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  • Luis Moreno
    Luis Moreno 19 minutes ago

    May i have these duped on Xbox one GT:Silverironwolf1

  • Tomos Saggers
    Tomos Saggers 21 minute ago

    appreciate the tips but please stop saying their guaranteed drops its a big old fib.

  • Red King
    Red King 44 minutes ago

    Guess I'm in that 2% 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Matt Brennan
    Matt Brennan Hour ago

    Hyena bosses drop them easier

  • Usikava oO'
    Usikava oO' 2 hours ago

    Invaded can be turned on\off(there is "Y Toggle Invasion") on some missions every week. Depending on what district is invaded there is 3 missions that can be toggled. Though as of TU6 we have 4 strongholds rotation with the zoo having only two missions Potomac Event Center and Federal Emergency Bunker.

    • Usikava oO'
      Usikava oO' 19 minutes ago

      Haven't got time to play it on Heroic as I first wanted to know where am I going but did it on normal though. Seemed even harder then Tidal Basin but this could be just first impressions and being clueless at some points what to do...

    • bean462606
      bean462606 Hour ago

      Usikava oO' I wasn’t even able to play the Manning national zoo invaded because they switched the districts for some odd reason

  • GR0404 Ralls
    GR0404 Ralls 2 hours ago

    If your purpose is to explain how to or what are the mods, you really need to slow down the distractions from the game play. The value of your effort was Zero and the number of likes to dislikes bears this out.

  • Robert Que
    Robert Que 2 hours ago

    What is that word you say at the beginning of all your videos?

  • Emperor Luffy
    Emperor Luffy 4 hours ago

    EAGLE BEARER no i dont not have iit i run it manytimes and no chance to get it

  • Cold Wind Blows
    Cold Wind Blows 4 hours ago

    Okay. Builds DO NOT COUNT, when they will take hundreds of hours to complete due to farming for world drop legendaries, and also *clears throat*. Annointed, world drop legendaries. And for that reason, I'm out.

    KHAOS M0NST3R 5 hours ago

    I’m going to feel bad when they patch that tricky unforgiven hand gun cause we all know that’s coming.

  • Demon Degenx
    Demon Degenx 5 hours ago

    Isnt infusion broken?

  • Alex Zoldyck
    Alex Zoldyck 6 hours ago

    Quit making videos. You took 10:25 to explain something that took 30 seconds. Rename video to "click bait to waste 10 minutes telling you to farm a hunt spawn in athenas"

  • ImyoCello
    ImyoCello 7 hours ago

    Holy shit mean every video i see everyone is talking about duping weapons, why are you all so in love with cheating ?

  • Nicholas Swain
    Nicholas Swain 8 hours ago

    Still works after TU 6. Great video and nice details. Second try.

  • Drew Biggah
    Drew Biggah 11 hours ago

    anybody on xbox have any recurring hex nades they could dup of give.. my GT is biggah

  • roidell
    roidell 14 hours ago

    This game literally has so many legendaries I can’t rn

  • Sebastian Ortiz
    Sebastian Ortiz 14 hours ago

    I’ve never been more confused

  • SinisterSin
    SinisterSin 14 hours ago

    Killed him 25 times and he only dropped one legendary... This is a horrible boss to farm.

  • CJ R
    CJ R 15 hours ago

    So let me get this straight, If I link my Primary Account on Xbox which isn't signed up for Epic to my Secondary Account on Switch with nothing on it all my stuff from my Xbox account will be on both consoles?

  • Raul L
    Raul L 16 hours ago

    How accurate is this build without the mayhem mode modifiers that you chose???

    NOAH DOOLEY 16 hours ago

    That was amazing i wish i had one of those pistols

  • LaserBolt
    LaserBolt 17 hours ago

    Here is how to make the Moze Elemental Build: Ghost Recon Breakpoint Giveaway: Borderlands 3 lfg Discord link: ➥ JOIN & Become a Member: ➥ Facebook: ➥ Follow Me on Twitter: ► Follow me on Mixer:

  • Things That Make You Go Huh?

    Build pls before its nerfed. I see cutless 1 health. i use my cutless is lvl 47

    • LaserBolt
      LaserBolt 17 hours ago

      Here is how to make the Moze Elemental Build:

  • connor halbert
    connor halbert 18 hours ago

    no link to build

    • LaserBolt
      LaserBolt 17 hours ago

      Here is how to make the Moze Elemental Build:

  • The God of Ketchup
    The God of Ketchup 18 hours ago

    *Hello there.* - Me

  • Craig Colossus
    Craig Colossus 20 hours ago

    Lol that’s *increased* splash damage on your gun not incendiary 🤣

  • Geoff Prudhoe
    Geoff Prudhoe 21 hour ago

    You: Guarantees drop of gloves if you do this mission this specific way... Also you: plays video where gloves don’t drop

  • Gen
    Gen 23 hours ago

    This build made me weak as fuck. No guns in this game are good. Mayhem 3 is a fuckfest that is horribly designed. Like can you even become strong in this game without glitching or cheating???

