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  • Beast 509
    Beast 509 16 hours ago

    i was trying to see how i get hwid spoofer for fortnite can someone tell what am i watching now?

    BHAGYESH Day ago

    Mr robot

  • David Cantrell
    David Cantrell 3 days ago

    this is completely useless, thats great if your using the exact same pc that the attacker is using, but to do it remotley how? csrf is nothing but a phishing attack....

  • jmcr412
    jmcr412 3 days ago

    At 11:14 can that chat communication be sniffed or is it encrypted?

  • Ebenezer Owusu Afriyie

    when i try to connect to my SSID getting error cant connect. any idea why/

  • Slab TV
    Slab TV 4 days ago

    How do you root ur phone

  • Hostlyy
    Hostlyy 4 days ago

    When i port forward and i check it on can you see me it says thr port is closed its fucking annoying help me

  • James7
    James7 5 days ago

    ''Google create you and account to make you Live and you can't hack it lamo''

  • giacomo cavalli
    giacomo cavalli 5 days ago

    Work today?

  • nounix 3
    nounix 3 5 days ago

    couldnt they come up with a gui from this millennium? I got dizzy just looking at your video.. I thought I was in a time-warp and starring in the Electric Dreams movie... You know, something like a single button that says "crack password", and it just displays it when it's found it lol...

  • Meital Ashkenazi
    Meital Ashkenazi 5 days ago

    Thanks alot!

  • OJ RAX
    OJ RAX 5 days ago

    for some reason there is nothing at uniscan.sourceforge.net/. Oh and also my kali linux does not have Uniscan build in

  • LiL Boy John yt
    LiL Boy John yt 6 days ago


  • Supergrupgr
    Supergrupgr 7 days ago

    I did this and it is brrrooooooken, it only works for one has at a time, more than one hash in the document breaks it, it only reads the last line, basically a baited antivirus

  • Hannah Maple
    Hannah Maple 9 days ago

    Let's do five milliseconds *inputs half a millisecond* yes five milliseconds.LOL xD

  • Potato
    Potato 9 days ago

    Faster way to launch ettercap: Terminal: ettercap -G

  • Paul Stumborg
    Paul Stumborg 9 days ago

    i have a question, if i'm on New york, am i able to be paired with people in oregon and so forth or are players seperated per server

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 10 days ago

    Who the fuck down voted this

  • Fuser Cube
    Fuser Cube 10 days ago

    hello, congratulations for the video a question I see you have a secure connection how can I do to implement the letsencrypt certificate

  • raffle baffle
    raffle baffle 10 days ago

    on 1 hand this tutorial is amazing on the other he has a g2a link in the desc

  • Big smoke
    Big smoke 10 days ago


  • Tech Gamerz
    Tech Gamerz 11 days ago

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  • Elias Duman
    Elias Duman 12 days ago

    I want to do it to all the clients on the network. Is that possible?

  • Cory Resilient
    Cory Resilient 12 days ago

    Fuck off

  • Narasimha Swamy
    Narasimha Swamy 12 days ago

    While mounting it is giving that the it is already mounted or your windows has cache.please help me.

  • Goblin- Artz
    Goblin- Artz 13 days ago

    It does not work for me, i did everything right it should be working but facebook is going to right link

  • enrique perez
    enrique perez 13 days ago

    Can you send .exe files over this as well?

  • Robin O'Byrne
    Robin O'Byrne 14 days ago

    So lets say I wanted to install this in a car for instance! Will it run on a 12v supply i.e car battery and can it be linked with a mobile device i.e IPad?

  • Ashik Chowdhury
    Ashik Chowdhury 14 days ago

    u talk sooooo fuken fast jeez

  • John Cooley
    John Cooley 14 days ago

    I have no idea hyow to contact you, but YES. If this works, let me know

  • Larry Archey
    Larry Archey 14 days ago

    I have done everything you said, but now when i boot into kali, it comes up with grub instead of kali.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 14 days ago

    So, if you add too many hashes to the text file it will always say it is not a virus, even if it is. That is why there is no loading, so the pc can only read a few lines, before the event is called. Solve this by adding a timer.

  • gustavo Gamer
    gustavo Gamer 15 days ago

    Sou fluente 😎

  • gustavo Gamer
    gustavo Gamer 15 days ago


  • ItzTinonTime
    ItzTinonTime 15 days ago

    I want to lock a door with the item (a key) how would I do that?

