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8 Graves - Bones
Views 152K4 days ago
3LAU & DNMO - Falling
Views 168K5 days ago
Two Feet - Pink
Views 208K11 days ago
Ollie - Stuck
Views 453K12 days ago
Alter. - Safety
Views 293K14 days ago
Dylan Dunlap - Runnin
Views 247K17 days ago
xander. - Someone
Views 192K19 days ago
Finding Hope - Lonely
Views 268K24 days ago
DROELOE - Virtual Friends
Views 222K26 days ago
Kuoga. - Monolith
Views 262K26 days ago
Módl - Clementine
Views 427K27 days ago
KOSTE - Quicksand
Views 339KMonth ago
Mia Vaile - Sweet Liar
Views 508KMonth ago
juuku - Frozen
Views 315KMonth ago
SKY - Stars
Views 387KMonth ago
nøll - i hope ur ok
Views 541KMonth ago
updog - goodbye
Views 531KMonth ago
Dylan Kidd - washed
Views 323KMonth ago
Lani Rose - Warm Blanket
Views 399KMonth ago
XYLØ - The End
Views 692K2 months ago
8 Graves - RIP
Views 574KMonth ago
Echos - Graves
Views 593K2 months ago
Alec Benjamin - Jesus In LA
Views 670K2 months ago
Raider - Reach Me
Views 406K2 months ago
Gavin Haley - Show Me
Views 397K2 months ago
Ashe - Moral Of The Story
Views 1.1M2 months ago
updog - hurt
Views 1M2 months ago
YVR - Unique
Views 816K2 months ago
Lani Rose - Damaged
Views 617K2 months ago
Art Challenge 2019
Views 201K2 months ago
Jake Hope - Reasons
Views 436K2 months ago
TEEMID - Be With You
Views 413K2 months ago
Essenger - Quivira
Views 519K2 months ago
BAUM - Fuckboy
Views 463K2 months ago
Douran - Phenomena
Views 501K2 months ago
Jaron - Catch
Views 654K2 months ago
8 Graves - Beast
Views 515K2 months ago
Kedam - Jaded Boy
Views 555K2 months ago
Etherwood - Away From It All
Views 384K3 months ago
Olive B - Playmate
Views 715K3 months ago
San Holo - Lost Lately
Views 342K3 months ago
Vanic - Somedays
Views 1.2M3 months ago
PLÜM - Nuit Blanche
Views 583K3 months ago
Vorsa - Runaway
Views 754K3 months ago
XYLØ - Yes & No
Views 4.7M3 months ago
PLS&TY - Feeling Forever
Views 500K3 months ago
MXMS - Paris
Views 532K3 months ago
boerd - It Fades Away
Views 219K3 months ago
XYLØ - Ride Or Die
Views 1.8M3 months ago
Melis - So Called Love
Views 939K3 months ago
Chloe Flower - Get What U Get
Views 756K3 months ago
RKCB - Know Love (OTR Remix)
Views 508K3 months ago


  • Jack Lowell
    Jack Lowell Hour ago

    i'm making a resource pack w/ a custom lang file, sound file, and texture, for 13.

  • Hailey Burton
    Hailey Burton Hour ago

    It is good for its bass sound

  • LaniTail
    LaniTail Hour ago

    *I like this vibe*

  • Attila Farkas
    Attila Farkas Hour ago

    When I hear this song, every time shows up memories from THAT girl. Beauty in pain. <3

  • Drake
    Drake 2 hours ago

    What an absolutely intense nostalgia trip.

