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troublesome transitions
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Can and Can't
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phrasal Verbs
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only if
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in case
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even if and whether or not
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either or
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unexpected result
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cause effect relationships
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Future Time Clauses 2
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mixed conditional
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past conditional
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future conditional
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present conditional
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say and tell
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lot and lots of
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Fixing run on sentences
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past tense endings
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Adverb Clauses
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Phrases and Clauses
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Linking before a vowel
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'must' and 'have to'
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Would you mind...?
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forms of other
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FutureTimeClauses part 1
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Baumeister experiments
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MarshMallow experiment
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Muraven experiment
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Baba shiv experiment
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three types of sentences
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Present perfect
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Past progressive
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Such...That, so...that
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non action verbs
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verb tenses overview
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quoted speech
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present progressive
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Noun clauses
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present simple
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Articles: a, an, the
Views 3K5 years ago


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    Hello Dan thank you very much for the lesson. I would be happy if you could clarify on the following verbs watch, see

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  • Jorge Villavicencio R.

    I've seen WHEN + Past Continuous. Explain this usage please! For example, I broke a cup when I was washing it. (Example from CAmbridge.)

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    Rogerio Sarmento Month ago

    Great video class! Congrats!

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    • Teacher Dan's videos
      Teacher Dan's videos Month ago

      Sorry about that. Try one of my other videos. ru-clip.com/channel/UC63HDKRlvZSEVvsgaH0mAvQ

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    Mai Luu Month ago

    How can I have all of your videos, Teacher?

    • Teacher Dan's videos
      Teacher Dan's videos Month ago

      ru-clip.com/channel/UC63HDKRlvZSEVvsgaH0mAvQ here is the link for my channel.

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    • Teacher Dan's videos
      Teacher Dan's videos Month ago

      You are 'such a good student' because English is 'so hard that' you have to study a lot.

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    Kuldeep Singh Month ago

    Like bar graph like table 📈chart like line graph

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    This video helped me to understand the using of "such....that" and "so...that" - XII MIPA 5

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      I am glad you found it helpful. Keep working to improve your English.

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    Peter Williams 2 months ago

    A really interesting video. Thank you. Is there a difference between a Stative Passive Verb and a Stative Adjective? I find it confusing!

    • Teacher Dan's videos
      Teacher Dan's videos 2 months ago

      @Peter Williams Peter, I don't know what ergative verbs are.

    • Peter Williams
      Peter Williams 2 months ago

      Than you Teacher Dan for your quick reply. Are they also like Ergative verbs? Or is that another grammar type?

    • Teacher Dan's videos
      Teacher Dan's videos 2 months ago

      I would say it's the same thing. When the verb no longer describes an action. Like right now my door is 'locked'. There is no current action of locking the door. that happened in the past. The condition of the door is now 'locked'.

  • Mehrdad Y
    Mehrdad Y 2 months ago

    At 3:44 it is noun+preposition not verb +preposition (The girl had an excuse for spilling the milk) At 4:35 it is adjective+preposition and not a verb+preposition Could you tell me the general rule?When do we need to use gerund as object of preposition? It is interesting: In addition(prep+its object which is a noun=addition) and there is it feeds into another prepositional phrase(addition to)

    • Mehrdad Y
      Mehrdad Y 2 months ago

      @Teacher Dan's videos It is clear Sir.Thank you

    • Teacher Dan's videos
      Teacher Dan's videos 2 months ago

      Use the gerund (as opposed to the infinitive) when you want to express the idea of a verb as the object of a preposition. "in addition to Running, I also play basketball.'

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    غمدان محرم 2 months ago

    Excellent explanation. Thanx.

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    Nguyễn Thành Tài 3 months ago

    so what the different between two sentences: Dan talked for 3 min and Dan has been talking for 3 min?

    • Teacher Dan's videos
      Teacher Dan's videos 3 months ago

      The first one is a completed past action. The second one continues to now.

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    ABC choir heny 3 months ago

    thanks good lecture with brief explanation

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    Nguyễn Thành Tài 3 months ago

    First of all, i thank you so much. The 2nd, ihave one question: must the child in your country learn syllable, words stressed or something like that?

    • Teacher Dan's videos
      Teacher Dan's videos 3 months ago

      @Nguyễn Thành Tài No, they don't learn that. IPA probably would not help you speak Vietnamese better, but it would help me speak it better.

    • Nguyễn Thành Tài
      Nguyễn Thành Tài 3 months ago

      @Teacher Dan's videos thank you, more one question: Do they learn IPA chart? Can they write the transcript of the written words like like = /laik/ ?

    • Teacher Dan's videos
      Teacher Dan's videos 3 months ago

      no. Children in the US don't have to learn those things. If someone wants to learn English as a second language, they may need to learn these things to achieve better pronunciation.

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    great teaching with dedication

    SOMKHIT KRASAE 3 months ago

    Dear Teacher Dan's, Thanks, Pls advice, How to change to Active Voice. - Laboratory experiment to test this process were demonstrated.

    • Teacher Dan's videos
      Teacher Dan's videos 3 months ago

      The researchers demonstrated the laboratory experiment to test this process.

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      I will work on it. I have one video already about tens and teens. it's on my channel. I will do one on ordinal numbers in the next couple of weeks. Those are tricky with the /th/ sound.

    • Heuvetria Previato
      Heuvetria Previato 4 months ago

      @Teacher Dan's videos Hi. How about numbers? I always have a hard time with prices, asking and answering about it. It's hard to understand whatever I go shopping. Also, ordinal numbers pronunciation. Thanks a lot.

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      Teacher Dan's videos 4 months ago

      You are the best! Thanks for sharing. Any requests for future videos from the Brazilian teachers?

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      Good luck on the IELTS test. Which section will be the most difficult for you?

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      @Teacher Dan's videos Thank you so much. I kept trying to write different sentences and the only explanation I could find was using 'containing' as an adjective. I was literally pulling out my hair because I couldn't find a direct definition of 'containing' as an adjective. Once again, Thank you so much for your time and knowledge.

    • Teacher Dan's videos
      Teacher Dan's videos 4 months ago

      I would say contain is non count. sometimes you see 'containing' used as an adjective. I have a lunch containing 2 bananas. (a lunch which contains 2 bananas.-containing is a reduced adjective clause)

    • AP P
      AP P 4 months ago

      @Teacher Dan's videos Apologies, Dan. I meant to ask for help regarding 'contain'. I just can't figure it out. All the others are understandable. 'Contain' is bugging me.

    • Teacher Dan's videos
      Teacher Dan's videos 4 months ago

      You are correct. I don't have a complete list. Just some examples.

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      Mehrdad Y, Thanks for the comments. I am glad you find the videos useful.

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