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Google Pixel 3a hands on
Views 2.4K4 months ago
Google Pixel 3a camera test
Views 10K4 months ago
Nest Hub Max hands-on demo
Views 9K4 months ago
Xiaomi Mi 9 camera test
Views 26K6 months ago
OnePlus 6T: 90-Day Review
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Is Android Wear doomed?
Views 2.8KYear ago


  • Reno Yeh
    Reno Yeh 4 hours ago

    LG main cameras are fine, yet that selfie cam requires software tweaks... pixel combination tech or something like that

  • Blas Trejo
    Blas Trejo 15 hours ago

    Next is the lg v50 thinQ ur welcome...5g

  • iconic editzzz
    iconic editzzz 20 hours ago

    thank god my parents aren't this crazy lmao

  • ggdfgg dfgdffgfddg
    ggdfgg dfgdffgfddg 22 hours ago

    Xperia 1 vs Pixel 3

  • Kevin Backalive
    Kevin Backalive 23 hours ago

    I love it, if you didn't say that this was shot on an the LG G8X I would have thought it was shot an a professional camera. LG has done a good job. Yes I saw some noises here and there but the video quality is amazing.

    KENNECTED Day ago

    Meh 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Stone Blast
    Stone Blast Day ago


    TVCH LORD Day ago

    looks terrible

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader Day ago

    Thanks Nice 👌🏻 Please make a Video on how the Multitasking compares to orther phones On which phone can we use most Apps, etc Huawei Mate X, Asus Rog 2, LG G8X ThinQ, LG V50, Samsung Galaxy Fold phone, etc Please 😊 God bless you

  • daviddaaannggg

    ThinQ is still one of the stupidest sounding, looking, and meaningless brandings ever. Like what does it even tell the consumer?

  • Ash Bash Sneakers

    That front camera is atrocious. I was really hoping you wasnt gonna say it was taken from the phone.

  • Leon W.
    Leon W. Day ago

    this phone seems like a great return for zte. I used the axon 7 mini for about 2 years and loved it before it started having major overheating issues especially in the summertime... probably because it was a metal phone, I don't know... glad to see they're coming back. This phone looks sweet.

  • Phoenix Muniz
    Phoenix Muniz Day ago

    Dont do it it gave my phone a viris

  • Luigi Tuazon
    Luigi Tuazon Day ago

    Pixel 3 has terrible audio.

  • S V
    S V Day ago

    Wow how long before they sell this information to the government

  • Basill
    Basill 2 days ago

    Life 360 : stalking, but easier!

  • Kiran Kumar
    Kiran Kumar 2 days ago


  • Joshua Miller
    Joshua Miller 2 days ago

    Forgot to mention it costs $1.99 for the always on feature 😑

  • Gamer66Pro
    Gamer66Pro 2 days ago

    Since my parents instald this shit on my phone i cant do a shit, Fck off.

    SNK NEO-GEO 2 days ago

    Your going way to quick mate I can't work out what your doing 👎

  • Haikel G
    Haikel G 2 days ago

    Is there an option to invert the image on pixel phone?

  • Katerina Rampenthal

    "Only 6GB of RAM".....Jesus people. It takes 8GB minimum to run Windows 10. How much more do you need?

  • maliogrod
    maliogrod 3 days ago

    My goood old tab3 can be replaced now. I Love the design

  • lobster whisperer
    lobster whisperer 3 days ago

    you can only record in small intervals in 4k. phone overheats drastically in 4k. But that could be because im using a new old stock z2 in 2019?

  • Lance Gregory Maningo

    Imagine that you were going to complete a fortnite map but then your parents lock your phone

  • Minkiu
    Minkiu 4 days ago

    I can't wait for a real compact phone, my XZ1 Compact is holding amazingly, but I dread the moment I'll have to pick a new (massive) phone.

  • Walking Tall
    Walking Tall 4 days ago

    Hey tell me if rugged armour can save pixel screen of those who don't use screen guard ??

  • Kevin Walter
    Kevin Walter 4 days ago

    If the cameras are as good as flagships, this could be the best value phone of the year.

