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Scott Galbo pick-six
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Joe Reitmeyer sack
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Cam Hart 40-yard run
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Not your average Faire
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GameDay 2019 Fall Preview
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Pride comes to Ocean Beach
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  • Jody Guenther
    Jody Guenther 2 hours ago

    I love ups its the best company better then FedEx

  • Matthew Mason
    Matthew Mason 6 hours ago

    I work at UPS good Job

  • becksta29
    becksta29 14 hours ago

    Over priced imo

  • Dan Moriarty
    Dan Moriarty Day ago

    Great video... would love to see a follow up on the rest of the trail towards Massachusetts

  • nickwick35
    nickwick35 Day ago

    Love to see it

  • ማ ማ
    ማ ማ Day ago

    i work at uPS in Germany, god since thank you also think good

  • JENDALL714
    JENDALL714 Day ago

    Fix it, by not voting Democrat.

  • Jucab Nubster
    Jucab Nubster Day ago

    Free donut day Kenny gave me a blueberry donut from Dunkin. He's a nice popular guy, a very rare occurrence.

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown 2 days ago

    Damn my neighbors called the cops on me because I was black

  • Chromaticclaws
    Chromaticclaws 2 days ago

    You should check out "Mystic in The 1950's: Growing Up in a Small Village" by Thomas A. Santos. There are some great photos and stories!

  • Matthew Hawkins
    Matthew Hawkins 2 days ago

    She worked out for ya, huh? LOL! Look at all her little henchmen. She’s gone now you crooks!!!

  • Matthew Hawkins
    Matthew Hawkins 2 days ago

    Cathy NEVER accepts responsibility for anything! Go look at our school, and the deficit the town has! She NEVER took ownership! This happened all under your watch Osten and yet you think you were exempt to all of it??!!! Ridiculous!!! Thank God she’s gone!!!!!

  • Matthew Hawkins
    Matthew Hawkins 2 days ago

    And four years later she’s gone! Cathy drove this town into the ground! Foley was 100% correct then and he’s still correct now! Policy drove these mills out!

  • Luci YZ
    Luci YZ 3 days ago

    I guess whole town recognize me and call da cops when i passs around with full throttle on my TTR 600 with Aftermarket exhaust which kill everything above 2 meters in the ground 😂

  • Mick Funny
    Mick Funny 3 days ago

    Ummm, video title says 72-21. Think you need a copy editor😱

  • lamaur Thompson
    lamaur Thompson 3 days ago

    Cornball coach! Can't wait til the Thanksgiving game.. 💚💛

    MARIE FRENCH 3 days ago

    Great show ,and the lady dancing you go young lady

  • Beast from the East

    This guy must have a nice retirement fund ready for him. He was probably making 6 figures. Our UPS driver has been there for 20 + years and he’s making 6 figures

  • Chey S
    Chey S 4 days ago

    He’s my teacher!

  • Tate Fitzgibbons
    Tate Fitzgibbons 5 days ago

    this video has come up on my recommended like 800 times and i always find myself watching it

  • Haylee Blevins
    Haylee Blevins 5 days ago

    Those skills are sooo easy but some of those teams looked like they were sad and not energetic

  • Riley Walsh
    Riley Walsh 5 days ago


  • Jennie Logsdon Martin

    Loved this!

  • Chris Gratton
    Chris Gratton 5 days ago

    What's kobe doing in Connecticut?

  • Trevor Batchelor
    Trevor Batchelor 5 days ago

    That’s crazy

  • Xabdiel Cruz
    Xabdiel Cruz 6 days ago

    Is it weird that no black people were playing with them?

  • john sosman
    john sosman 6 days ago

    Fitch '67

  • MI JOY
    MI JOY 6 days ago


  • Trevor Batchelor
    Trevor Batchelor 6 days ago

    Just the man I wanted to win

  • Satya Pratap Nayak
    Satya Pratap Nayak 6 days ago

    Cricket is the best

  • Peter Rosamilia
    Peter Rosamilia 6 days ago

    This is the most interesting thing I have seen in a while baseball at the most respect ever possible as a person who grew up playing this great sport and put 110% in everything this is just amazing

  • The Ultimate Warrior

    The Dems have sealed their fate... I will never EVER vote for a Democrat

  • Jorge Gonzalez
    Jorge Gonzalez 7 days ago

    Clutch af

  • Rob McGregor
    Rob McGregor 7 days ago

    Be careful doing that. Following the speed limit can be dangerous. Many freeway speeds in the Inland Empire of Los Angeles are 80-95 MPH, despite speed limits being posted at 70. Every few minutes someone will go by doing 100. Nothing cops can do.

