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  • Stacy Tyler
    Stacy Tyler 2 minutes ago

    Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show how you ported all the data and organized it. Its one of my biggest problems.

  • Dogerulez1
    Dogerulez1 15 minutes ago

    My mans created MATH 🙊

  • Peter Crites
    Peter Crites 18 minutes ago

    Just realized I wasn't subscribed even though I have watched your videos for years. You make such good content.

  • Sigvar
    Sigvar 24 minutes ago

    Second thumbs up for the kids! Awesome.

  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown 25 minutes ago

    7:46 it looks like it's ripping a portal kinda

  • Sigvar
    Sigvar 26 minutes ago

    11:19 SQUIRREL!!! Seriously though. As a 58 year old gun owner, concealed carrier, hand loader, etc I have no problem with technology that you showed. Something that identifies firearms in view in locations they should not be. I mean if you brandish a weapon you are making it public knowledge anyway. I will state that I carry concealed due to the fact that if I were going to become the hypothetical shooter, the first people I would want gone are the armed ones. That said, I believe mass shooters are after the notoriety more than the score. You mention mm wave and micro-wave technology being used to scan presumably large areas. I think I read somewhere, mm wave radar can be used effectively to almost 100 yards? We are already so bombarded with energy waves of one form or another and I don't believe it is good for us and I would not rule out cancers as a side effect. Those are incidental exposures but now you are talking about deliberate and targeted exposures. Military researchers are working on and already have microwave weapons for the alleged purpose of area denial and crowd control and they do exist. I would not consent to being exposed to such invasive and potentially harmful scanning technology. Also, lest someone bring up back-scatter technology, I have never been exposed to it that I am aware of and I would never consent to its use at an airport. Guess it is a good thing I don't fly more than once every ten or fifteen years. Thanks for the video!

  • Jaque Me
    Jaque Me 38 minutes ago

    Bill Cypher has entered

  • Angelica Schuyler
    Angelica Schuyler 43 minutes ago

    To break a spaghetti boodle in two pieces, you have to rotate one side of the noodle and push the two sides together with a little bit of intentional bending

  • OCTechTips
    OCTechTips 45 minutes ago

    Who's dad is this.....

    CARSE_PEMO 46 minutes ago

    Water Bending Is Real!!!

    WAFFAHOUSE Hour ago

    You know what the most hilarious part of this is... NASA claims they “lost” the original Apollo films... but if you click my profile picture you will see a very... different.... storyline. Rise and Rejoice -Waffa (CZC admin)

  • minnesotajack1
    minnesotajack1 Hour ago

    I want to know what else he could just pick up and show on camera. “Look at this Koala Bear...”

  • Phenix e
    Phenix e Hour ago

    Would a Boflex style system be a cheaper, and more light weight option? The rubber band resistance is not affected by zero gravity.

    LYNDONisHERE Hour ago

    Im in an intro to quantum class and this has honestly been pretty helpful considering how mentally in debt I fell towards the class. Cheers Mate :)

  • droberts12345yt
    droberts12345yt Hour ago

    OK, is it just me or did the Inward pointing sprinkler water seem to curve the wrong direction? Still trying to wrap my head around that one.

  • Why are you here ?

    The head is a paid actor

  • Kaurice Bell
    Kaurice Bell 2 hours ago

    I love the accent he has when speaking backwards

  • Willi M
    Willi M 2 hours ago

    Excelente video felicitaciones muy buena tecnología para desarrollarlo gracias sigue adelante.

  • Mke Dildwr
    Mke Dildwr 2 hours ago

    And ya probably learned what a good itch is too eh?

  • Charlie Wessel
    Charlie Wessel 2 hours ago

    Thanks for being a reflective individual who brings more humility and beauty to the world.

