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  • Kabilan Kabilan
    Kabilan Kabilan 7 days ago

    Excellent sir

  • Barakath Vijay
    Barakath Vijay 18 days ago

    Nice bro

  • Elanchelian Umesh
    Elanchelian Umesh 25 days ago

    That's my sister

  • Renu Mohan
    Renu Mohan 2 months ago


  • Mohamed Rifath
    Mohamed Rifath 2 months ago


  • Vanessa Devi
    Vanessa Devi 6 months ago


  • suhail ahamed
    suhail ahamed 6 months ago

    Ajmal, super ! Keep it up guys

  • Naveen Pallavan
    Naveen Pallavan 6 months ago

    Nice :)

  • umachandar naveen
    umachandar naveen 6 months ago

    Very heart warming film da:) All the best to your team :)

  • Sridhar Thiagarajan
    Sridhar Thiagarajan 6 months ago

    Mass :)

  • suresh Raina
    suresh Raina 8 months ago

    dai ungluku manasatchiya illiya epdi lam enga irundhu da yosikireinnga neeinga

  • Rowena Jimmy
    Rowena Jimmy 11 months ago

    Aww how cute are you guys

  • MALeedle
    MALeedle 11 months ago

    Naveen you such a sexxy boi

  • Thishanthneswaran Pillai

    The narration is Epic! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Balram Veeragoo
    Balram Veeragoo Year ago


  • Archana Gunalan
    Archana Gunalan Year ago

    HAHAHA nice

  • Kadir Selvaraj
    Kadir Selvaraj Year ago

    thevidya pasangala

  • Kadir Selvaraj
    Kadir Selvaraj Year ago

    kena pundaigala waste ofd time

  • Ram baby
    Ram baby Year ago

    Where is English subtitles

  • Kadir Selvaraj
    Kadir Selvaraj Year ago

    kaatu mokka

  • Mbappe Kyil
    Mbappe Kyil Year ago


  • Lakshmi Priya Ramesh

    Best video ever!!!

  • Ryen Ho
    Ryen Ho Year ago

    pls call me i want to be in ur next video

  • Ryen Ho
    Ryen Ho Year ago

    can feature me in next vid pls @lil.ho

    • Ryen Ho
      Ryen Ho Year ago

      can also call me 91866669

  • lokranjan lakshmikanthan

    Cool song!!

  • Muthukrishnan Chinnaswamy

    Congrats for the maiden venture; Wish you all more success story.

  • Lingam C
    Lingam C Year ago

    Very proud of you Aravinth. Wonderful lyrics. Hope u reach great heights. God bless you.

  • Melvin Kwok
    Melvin Kwok Year ago

    Can I find this song on Spotify?

    • Avi Nash
      Avi Nash Year ago

      Melvin Kwok yes you can


    two thumbs up!!! nice lyrics

  • ChuDust
    ChuDust Year ago


  • unknownz classic

    Great video !

  • Mbappe Kyil
    Mbappe Kyil Year ago

    Great Song 👍🏻

  • Daya
    Daya Year ago

    Semma lyrics bro! (Heroine number kidaikuma? 😆)

    • Daya
      Daya Year ago

      Detach panni vidrathu

    • Avi Nash
      Avi Nash Year ago

      தமிழன்டா! Heroine is attached.

  • Ashwin Shiva
    Ashwin Shiva Year ago

    Beautiful Lyrics @ kavithasan. keep up the good work

  • Nidhi Sharma
    Nidhi Sharma Year ago

    Great job! Good going! Proud of u!

  • Mohamed Azeem
    Mohamed Azeem Year ago

    Great work guys! Good music and nice stable videography!

  • RENU rina
    RENU rina 2 years ago


  • selvi ravi
    selvi ravi 2 years ago


  • Roslina Bt Abu Bakar

    good try.. !! keep it up.. dont give up!!

  • Rani Naidu
    Rani Naidu 2 years ago

    Great attempt. Pls get a external mic. Will be a great asset for you guys. All the best!!!