  • Milan Mac Baby
    Milan Mac Baby 8 days ago

    Wow that was intense

  • Aayush Manandhar
    Aayush Manandhar 9 days ago

    This place looks like castle Island in Boston

  • Kalla Homme
    Kalla Homme 10 days ago


  • Kevin Aaron
    Kevin Aaron 10 days ago

    I can smell the Bengay and piss through the screen

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 10 days ago


  • UpNextJt
    UpNextJt 12 days ago

    Played him last week 😭 @bassick

  • Kevin Durant
    Kevin Durant 13 days ago

    Yeahhhh baby lets go

  • Gary Foster
    Gary Foster 13 days ago

    I'm English, so I assume this is played in the 5 minutes preceding every sporting event. God Bless You my American Chums !

  • Ben Bohmbach
    Ben Bohmbach 13 days ago

    That’s my dawg

    • Mick Funny
      Mick Funny 13 days ago

      Ben Bohmbach he’s got skinny arms tho

  • Donald Yates
    Donald Yates 13 days ago

    Ha ha so very glad I attended the best. USNA class of "90"

  • California Guy
    California Guy 13 days ago a moving car? really?

  • Sized Flame
    Sized Flame 14 days ago

    I’d 100 percent be down for this

  • Julius Adams
    Julius Adams 14 days ago

    God bless him over the 30 years I wish I knew back in 1981 when I first got my CDL license I would have applied at UPS back then now I regret it because I would have had over 30 years also I could have been retired by now so now I'm still working at the age of 57 years old struggling trying to make ends meet

  • Linda Davidson
    Linda Davidson 15 days ago


  • Monica Digrindakis
    Monica Digrindakis 15 days ago

    thank you.!! Great video

  • Misfit 636
    Misfit 636 15 days ago

    Best thing to go along with a prearranged funereal.... prearranged death...🤣

  • Julie Delesdernier
    Julie Delesdernier 16 days ago

    that's my niece!!

  • henlia871
    henlia871 16 days ago

    new london was the best period

  • Jimmy Wilding
    Jimmy Wilding 17 days ago

    I did this job for a summer. It’s brutal. It’s how dumb people make something out of themselves. Not for everyone

  • Nicholstop :
    Nicholstop : 17 days ago

    Lmao fuck the neighbors I’d get a quad and do donuts in their yard

  • Gregory McDonald
    Gregory McDonald 17 days ago

    Should be Richie Brown, no?

  • T Y L E R
    T Y L E R 18 days ago

    Aroldis Chapman: *Comes in to pitch* Catcher: *Ight imma head out*

  • Alex Yamach
    Alex Yamach 18 days ago

    Those guys EARN every dollar they make and they deserve it! That job would kill most people.

  • Dan Craig
    Dan Craig 18 days ago

    Fuckin hipsters

  • John G
    John G 18 days ago

    Teamsters Union💪🏻 Set for life. My best friend has been with them for 12 year’s and he make’s bank and he has the BEST benefit’s in the game for real. Full HMO medical health care for him and his whole family. Also he has the BEST pension retirement and 401k EVERRRR.❤️📦

  • Stephanie Carroll
    Stephanie Carroll 19 days ago

    Good job

  • FarleyChris88
    FarleyChris88 19 days ago

    hello my name is kizarny

  • Babee Mac Net
    Babee Mac Net 19 days ago


  • Rolf Geschwind
    Rolf Geschwind 19 days ago

    Soccer is great to watch. :)

  • Q Co
    Q Co 19 days ago

    McK. P .

  • Parental Control App Reviewer

    As an over-concerned parent, I would rather make use of iKeyMonitor to guard my children.

  • Joshua Ortiz
    Joshua Ortiz 20 days ago

    I’ve been working for UPS till death, I’m currently deceased while I type.

  • JTS Television
    JTS Television 21 day ago

    I thought this was ridiculous six...

