
    NerdyBoy1104 10 years ago

    it is where galadriel and other elves live

  • namekman01
    namekman01 10 years ago

    dont hate me, but what is lothlorien, i forgot(sounds like i should know it)

  • eatswitheyes
    eatswitheyes 10 years ago

    Finally some music that sounds much like Lothlorien feels in my mind. Thanks for introducing me to this. Although the movies were good, I think the director missed the mark by depicting Galadriel with a twist of sinister, whereas when I read the book (repeatedly!) I saw her as angelic and her realm as heavenly.

  • hellspawn394
    hellspawn394 10 years ago

    1. Cover your mouth with you hand 2. Make a wish 3.Close your hand (fist) 4. Hold you hand at heart for 5 seconds 5. Send this to 3 more videos 6. Tommorrow will be the best day ever!

  • dubatuluk
    dubatuluk 10 years ago

    This is wonderful! It sounds more like I thought the Lorien part of the movie should have. I enjoyed this very much. Thank you for posting it! :)

  • PrussianWarrior
    PrussianWarrior 10 years ago

    Nice pictures, great music.

  • Malicant
    Malicant 10 years ago

    very inspiring stuff.

  • Sybil Vane
    Sybil Vane 10 years ago

    where u from??

  • ArtificiallyDense
    ArtificiallyDense 10 years ago

    Uh.. THe music is very good on it's own but personally it kinda ruins the music already associated with the movie. I am thinking that maybe because i have listened to the original one a lot. This music does not seem to be fitting after all that.

  • lovelyeveningstar
    lovelyeveningstar 10 years ago

    Absolutely what Tolkien wanted. I'm proud of Jonathan Peters that he created something so fitting with the story. If Tolkien would still live he also would have been proud.

  • banmate6
    banmate6 11 years ago

    Timeless. Infinite. Melodic. Beyond space and time. This is what the Elder Days were. This is what Lothlorien once was. Cheers, Mate

  • flerl78
    flerl78 11 years ago

    dreaming about trees and big big forests, sunshine and moonlight...beautyfull

  • Desni James
    Desni James 11 years ago

    Yes I had the same thing. I could listen to this for hours.

  • Emma8887
    Emma8887 11 years ago

    The music is timeless too :o I was listening and just watching the pics, with the idea I was listening it for hours... When I looked it was about 1 min.

  • Desni James
    Desni James 11 years ago

    I think the music really describes Lothlorien - peacefull, beautiful and magical.

  • MrJaBg
    MrJaBg 11 years ago

    Perfect. That's all I can say.

  • silriadys
    silriadys 11 years ago

    Its so beautiful, i want to cry when i listen this music. Tolkien is a geni^^

  • erroll77
    erroll77 11 years ago

    Great! Really worth watching.

  • Noah Matzen
    Noah Matzen 11 years ago

    Very nice

  • Shirin Hijab
    Shirin Hijab 11 years ago

    This music fits straight with the books!!!

  • Finny Basimalla
    Finny Basimalla 11 years ago

    lotr rock on

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  • Thomas Kinsey
    Thomas Kinsey 12 years ago

    such an amazing soundtrack to such an amazing book....thx 4 the upload

  • NewestNuma
    NewestNuma 12 years ago

    Beautiful 5 Stars NewestNuma

  • Simple Man
    Simple Man 12 years ago

    Awesome Video!!!!!Genious Soundtrack!!!!!Live Free and Rock on:)!!!!!