  • BlueMagic Production

    I felt it was engaging till the end. I felt the could have shown more torture to make Raghavan to accept it. It was likka sudden, he accept. Who wanna be in the jail? Cinematography for the film could have been improved a lot. There was movemenr shots, and it was shaky. And use an external mic for a better sound. Actor did okay,but the Main Officer who quits the job did well. Music side, could have given more ambience. Screenplay and story was good. Try to balance technical and content equally. All the best!

    • Dreamerz Production
      Dreamerz Production 2 years ago

      Thank you brother for the feedback and encouragement! We will work on it for the future projects!

  • Daya
    Daya 2 years ago

    bro just one mistake...."vera ponne kidaikalaya " seems misleading as tho justifiable that someone older would have not been such an issue

    • Dreamerz Production
      Dreamerz Production 2 years ago

      Agreed Ji!What Ameer meant was he could have opted for other means to satisfy his desires not harm an young girl.It wasn't meant like its okay to harm an older woman.

  • Santosh Sivam
    Santosh Sivam 2 years ago

    the audio of the film is just bad.... pls work on it if u want ur attempts to be futile

  • RV Kaushik
    RV Kaushik 2 years ago

    Really good short film, as sumanth sekar mentioned, the audio could have been better but other than that its a really nice concept and has been implemented well :)

  • monstam
    monstam 2 years ago

    Fantastic - I really enjoyed this. :)

  • Slackerz Productions

    Awesome effort and thinking to make this unique shortfilm! Congratz bros

  • Sumanth sekar
    Sumanth sekar 2 years ago

    audio could have been better in the beginning otherwise the film is awsm

    • Dreamerz Production
      Dreamerz Production 2 years ago

      Sumanth sekar Thank you so much for your encouragement brother! We will work on our audio!

  • jinna232
    jinna232 2 years ago

    marana kevalam

  • jinna232
    jinna232 2 years ago

    marana kevalam

  • Hari Aran
    Hari Aran 2 years ago

    great film bros

  • Mikraj Begum
    Mikraj Begum 2 years ago

    there was a gd building of suspense throughout the video with the use of music and then an unexpected twist at the end. gd job! that 'uncle' acting was cute hahah.

  • Nevetha Maniam
    Nevetha Maniam 2 years ago

    superb👌👌..i just enjoyed...keep rocking guys...waiting for more from u all❤

  • NF Singing
    NF Singing 2 years ago

    superb...very funny...

  • Mbappe Kyil
    Mbappe Kyil 2 years ago


  • Mafaz Huzain
    Mafaz Huzain 2 years ago

    hell is waiting for you guys.world is going to end

  • Mohd Thasleem
    Mohd Thasleem 2 years ago

    From now on expecting Class movies from u guys...Rem only Class -standard

  • Reayahzath Ali
    Reayahzath Ali 2 years ago

    Very nice... a concept no one would think ok... Best part is when he reads the comments for his status

  • Rizzy Riz
    Rizzy Riz 2 years ago

    WOW. Unexpected. Keep it up guys,awaiting for more fun vids

  • Sugan Hari
    Sugan Hari 2 years ago


  • Shasi Shasikala
    Shasi Shasikala 2 years ago

    your dance is not nice. shame only. . omg

  • Boy Siva
    Boy Siva 2 years ago

    Good try !

  • Bismi Fathima
    Bismi Fathima 2 years ago

    good try

  • NF Singing
    NF Singing 2 years ago

    super..funny..just superb..

  • Ahamed Aadhil
    Ahamed Aadhil 2 years ago

    nalla songa nasaam panitinga pa chaaa

  • santhosh balaji
    santhosh balaji 2 years ago

    ithe maathiri mokka video pannuna.. kandippa ungala senjiruvaanuga.. come on boys.. go to school first

  • Guru Saravanan
    Guru Saravanan 3 years ago

    semma :-D cheers guus

  • Daya
    Daya 3 years ago

    rama pakka mama

  • bobsaint not me
    bobsaint not me 3 years ago

    Rama mama super mama

  • Mbappe Kyil
    Mbappe Kyil 3 years ago

    I love the part when rifath said who is the real rajini. Great attempt! Camera still shaky guys

  • Sumanth sekar
    Sumanth sekar 3 years ago

    Nice but Kamal part s a little bit of boring part

    • Dreamerz Production
      Dreamerz Production 3 years ago

      Thank you for your feedback :) Please do share with ur friends!