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee 21 day ago

    That's a pretty good one I got 2 blowers myself but some times a rake is better.

  • mr rebel
    mr rebel 21 day ago

    I wanna be stuffed and stood in front of the window just to screw with the nosey ass neighbors..

  • Vivian Register
    Vivian Register 21 day ago


  • XxOptic_ _NutxX
    XxOptic_ _NutxX 21 day ago

    Especially during peak season, around christmas, these guys get hella work. Please help them if you can around then, they have a tough job.

  • Mellow Jellow5678
    Mellow Jellow5678 21 day ago

    how does that not hurt your hands?

  • Craig Kurker
    Craig Kurker 22 days ago

    I think I fished off a Mi Joy Charter out of Lynn MA. Cod fishing. Does anyone know if there is a connection ?

  • festus gajion
    festus gajion 22 days ago

    Underhanded pitching and no blacks or browns allowed. Accurate atleast

  • George Limberakis
    George Limberakis 22 days ago

    Beautiful header at 1:15:11

  • Huang Huang
    Huang Huang 22 days ago

    Imagine fouling the ball into the guy behind the plate

  • Are you Serious
    Are you Serious 22 days ago

    Well This is bullcrap clickbait, I thought it was footage of a baseball game from 1861 😡

  • Hazel Rockelle
    Hazel Rockelle 22 days ago

    The first team needed more help. They couldnt even make a smile

  • Beta Blogs
    Beta Blogs 23 days ago

    Ayyeeeee thats lit they got under armor and gatorade in 1861

  • Wingman46
    Wingman46 23 days ago

    This is so freaking cool

  • jogmas12
    jogmas12 23 days ago

    Watch for those outfield post and can blacks play or we have to wait for another “Jackie Robinson” ?

    • jogmas12
      jogmas12 4 days ago

      Serka you racist, everyone should this game, it’s for everybody. Letting blacks play will certainly create more diversity in the game.

    • jogmas12
      jogmas12 4 days ago

      Serka guess we’ll have to wait for another Jackie Robinson to break the color barrier here.

    • Serka
      Serka 4 days ago

      "we dont use gloves because they werent incorpoated until 1870" *off camera* and dont even get me started on those damn n-

  • Bill Tyler
    Bill Tyler 23 days ago

    Cruising on Fishers Island Sound would not be the same without the iconic Aphrodite. Thank you Chuck Royce and Captain Kirk!!

  • Arian Begolli
    Arian Begolli 23 days ago

    Yankees lost, imma head to bed

  • Frying Bodies
    Frying Bodies 24 days ago

    hey this is where i go fishing !!

  • The Ultimate Warrior

    Tom Callinan!

  • Jarrod Winegarden
    Jarrod Winegarden 24 days ago

    That's how Duck Hunt Duo got confirmed for Smash

  • Robert Ron
    Robert Ron 24 days ago

    (What left company???)

  • Rock Massa
    Rock Massa 24 days ago

    The American Way Of Death $$$$$

  • AngleFAN 101
    AngleFAN 101 24 days ago


  • Trevor Batchelor
    Trevor Batchelor 25 days ago

    Omg the day got so many views

  • Shyfillie
    Shyfillie 25 days ago

    Sorry schat happend

  • James Stolaronek
    James Stolaronek 25 days ago

    After watching this video I know who I'm voting for... See you at the voting booth. We need a Libertarian candidate........

  • B
    B 25 days ago

    No blacks lol

  • Trebol Clan
    Trebol Clan 25 days ago

    How much weight are u required to be able to lift?

  • Arlene wade
    Arlene wade 26 days ago

    Prayer is extremely powerful October 17th 6am to 4pm we the body of Christ are crying out in prayer to the Lord for Him to deliver Haiti. Over 500 churches in Haiti & world wide are joining as well🙏🏾🇭🇹🔥🙌🏾

  • Melissaj Vaaganay
    Melissaj Vaaganay 26 days ago

    Soccer is really great. lovely stuff. 👌

  • Austin Tessier
    Austin Tessier 26 days ago

    I didn't know 1861 had Gatorade

  • Sha Zulu aka Brooklyn Brawler

    The trucks are auto now

  • T O
    T O 28 days ago

    Salute to this guy

  • Sinbadx Vlogs
    Sinbadx Vlogs 29 days ago