  • Legend Gamerx
    Legend Gamerx 23 hours ago

    Thanks Bro Love You

  • Philos
    Philos Day ago

    why do so many ppl play with bloodletter instead of blast master? there is no need for be more tanky if you play it right.. i also can carry 4 player whatever easily but do a lot more damage... i mean cmon 100% more indirect damage + 30% more grenade crit ALL THE TIME PS: use a shock foursum and transformer and you also have a decent shield reg

    • IzInAZ
      IzInAZ 16 hours ago

      the problem with blast master is that you have to ramp up that gun splash dam while you get a flat 83 percent gun dam all the time with blood. The fact of the matter is that the damage of each of these builds is not all that different while Blood makes you practically invincible compared to very good survival with Blast.

    • Philos
      Philos 21 hour ago

      @trebor Lindstamer yes, sth like 66% gundamage all the time as well but is it applied to grenade damage? because a grenade is practically no gun (still couldn't find an answer anywhere) EDIT: I tried it on a modded bloodletter i've found on a savegame file I downloaded a few days ago with +34 phalanxe doctrin and +17 desperate measures and it seems it doesn't affect grenade damage at all but my flakker dealed massiv damage

    • trebor Lindstamer
      trebor Lindstamer 23 hours ago

      Bloodletter can give more gun damage.

  • Isan breezy
    Isan breezy Day ago

    Is this work for macbook pro?

  • Brad Law
    Brad Law Day ago

    Great video, thx for the build. I've been trying to farm that grenade mod and reoccurring one for weeks on ps4.

  • lynne shorr
    lynne shorr Day ago

    If not then you sure do sound like him

  • lynne shorr
    lynne shorr Day ago

    Laserbolt are you also monkeyflop

  • danryan82
    danryan82 Day ago

    U keep saying corrosive when talking about the artifact and grenade mod but u mean radiation...

    • danryan82
      danryan82 23 hours ago

      @LaserBolt just making u aware. Not trying to be a douche

    • LaserBolt
      LaserBolt Day ago

      Yes I got it twisted.

  • sean harris
    sean harris Day ago

    what grenade mod r u using

  • Ruben Holcomb
    Ruben Holcomb Day ago

    Can you build stacks of Samsara with the different phasegrasps? I thought it had to be direct damage from the action skill not guns

  • Moar Blood
    Moar Blood Day ago

    You cant have skills picked in the green tree and claim you are using her elemental damage to the max lmao. You are majorly MAJORLY gimping yourself not taking do harm, wrath, laid bare, one point in remnant for when you hit a 50 mil shot and all that overkill goes to am annointed headed ur way. And also avatar so you have 2 phase grasp back to back with no worry of cool down. If u realize do harm stacks and violent tapestry stacks last for 20 secs, you can easily get their stacks which are separate from rush stacks to 99 and maintain. Mb, forgot to say take awakening too so you max that elemental proc after grasp. The only survival in tvhm m3 slaughter or anything harder is one point in sustain... grasp someone, pull the trigger once... full health. You want rapid fire weapons cause you're gonna grasp multiple people and have a 30% or w/e chance to proc per enemy so more enemies more chance... if you're fighting bosses that cant vs grasped, switch to phase cast and ur done.. no respec needed. So tired of people claiming best or max when they are taking useless talents or stuff in sustain that isnt needed un the slightest.

    • Moar Blood
      Moar Blood Day ago

      I did quick slight inaccurate math on it.ur build with a weapon that does 1000 damage counting your blue tree and orange tree would do roughly 1400 damage to the main target... and ricochet for 40% or 30... whatever it is. Going full blue and the rest in orange with zero green as it doesnt increase damage minus personal space but that is gun damage and not elemental and requires you to be close to be effective will get you 1540 damage per shot on a 1000 damage weapon. I run tvhm m3 with the purple lovemachine and I'm good haven't had to have anything else weapon wise... sometimes I run a corrosive pistol mostly cause pistol is different ammo.

  • truba7984
    truba7984 Day ago

    See your on xbox. Willing to do some item duping.

  • Rory Pants
    Rory Pants Day ago

    Thank's for the build bro. 👍

  • FlyingRun
    FlyingRun Day ago


  • Andrew Witham
    Andrew Witham Day ago

    Personally I love my Night Hawkin, however I believe the Crossroads is a fierce competitor!

  • Meep Meep
    Meep Meep Day ago

    Your anointed weapon bonuses don’t stack.

  • Sosozanyway
    Sosozanyway Day ago

    With some tweaks, this build is pretty amazing. I wouldn't put full points in Violent Tapestry. I also wouldn't put any points in Infusion since it's bugged. The one point in Mindfulness doesn't seem worth it. Other than that, solid build.