  • Mohamed Rizwan
    Mohamed Rizwan 3 years ago

    Awesome guys

  • Hanan Noorul
    Hanan Noorul 3 years ago

    Which place is tat Bro?

  • neha raswin
    neha raswin 3 years ago

    U r dancing well but try to dance well better than this ...good luck bro😄🤗 ...but ongalukum endha song acctress kum set ehy aagala😂😂😉😉...lol...try to entertain more than this dude ...thn nenga short ah eruka naala acctress kum ongalukum neyraya diff eruku....🤘👌👍

  • Lijin basith
    Lijin basith 3 years ago


  • Selva Raj
    Selva Raj 3 years ago

    semaaaa sir....superb

  • issed
    issed 3 years ago

    boss pichittinga semya irukku

  • Why Yes Movies
    Why Yes Movies 3 years ago

    first you want one cherography and practice well in dance. yours reaction is nice.. try to dance well

  • Suki Puvi
    Suki Puvi 3 years ago

    but i think you can dance better

  • Suki Puvi
    Suki Puvi 3 years ago

    good work but i hate this dance sorry

  • aravindhan fine
    aravindhan fine 3 years ago

    fayaz superb da dance

  • Mbappe Kyil
    Mbappe Kyil 3 years ago

    Great Acting when Ajmal saw the lady!

  • Mbappe Kyil
    Mbappe Kyil 3 years ago

    Great Video Guys! Three things you guys can improve on would be your cinematography,camera quality and Audio. Just look into this 3 aspects first. Step by step. You will see improvement

  • Muthu Kumar
    Muthu Kumar 3 years ago

    good work dude.. keep on going, all the best

  • Maurizio Iatticelli
    Maurizio Iatticelli 3 years ago

    I look this really great! Amazing! Truly, it is a something incredibleeeeeee! Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks and thanks for sharing it with the community! I have a friend that makes videos on youtube, it's called Egidio check it out in my playlist if you want >.<! Congratulations again! A like for youuuuuuuu <3 <3 <3!

  • Sheik Zyf
    Sheik Zyf 3 years ago

    Really great!

  • haathimhassan
    haathimhassan 3 years ago

    super bro...

  • Mohammed Mustaffa
    Mohammed Mustaffa 3 years ago

    hahah, nice film man!!

  • Prasanth Kumar
    Prasanth Kumar 3 years ago

    I want More song from you

  • Prasanth Kumar
    Prasanth Kumar 3 years ago

    Both look superb

  • Prasanth Kumar
    Prasanth Kumar 3 years ago

    Sema superb congrats

  • Ismail Basha
    Ismail Basha 3 years ago

    ennama dance aduringapa!!!

  • Eddie Chris
    Eddie Chris 3 years ago

    sema comedy paaaaahhhhh

  • Ondraga Entertainment

    Hi, Good Work :) We liked the Video & We have featured your Video in Our Channel :) - #TeamAYM #AchchamYenbathuMadamaiyadaa

  • Sampath simbu Super you like vaalu

    Super you like 👌 💕 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

    KUMERASAN KANAYSON 3 years ago

    superb guys

    KUMERASAN KANAYSON 3 years ago

    nice one.....guys....

  • Mbappe Kyil
    Mbappe Kyil 3 years ago

    Great Work guys! Great Progress throughout the years!

  • vignesh varan
    vignesh varan 3 years ago

    very nice.All the best guys. Waiting for more videos from you'll

  • haathimhassan
    haathimhassan 3 years ago

    nice one :-) Good luck 👍

  • aarthi najla
    aarthi najla 3 years ago

    wooww semaaaa good try guys keep it up guys must watch thiz video 😊😊