  • phatmanXXL
    phatmanXXL 4 days ago

    ZTE making a flagship is like Hyundai making high end luxury vehicles. If it was in the Android One program I would consider it.

    • Richard Gómez
      Richard Gómez 2 days ago

      Well they do, so successful, they now handled the genesis line on its own, and also they compete with the high end German cars, ( which I own and their electronics are crap) but that's ANOTHER part, belive it or not their resale value is bit better than MB, BMW, anyhow, yes I don't see why other companies can't compete on the flagship line with same instruments, I don't own ZTE, btw

  • RickJason
    RickJason 4 days ago

    I had an Axon 7 and the phone was pretty good for the price. I am surprised that ZTE is able to do business in the US.

    • Kevin Ryusan
      Kevin Ryusan 3 days ago

      It's full compatible on at&t and t mobile. Also you get the great WiFi calling features as well. It works great

    • RickJason
      RickJason 3 days ago

      Phandroid Looks like they made a pretty good phone for the price.

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid 4 days ago

      This is their big relaunch device into the US market afte their ban.

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams 4 days ago

    Im 23 years old and my mom made me get life 360 to watch what I do, now everytime I go out to do ANYTHING my mother starts calling interrogating me fuck you life360

  • Kevin Mitchell
    Kevin Mitchell 4 days ago

    What's garbage + tar = tarbage Get it????? *Crikets chirping* Nobody?? I hate you 😠👿

  • Calli tries YouTube

    snitches get stitches

  • juzuvloke
    juzuvloke 5 days ago

    I kind of feel like Sony just gives you what they think you'll want, instead of what you actually want. I'd rather see a headphone jack good software & better real world battery life than your high res displays... And quit being so stingy with your remote play software...

  • Sscottayboyeful
    Sscottayboyeful 5 days ago

    They took the projector out of this tablet I own the pro with that feature and it is great.

  • imran khan
    imran khan 5 days ago

    Asus ZenFone 6 definitely, especially video

  • Baron Thundercunt
    Baron Thundercunt 5 days ago

    They changed it now so you can't disable the button. Fucking joke. All you can do is change it so its 2 presses but holding always opens it. No one wants this stupid fucking shitty feature. Fuck off samsung.

  • Maverick PlayS
    Maverick PlayS 6 days ago

    play pubg

  • ggdfgg dfgdffgfddg
    ggdfgg dfgdffgfddg 6 days ago


  • E. Papadopoulos
    E. Papadopoulos 6 days ago


  • Sithembele Magade
    Sithembele Magade 6 days ago

    This app ruined my life, it showed the wrong location to my boyfriend now my boyfriend thinks that I am cheating on him

  • drizzy '94
    drizzy '94 6 days ago

    What a fucking bullshit joke of a "comparison"... If you don't know how to fucking shoot photos nor videos, or even have a decent bitrate at which you are outputting this vid, then just fucking leave it and stop portraying a misleading situation.. gosh, I'm so done with this fucking youtubers and youtube channels that just throw out subpar shit and comparisons and don't seem to even care

  • Nicole Chan
    Nicole Chan 7 days ago

    Am I the only one who voluntarily look into this app to allow my parents some sense of security? 😂

    • Ashley Williams
      Ashley Williams 4 days ago

      Nicole Chan probably you mist have decent parents then

  • Leon Collins
    Leon Collins 7 days ago

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  • joshua Nippi
    joshua Nippi 7 days ago

    That's not all to it I can connect ps4 controller to my samsung a70 but It wont even work

  • psdaengr
    psdaengr 7 days ago

    Lenovo Smart Tab 8 - IF it has BOTH Google Assistant AND stand-alone GPS I'm interested. If NOT, NOT.'

  • Zac Arshad
    Zac Arshad 8 days ago

    According to Mrwhosetheboss Video, Asus zenfone 6 is a clear winner, but looking at your video, it's switched up. 🤔

  • studivan
    studivan 8 days ago

    Let me know when someone has the phone for more than two weeks using it for day to day activities, this reviewing the phone under Samsung security tells me nothing other than the phone turns on.

