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asdfmovie12 Reaction!
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  • Darius Paker
    Darius Paker 47 seconds ago

    I ain’t make it lmao 😂

  • DragSlayer0
    DragSlayer0 51 second ago

    Best masculine man: "Hears a sound in the basement" > Sends his wife to check it for him.

  • Shen OngPau
    Shen OngPau Minute ago

    Finally!! I can watch this clips without getting scared😂 thanks to you man!

  • Satan TheDevil
    Satan TheDevil 2 minutes ago

    Oh yeah.. you are definitely spending the night in a haunted house.

  • Che TheLion
    Che TheLion 3 minutes ago

    All I hear is that bag of damn chips

  • BOND209
    BOND209 37 minutes ago

    Blastphamous bro! I love your shit man keep this up! And PLEASEEE let me know if you ever do any more story times bro!

  • Danielthor D Eazy
    Danielthor D Eazy 44 minutes ago

    Hey!! Was that george bush damn that was funny hehehe

  • Sittih_hanina Gandilan
    Sittih_hanina Gandilan 57 minutes ago

    You must watch japanese funny videos,,,

  • Rick_The_*ick
    Rick_The_*ick 57 minutes ago

    been binge watching u for 2 days now, and u have seen half of these videos already

  • Baggin Waggin
    Baggin Waggin 59 minutes ago at gay equality... yep I’m moving out

  • GodsDork
    GodsDork Hour ago

    Hell yeah bloody roar was my s#!t loved those games

  • jake possemis
    jake possemis Hour ago

    Was the ear rape rlly necessary

  • Der King Kong
    Der King Kong Hour ago

    All horror videos cameras are on drugs

  • Utsusmi
    Utsusmi Hour ago

    Ia there a t-shirt with it "imma edit that out"? XD

  • Jaycob Walker
    Jaycob Walker Hour ago

    Dude nice setup in the background

  • Lord Belial
    Lord Belial Hour ago

    See the idiot with his tongue frozen to a pole. I'd be tempted to land a few in his bread basket. He's defenceless after all.

  • toco cat
    toco cat 2 hours ago

    Dang it blastphamous your just making it funnyr

  • ARMIN .G.A
    ARMIN .G.A 2 hours ago

    Stop it.Get some help

  • Nik Pizan
    Nik Pizan 2 hours ago

    Chills has the most annoying voice ever

  • Reality Check
    Reality Check 2 hours ago

    Struggling pain struggling pain get this man to three mill today.

  • Axel Guevara
    Axel Guevara 2 hours ago

    Really stepped up the set up

  • Theresa Gavina
    Theresa Gavina 2 hours ago

    I like the darker stories better than the Disney ones

  • Vasil Slavov
    Vasil Slavov 2 hours ago

    number 9 is super fake...

  • Djleo Fresh
    Djleo Fresh 2 hours ago

  • Owen Ernst
    Owen Ernst 2 hours ago

    MG GET DOWN!!!!!! 1:07

  • Dominick Karakuntie
    Dominick Karakuntie 2 hours ago

    You guys saw the beginning

  • Funnydylan
    Funnydylan 2 hours ago

    3:17 I lost it laughing here lmao 🤣

  • AGENT D.H boi
    AGENT D.H boi 2 hours ago

    bruh you looking like you do pod casts now

  • David Denmeade
    David Denmeade 2 hours ago

    The irony of the bee story is that without bee pollination, we lose a lot of our sources of food.

  • Dion Gust
    Dion Gust 2 hours ago


  • Aie Landakk
    Aie Landakk 2 hours ago


  • Emmanuel Legoboy
    Emmanuel Legoboy 2 hours ago


  • Nicholas Simmons
    Nicholas Simmons 2 hours ago

    I love your reaction videos! Keep up the good work my guy. :D

  • lookfun78
    lookfun78 2 hours ago

    Your reaction to the upside down kiss is golden funny.

