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Quentin Godet Performance
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  • yeti goosecreature
    yeti goosecreature 11 hours ago

    wtf - using 'cutters' as a tool for removing the bridge pins? 'polishing' the top of the guitar then putting 'sticky' masking tape over it?

  • yeti goosecreature
    yeti goosecreature 11 hours ago

    wtf - using 'cutters' as a tool for removing the bridge pins? 'polishing' the top of the guitar then putting 'sticky' masking tape over it?

  • J C
    J C 22 hours ago

    This man is the greatest. He is like bob ross but for bass.

  • Kimberly Isherwood
    Kimberly Isherwood 22 hours ago

    My brother Jim uses these strings

  • Rob Hernandez
    Rob Hernandez Day ago

    I loosened the truss rod and i still have a big gap. What do i do now? Anyone know? Thank you

  • Van
    Van 2 days ago

    At the end of the day he is cleaning a machined tool made of painted and lacquered wood and plastic and metal and electrical. Why wouldn’t he use a damp cloth and pledge. The solid body guitars were made to have interchangeable parts (bolt on necks). The same as a wood dresser which doesn’t have the same amount of protective layers. As long as you don’t dump it in water it’ll be fine. People nowadays are are morons.

  • 121jigawatts2015
    121jigawatts2015 3 days ago

    I miss you Pete. Thanks for giving us some of the coolest music ever performed on guitar. But Lord Almighty has a new guitarist--so that's pretty cool

  • karthurhyer
    karthurhyer 4 days ago

    I've set up my bass to specs, then had to readjust to make it sound and feel good to the way that I play.

  • Paul
    Paul 4 days ago

    listen to RT all day ,magnetic voice and supreme guitar playing = bloody genius .great to see tips from the master ,even if it is an advertisment

  • Saaki
    Saaki 5 days ago

    It would've been nice to hear the 80/20's with both Nano and Polyweb coatings. Nice little acoustic jam included.

  • Philip D
    Philip D 5 days ago

    Great video guys, to the point and most importantly, no distracting background music. Haven't restrung my acoustic for quite some time, so this was pretty cool. Thank you so much

  • 37Dionysos
    37Dionysos 5 days ago

    No matter what you listen to "you can always learn something, even if it's 'Don't do that'"!

  • Rob Hernandez
    Rob Hernandez 6 days ago

    It looks like I need to get the right tools before I start to do the set up on my bass :-(

  • Ahmed Youssef
    Ahmed Youssef 6 days ago

    They were all great musicians but JPJ was an enigma. In the background he was the cement in the blocks of led zep.

  • Max
    Max 7 days ago

    oui sauf qu'il n'y a pas de verrouillage du fil aux mécaniques, normalement ça tient comme çà

  • Max Loh
    Max Loh 7 days ago

    ELECTRON MICROSCOPES to look at GUITAR STRINGS. Now I've seen everything!

  • Francis Turgeon
    Francis Turgeon 7 days ago

    nice i love it merci beaucoup :) ( . ) ( . ) :)

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones 8 days ago

    Thanks John.

  • The Wolfpac
    The Wolfpac 8 days ago

    don't use pledge on your guitar.

  • MegaLochgelly
    MegaLochgelly 9 days ago

    What about a ringing sound on one string? Even when I mute or choke the strings there's a ringing sound coming. A bit similar to a harmonic sound but very slight and more annoying.

  • Scott Inkley
    Scott Inkley 9 days ago

    Thanks for posting this, I found it very helpful.

  • Cambio de Rumbo
    Cambio de Rumbo 10 days ago

    if the bumblebee moved its wings as fast as Hadrien moves his fingers .. The bumblebee would be a Jet! XD

  • JdNtBrLrTi
    JdNtBrLrTi 10 days ago

    "Sounds"... Oh yes. One of my favorite Phil electric tracks.

  • Gabriel Martínez
    Gabriel Martínez 11 days ago

    Why your bass have 6 stings? That is so weird

  • Kris Janso
    Kris Janso 12 days ago

    Very helpful thanks Mary!