  • Redlegsrick
    Redlegsrick 2 hours ago

    Looks like Mandelbrot

  • Blood Drop
    Blood Drop 2 hours ago


  • Harvey Lu
    Harvey Lu 2 hours ago

    Blood cancer

    NIGHTMARE OFFLINE 2 hours ago

    I'm not gonna ask why they had a whip

  • dat Boi97180o3
    dat Boi97180o3 2 hours ago

    Just another glitch in the matrix

  • TSD_LeviTG
    TSD_LeviTG 2 hours ago

    How sims language is made

  • Tammy Malone
    Tammy Malone 2 hours ago

    Can you please explain why a lacrosse ball spins in the opposite direction every time it bounces this has bothered me for a long time

  • Jaron Clark
    Jaron Clark 2 hours ago

    People who use invert controls this is easy

  • Brandon Dalton
    Brandon Dalton 3 hours ago

    He has a small farm

  • Birb Guy
    Birb Guy 3 hours ago

    Sounds like Russian

  • Hudson Humphrey
    Hudson Humphrey 3 hours ago

    Hey mr. smith

  • DaBigDaddy
    DaBigDaddy 3 hours ago

    Catching a bullet in slow motion

  • Jakey Gman
    Jakey Gman 4 hours ago

    Seems one was talking about a streakline, and the other was talking about a pathline.

  • Bryan Peden
    Bryan Peden 4 hours ago

    Nearly 2000 dislikes I just don’t understand that. How could you dislike this video. Was it because he thought when making it they were the first ones to do it but we’re wrong I would be interested to find out why people disliked it. This is right up there with electrical theory and speed of light stuff. Thank you for the video.

  • غـيـث الـلّـه

    " 1960, NASA reached to the moon ... 2019, NASA doesn't have the technology to reach it again🙄"

  • NightMare_GamerGabrielYT

    The urologist looks like the guy from "the lorax" that sang "LET IT DIE LET IT DIE LET IT SHRIVVEL UP AND DIE" but taller

  • jack allread
    jack allread 5 hours ago

    Wow! I haven't finished this video yet, but has some awesome insite! Thank you!

  • ClayZ
    ClayZ 5 hours ago

    Clay. That’s a cool name.

  • Brian Sol
    Brian Sol 5 hours ago

    She cute

  • Luxu
    Luxu 5 hours ago

    Watching this video, it's really a tragedy to know that economists all predict that the American farmer will go extinct in a matter of a few decades.

  • peepee poopoo
    peepee poopoo 5 hours ago

    "for some reason i wasn't nervous " walks into interview: sweating uncontrollably

  • Pat cach
    Pat cach 5 hours ago

    To the liver?! That's what I call " no easy way out "

  • peepee poopoo
    peepee poopoo 5 hours ago

    wear the upside down glasses the other guy wore for 7 day

  • BebeThor08
    BebeThor08 5 hours ago

    You can hear they put the recording backwards

  • Tom Araya
    Tom Araya 6 hours ago

    Хуясе, калаш, получается, круче стотонного гидравлического пресса! Есть видос, где батавскую слёзку пресс не смог раздавить, она просто вдавилась и интегрировалась в металлическое подстолье, на котором лежала...

  • Amnesia
    Amnesia 6 hours ago

    I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle, bicycle...

  • Yogi ALXNDR
    Yogi ALXNDR 6 hours ago


  • Jose Cutino
    Jose Cutino 6 hours ago

    Why dose it sound like Xbox live

  • DinoAlec66
    DinoAlec66 6 hours ago

    The LES fell off your model

  • Rence Puri
    Rence Puri 6 hours ago

    Amazing wow

  • Samuel Underwood
    Samuel Underwood 6 hours ago

    Here's a way to intuit this result: If two objects are in circular motion with the same tangential velocity, but with different radii, the one with the smaller radius will have a higher angular velocity, which means it will complete the circle in less time. Think of a helicopter blade. The end of the blade has a much higher tangential speed than the base even though both parts of the blade complete the circle in the same amount of time. If you decrease the radius, but keep tangential velocity the same, you get a greater angular speed, which explains why the water moving inwards leads, while the water moving outwards trails.

