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Galaxy A80 Gaming Review
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Best Handheld Vacuum???
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  • JetKNINE
    JetKNINE Minute ago

    the input lag would be a killer.

  • peepdidntwakeup 044
    peepdidntwakeup 044 27 minutes ago

    Hear coz ECCO2K

  • Faia
    Faia Hour ago

    😻 note

  • k brooks
    k brooks Hour ago

    Great review, a lot of people say about gimmicks, but like you said, just because someone doesn't use it, doesn't make it a gimmick. I've universe either said or repeated that Samsung should do away with the s pen, what an idiotic and stupid thing to say, the S pen is the reason that 90% of people buy it, I use it a lot every day, and wouldn't buy a phone without it.

  • Zahaid Rahman
    Zahaid Rahman Hour ago

    These phones are changing faster than you take to check! by the time you finish checking one the other one is most likely already up 1 or 2 percent!

  • Michael Vo
    Michael Vo 2 hours ago

    OnePlus 7 Pro for the win.

  • Nour Al-din Mahrous
    Nour Al-din Mahrous 2 hours ago

    And Microsoft surface pro tablet and hp elite pad 900 thoese two tablets for business

  • Nour Al-din Mahrous
    Nour Al-din Mahrous 2 hours ago

    I like it and it suitable for business

  • Ritik Singh
    Ritik Singh 2 hours ago

    who was watching in september 2019

  • LifeWithLowee
    LifeWithLowee 3 hours ago

    I'm having delay issues when watching youtube on my S6 tablet 😒 is anyone having this same issue?

    EMMNUEL J 5 hours ago

    Wait for the OnePlus 7T Pro as well. The promise to improve charge speed

  • Carina Lopez
    Carina Lopez 5 hours ago


  • Crypto Jihadi
    Crypto Jihadi 5 hours ago

    Good to know. At first I thought I got a defective 45 watt charger. But it's definitely good for a quick emergency top up. 50% in just 20 mins is good enough to get the job done most of the time.

  • nadir mahmood
    nadir mahmood 10 hours ago

    The 25 W charger for note is way better...

  • Takashi Kenichi
    Takashi Kenichi 11 hours ago

    is there any time delay from bluetooth controller when playing Fortnite??

  • Kelany Said
    Kelany Said 11 hours ago

    Great Review. I have these headphones and they sound great but one thing is that am hearing a background noise when no music is playing in bluetooth mode. Has anyone the same issue?

  • Michael c
    Michael c 11 hours ago

    Use the op7t pro warp charge t when it comes out

  • mutatismutandis82
    mutatismutandis82 11 hours ago

    Better find a Charger for the iPhone! 😂

  • K Boy
    K Boy 12 hours ago

    45w samsung charger is useless, shaved 8 min off! I can wirelessy fast charge in 90min..sometimes quicker.

  • Amen Hotep
    Amen Hotep 14 hours ago

    Thunder E - You should have One Million Subscribers!

  • Barry Perry
    Barry Perry 14 hours ago

    would like to of here it before blue voice

  • Barry Perry
    Barry Perry 14 hours ago

    what they like with glasses on

  • Tushar vasti
    Tushar vasti 17 hours ago

    What happen , if we use both charging point at same time in ROG PHONE 2.... How much time it take from 0 to 100 %😕😕😕

  • jonathan Morales
    jonathan Morales 17 hours ago

    How the fuck do I remove the dam keyboard on my supersonic?????

  • Агент Госдепа

    If an iphone's camera could spin like fidget spinner then this iphone would be most sold phone ever

  • Omar nieves
    Omar nieves 18 hours ago

    People forget you can do quick slide to shrink the screen to reach every part of the screen and then right back up to full screen very easy to use one handed

  • everydayfun
    everydayfun 18 hours ago

    And S10+ dosent even have a 25w charger 😭😭😭😭.