  • red_array
    red_array 14 days ago

    Whoa bro, I didn't realize mid neck buzzing was from too much relief. None of the other half dozen videos I've watched mentioned this. You just saved me a trip to the luthier. Thank you. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻💪🏻

  • kermheat
    kermheat 14 days ago


  • Mauro Muraca
    Mauro Muraca 15 days ago

    Hi what guitar model is?

    • Nathan M
      Nathan M 12 days ago

      Its a stormshadow guitar

  • xperia9x
    xperia9x 15 days ago

    Not what I was looking for

  • Martin Kearney
    Martin Kearney 15 days ago

    Great to see Elixir step up and recognize talent when they see it, I will check out their strings based on your endorsement. @Fender - Where is the love for Cameron for all he has done for Charvel and EVH?

    • Andrew D
      Andrew D 21 hour ago

      Agreed. Bought a 3 pack of Elixir's and a THR10X based on Cameron's videos. Probably pick up a Charvel too, but gotta narrow it down to the right one. LOL

  • Joe Zaccaria
    Joe Zaccaria 15 days ago

    Amazing playing. Your a inspiration to watch . I can't believe the killer tone you get out of your Yamaha thr10x.

  • Matt David
    Matt David 16 days ago

    What's with the 2 thumbs down?

  • Adam Stewart
    Adam Stewart 16 days ago

    Thanks! I have a small kink in the string! 😅

  • Bartolomeo De Giosa
    Bartolomeo De Giosa 17 days ago

    Mi sarebbe piaciuto ,dei sottotitoli in ITALIANO . Grazie

  • Sani Ojima
    Sani Ojima 17 days ago

    Got it Good job God bless yu🙏

  • Stephen Bowyer
    Stephen Bowyer 18 days ago

    Say, ELEXIR, when you hire a guitarist to fingerpick, would it break your bank to include a few TABS for those who don't learn by looking at the back of somebody's hand? Just sayin...

  • Azrael Mortem
    Azrael Mortem 18 days ago

    Mad flex bro

  • Richard Folkman
    Richard Folkman 19 days ago

    Thanks for sharing. With your suggestions, I believe even an old guitar would appreciate the attention! Thank you.

  • Paul Gibson Music
    Paul Gibson Music 19 days ago

    This video explains the adjustment of the D tuner better and more simply than the video made by the actual inventor of the thing. Thanks John 👍🏻

  • L O
    L O 19 days ago

    I would use Elixir Optiwebs exclusively IF you made a heavy gauge for C & B tuning. Building my own set every time is too expensive :/

  • Star Boy ZZ
    Star Boy ZZ 19 days ago

    What is this???

  • cmacdhon
    cmacdhon 19 days ago

    Good stuff. Thank you!

  • Russelle Wannell
    Russelle Wannell 20 days ago

    Where did you find the steel sheep, rusting in a paddock.

  • Helium Road
    Helium Road 20 days ago

    Cool seeing a Brit wearing a Philadelphia Eagles hat. And great bass playing.

  • Michael
    Michael 21 day ago

    Thank you. You basically fixed my seven string 😂

  • Michael Friday
    Michael Friday 21 day ago

    Mr Jones is quite a talented man.

  • Jupiter Le Grand
    Jupiter Le Grand 21 day ago

    Did it ever occur to anyone how much JPJ resembles Aleister Simms, esp. in A Christmas Carol?

  • Lobato ULR
    Lobato ULR 23 days ago

    Aprecio muito o trabalho deste grande músico. Trabalhando com grandes artista internacionais também possui um excelente trabalho solo. The best. Here in Brazil.

  • Eric
    Eric 23 days ago

    Well, personally I wouldn’t let this guy near any of my guitars with any of those tools or materials

  • Jamel Mendoza
    Jamel Mendoza 23 days ago


  • Eric Ellis
    Eric Ellis 23 days ago

    Nice information. Straight to the points and no bullshit. Great video.

  • Rasalor
    Rasalor 23 days ago

    My name is John Carothers also !

  • JAT Rock Martin
    JAT Rock Martin 24 days ago

    Yes! That's true! I love Elixir .09-.46 optiwebs!!

  • Marcello Barile
    Marcello Barile 24 days ago

    I've always struggled to find a good video about how to take care of string replacement... this one is absolutely top-notch!