  • Team Reps For Ra
    Team Reps For Ra 2 hours ago

    Im a white guy who doesnt know how to cook Imma sub to bhds cooking channel so i can learn to cook woth seasoning xD

  • marcel langley
    marcel langley 3 hours ago

    “I sent my bitch to the store cause we ran out of soda”😂🔥 4:47

  • NeonFiend
    NeonFiend 3 hours ago

    and this is why I dont trust insects or other people XD

  • Dalvin Massey
    Dalvin Massey 3 hours ago

    Nigga don't do that in Arkansas

  • Angel McFarland
    Angel McFarland 3 hours ago

    4 to 6 faces in number 8 =OwO=

  • Banana Creeper
    Banana Creeper 3 hours ago

    The intro made me almost throw up from laughing to much

  • The Happy Crystal
    The Happy Crystal 3 hours ago

    👎👎👎 you make the video unwatchable.

  • MaBOi66
    MaBOi66 3 hours ago

    Idk why I like the Old BHD w/ simple background lol

  • Jackyboi Neal
    Jackyboi Neal 3 hours ago

    15:27 that smack sound lmao

  • yeet dog
    yeet dog 3 hours ago

    Since the soil is minecraft dirt, is there bedrock and underworld?

  • Matthew Schincariol
    Matthew Schincariol 3 hours ago

    GOD DAMN Triple B looks like he’s from Detroit

  • David Denmeade
    David Denmeade 4 hours ago

    Sorry mate but the aircraft one was a radio controlled model. Not really that "what the".

  • Der King Kong
    Der King Kong 4 hours ago

    Faster out the window then Speedy consalis

  • keith courson
    keith courson 4 hours ago

    Next time, for an encore, this dude needs to just throw himself off a thousand foot cliff to see how bad THAT hurts. "Yes everybody, every bone in my body is shattered, and as I begin to lose consciousness forever, I must add that the pain far surpasses the sting of the tarantula wasp."

  • Czarina Johnson
    Czarina Johnson 4 hours ago

    "I pu that ass to sleep"

  • Ryan Gemellaro
    Ryan Gemellaro 4 hours ago

    Nasty A** F**k*n’ S**t!😡😤😔🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Gabriel Valle
    Gabriel Valle 4 hours ago

    Anime for 5:22

  • Elijah Green
    Elijah Green 4 hours ago

    My English teacher has made finger guns and pretended to shoot herself so why isn’t she suspended?

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith 4 hours ago

    LMFAO I'm rolling luv you bro

  • Heath Fever
    Heath Fever 4 hours ago

    In number three, If I were that ghost I would be more afraid of that guy than he would be agraid of me.

  • Zahra Abu Lileh
    Zahra Abu Lileh 4 hours ago

    That's not a burqa its a niqab

  • Alayah Frazier
    Alayah Frazier 4 hours ago

    LMAOOO instant subscribers 😂😂😂


    Tape face should be a creepy past he makes people laugh but sooner or late he kills you

  • The Nuclear Reactor
    The Nuclear Reactor 4 hours ago

    Why is it that family guy doesn’t really make me laugh anymore but watching him laugh makes me laugh

  • SAKE!!! SAMURAI!!!!
    SAKE!!! SAMURAI!!!! 4 hours ago

    Hello bhd

  • TJMW2007
    TJMW2007 5 hours ago

    You can clearly see a wire/string attached to the front right leg of the chair.

  • Zaki Bourne
    Zaki Bourne 5 hours ago

    I hate this plz stop

  • DanexgenPonyCorn
    DanexgenPonyCorn 5 hours ago

    Are we just gonna watch him eat his nails?!?!?LMAO

  • General Grey
    General Grey 5 hours ago

    3:33 the anime he could not remember the name of was Death Parade, and gd was it good

  • The Country gamer
    The Country gamer 5 hours ago

    so we gonna act like they aint no blunt or weed on the floor at 18:07

  • chris Barron
    chris Barron 6 hours ago

    Well the song every time we touch has been ruined

  • ghost killer_9388
    ghost killer_9388 6 hours ago


  • Shy Senpai
    Shy Senpai 6 hours ago

    Bruh bet im fixin to make a million and a half accounts to see your funny ass in a haunted house i remember those 2016 2017 storys o wo