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid 7 days ago

      No one said that it was a review.


    *Just a Snapdragon 600 series processor would make it perfect*

  • adjiegi
    adjiegi 8 days ago

    OnePlus 7 pro or Asus Zenfone 6 sir?

  • Akash Goswami
    Akash Goswami 8 days ago

    Should have given 6gb of ram

  • Edgar Rivero
    Edgar Rivero 8 days ago

    What was that dope beat in the beginning?

  • Shiznuts
    Shiznuts 9 days ago

    Seriously use my Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro quite heavily. Mostly just because of the kickstand, which is such an underrated feature! Flipped open I always use it on plane rides and fits in the magazine pocket of the seat in front of me. JBL speakers are also amazing for such a portable device! Batterylife amazing foo. Mine has a projector built-in even. Looking forward to be getting a replacement as it started go feel a little dated...

    • majklson15
      majklson15 5 days ago

      100% agree! I have the first Lenovo Yoga Tab and it really needs a replacement. But I am afraid that this new one will be slow already in 1 year and will get 0 updates from Lenovo as my current one.

  • rsilinnyc
    rsilinnyc 9 days ago

    I like this. It makes sense to have another function for an Android tablet. I wish Google would have thought of this.

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid 8 days ago

      It's buuod in partnership with Google. There's a good chance we will see the same feature from other manufacturers who still build Android tablets, at least those who are on board with the Google Assistant.

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 9 days ago

    *To Fold or not to Fold* Wondering how will we use it on a Selfie stick 🤔 with or without the Fold lol 😉 Screen does not Fold completely & Samsung says will give FREE Screen replacement, that means the Screen will get damaged after 10,000 Foldz 😏 I wish the Samsung Logo lighted up like the Asus had behind its gaming phone Now that would be Awesome 👌🏻 Love the Click sound when you closed the Device 👌🏻 3 App Multitasking 😊🤗 RU-clip Premium is Free? 😳 But for how long 3,6 or 12months ? It has UFS 3.0 WOW WOW WOW The battery was a bummer 😏 only 4380 Need a bigger 6000mAh Battery 🤞🏻 The S10 5G has a bigger 4500mAh & 25W Charging It's SAD that a Phone with *DUAL BATTERY* has a smaller battery 😳 So could we open the Phone turn it around and take a Selfie with the Back Cameras looking at the small front screen 😳🤔🤞🏻 But still, Question remains how will I be taking a Selfie with it 😃🤣 Only when the phone is closed, so will be paying double the price & get just a Single front Camera 🤔 hhmmm Ever thought, there is no way to open the phone and put it on a Stick unless a special stick comes in the box to do that 🤭 Finger Unlock is Super Fast App continuity 👍🏻👍🏻 No Headphones Jack, that doesn't bother me😁 Would be nice to have this fold on Note 10 with the Pen 😉 Even if its 1st generation product, don't have the patience to wait a whole year, for the next Fold 2 *YES, I will be getting the Galaxy Fold* 👍🏻 Only 1 mil units made of Galaxy Fold *So that will make me 1 in a Million* 😎 So the S10+ = $1000 The S10 5G = $1500 Galaxy Fold LTE = $1980 is ok Galaxy Fold 5G = 2400 ? ( will get this IF the battery is bigger 5000mAh 🤞🏻Plz ) I can understand for some a Bridge too Far 📱 For that Price, should we not get 24/7 Customer services Like on the Vertu Constellation 😉 & i heard we will be getting special customer service FREE - RU-clip Premium but it should be for free for 2yrs Like they were giving Cloud space in phones before Will we be getting the Fold & S10+ 5G in the slower 8nm Exynos in Asia 😳☹ That won't be fair then, to pay that price 😞 Hope it comes in the Faster Snapdragon 7nm CPU 😊

    • Lord Vader
      Lord Vader 8 days ago

      @MUAV People are more worried about Emoji Than Galaxy Fold 😅😜🤣😀☺️😅

    • MUAV
      MUAV 8 days ago

      i never had seen this man like using many emojin :3

    • Lord Vader
      Lord Vader 8 days ago

      Any phone you buy gets outdated in 3 to 6 months Fold also will Yes its expensive, but its different Anyway its a Awesome phone i feel & yes there will be better phones 😊

    • andyH_England
      andyH_England 8 days ago

      Don't buy it unless you have money to burn. When the new folding phones arrive later this year the Fold will look very aged, it already looks like last century. The newer Kirin SOC has inboard 5g which is far better and means bigger batteries and less battery consumption. The worse part is in six months it will have lost 50% of its value. Be patient.