  • jack flash
    jack flash 24 days ago

    I think JPJ is the greatest bass player in all of rock but JPJ is way more than a bass player he's a brilliant musician. Take a look at which bands/artists JPJ worked with before joining Zeppelin. You'll be shocked. Yes the Stones are one of the bands.

  • Damon Stewart
    Damon Stewart 25 days ago

    Explosive tone

  • kermheat
    kermheat 25 days ago

    Great sound !!!

  • dwasifar karalahishipoor

    Don't precut your strings if you're using a round-core string like DR Sunbeam or Veritas. Precutting will ruin a round-core string and make it go dead instantly.

  • Chris Rusch
    Chris Rusch 27 days ago

    thank you for your service

  • Gaetana Nelson
    Gaetana Nelson 27 days ago

    03:12 Everything you listen to is an influence.

  • Kraftonia
    Kraftonia 27 days ago

    Can someone link to the tools he uses? Tried to google it, but got confused (mainly because I'm danish and operates with cm. and mm.) :) Maybee I got colse finding a Göldo Double Edge Nut File from Thomann and a Laser AF/MM Feeler Gauges 32-Blade from screwfix.eu. Still need to find the 6" ruler with 1/32" and 1/64" increments). I'm setting up a Jazz Bass (mine) and a Precision bass (a buddys), thx. Kind regards from Kraftonia, Denmark BTW. I would like the tools to work with ajusting my Ibanez SR 5 string bass too, in regards to the filing of the nut.

  • Dan S.
    Dan S. 27 days ago

    What kind of guitar is this?

  • PikPobedy
    PikPobedy 28 days ago

    LZ would not have been LZ without JPJ. The preferred to term is bass guitarist and bass guitar rather than bassist and bass. Anyway this is what The Who's John Entwistle (RIP) said.

  • Carl Malone
    Carl Malone 29 days ago

    Scotchbrite. Never use steel wool !

  • Bill Chalverus
    Bill Chalverus Month ago

    nothing about bridge. Wax or linseed?

  • Adamfront
    Adamfront Month ago

    Very interesting.

  • Jamel Mendoza
    Jamel Mendoza Month ago


  • Don Ready
    Don Ready Month ago

    Well done. An old dog can learn new tricks.

  • Mass.Shadows
    Mass.Shadows Month ago

    Wow! I’ve been using lighter fluid to clean everything! I come to learn how to properly clean a electric guitar and they tell me to use lighter fluid!

  • David Grason
    David Grason Month ago

    I'm 63 years old and I've been playing guitar since I was seven. I've only changed my strings on my guitars a couple of million times. And yet, I just learned some EXCELLENT tips that will make changing strings in the future EVEN BETTER! Thank you SO much!

  • The Anonymous Bassist

    Davie504: *wait thats illegal*

    • Kiky
      Kiky 29 days ago

      LMAO OMG

  • Sonny O'Brien
    Sonny O'Brien Month ago

    Why is the LOW E string spaced further (4/32ths of an inch) than the other strings?

  • Paul Stevens
    Paul Stevens Month ago

    Excellant presentation,Thank You

  • gerthie
    gerthie Month ago


  • Better TV Reception WITH Foil Fedoras!

    What happened do the Poly strings?? All i can find is nano & i like them much less.

  • Adrian Lewis
    Adrian Lewis Month ago

    I don't trust many people with my guitars, but would happily let John work on mine

  • Shoujan
    Shoujan Month ago

    How small of an allen wrench do you need. I had a 1/16 and still wouldn't fit in.

  • Richard Roma
    Richard Roma Month ago

    Best acoustic guitars ever. I own two and they sound awsome. Every single taylor I have tried at the store is always top notch best acoustic for the money my opinion.

  • ressalg
    ressalg Month ago

    He probably should have mentioned that you have to use low-tack masking tape on the soundhole, instead of just saying masking tape.

  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson Month ago

    What a wholesome man, and a fucking animal of a musician

  • oliver kenny
    oliver kenny Month ago

    Sign of a talent making the difficult look easy, a true inspiration

  • fernando sepulveda

    What the hell is that click noise

  • Mike Wessels
    Mike Wessels Month ago

    Thanks John and Elixir for making these recordings. Every few months when I buy a new set of strings I watch them again.