  • Oceans Gaming
    Oceans Gaming Day ago

    Why do you have an extra point in your tree than me, I followed this build exactly and you have an 1 extra point than me

    • Justin Nice
      Justin Nice 14 hours ago

      He only has 4 points in clarity it looks like 5 because of his class mod

  • Hugiehun
    Hugiehun Day ago

    Try using a relic that increases slide speed, you should do quite a bit of damage on a few shots

  • Cheesey Frootloop

    Sellout. Dragging on the video to get more view time. 6 ads on video. Uneducated about what's really stacking on annointed buffs. 1/10, how do people like this

  • Kevin Singh
    Kevin Singh Day ago

    I keep up with a very good Build, try out your first phascast build with a Amp shield and phasezker mod, with 183% damage boost, It does work for both Boss and Adds.

  • BatPrins
    BatPrins Day ago

    Cutsman and crossroad *exists*

  • xx_toxicace_xx 69

    He used the switch exploit :D

  • svpreme.dillonツ

    im here bcuz a random stole mine😢

  • C Rok
    C Rok Day ago

    You should try a samsara build with fist of the elements. It does work. Having a 3+ samsara mod is very helpful though.

  • Kevin Z
    Kevin Z Day ago

    The Crossroads is the best imo

  • Mark Trujillo
    Mark Trujillo Day ago

    Glitch queen came out with this way before you did give Credit where credit is due dam

  • whoreallycaresxx18

    How do you make the shield so transparent? I cannot see through mine 90pct of the time.

  • A J
    A J Day ago

    Pomatic event center.

  • TheMrCrazii
    TheMrCrazii Day ago

    Is there a way to use our grenade with this build im on ps4

    • Hugiehun
      Hugiehun Day ago

      No, unless you give the clone a perk that allows it to use grenades

  • Soapy Papoose
    Soapy Papoose Day ago

    Violent tapestry only needs 1 with zerker class mod the way it stacks. You'll get more damage with 4 in do harm. Especially now that misses instantly recharges.

  • Soapy Papoose
    Soapy Papoose Day ago

    Infusion is bugged currently. If the element of grasp matches the weapons element, infusion will overwrite the much stronger weapon dot with the weaker infusion dot. This only occurs when grasp and the weapon share the same element. Example, the corrosive grasp with corrosive Lucians.

  • Magic Powers
    Magic Powers Day ago

    Al-uh-cris-it-eee Friend to you and me! (Unintelligible Tarzan yelling) ₩atch out for that tree!!!

  • TremorDE
    TremorDE Day ago

    How do you spend 49 skill points? if i counted right there are 27 in FotE, 21 in Brawl and 1 in MA. Not counting the additional points from the class mod. I only got 48 skill points at level 50.

  • Gustavo Torres

    Please make an OP Amara melee build !!

  • Age Madrid
    Age Madrid Day ago

    Nah B, this aint the best melee build, I’ve seen better

  • Vu
    Vu Day ago

    What are these hands ?

  • Dylan McClard
    Dylan McClard Day ago

    This dude must not actually test anything

  • MegaBrorsan
    MegaBrorsan Day ago

    OMG such OP items! That frag is silly good as is your brainstormer.

  • Cj Tvscience
    Cj Tvscience Day ago

    Can someone dupe me this build? I'll love you forever

  • MrNalchik YT
    MrNalchik YT Day ago

    Why do you sound like Sid from the Ice age film?

  • tico zayas
    tico zayas Day ago

    Doesn't picking an ability from a tree you aren't that specced into limit your performance? Wouldn't using the sentinel be more advantageous with this build? Giving it the rad and electric damage mods would def make it more useful than a base digi clone, or is my thinking wrong?

    • tico zayas
      tico zayas 37 minutes ago

      @DarcPSN ok gotcha, thanks for the clarification :)))

    • DarcPSN
      DarcPSN 2 hours ago

      Yes and no. While sent is active, you will do more dmg, but it has a long CD. So by using digi clone, you can spam your abilities to proc all your kill skill abilities. So your abilities themselves dont matter too much. They're just there to increase your gun dmg

  • Charlie Webb
    Charlie Webb Day ago

    Anyone have a spare phazezerker on ps4?

  • Igor Tarasyuk
    Igor Tarasyuk Day ago

    can u do it on fl4k?