    • Trurl
      Trurl 9 days ago

      Haha, you sure love emojis, don't you? I counted 31! 😄 Anyways, you can take selfies in unfolded mode with the large screen. The device has six cameras: three on the back, one at the side with the small screen, and two in the cutout n the side with the large screen. The battery in the 5G variant is a bit smaller actually than in the 4G variant: 4235 mAh. The 5G modem apparently needs extra space. The device will have Snapdragon 855 in all regions. I would not recommend buying it however. Surely there will soon be better and cheaper devices like it. :) After all, this is the first generation of folding phones!

  • charles monroe
    charles monroe 9 days ago

    Everyone other than Samsung should just give up making tablets.

  • Shellyman Studios
    Shellyman Studios 9 days ago

    This is why Android tablets suck. OEMs like Lenovo for an example, keep SPECing them like a joke.

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid 9 days ago

      True, but most people don't want to buy a $400 laptop. This is good enough for web browsing, media streaming and perfect for its Google Assistant Smart Tablet feature.

  • adjiegi
    adjiegi 9 days ago

    What about the call quality? Do you find any problem?

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid 9 days ago

      No issues at all with call quality. Only really mention it if there was.

  • Billy Buttlord
    Billy Buttlord 9 days ago

    Looks pretty cool but looks like there's some serious input lag

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid 9 days ago

      These devices were running in demo mode which automatically wipes storage and turns on a video loop every time the display is turned off. I wouldn't judge what you see here as the performance for the retail units.

  • Brian Ofori
    Brian Ofori 9 days ago

    One ugly looking tablet.

  • kimchheang siv
    kimchheang siv 9 days ago

    Very nice hand on video.

  • Mandy thakur
    Mandy thakur 9 days ago

    1st . Love ur videos

  • ΔŇỮβIŞ Eveningstar

    wanna lit her fire !!!!

  • Mike Dreamer
    Mike Dreamer 9 days ago

    Where did you do this photos? Beautiful places!

  • Ruben Janse
    Ruben Janse 9 days ago

    If they release a phone with Android 10 for 400 bucks I will buy it.

  • ganesh jayaraj
    ganesh jayaraj 10 days ago

    Watching on my Asus 6z 😉

  • Troy Harris
    Troy Harris 12 days ago

    Wait, you guys didn't mention a few things like how the Stereo Speakers are, headphone jack output, expandable storage, etc.

  • Viktor Tomanov
    Viktor Tomanov 12 days ago

    If you really support this app then your channel should be called Paranoid

  • Fruitylicious K
    Fruitylicious K 12 days ago

    You are wrong, your product is wrong and this video is wrong. delet this

    D3FAULT KILLJØY 12 days ago

    Doesn't support my phone at all

  • Daniel
    Daniel 13 days ago

    Does it have to always be plug in ?

  • tuan tran
    tuan tran 13 days ago

    big screen for me !

  • gabz groove
    gabz groove 13 days ago

    When is this next generation assistant going to be released?

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid 13 days ago

      Likely with the Pixel 4

  • Mark Richey
    Mark Richey 13 days ago

    Finally picked mine up after an aborted purchase online the resulted in the delivery of a dangerously dead phone. Long story. And while I paid a premium price in Japan, it has been well worth it. My last phone also had LCD so that hasn''t phased me in the least. I was astounded by the first full day I used this phone from 100% charge. As it was new, I was obviously playing with settings, installing software, updating accounts, listening to podcasts, viewing Netflix. I still went to bed with 37% battery, the graph claiming I had another 12 hours. Amazing. I really have not played with the camera as much yet, and that was the original reason for getting this phone. However, I have used the face unlock and ran a couple panorama shots which were a kick. Mine is the 128gb/6gb phone and I have always run a microSD, so 128 + 128 to keep the phone in top running order. I moved from a mid-line NOkia which had a great deal to offer, but the jump to the 855 processor is great at this price.