  • Gabriel Zavala
    Gabriel Zavala 6 hours ago

    What is the anime called at 1:30

  • Heather Kiel
    Heather Kiel 6 hours ago

    New video

  • fortnite gaming
    fortnite gaming 6 hours ago

    My Nigga got setup yall loll

  • Gabriel Zavala
    Gabriel Zavala 6 hours ago

    What anime is that on 5:54

  • JaidentheCool JaidenTheAwessome

    Only A psychopath would make this cartoon

  • Ava tale
    Ava tale 6 hours ago

    The joke is taco bell is only good when your drunk

  • Bondutch TV
    Bondutch TV 7 hours ago

    i thought it was snoop dogg 14:15

  • TorgieBride85
    TorgieBride85 7 hours ago


  • Daedric Warrior
    Daedric Warrior 7 hours ago

    Is this dude a bobblehead lol

  • kai hart
    kai hart 7 hours ago

    When you work at a underpants store and some one asks for a refund 1:49 2:02 9:09

  • My Journee
    My Journee 7 hours ago

    I can't... the reactions are overblown and fake.... why was this video on my recommended ?.... hilarious ..

  • Arnulfo Perez
    Arnulfo Perez 7 hours ago

    This guy is worse than Kevin Hart & Steve Harvey combined

  • kai hart
    kai hart 7 hours ago

    When you work at a underpants store and someone asks for a refund 1:41 2:03 9:05

  • Scorpio Destructo
    Scorpio Destructo 7 hours ago

    Looks like you lost hella weight lol You didn't look like this the last time a saw you couple years ago XD LMFAO!! Bro.. You've been working out?? Keep up the good work there brother..

  • fortnite gaming
    fortnite gaming 7 hours ago

    Best part is meg is isnt in one of these lol

  • Adia Rain
    Adia Rain 7 hours ago

    Not a fish. A snow leopard. The thing following the guy in the water was a salt water crocodile. the people with the alligators were far enough back. Alligators aren't even half as aggressive to people as crocodiles are and are slower. They were far enough back to easily escape any random lunge..Besides which they were focused on each other ^^

  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores 8 hours ago

    Watch f is for family

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones 8 hours ago

    Eyy, you got a Standing Desk. Good on you man. Nice Arcade games too.

  • General Grey
    General Grey 8 hours ago

    Shit blastphamous loves some one of my fav gaming groups as well, WOOOT

  • Jacob Seitula
    Jacob Seitula 8 hours ago

    I always think someones following me when I walk home at night

  • Khairul Nizam
    Khairul Nizam 8 hours ago

  • Captin Afro23
    Captin Afro23 8 hours ago

    Wait what happened to your original channel?

  • Matthew Moretti
    Matthew Moretti 8 hours ago

    At my school a girl got cought selling weed and she got suspended but the person that bought it got expelled

  • Xavier Duncan
    Xavier Duncan 8 hours ago

    Ever seen 69s face on the golden snitch in Harry Potter?

  • Raven Le Faye
    Raven Le Faye 8 hours ago

    I grew up in the Valley and, I know that train tunnel. You have to be a true idiot to walk through there.

  • Jamie Gjesdal
    Jamie Gjesdal 8 hours ago

    DLT = diarrhea, laxatives, toiletpaper XD

  • Raven Le Faye
    Raven Le Faye 8 hours ago

    That end one was hilarious mostly that she got picked and, after she was pissed off!

  • Piyush Patel
    Piyush Patel 9 hours ago


  • Joshua Ferguson
    Joshua Ferguson 9 hours ago

    Always turn off the phone after watching the special website and unloading a can of gasoline

  • baconator
    baconator 9 hours ago

    been supporting since day 1! let's get blast to 3 million subs 💪🏻❤️ BHD ARMY💯 btw HUGE FAN OF URS😭🐐. 🙌🏻👀🐐🚫🧢

  • David Denmeade
    David Denmeade 9 hours ago

    Chills does make great content, but damn his almost monotone speech can get hard to listen to.

  • Alexis Palomo
    Alexis Palomo 9 hours ago

    We’re are the family guy videos at

  • Nick fox
    Nick fox 9 hours ago

    Why the background look like half wwe backstage and half arcade?😂