  • M3nj0
    M3nj0 6 hours ago

    Thank you for letting me know what can happen to my pp

  • Nathan Zhang
    Nathan Zhang 6 hours ago

    basically just moonwalking

  • Mathias Muggli
    Mathias Muggli 7 hours ago

    First: I really love your youtube channel and your dedication to science and knowledge, and I don't want to judge you, I just want you to think about it: I just think it's sad that the great potential of minds like yours is wasted to make killing more efficient. The soldier says the battlefield is like a chess-field, but I can't remember things like "hellfire" missiles (the name speaks for itself) in chess. He talks about operations, but in the end, it's straight out war and killing and hellfire. These are words to disguise the nature of war. Of course it's important to have some defense for a country. But what the U.S. government is doing are just war crimes. The U.S. Army and the CIA are almost constantly at war in dozens of countries all over the world (= killing people, most of them innocent), almost always without U.N. mandates, and without being attacked by any country at all. This is the opposite of defense. It's imperialism at it's best. The U.S. spends more money on military than china and russia together, think about it. Of course, there was 911 where 3000 people died (and where nobody really knows what exactly happened, think abount WTC 7), but this is nothing in comparison to the approx. 20 million (!) casualties in American wars since WW2 (Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Irak, Lybia, Columbia, Panama, Dominican Republic, just to name a few, the list is endless). Why do you think anti-American terrorism emerged in the first place? You are contributing to this with your work. Bombing for peace is like f*cking for virginity...

  • Sid Smily
    Sid Smily 7 hours ago

    RU-clip have bigger hub houses where they have all the memories but what linus do and what it do for youtube why the harddisks are so less only terabites.

  • rXHrzn
    rXHrzn 7 hours ago

    I used to play skyrim, but them i got an arrow in the knee

  • Владимир Ткачев

    flat earth !

  • grah55
    grah55 7 hours ago

    Of course Destin has the backwards intuition. Alabamans can make their children say yessir all they want, yet they're blown away by simple physics and can't comprehend concepts as simple as angular momentum. Probably voted for Trump. "Look like an idiot". Take the step and call yourself stupid. Learn from your mistakes. First you, then all alabamans

  • Jack Casey
    Jack Casey 7 hours ago

    Just wow

  • DoritosMaister
    DoritosMaister 7 hours ago

    that toxinologist guy is so Australian

  • JT Crandell
    JT Crandell 7 hours ago

    Actually just shared this with my command team as a Professional Development point. Really excellent stuff Sir!

  • Sabbra Cadabra
    Sabbra Cadabra 7 hours ago

    that is why we have render farms

  • Alan Perry
    Alan Perry 7 hours ago

    Surprised this has 3.1k dislikes. Its something positive. Good luck with the tech.

  • Abey Bruck
    Abey Bruck 7 hours ago

    rotate it in full speed man. let us see what happens

  • David Davids
    David Davids 7 hours ago

    hi. once again, you smart guys have ignored at least one Fundamental fact. Centrifugal affects. it can be seen that when the rotor is stationary, the streams do Not meet at the center and the water experiences No centrifugal deceleration. when the rotor turns, as soon as water leaves a jet, it is Slowed, by centrifugal forces. cheers googletranslate

  • Sharpwolf56
    Sharpwolf56 7 hours ago

    I want to pet your ducks ❤️

  • Abey Bruck
    Abey Bruck 8 hours ago

    hey, man loved it when you say sometimes you are not "smart" because of some flows while hosting smarter everyday channel, might help you gather more audiences because of more people might see that they are getting smarter with the host. carry on man

  • Painting Step By Step

    Dear Friend, this was amazing to know.