  • nate joe
    nate joe Day ago

    I think I finally found the build that I want

  • nate joe
    nate joe Day ago

    I think this is the build I'm going to be sticking with

  • Emmanuel Nortey


  • Emmanuel Nortey

    This is crazy hope I find the artifact and it works

  • nate joe
    nate joe Day ago

    This one seems really good I'm thinking about doing this one among stick with this build

  • nate joe
    nate joe Day ago

    I already got the brainstormer but it might not be the same one I need to check but it should still be good enough until I get the one you have

  • nate joe
    nate joe Day ago

    You could mob and take down bosses

  • nate joe
    nate joe Day ago

    This may be the build that I'm looking for

  • DemonicWhispers
    DemonicWhispers 2 days ago

    why do you keep calling artifacts shields

  • Taariq Gilmore
    Taariq Gilmore 2 days ago

    Right off the bat points are wasted because of the way Tapestry works you get more damage if u put those 5 points into do harm because it buffs damage with ties that bind

  • LaserBolt
    LaserBolt 2 days ago

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint Giveaway: Borderlands 3 lfg Discord link: ➥ JOIN & Become a Member: ➥ Facebook: ➥ Follow Me on Twitter: ► Follow me on Mixer:

  • Shaade
    Shaade 2 days ago

    I can’t believe he forgot the engulfing ferocious ogre.

  • spartanfury508
    spartanfury508 2 days ago

    Last I heard, Infusion was bugged. It would actually subtract your damage from the element you were trying to use. For example: If you were shooting a yellow bar enemy with corrosive damage, it would remove that damage and convert it to what your action skill is. So you would be doing less damage than if you just used the correct element for that enemy. Can anyone confirm?

    • Soapy Papoose
      Soapy Papoose Day ago

      What it does is the dot from infusion (much lower than most weapons dot) overwrites the weapons elemental dot. It only does this when the element of grasp is the same as the gun. Like the corrosive grasp with that corrosive Lucians.

  • Kinfolk Kinfolk
    Kinfolk Kinfolk 2 days ago

    my LMG build is, "im assuming" high as it will go because i cant find any more helpful loot. now i play for hrs and hrs and not find 1 piece of loot i can use or recalibrate to better my LMG build. trying to get my LMG up from 38.2k to possibly 40.0k and better. if possible.... I'll try this

  • Church
    Church 2 days ago

    Funny I picked amara cause I thought she would be most underrated and it seems she is the best lol

  • Kinfolk Kinfolk
    Kinfolk Kinfolk 2 days ago

    bottom line.. trying to find the specific. loot YOU need is almost impossible. and crafting 4 me, is a joke and a waste of materials. (what is this god roll, i hear people talking about?) and how do you do it?

  • Pentree
    Pentree 2 days ago

    Laser I been her for a long long time u can even check I think I deserve ghost recon.😄😂

  • Diego DArgentina
    Diego DArgentina 2 days ago

    A lot of problems my a50 new generation😔...changed for a40 tr maximp pro new generation and now 😎

    • Diego DArgentina
      Diego DArgentina 2 days ago

      Good luck with yours man 👍

    • Diego DArgentina
      Diego DArgentina 2 days ago

      @LaserBolt first freezes in the load...after update the sound died...change for another and again the same problem...I see that there are many people with problems and decided to change it finally for the new astro a40 tr mixamp pro ...

    • LaserBolt
      LaserBolt 2 days ago

      What problem where you having?

  • Anders Persson
    Anders Persson 2 days ago

    Got one @ 689 but only 24 in mag..

  • James Garcia
    James Garcia 2 days ago

    Yes please that would be awesome.

  • Wasabi Gaming
    Wasabi Gaming 2 days ago

    I'm probably just dumb but I'm pretty sure he wasn't speaking english with the first few words of the intro

  • Justin Yarko
    Justin Yarko 2 days ago

    I need all this stuff lol. Xbone xg3x savage xx

  • brian quintero
    brian quintero 2 days ago

    Got one from gigamind level 6

  • DogofW0r
    DogofW0r 2 days ago

    I've respect several times and followed your guide to the T but I always come out with one less point than you have in your build. Like I said, I've followed it to a T.

    • DogofW0r
      DogofW0r 2 days ago

      @DROPPINxBODDIES If only he could see our comments and respond 😒

      DROPPINxBODDIES 2 days ago

      Yea same here I was confused like how does he somehow have one extra point like I'm so boggled by it

  • Davon Wash
    Davon Wash 2 days ago

    Could use any guns helpful to a falk crit build. I’m lvl 50 and have some stuff to trade if you want

  • TheBaddestLarry
    TheBaddestLarry 2 days ago

    Lazy data just did this exact thing... I'm not pointing fingers but 👉

  • Hasan Yuksel
    Hasan Yuksel 2 days ago

    I got all 12 masks but only 7 Ivory keys :/

  • bossman amiry
    bossman amiry 2 days ago

    the conference call is also good for hitting multiple enemies and freezing them

  • Cephalon Dank
    Cephalon Dank 2 days ago

    What equipments is he using in the thumgnail?

    • Quaaludes G
      Quaaludes G 11 hours ago

      Cephalon Dank new Eververse armor