  • mark axeman
    mark axeman Month ago

    Great video. Just a quick question to settle my curiosity...Since Taylor uses Elixer strings, Do they use the 80/20 Bronze? Or the Phospher Bronze? Inquireing minds want to know. Thanks.

  • Tim Ryland
    Tim Ryland Month ago

    Fix Chris's headstock so he can again know the pleasure of replacing his strings!

  • Robert Noble Music

    Until the coating flakes off after 2 hrs.

  • Melvinallen Allen

    Great info

  • Minotauro Di Chieti

    This guy actually has boobs!!

  • Minotauro Di Chieti

    shittiest guitar player ever.

  • Minotauro Di Chieti

    shittiest guitar player ever.

  • Jon W
    Jon W Month ago

    By the way- A good Homer Formsby wood cleaner works damn well, followed up by a lemon/linseed oil on a "rosewood/non coated" fretboard...FYI!!!

  • Jon W
    Jon W Month ago

    DUDE!!!! Must go perpendicular with your oil/clean to the fret stays...otherwise cracks WILL appear by the frets stays!!!! NOT, just up and down the finger board!!!!

  • Robson David
    Robson David Month ago

    Alguem ja comprou direto dos estados unidos?

  • aoxilus
    aoxilus Month ago

    I always use wd40 for all the guitar, takes out the rust and looks like new

  • Fosforus 15
    Fosforus 15 Month ago

    Title correction: "How to play muted bass on a boy band track"

  • Fok yu
    Fok yu Month ago

    The string winding! So that's how Jimi Hendrix got his tone!

  • David Secord
    David Secord Month ago

    As a physician, surgeon and luthier, I can tell you what to put on your guitar and what not to put on your guitar. When I finish working on a guitar for someone, one of the services I provide is to detail the body and fretboard. This is most easily accomplished with the strings off and with the following (to clean and refurbish the fretboard. I use something totally different for the finish of the guitar): 1. 0000 steel wool 2. Murphy's Wood Oil Soap 3. An old cotton towel 4. Pure Almond Oil 5. A clean cotton towel With warm water and the Murphy's Wood Oil Soap, you lightly scrub (with the grain) with the steel wool. You can use brass, as it is softer, but finding it in a 0000 gauge is nearly impossible. Doing this with the old towel underneath the neck will catch the drips. Doing about 5 frets at a time and then wiping off the crud with the old cotton towel, you work your way up the neck. You'll find that rinsing the steel wool often (several times a fret) will help extricate the dirt and oils from your fingers and really clean it off the wood. Once the entire neck is done, a finish by carefully taking the steel wool across the fret wires to polish them as well. If you've done a good job of getting the crud off the fretboard, it should look uniform and dull, without dark areas or light areas. If this isn't the case, throw out the Murphy's Wood Oil mixture, mix up a new batch and do the fretboard again. You'll be amazed and disgusted as how dark the water is as you pour it down the drain. Now, the good part. Take the clean cotton towel (or wash cloth) and put some Almond Oil on it. A little goes a long way. Go fret by fret, rubbing it in with the grain of the wood. By the time you get to the top of the neck, you'll have enough of it soak in that it is time to wipe off the excess. The neck will look as though it was new (maybe better). As Almond Oil is pure and a natural byproduct of processing almonds, it has no additives, no preservatives and is completely natural (unlike Lemon Oil, or Scott's Liquid Gold or other things which are petroleum based and will raise the grain of the wood and does more harm than good). Restring the guitar and you're ready to go. I'm a firm believer that absolutely nothing other than Almond Oil should be applied to the bare wood (fretboard and saddle) of a guitar or any fine wood.

  • Ethan Killion
    Ethan Killion Month ago

    Lol my wire ran away back I to the hole. I gota go to a shop for this fuc but thanks

  • Mensch Meier
    Mensch Meier Month ago

    USA attitude... I dont like it.

  • Thomas Scharbow
    Thomas Scharbow Month ago

    Thank you for a lot of nice ideas.