  • Seb Sebovsky
    Seb Sebovsky 18 hours ago

    I really like your reviews. Presentations proffesional but not boring. Showing and describing products is nice and clear. Video and sound quality is perfect. Clearly you do know how to do this job well. Differently to other guys, you are not trying to fill the screen with yor face or to make stupid jokes. No shouting, no advertising own channel for the half lenght of the presentations. That's why I'm suscribing your channel and revommending it to my friends. Thanks for this review. I'm going for these headphones (PC version) after watching this review. Keep up good work mate!

  • Crescent Appu
    Crescent Appu 19 hours ago

    did they get hot??

  • Crescent Appu
    Crescent Appu 19 hours ago

    50 for 8 min???

  • Unidentified
    Unidentified 20 hours ago

    If you think that's fast lol you've not seen the Xiaomi 100 watt charger 0 to 100 in 17 minutes and the Vivo 120 watt charger 0 to 100 in 13 minutes.

    • Unidentified
      Unidentified 18 hours ago

      @That1Mexican Cool bro lol

    • That1Mexican
      That1Mexican 18 hours ago

      Unidentified Damn i gots to pick me up one of them devices lol

    • Unidentified
      Unidentified 18 hours ago

      @That1Mexican Not sure if you're trying to be funny lol but for real yes I've got the Xiaomi 100 watt charger so I know that.

    • That1Mexican
      That1Mexican 18 hours ago

      Unidentified For real lol?

  • Hadeel Ab.
    Hadeel Ab. 21 hour ago

    It says it requires disc

  • musa Kasozi
    musa Kasozi 21 hour ago

    The 25w charger 4 Samsung is Probably 35w

    • Ali raza
      Ali raza 18 hours ago

      Maybe 40 watt! lol havent you seen 40watt charger which comes with Huawei p30pro charged up the cell phone in 1 hour and 5 minutes even less capacity battery and however Samsung 25 watt charger charged up the cell phone battery in 1 hour and 1 minute and battery size 4200mah.

  • Xander Channel
    Xander Channel 21 hour ago

    Samsung mistakenly put 40watt charger in a box and branding it as 25 watt 😂

    • Ali raza
      Ali raza 18 hours ago

      Lol maybe who knows?

  • 7irfanpatel
    7irfanpatel 21 hour ago

    45w fast charger is for shorter charges! Say u have 10-30 mnts!

  • Rahu\_ 0493
    Rahu\_ 0493 22 hours ago

    Beast(it would be great with 90hz)

  • Asu Space
    Asu Space Day ago

    iphone has competition with android... otherwise iphone price would have started 3000$ or more.

  • Aaron Thomas
    Aaron Thomas Day ago

    I got a 50 inch on amazon for 357$$$


    samsung is the future


    iphone is running out of ideas

  • AlmostSweared
    AlmostSweared Day ago

    *Hey **booredatwork.Com** and people *- i have a *query that is keeping me from getting samsungs note 10 plus* I need a powerful phone with high end camera. Only problem is that outside US and china samsung has those ass processor and gpu exynos and mali which are considerably slower, heat up more and prone to more battery discharge and overall just feel less reliable. If anyone uses note 10+ outside those regions how is the performance in real world? I would be extensively using the camera being a film maker.

  • Bika TanK
    Bika TanK Day ago

    That iPhone is amazing 😻

  • chito pusak
    chito pusak Day ago

    Is that Sarah?

  • Human Being
    Human Being Day ago

    45W charger is a scam! Don't buy it!

  • anotherpotatohead

    Apple continues to insult our intelligence with these "new" features for a premium price.

  • Rddubb wright
    Rddubb wright Day ago

    Does the phone fill hot

  • Elegant 90s
    Elegant 90s Day ago

    It's funny how much of a difference there is in the sound from max volume compared to only one notch down on the s10+

  • John Perez
    John Perez Day ago

    I cancelled my order for this charger. I am fine with 25w

  • Shauni Gothic TV

    I like this kid. He is a good kid because he does excellent tech reviews. I dont understand why this kid always presents technology reviews whilst wearing a fake "stick on" beard which this kid has obviously purchased from a toy shop with his dad holding his little hand. For a 9 year old (approx) he has pretty good tech product presenting skills/knowledge. When this kid grows up he should be on U.S national tv as a news presenter.