  • d2dyno
    d2dyno 15 days ago

    I made an antivirus in c#, it's not in c#, c# compiles the code and antivirus itself is AI powered. It has real time scanning, monitoring what user does and quarantine. Md5 hash scanning is outdated but great tutorial!

  • Egbert Ludema
    Egbert Ludema 16 days ago

    OK. So when i download openid i need to copy the includes folder. But there is no includes folder in my download. So where did this JACK get this!?

  • Steve
    Steve 16 days ago

    I like using Netcat to send files especially archives , I said it in my old comment but again , you CAN get the progress of the transfer you just need to pipe the output into 'pv' .. If I wanted to send an entire directory and get progress I would switch to the directory and then ' tar -cf - * | pv | nc -l 1337 ' and then on the client 'nc 1337 | pv | tar -xpf - ' .. It compresses the files into a .tar archive and extracts them on the client machine in real time as they're received. You get a progress bar (in MB's) and percentage on the Server and the Clients terminal .. 😎

  • Basically Heco
    Basically Heco 16 days ago

    1000th like.

  • unknown person
    unknown person 16 days ago

    Way better than my computer science classes lol

  • Mohamad mikati
    Mohamad mikati 16 days ago

    your IP address is Fully Shown in 5:15 , for god's sake .. i hope you dumped that shit

  • Strike938
    Strike938 17 days ago

    bro , at 3:49 i realized you are a legend... btw awesome video

  • Blue King
    Blue King 17 days ago

    Heheheahaha penetrating. Yes i am 15 years old Shit i miss read it

  • Joseph Porter
    Joseph Porter 17 days ago

    last gmod video he ever made

  • Egbert Ludema
    Egbert Ludema 17 days ago

    @JackkTutorials Where do i get all the files you use. I really appreciate the tutorial but i can't figure it out.

  • Karl Willo
    Karl Willo 17 days ago

    Great Video Thank-you, explained alot. Ya got a New Sub!!

  • Gabriel Oberfeldt
    Gabriel Oberfeldt 18 days ago

    did I do something wrong? When i nmap -sS (IP address of yet to be exploited machine), it shows that 1000 ports closed, aka none being open, so I cant access the web server to continue attack

  • ashley pursell
    ashley pursell 18 days ago

    awesome tutorial man!

  • mmm mmm
    mmm mmm 20 days ago

    update: 1-add class encryption too, for payload(or any idea to avoid security) 2-GSM location 3-some features not working for new android os 4-make app binding work with any app the 1 is very important

  • Daniel Barrington
    Daniel Barrington 20 days ago

    I use Thor, and I also use utopia to communicate.

  • johnpaul gallanajr
    johnpaul gallanajr 20 days ago

    it work but can't guess a number untill 20 :/

  • 35p freddo
    35p freddo 21 day ago

    It's a HI device not a HID device

  • Katie Donovan
    Katie Donovan 21 day ago

    This does not work. Why tf use sudo when running as r00t? This guy does NOT know wtf he is doing.

  • Spencer Kornfeld
    Spencer Kornfeld 21 day ago

    If you get an error message, use this command instead: python3 cupp.py

  • Robert Kushner
    Robert Kushner 21 day ago

    Love the information - you are speaking too fast for my little brain to pick up on it!! (smile)

  • Ugo Philip
    Ugo Philip 21 day ago

    App is not installing on the android phone

  • Pryor Sohn
    Pryor Sohn 22 days ago

    i came here to learns about rats, you . bitch not NERD SHIT

  • Leonardo Aristokrat
    Leonardo Aristokrat 22 days ago

    You disappeared again...

  • Egbert Ludema
    Egbert Ludema 23 days ago

    Where can i get the login.php file and all the other files. Or do i create them myself. If so please make a tutorial!

  • krupted botvirus
    krupted botvirus 23 days ago

    I hate what would a bot virus can do?😲😨😳

  • Arthur Genovez
    Arthur Genovez 23 days ago

    share with us that wallpaper :)

    • Mark Rodgers
      Mark Rodgers 21 day ago

      dude it's default Khali linux wallpaper

  • Yolo Yolo
    Yolo Yolo 24 days ago


  • Lillian Giron
    Lillian Giron 24 days ago

    Extremely fast for a new person. Too bad!

  • tekrisk
    tekrisk 25 days ago

    Big Help! Thanks!!!!

  • the legi0n
    the legi0n 25 days ago

    I dont want people to have all the things that you get when switching to a custom job. How can i fix this

  • Dawn Lindley
    Dawn Lindley 25 days ago

    Hi I keep getting an antivirus warning ,and quaranteen notification,when I run the HWID. Is there anything that I can do,to avoid these warnings,and also and stop the file from being quarentined.