  • nut.
    nut. 8 hours ago

    So basically they're jerking of deadly fish dicks

  • Kaden Cannon
    Kaden Cannon 8 hours ago

    2:01 voice crack

  • M3nj0
    M3nj0 8 hours ago

    The spaghet

  • Alec Rider
    Alec Rider 9 hours ago


  • Ben Worrell
    Ben Worrell 9 hours ago

    I had to revisit this video because my fluid dynamics textbook just started talking about couette flow. So cool seeing how all the math works now.

  • naxel37
    naxel37 9 hours ago

    2:26 funny

  • Prince
    Prince 9 hours ago

    How did u know it was up there? Me: common sense, where else is the flying object gonna go, or get stuck in

    • Prince
      Prince 9 hours ago

      I just realized this was 2 years ago

  • Wyatt0 Gaming
    Wyatt0 Gaming 9 hours ago

    I thought this was a Whats Inside video for a second😂😂😂

  • K CC
    K CC 9 hours ago

    Why a hexagon shape with a twist ? How does it work ? It can spin in the barrel

    • K CC
      K CC 9 hours ago

      Aaah I see

  • Pratik Kore
    Pratik Kore 9 hours ago

    What about Farmers, Destin? I'm a coder, btw

  • Prince of Loarderon
    Prince of Loarderon 9 hours ago

    Wish my pc could run minecraft with 28.000 fps

  • Pika Boo
    Pika Boo 10 hours ago

    This video is be for I was born

  • Eu gen
    Eu gen 10 hours ago

    if i would get 1 dollar for everytime you said got it i would have about 20 dollars now :D good video though <3

  • Girish Garg
    Girish Garg 10 hours ago


  • Give me attention
    Give me attention 10 hours ago

    Watch me channel. I have nice video's about pumps

  • SoWeMeetAgain
    SoWeMeetAgain 10 hours ago

    yeh, three weeks after it came out first time I see the vid, even though I got the bell on and everything

  • Mega Savior
    Mega Savior 11 hours ago

    Tanks using this as spaced armor

  • Quarkee
    Quarkee 11 hours ago

    But so wait doesn't mongolian archery avoid this by bending or turning the bow sideways immediatly after firing the arrow?

  • A Gregory
    A Gregory 11 hours ago

    You'd imagine with the source of light being behind the rocket, the line would be cast on the viewer. Weird

  • Daniel BROWN
    Daniel BROWN 11 hours ago

    “Steve is a pretty smart guy if u can look past the British accent” as he says in the accent that is probably perceived to be the most stupid

    PRO GAMER 11 hours ago

    Pronounce kid backwards.

  • Kitty_Forest
    Kitty_Forest 11 hours ago

    I cant ride a bike normally so that one shouldnt be so hard

  • Leon Machin
    Leon Machin 11 hours ago

    Welder(fabricators) ARE smarter than engineers...

  • Tim Krueger
    Tim Krueger 11 hours ago

    Your dad has the same infectious laugh that you have. I have been following you for ~ 4 years, but have just started going back and watching your videos from the beginning. Makes me an even bigger fan!!!

  • federico ciampiconi
    federico ciampiconi 11 hours ago

    At a first glance the intuition brought me to think that it would lag behind, but knowing the laws of motion I realized that it would go forward because the tangetial velocity of the tubes lowers as the radius does, so the water is going to be faster and faster relative to the pipes when it approaches the center.

  • rqzu
    rqzu 11 hours ago

    The Word on the Glas breakes like some Dreams.

  • Fardad
    Fardad 11 hours ago

    If you do the same with Trump, not only you don't learn anything, but also you forget about respectfulness COMPLETELY!

  • ProAfeefXY3
    ProAfeefXY3 11 hours ago

    That's like playing a video game with all the camera settings inverted.

  • Captain Firepower
    Captain Firepower 11 hours ago

    5:08 "Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good..."

    ZERO COOL 12 hours ago


  • cudies canar
    cudies canar 12 hours ago

    How? I'm confused

  • Kris
    Kris 12 hours ago

    1:06 look at yr remote thing in the background