  • Md Ankar Miah
    Md Ankar Miah 14 days ago

    md ankar

  • Sahil Singh
    Sahil Singh 14 days ago

    I like Asus Zenfone 6

  • tshegofatso monama
    tshegofatso monama 14 days ago

    To all the teens complaining, search #UyineneMrwetyana on all social media. There is a human trafficking and basically a kidnapping, rapping and murdering increase here in South Africa of females and teens. So before you try say bad things about the app without any evidence, think about the people it can actually help.

  • Lauren Deyce
    Lauren Deyce 14 days ago

    Considering the increase in brutal crimes against women in South Africa, I might consider using this app as I live far from my family. We can know the other person is safe without having to constantly text or call. Those of you who don't have safety issues, just don't use the app.

  • Am Zaca
    Am Zaca 14 days ago

    Great phone a bit heavy and hard to purchase, ASUS should sell this on Amazon.

  • BeyondEllisBeck
    BeyondEllisBeck 14 days ago

    These tests are “Pointless” the real tests are you seeing how each phone performs inside of certain Apps. I would rather my apps ran with extremely good performance than how fast it can open lol. Seriously people are we braindead or what?

    • BeyondEllisBeck
      BeyondEllisBeck 14 days ago

      @Phandroid that I understand.

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid 14 days ago

      @BeyondEllisBeck I'm not arguing that this test is important for all. Obviously it is not important for you. But for people who are fixated on having the fastest phone possible it is about bragging rights mainly.

    • BeyondEllisBeck
      BeyondEllisBeck 14 days ago

      @Phandroid I could agree with you if you could provide a reason which having a phone that loads an app 1-2 seconds faster actually makes a difference in real world use.

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid 14 days ago

      @BeyondEllisBeck yes and no. This is line taking a car our and doing a 1/4 mile race while what you are asking for it driving it to the grocery store, testing the brakes and the lights. They are both valid tests, but for different use cases.

    • BeyondEllisBeck
      BeyondEllisBeck 14 days ago

      @Phandroid i mean even when it comes down to lagging or hic-ups. Any form of studdering is a form of instability. That equates to a bad experience in my book. Loading times are not even close to remotely accurate in judging a phones true performance. I just find tests like these pretty funny. Would you not agree?

  • SW Productions
    SW Productions 14 days ago

    Why does this have 3k likes? Must be all parents and bots

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid 14 days ago

      @SW Productions sorry, if you are under 18 and live with your parents, there is no such thing as privacy.

    • SW Productions
      SW Productions 14 days ago

      Phandroid Translation: For overprotective parents that want to track their kids and violate their privacy

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid 14 days ago

      Because the app is extremely helpful for those who would like to ensure that their family members are safe.

  • am3rald
    am3rald 14 days ago

    Let me guess, your favourite line up? It is, and it was cheaper

    • am3rald
      am3rald 14 days ago

      @Phandroid just some endgame meme (thanos showing his old planet using reality stone)

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid 14 days ago

      Sorry, I don't understand the question.

  • piyush agrawal
    piyush agrawal 14 days ago

    This phone is a winner !

  • Akash Gupta
    Akash Gupta 15 days ago

    so nice to see the phandroid channel posting videos :) i wish you guys start doing those top 5 apps of the month video, use to love those vids by joe.

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid 14 days ago

      @Akash Gupta I'd get this, mainly for the clean build of Android and the battery.

    • Akash Gupta
      Akash Gupta 15 days ago

      @Phandroid awesome, ya Joe is with XDA ikt 😅. BUT Regardless, this was a nice review. I am really confused as to buy this or the K20pro

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid 15 days ago

      Joe is no longer with us. We may be able to bring that series back, but it will be a while.