  • iceninja2
    iceninja2 2 hours ago

    EEEPPPPP!!!!! :DDDDDDD Experimental week is back and I'm loving it! <3 <3 <3 This is such a good song to start off the week too. ^o^ that picture is really creepy. :<

  • Lixdity
    Lixdity 2 hours ago


  • TSM_coolboygamesYT
    TSM_coolboygamesYT 2 hours ago

    | | | |. | ------|

  • Elite EDM Brazil
    Elite EDM Brazil 2 hours ago


  • Dylan Guevarra
    Dylan Guevarra 2 hours ago

    If this doesn't play when the world ends The world will wait

  • Mikael Sousa
    Mikael Sousa 2 hours ago

    Quem veio pelo vídeo da princesinha de detona Ralph curte

  • January Jasmin
    January Jasmin 2 hours ago

    September 2019? Me only? Okay

  • Prithvi
    Prithvi 2 hours ago

    "I have a pen. I have an apple. Pen pineapple apple pen."

  • supergamer 360420
    supergamer 360420 2 hours ago

    0:58 to 1:34 sounds like someone having a stroke and an orgy at the same time.

  • Greenboy 994
    Greenboy 994 3 hours ago

    I first heard this remix when I was 10 years old. I'm now 19

  • Jaydude 72
    Jaydude 72 3 hours ago

    alguien habla español?

  • Sara Abid
    Sara Abid 3 hours ago

    Thats the creepiest song i have ever heard😅.

  • Daniel 64
    Daniel 64 3 hours ago

    Thise blqle uuuuuuuuuuu qan time e rói é tô lqme kids

    MADANII 3 hours ago


  • blubat152
    blubat152 3 hours ago


  • Junabul Jishan
    Junabul Jishan 3 hours ago

    awesome work!

  • nenggoumon n
    nenggoumon n 3 hours ago

    Hi hecter

  • HexOhms
    HexOhms 3 hours ago

    This takes me back to a very different time in my life.

  • Karim Stifler
    Karim Stifler 3 hours ago

    I had an Eargasme while listening...

  • Paul Wood
    Paul Wood 3 hours ago

    This song got me like....

  • ClynthSync
    ClynthSync 3 hours ago

    FINALLY found it :D

  • rack el crack
    rack el crack 3 hours ago

    Algien del 2020

  • Murielle Antonia
    Murielle Antonia 3 hours ago

    what kind of music is that ? 🙈

  • Sandra Santos Silva
    Sandra Santos Silva 3 hours ago

    My wake up alarm 🥰 LUV IT A LOT

  • Dalia Andrade 28
    Dalia Andrade 28 3 hours ago


  • Dalia Andrade 28
    Dalia Andrade 28 3 hours ago


  • dramalove zh
    dramalove zh 4 hours ago


  • Rajwinder Dhillon
    Rajwinder Dhillon 4 hours ago

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Mr White flying a Kite

    plop drop plop

  • Christian Ruano
    Christian Ruano 4 hours ago

    His voice expresses so much pain ☹️

  • Michael Chang
    Michael Chang 4 hours ago

    I'm sure that posture is very uncomfortable but very worth seeing the view for.

  • Gryphon 1-1
    Gryphon 1-1 4 hours ago

    I think I'm supposed to be slashing enemies with an oversized sword right now, or perhaps a plasma rifle.

  • TheCringeLord
    TheCringeLord 4 hours ago

    /time set 2012

  • B-17 flying fortress

    Im always hyped for experimental week!

  • Ej Wunderbar
    Ej Wunderbar 4 hours ago

    Oh! I like it! <3 <3

  • Beyza Özkan
    Beyza Özkan 4 hours ago

    Good as hell 🤤

  • _B E A N O S B O I_
    _B E A N O S B O I_ 4 hours ago

    *Brings back many memories doesn't it?*

  • Aamir Shaikh
    Aamir Shaikh 4 hours ago

    0:00 ●━━━━━━━━━━━ 3:29 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻ play it over here It just cost 1 like

  • Skinny Loser
    Skinny Loser 4 hours ago

    I freaking love it

  • Shabbir Kapasi
    Shabbir Kapasi 4 hours ago

    I cant download this video in RU-clip app.... make it available for download...

  • Shabbir Kapasi
    Shabbir Kapasi 4 hours ago

    I cant download this video in RU-clip app.... make it available for download...