  • XANA_3000
    XANA_3000 Day ago

    There's one thing that I would love to know... Does the 45W charger works on the Galaxy S10+? And does it charge just as fast?

  • John Pineda
    John Pineda Day ago

    I'd love to see a batter charging test between the iphone 11 pro max and galaxy note 10+

  • johnnyvonjoe
    johnnyvonjoe Day ago

    The Gcam mod can help with the camera but hows the signal on Tencent Version?

  • Phuongkak
    Phuongkak Day ago

    why did you turn on airplane mode on all devices. It will be better

  • kramdens1967
    kramdens1967 Day ago

    I HATE how on the Note 10, the "battery percentage & time left to charge" message stays on the lock screen the entire time with no way of disabling it!

  • Ryan Deery
    Ryan Deery Day ago

    Would take the Apple pro max all day. Let’s see what the pixel 4 XL brings.

  • Hayden Carver
    Hayden Carver Day ago

    Lol my 7 plus with the 5 watt charger gets from 0-100% in just over 2 hours. (I’ve tested it)

  • Mic Andre Soph

    I took a lot of ultra wide pics on vacation in Greece with the note 10 plus, and have since learned in camera settings (under save options) their is an "ultra wide shape correction" toggle that seems like it could improve such shots

  • Enivoke Light
    Enivoke Light Day ago

    So many mistakes on the video, saying battery instead of charger and saying sorry, 30w instead of 18, saying hauwei instead rog phone... Please write a script and read it instead.

  • Moh Alw
    Moh Alw Day ago

    Google pixel 3 ooooooooh mohammedalweld Instagram it's my dream

  • mason reiss
    mason reiss Day ago

    Takes 1hour n 5 minutes for my note 10+ to charge, not worth getting 45 watt at all, thought it would've taken half n hour to charge

  • I'm Jonny
    I'm Jonny Day ago

    I like how the AOD charging status on the Note 10 just wobbles around so that the display does not suffer burn in.

  • luis ramirez
    luis ramirez Day ago

    Oh man my unit just got the Android 9 update a few days ago

  • Ricky Roma
    Ricky Roma Day ago

    Wheres this guy from i hear Nigerian,English and American in him.

  • Vivek Anand
    Vivek Anand Day ago

    105 degree LOL u jst boiled those phones😆😆

  • hernan alonso
    hernan alonso Day ago

    Still using it? how it hold after 4 years?

  • Brandon Lafortune

    Wow samsung did really improved the charging speeds of the note 10plus. It's a very good device

  • Wistbacka
    Wistbacka Day ago

    What I still dont know after three months is: how is it connected to the PC and or xbox? Do they use both bluetooth and microsoft proprietary wireless connectivity? Or is it by bluetooth only? Do I need to purchase a wireless dongle separately for the PC? Because bluetooth has that latency I dont want.

  • San Sovanrith
    San Sovanrith Day ago

    I think the camera isn't better than Note9 r 8!😒

  • TheReal McCoy
    TheReal McCoy Day ago

    So the 45w charger is only 5-8 mins faster then what you get in the box. Ya I'll just stick with my 25w one thx

  • Joe Clinton Singarayar

    Whether it will work for cracked version of windows 7 ultimate

  • Rich Ellis
    Rich Ellis Day ago

    Still my favorite headset of all time

  • BizarreGaming
    BizarreGaming Day ago

    Anyone else notice that when you play a game for to long a blue pulsing light appears on the bottom of your phone's screen? I played pokemonGO for 2 hours straight and the blue pulsing light appeared on the bottom where the home button is. What does it mean? Then again my phone was heating up, could that blue pulse mean its activated the water vapor cooling system??

  • Death Scythe
    Death Scythe Day ago

    Dude that rog 2 is a FUCKING MONSTER COMPARED TO THAT $1000 PLUS PIECE OF SHIT.. plus a metal body lol

  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown Day ago

    I prefer extreme ROG 2 overall but Samsung speakers are best tuned in sound terms , Samsung note10= the most premium phone for all kinda users ROG 2= everything just for gaming.

