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  • Tate Mushroom
    Tate Mushroom 5 hours ago

    canada bans everything fun

  • Norsendo
    Norsendo 9 hours ago

    Wut happens if you use a real shotgun shell?

  • محمد ال طارش الخسافي الفيفي ٩٠٥

    اكو عرب بالطياره

  • guptack raj
    guptack raj 16 hours ago

    It's costs RS.40 or 80

  • Tono Serrano
    Tono Serrano Day ago

    He a little confused but he got the spirit

  • 8bit toucan
    8bit toucan Day ago

    how to kill a dictator 101 lol

    SHADOW GAMER Day ago

    That's not airsoft gun 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Seongyun Kim
    Seongyun Kim Day ago

    Pretty his girl friend think he is doing something amazing

  • Joey Hillers
    Joey Hillers 3 days ago

    Turbo on a 49cc scooter next

  • Sir Percival Smallcock-Jones

    I'm cooking a vegetarian dinner. Roast lamb, to be specific.

  • James Edwards
    James Edwards 3 days ago

    Im sorry can you get france and the uk mixed up??

  • The Real Pepe
    The Real Pepe 3 days ago

    Granny shifting not double clutching like you should. Be glad that the turbo didn't blow the welds on the intake.

  • sonu singh
    sonu singh 3 days ago


  • Lucky Laray
    Lucky Laray 3 days ago

    Keep trying😎

  • HOW to do?
    HOW to do? 4 days ago

    I love this gun this is also.available in india

  • joep vermeer
    joep vermeer 4 days ago

    Does anyone know how to get a coil from everyday devices?

  • J Allen
    J Allen 4 days ago

    Where are you from in canada?

  • piyush bhandare
    piyush bhandare 5 days ago

    you make guns vidio

    TOOR Rs TOOR Rs 5 days ago

    price plzz

  • tommy miller
    tommy miller 5 days ago

    Hello inventor719 i was wondering how long does it take to come to arrive when you order it

  • Mahdi Mousavi
    Mahdi Mousavi 6 days ago

    That was so trash

  • Tyler Humphrey
    Tyler Humphrey 6 days ago

    I am from Canada !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally a RU-clipr that lives in my home country

  • PlayWithTheFlow ???

    Bye bye school. ✌😋

    • Yamakaso
      Yamakaso 6 days ago

      The fuck you mean "Bye bye school." ? 🗿

  • Walees Edlbe
    Walees Edlbe 6 days ago


  • Nowell Holmes
    Nowell Holmes 6 days ago

    HAHAHAHA I enjoyed watching this, and am currently laughing at how much of an absolute FAIL it is. Thanks.

  • Laxmikant Mishra
    Laxmikant Mishra 6 days ago

    Good gun

  • 123hi1239
    123hi1239 6 days ago

    I'm sorry, a syringe is not an adverse household object

  • `Cuda Jr
    `Cuda Jr 7 days ago


  • Orius25
    Orius25 7 days ago

    Firecrackers were banned in Canada because they sound like gunfire. This is how wussy Canada is. They also banned beach fires in Vancouver 5 years ago. You can't do anything in Canada, nanny government wants to keep you safe and coddled.

  • Jeannine Lafond
    Jeannine Lafond 7 days ago

    Thank you.!!!!!This technic brought lighters back from the limbo of short straw with visible, useable fuel. I hate that!

  • Jeannine Lafond
    Jeannine Lafond 7 days ago

    Soooooooooo works.

  • CarScene
    CarScene 8 days ago

    Are you the kid from full force

  • Dare to Wild
    Dare to Wild 8 days ago

    The smoke should be blue

  • abdessamed benkabouya

    you should add 3+ in the title

  • Mr lister
    Mr lister 8 days ago

    I'm 14 I live in the UK where guns are band and me and my mates foude some shotgun shells reall and full old tho and my dads got a grinder sooo ima make a gun ahah

    • George Jilner
      George Jilner 6 days ago

      And now your getting raided by the police you idiot

  • Ayden Romine
    Ayden Romine 8 days ago

    Can you’re not at school because you won’t have that stuff with you so you’re lying

  • Christoph Tews
    Christoph Tews 8 days ago

    France is not UK, soon the UK wont even be a part of the EU and the firework partially is polish firework.

  • DD___DC
    DD___DC 8 days ago

    Next video coming soon turbo on an a electric Lawn Mower 🤔🤔😂😂

    SEAN TIERNAN 9 days ago

    I cant find canada light lighters or x-lite lighters anywhere. Please put links to where they are sold.

  • Bernard Shelton
    Bernard Shelton 9 days ago

    Wow you must not have a job , too much time on your hands. What’s the point or advantage to doing this? Your right their is none.

  • cristobal mendoza
    cristobal mendoza 9 days ago

    3.09 "well i stand mistaken" 😂😂

  • jake plummer
    jake plummer 10 days ago

    The turbo is as big as the engine

  • Weapons and survival

    Fireworks from the uk France to be specific Everyone else: your a fuckin idiot

  • jake merchant
    jake merchant 11 days ago

    you created a solution to a problem that didnt exist.

  • Alan fowley
    Alan fowley 11 days ago

    UK France to be specific 😂

  • dude josh
    dude josh 11 days ago

    Dislike this comment for poor chicken

  • StopAndListen
    StopAndListen 12 days ago

    "Standard issue" firecrackers The army really is struggling with their budgets, huh?