  • Zeynep nur Çimendür


  • Vishwa Chethan
    Vishwa Chethan 4 hours ago

    Strangely I'm hooked on this 😛

  • Brendon Baartman
    Brendon Baartman 5 hours ago

    Man like a flash back

  • Future Zamasu
    Future Zamasu 5 hours ago

    This should be my boy Izuku Midoriya's theme song.

  • armin Darrrmschiss
    armin Darrrmschiss 5 hours ago

    Haptic hust hust

  • HutreGoxe
    HutreGoxe 5 hours ago

    The background fit perfecly to this song ! i love it haha

  • Captain Louis
    Captain Louis 5 hours ago

    It's started so good! Then the english vocal started and then it went back to .. okay..

  • Sandra Santos Silva
    Sandra Santos Silva 5 hours ago

    SENSE8 brought me here 👌🏻

  • Yanusun
    Yanusun 5 hours ago

    The iTunes/Spotify version doesn't have the intro :(

      MADANII 3 hours ago

      @Yanusun It's gonna be on there as an individual song! And thank you so muuuch 💜We'll be dropping new music pretty much monthly from now until Feb :)

    • Yanusun
      Yanusun 3 hours ago

      @MADANII Good to know! I'll buy it all over again then. Looking forward to your other tracks!

      MADANII 4 hours ago

      The Intro to the song will be on the EP out beginning of Feb :) Until then it's only in the video version.

  • Eliezer Medel
    Eliezer Medel 5 hours ago


  • Eliezer Medel
    Eliezer Medel 5 hours ago


  • Abbigail Rycroft
    Abbigail Rycroft 5 hours ago

    i think i might actually be in love. THANKS SHEEPY!!!!!!!

  • Zachary Wolk
    Zachary Wolk 5 hours ago

    this song is amazing

  • CaptainAdmiralMango
    CaptainAdmiralMango 5 hours ago

    This song makes me feel very strange.. It's.. indescribable.. Like a creeping kind of sentimentalism.. As if nothing matters.. It puts pressure on me

  • BMW Professional
    BMW Professional 5 hours ago

    Redkeymon 🐥

  • Hilti Lions
    Hilti Lions 5 hours ago

    i need this bass boosted!!

  • erkaos
    erkaos 5 hours ago

    it's surprisingly good, i enjoyed the whole song :D

  • pojimo
    pojimo 5 hours ago


  • Gia Fallon
    Gia Fallon 5 hours ago

    daamn, i remembered listening to this song in 2014...nostalgia hits me hard

  • Acid Biscuit
    Acid Biscuit 5 hours ago

    VERY IMPORTANT!! Loell’s (OMFG’s) Soundcloud got deleted! Not sure when, but no one knows why. However, just before it was deleted, he still had song being deleted like ice cream, and stardust. Idk if it was him or soundcloud themselves, but I’m really worried!

  • JungGenesis Mika
    JungGenesis Mika 5 hours ago

    Que chingona canción

  • Fire Skull
    Fire Skull 5 hours ago

    Grand Son and 8 Graves match up really well.

  • Shinchan Nohara
    Shinchan Nohara 5 hours ago

    This song really put me into sleep!!! 💤😪😴💤

  • Shinchan Nohara
    Shinchan Nohara 5 hours ago

    After a long time I am seeing Something really different, innovative and obviously it's awesome,what you think about it sheepy?

  • farakh rajput
    farakh rajput 5 hours ago

    When that beat dropped it was all i had to hear to know this one's gonna be straight in my favorites. ♥️♥️♥️🔥💯

  • Ayesha Al Hashmi
    Ayesha Al Hashmi 5 hours ago

    When I’m angry at the world, I listen to this song.

  • Justa Frend
    Justa Frend 5 hours ago

    That was phenomenal! Great choice for the day of the Moon!

  • kiyomi -_-
    kiyomi -_- 5 hours ago

    Love it ❤️

  • tzm2019
    tzm2019 5 hours ago

    I think you should change the name in "masterpiece week" :)

  • Onoffon
    Onoffon 5 hours ago

    Dislike because I see the whole ass but only half the face .