    • Alekaditez
      Alekaditez 14 days ago

      turn of windows defender settings

  • R4 ZicMu
    R4 ZicMu 26 days ago

    Notice: Undefined index: PHPSESSID in C:\wamp64\www\cookie\index.php on line 2 ?

  • havelcode
    havelcode 26 days ago

    I know this is an old video but maybe someone might see this... I'm trying to capture traffic between my host OS (win10) and my guest (linux) with wireshark but for some reason my host isn't picking up any packets coming from my guest. Even if I just do simple pings or netcat messages, wireshark on my host won't register any packets from my linux IP, yet running wireshark on my guest, I can see everything. Anyone know a solution?

  • arnav sivaram
    arnav sivaram 26 days ago

    how to make the register.php

  • Indian Tiger
    Indian Tiger 26 days ago

    and what about DNS

  • Indian Tiger
    Indian Tiger 26 days ago

    this work 100% or not ?

  • micko barison
    micko barison 27 days ago

    It worked, but my Skype does not show option for IP Camera. Any help?

  • Omar Clash
    Omar Clash 28 days ago

    Where are you ? Why you don't upload more videos

  • OSU! TheSexyAnimeGirl

    pointshop.burt0n.net/ new link :)

  • Debeluhar
    Debeluhar 29 days ago

    Like someone mentioned below, you could delete form instead and just use normal classes and call them from Program.cs and the form wouldn't be displayed at all

  • Onkar Shinde
    Onkar Shinde 29 days ago

    How to crack netflix accounts on kali linux without sending link to victim??

  • COMRADE 101
    COMRADE 101 Month ago

    RUBBER DUCKEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • band of skeletons

    Print("mad guy") Jackk

  • Oxxygen
    Oxxygen Month ago

    Type.... lol windows user confirmed 😂

  • mike ogada
    mike ogada Month ago

    When using wpscan I get an error "Couldn't resolve hostname " what might be the issue . Thanks

  • Knives
    Knives Month ago

    Hey man this is awesome i never knew u can do horizontal right off the bat html for navigation. Do u have a tutorial for 7 page nav with sub nav.

  • 5k subs for no reason?

    You buy it for destroying appliances? What a waste, just send it to me😅😂

  • Jacob
    Jacob Month ago

    Don't worry if you don't know what this command does, hashcat will take care of all the thinking for you. :P

  • Dank Shep
    Dank Shep Month ago

    no active sessions???

  • Kairo The Wolf
    Kairo The Wolf Month ago

    The VM on my end for some reason didn't have port 80 open...

  • deXyy
    deXyy Month ago

    What about the steam guard?

  • Mainak Bhattacharya

    Who will pay for the servers, maintainance and internet?

  • Sharif Hoshain
    Sharif Hoshain Month ago

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  • me
    me Month ago

    can you please make a video on everything we need to know about cryptography in order to start cracking?

  • Promas Trouvant
    Promas Trouvant Month ago

    It only reads the last signature, how to fix that ?

  • Greenbone Networks

    Thank you for testing our product. Have fun using!

  • jSayal
    jSayal Month ago

    Wasted 6mins and 34 seconds of my life.

  • Sunday BG
    Sunday BG Month ago

    I did this on my schools website (it was vulnerable) I ended up making it redirect to a webpage I set up with an image of a pirate and text that says “You got hacked”

  • Vladimir Bugarin
    Vladimir Bugarin Month ago

    wrong typo... "style" not "sytle"... just saying ;-b

  • Royal
    Royal Month ago

    you are a gd life saver!

  • Jason Wallace
    Jason Wallace Month ago

    Is a Psy-Op which intentionally and literally utilizes a name-fellow to manipulate and distract an intrigued public/status quo into a different subject (so their attention and focus is shifted in a different direction)--also form of Social Engineering? ...(Or might it just be a method, employed by Social Engineers)? Wow, it definitely makes me ponder. Btw, Why would hackers--with all their access to information, be so lazy as to name something they do after a CIA project that basically equates to MK Ultra?

  • Hamza Hashim
    Hamza Hashim Month ago

    Please also check here for other free resources... seotoolstation.net/free-online-data-storage-sources

  • Project Nirvana 2030

    I have learnt so much watching your videos !

  • Eclipsed
    Eclipsed Month ago

    DarkComet is terrible and can be reverse engineered

  • blackhat
    blackhat Month ago

    do it to this nigga he asks for Facebook hacks and talks shitt link182#0199