  • Rustico Lapinig
    Rustico Lapinig 12 days ago

    Maririnig nyo lang guys sabi nya ayan yong part na nag titira siya

  • Rustico Lapinig
    Rustico Lapinig 12 days ago

    Sabi nya ayan

  • Rustico Lapinig
    Rustico Lapinig 12 days ago

    Hoy taga pilipinas yan english pa Dont subscribe his channel

  • Okin and Friends
    Okin and Friends 13 days ago

    0:34 'removable clip" it's magazine, idiot

  • Paul Lo Cicero
    Paul Lo Cicero 13 days ago


  • Leen Plays
    Leen Plays 13 days ago

    *fbi wants to know ur location*

  • Olie Jibaikon
    Olie Jibaikon 13 days ago

    You talk too much, just fire it up.

  • Canada
    Canada 13 days ago

    Delete this video you f****** imbecile

  • Randy Fiore
    Randy Fiore 14 days ago

    How do I get one?

  • Zak Srdanovich
    Zak Srdanovich 14 days ago

    Starts mowing lawn when neighbors are mowing Revs it Neibor looks at you funny You, puts down flip down sunglasses “Can your lawn mower do this” Lawnmower falls apart Neibor: You: Neibor: umm, no it’s pretty secure...

  • Toxic Trooper
    Toxic Trooper 14 days ago

    What dollar store sell airsoft guns

  • Ant Black
    Ant Black 14 days ago

    what happened to the oxygen?

  • LacrimosA_xD
    LacrimosA_xD 14 days ago

    can I fit the multi purpose cutting tool attachment to this thing?

  • Keith Austin
    Keith Austin 15 days ago

    Bullshit waste of time

  • B. Pyromane
    B. Pyromane 15 days ago

    You could probably use 9mm primers and still have it rotate, I might try something like that with some hollow point blanks and some bbs or something

  • Sean Cudlipp
    Sean Cudlipp 15 days ago

    That’s actually just a toy

  • 2Parafl
    2Parafl 15 days ago

    Clean. Your. Fingernails

  • Susanneskadet sinn verdiløs eksistens

    *4 Cylinders running 6s or 5s on the 1/4th mile *V8 tards *muh 698 10 liter quad turbo fox body is faster than your lawnmower

  • Thala Ganesh
    Thala Ganesh 15 days ago

    USA vs India next vedio

  • Ajeesnipes Binna
    Ajeesnipes Binna 16 days ago

    Canadians smh

  • J. Dexter Smith
    J. Dexter Smith 16 days ago

    France is not part of the U.K., it is part of N.A.T.O. and part of the E.U.

  • you reading my name
    you reading my name 17 days ago


  • Rian Anderson
    Rian Anderson 17 days ago

    6:35 he ran like it was a grenade lmao

  • Joe Kaz
    Joe Kaz 17 days ago

    And that's how you build a Civic

  • tatorinator
    tatorinator 17 days ago

    That is not a gas powered airsoft gun, that is an ignition powered airsoft gun. Like a real or prison style gun.

  • Shushil Kumar
    Shushil Kumar 17 days ago

    It is of 20 rupees in India

  • Nazir Ali shah
    Nazir Ali shah 17 days ago


  • CloudBurst
    CloudBurst 17 days ago

    instructions unclear, i made an unfunny joke

  • louis myers
    louis myers 17 days ago

    You're a loser. Get off RU-clip ya big old bitch.

  • DanyPhanton
    DanyPhanton 17 days ago


  • Hayden Alexander-Homier

    Not too shabby

  • Sushi
    Sushi 18 days ago

    Bitch that's a fucking soft ass bullet no wonder it couldn't rip thru the paper...

  • Mike Berry
    Mike Berry 18 days ago

    It’s always sold out he never had any available, can somebody please tell me a website where I can buy a xythos 2mm revolver

  • Mike Berry
    Mike Berry 18 days ago

    I’ve been waiting to buy one for the best year on his page and there still no revolver

  • king of kind
    king of kind 18 days ago


  • Tammy Westlock
    Tammy Westlock 18 days ago

    Cool for the movie

  • CJ
    CJ 19 days ago

    How should I store the hydrogen

  • Maurice Kyle Gloria
    Maurice Kyle Gloria 19 days ago

    Be careful!!

  • Ten Ninecraft
    Ten Ninecraft 19 days ago

    Buy a rhb31 turbo

  • meri meri
    meri meri 20 days ago

    Kalo buat konten jangan lama² kopla

  • StarKillerPlayz
    StarKillerPlayz 20 days ago

    Omg you didn’t even show us it when it was running 🤦‍♀️

  • Brandon Shirey
    Brandon Shirey 20 days ago

    Now thats where turbos belong!

  • Lil Fliq
    Lil Fliq 20 days ago

    imagine if you overpower tho gun and it just explodes right away in you hands while shooting 😂

  • Colton Memes
    Colton Memes 20 days ago

    dude brought a knife and a bb gun to school bruh

  • Nacho Pop's
    Nacho Pop's 20 days ago

    I skipped to the part were u said if u skip to the end of the video lol

  • Jac65110
    Jac65110 21 day ago

    America has guns in school and dollar stores smh

  • Yukinne Kobayashi
    Yukinne Kobayashi 21 day ago

    So does this mean i get to skip school to break my ankles?

  • GreenPuma99
    GreenPuma99 21 day ago

    10 minutes... and it doesn’t fucking start..

  • Taine Martins
    Taine Martins 21 day ago

    As soon as he said something about America I knew I had to come see all the triggered Americans takiing shots at him

  • Rawat Bhadresha
    Rawat Bhadresha 21 day ago

    Very bad

  • Ant Wavy
    Ant Wavy 21 day ago

    Lmfao is he serious?

  • Vixster Gonzalez
    Vixster Gonzalez 22 days ago

    Damn son where you learn this stuff , oh wait .... Answer : RU-clip

  • Send Ass picks Please?

    Here since 20 subs bro