  • Weskee10
    Weskee10 5 hours ago

    To bad not the whole song is on spotify

    • Weskee10
      Weskee10 3 hours ago

      @MADANII that sounds great!! Love the music style.

      MADANII 4 hours ago

      The Intro to the song will be on the EP out beginning of Feb! Until then it's only in the video versions

  • Nicole KS
    Nicole KS 5 hours ago


  • halloween
    halloween 5 hours ago


  • nxxxxxs
    nxxxxxs 6 hours ago

    i miss you, melanie

  • Rishabh verma
    Rishabh verma 6 hours ago

    My ears started cumming towards the end..😈

    XXMOODXX 6 hours ago

    Escuchar hello mientras juegas un maincrita en skywars

  • Daniel E.
    Daniel E. 6 hours ago


  • Rolian Khalil
    Rolian Khalil 6 hours ago

    Do people still watch this?

  • Ms. Shosho
    Ms. Shosho 6 hours ago

    The art is so expressive and magnificent refreshing our eyes with its powerful representations and strong darkness ~♥️

  • Missing Nothing
    Missing Nothing 6 hours ago

    Love it <3

  • Gabriel Noah
    Gabriel Noah 6 hours ago

    Which language?? :)

      MADANII 3 hours ago

      @Gabriel Noah 🖤🖤🖤

    • Gabriel Noah
      Gabriel Noah 3 hours ago

      @MADANIIOhh💖I Love Farsi. 💜You are amazing, Such A Fabulous Song. Lovin' It. 😊😊

      MADANII 4 hours ago

      it's Farsi (Persian) in the beginning :)

  • Yasmeen Naser
    Yasmeen Naser 6 hours ago

    I always click because of the art, and stay for the song. BOTH ARE SO FRICKING BEAUTIFUL

  • Jas
    Jas 6 hours ago

    It's hard that I find something catchy or interesting but this the second time I love something the other song was on my own by troyboi ft. Nefera pls do these experimentals more

  • mdem
    mdem 6 hours ago

    More like this please :)

  • Lillian Yang
    Lillian Yang 6 hours ago

    whoa dis song is trippy when you put in your 2 earbuds in both ears especially this part 1:06

  • Li-jester
    Li-jester 6 hours ago

    This is a super feels song and I love experimental week. All the music is super different but they all seem to be super feels, amazing job on the vocals and instrument choice makes me feel like I’m a knight in the middle af the desert trying to survive 😜

  • [Wrøng _Way]
    [Wrøng _Way] 6 hours ago

    Ooohh her Voice 🔥🌹

  • Claire Shefferly
    Claire Shefferly 6 hours ago

    Fates truth. She. Is. Alone. Her family left her centuries ago. Her family put her in chains centuries ago. What family? The same family that destroyed her tried to play it cool like they weren’t the cause of her misery being stuck between two worlds. She hasn’t known family for eons. Maidservants only use her to keep coming back... They aren’t family either. Friendless for all eternity. Hopeless. Drowning in her own rain. 💧

  • TwoFaced Films
    TwoFaced Films 6 hours ago

    Finally the different shit is here! Please make a Experimental Sheep Channel!

  • JustSomeScorpion
    JustSomeScorpion 6 hours ago

    i'm Persian and i was just casually checking out the latest upload and suddenly i'm like woah woah excuse me wtf?

    • Sara
      Sara 6 hours ago

      Same omg

  • Lps GalaxyWolf
    Lps GalaxyWolf 6 hours ago

    Love it 😍🥺👏🏻🥀

  • Claire Shefferly
    Claire Shefferly 6 hours ago

    The best weapon in the world wasn’t the hive mind... no.. that was too easy to blame.. it was in those eyes. The forever living yet dead eyes.. she finally thought she could live again and worked so hard to live. Day and night slaving to the machine.. all for what? Only then did fate come and hit her so hard with a truth that no time can repair. #Destined2Fall

  • Charles Vane
    Charles Vane 6 hours ago

    i love Lambert. I'ts pure poetry