  • TheManInUrMirror!
    TheManInUrMirror! 15 days ago

    Thanks for the review. It's been pretty late to arrive to market, especially here in the UK, and is facing a lot of flak for it (and rightfully so). The 6GB RAM version is finally available (but only in silver) for now. I'm waiting for the 8GB version (Asus says 'coming soon'). I'm a pro user with 450-500 apps in each of my phones. How does this do when pushing the software ? FYI, my pixels (XL, 2XL and now 3XL) have been pretty much the 'laggiest/'$hittiest' phone I've ever used coupled with consistently bad battery life. Like most people, I keep it around, just for the camera. I don't even have a SIM in it since I can't trust it's performance.

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid 15 days ago

      During the review, I had over 100 apps installed on the device, but that's typically the upper limit of what I have on a device. Performance is stellar, on par with other 2019 flagship devices.

  • Note10Plus IsBoss
    Note10Plus IsBoss 15 days ago

    Another useless Asus products only financial losers buy these kinds of products.

    • Kevin Ryusan
      Kevin Ryusan 9 days ago

      Dude you need to change your style cause karma sucks and you will start getting treated they way you treat people. So one day when you least expect it karma is going to make you wish you didn't say such stupid rude things.

    • yousef sayegh
      yousef sayegh 13 days ago

      Your comment is useless 😂 calling people financial losers when u paid close to a grand for a bullshit Samsung, where as this phone is 500. I think in this specific case you're the loser for wasting the money 🤔🤔🤔

    • Kevin Ryusan
      Kevin Ryusan 13 days ago

      Go fly a kite in the Bahamas under hurricane Dorian. Keep your brainless comments to your self

    • Yashank Singh
      Yashank Singh 14 days ago

      No one is asking you to watch videos on cheap useless Asus products. Just go ahead and enjoy your useful expensive phone 🙄.

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid 14 days ago

      @Not Your Average Trucker we can disagree, but let's keep it civil.

  • Fabian Asensio
    Fabian Asensio 15 days ago

    gip price too in my opinion.

  • Fabian Asensio
    Fabian Asensio 15 days ago

    it's good..for a few hours, then wears through..reapply constantly. Not a good answer truly for fingerprints.

  • Montu Jadav
    Montu Jadav 15 days ago

    Nice India

  • am clark77
    am clark77 15 days ago

    How do I get rid of button when I play on iPhone 8 from remote play just want clear screen when playing on phone thanks

  • M. Tanuz
    M. Tanuz 15 days ago

    loved your laugh.🙋

  • Binu Antony D'silva
    Binu Antony D'silva 15 days ago

    Nice speech !

  • banjir jir
    banjir jir 15 days ago

    Does this have android auto within its?like connect phone to this,so can reply whatsapp thru it

  • banjir jir
    banjir jir 15 days ago

    Can it adjust vehicle setting like bmw idrive or audi mmi,like suspension,or sensor of the powertrain?heat etc

  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore 15 days ago

    Good that it doesn't work. I did this back in 2017 and then someone who stays in Europe was the primary to my console. I found out because my wife tried to log in on her profile and she couldn't play any games but when I logged in, I was able to play everything. It didn't make sense so I called Sony and that's when I found out everything that happened and was told to be careful with stuff like that. Don't do it.

  • Renee Luera
    Renee Luera 16 days ago

    I just got a Google mini. I'll set it up tomorrow. I have firecube TV. And a Roku.

  • ggdfgg dfgdffgfddg
    ggdfgg dfgdffgfddg 16 days ago

    чувак почему ты забросил свой канал и перешел на этот у тебя был отличный канал!?

  • Tarzan KingoftheJungle

    your fucking dreaming, EXACTLY,,why...WHY set up an account, to turn it off ...2 thumbs DOWN

  • Justin Douthett
    Justin Douthett 16 days ago

    And tonite I just read that Android Auto 4.6 will kill the app entirely, and all of this is going away. WTF???

  • RG Channel
    RG Channel 16 days ago

    Vs one plus 7 pro Camera comparison