  • Youngblood68
    Youngblood68 Day ago

    I cant find that spiderman you have on Dex wallpaper ?? thanks

  • thula
    thula Day ago

    samsung s11 click on the link to see

  • Flat Twin Frog

    Great video, I'm confused though, so the number of megapixels doesn't necessarily mean the photos are better? Also, in practical terms, would all the power of the ROG mean better phone signal / GPS location quality? Cheers.

  • Peter 99
    Peter 99 Day ago

    They should make it 21:9 next year

  • MidasGoldKing
    MidasGoldKing Day ago

    Thanks for video first, but bro, something wrong or misleading with your charger test for Note 10+ because i got my N10+ charged from 0 to 100% in 1 Hour with 25W charger, how could 45W charger do same? I confirm twice: with 25W charger my Note 10+ was charged in 1 hour from 0 to 100%

  • Jesse Tetteh
    Jesse Tetteh 2 days ago

    I wanna see the slow mo test

  • awkc 63
    awkc 63 2 days ago

    Is it just me... Or does it seem like the audio on the ROG Phone 2's audio seems more balanced? In gaming anyways.

  • AG
    AG 2 days ago

    Pubg mobile 60fps?

    • Cameron J
      Cameron J Day ago

      Only faggots play PUBG 😂

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali 2 days ago

    Poor quality video! Not very informative too! You need to improve man.

    COZY TEDDY BEAR 2 days ago

    The galaxy note 10 plus is available on ebay for $899 us dollars

  • elgaen555
    elgaen555 2 days ago

    This comparison was unprepared, get the facts straight before making the comparison video, please. Let me help, iPhone Pro Max overall is the superior device.

  • dirk digler
    dirk digler 2 days ago

    Always too notch analysis

  • Alexander302
    Alexander302 2 days ago

    Great vid where you get that joker wallpaper and strom Tropper 🔥🔥a must have 👍

  • Royal Boyle78
    Royal Boyle78 2 days ago

    Great video. If you don't mind, what level if your screen brightness on? Thanks

  • Dodi Mendoza
    Dodi Mendoza 2 days ago

    aside from using a 18w for a rogphone 2 it has a 6k mah. you should have use atleast a 30w for the rogphone 2

  • Jim Dinwiddie
    Jim Dinwiddie 2 days ago

    Last time I looked my Note-10+ had 4 camera's on the back.



  • Gear Wave
    Gear Wave 2 days ago

    Has anyone noticed this years S-pen is a bit smaller in size and diameter? I think I prefer the larger S-Pen on the Note 8 and 9 as well as the tri-color scheme and SAMSUNG branding.

  • NinJazz Rhythm
    NinJazz Rhythm 2 days ago

    I wouldn't recommend fast chargers but instead buy the batt pack. Fast charging wears out the battery faster and battery pack is more convenient. Thats why i prefer phones with capable of interchangeable batteries. You can just switch battery and back to 100percent after a minute

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones 2 days ago

    I like it! A lot

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones 2 days ago


  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones 2 days ago


  • gabriel morales
    gabriel morales 2 days ago

    Hi, Please, do a comparison between the 45 and 25w.

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 2 days ago

    Nice Thanks BatPower UL Listed 120W 90W PD USB-C Car Charger *will this work for 45w fast charging the Note 10+ ?*

  • showstoppa01
    showstoppa01 2 days ago

    Is it worth upgrading from a Note 8 to Note 10 plus?

    • Pretty Boy Flizzy
      Pretty Boy Flizzy 21 hour ago

      1 more yr buddy

    • aravind r
      aravind r 2 days ago

      Yes but if you can wait one more year,get the note 12.Note 12 will have better camera hardware, maybe a 90hz display etc.

    • 2 days ago

      I would say yes

  • ngartola
    ngartola 2 days ago

    Overall the Note 10 plus is better value but IPhone is the better all around phone. IMessage, Airdrop, years of software support, wearables, better optimized applications, and probably best camera and battery life. Just pre-ordered the IPhone 11 Pro Max 256 GB in midnight green 😎

    • Ryan Deery
      Ryan Deery Day ago

      ngartola clever person right here 👍🏼. Nice