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  • Spaget Metbawls
    Spaget Metbawls 2 minutes ago

    Bruh u just used Eh Bee Familys background music for your whole video, wtf.

    • Spaget Metbawls
      Spaget Metbawls Minute ago

      I understand that theres no copyright to it but cant you consider to be a bit more original than that?

  • H. I-L.
    H. I-L. 2 minutes ago

    you could’ve had *T*eryaki and *U*don together js

  • anoop s kumar
    anoop s kumar 8 minutes ago

    even @konstantin fell for it xD ,kon y wud u xD

  • Sonia g
    Sonia g 10 minutes ago

    Dick in German btw means thick/fat.

  • Chloe Donaldson-Fitt
    Chloe Donaldson-Fitt 13 minutes ago


  • Sonia g
    Sonia g 13 minutes ago

    the label is just the ingredients, whit flour, sunflower oil, the fruits in it etc. Maaaaan, Taz... I used to live right outside Dusseldorf. I miss it so much. I get nostalgic over your video. Grocery shopping was one of my favorite things about Germany, prices where so cheap compared to my mother land.

  • icarus550
    icarus550 20 minutes ago

    I really don't understand the point of all this. It's not a fake gallery if it has art inside and I don't understand the shock and surprise at selling stuff. The secret to success here is that you collaborated with other people and it attracted an audience.

  • Its_Emoneevlogs
    Its_Emoneevlogs 26 minutes ago

    You would make a hoodie that says “sue me”

  • Ancsi Myers
    Ancsi Myers 31 minute ago

    "I think I'm allergic to exercise." -Taz 😂😂😂

  • Its_Emoneevlogs
    Its_Emoneevlogs 33 minutes ago

    Australians: poundland Americans:Dollar tree Australias:ASDA Americans:Walmart 😂😂😂

  • Nora Prodanoff
    Nora Prodanoff 36 minutes ago

    As a bulgarian, the way she pronounces шега / shega bothers me so much lmao its pronounced sheh-gah not shaa-gah

  • Alyssa Forever
    Alyssa Forever 37 minutes ago

    I would buy your first art it’s really pretty

  • Mixiel
    Mixiel 47 minutes ago

    “I’ve never had a baby before” Oh really taz😂

  • Hannah Bannana
    Hannah Bannana Hour ago

    Try cooking eggs 😔

  • Mandy Evans
    Mandy Evans Hour ago

    Taz says 1:46, the clock says 1:48

  • Beyonder Prime
    Beyonder Prime Hour ago

    die beiden Trümmerlotten haben über eine Million Abos, da muss man sich fragen, wie bescheuert sind den die Abonnenten??? Ausser dummes Geschwätz und infantiles Gekichere kommt von denen nix. the two chicks are the intellectual worst case scenario

  • tania Hearts
    tania Hearts Hour ago

    Thank you so much for this. I always think as myself ugly. Because of my acne. I teared up after watching this because i relate to this so much. Now i'm going to accept myself and show my inner self.

  • JeanetteIsweetcupcakes


  • leonardo sangaletti
    leonardo sangaletti 2 hours ago

    The joke concept of the paintings can acctualy raise their price

  • Liliana C
    Liliana C 2 hours ago

    1:51 is my problem all the time at uni this is very accurate

  • SDMF
    SDMF 2 hours ago

    What sucks is that free food fridge would just completely be abandoned in America

  • Chris V.
    Chris V. 2 hours ago

    Taz be getting her back blown out 4:19

  • Ember D&T
    Ember D&T 2 hours ago

    Money laundering scheme.

  • JeanetteIsweetcupcakes

    This is my first video I watched of yours and I already love you 💖 your personality is so bright and you’re so like-able! 😊

  • Gold
    Gold 2 hours ago

    Let launder some money bitches

  • Fynn Sill
    Fynn Sill 2 hours ago

    Yeah you missed something all right - expensive art prices have to do with hiding money for the rich people and tax evasion.

  • Super Duper
    Super Duper 2 hours ago

    you probably spent more money on the tools and cancasses …

  • Liliana C
    Liliana C 2 hours ago

    to be fair and perfectly honest I would've definitely gotten the one at 18:51

    GULCITY 3 hours ago

    You are the best and omg the background music goes faster and faster as time gets closer 🤣 it’s like panicking and panicking

  • Oliver
    Oliver 3 hours ago

    bruh kinder joy or eggs arent german they are from ferrero and thats italian

  • xmixaplix
    xmixaplix 3 hours ago

    Well art is like paper money. It's only worth what is universally accepted as and backed by goodness confidence but at the end of the day it's a piece of paper. So art is only worth what people seemed what it's worth is at really but it's a good way to hide your money like investing in property. You didn't even have to do your own painting, someone had done something similar years ago by going to Ikea and brought a bunch of painting which art critic thought it was brilliant 😝 you can find the video on RU-clip still

  • Martina Vue
    Martina Vue 3 hours ago

    GRACKLE aka Graceee

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 3 hours ago

    who else’s mind was blown when she was like with a white dot

  • hey there cutsie poopsie

    HeHehehHehhehhehhHehe Octopussy

  • Mariah Michael
    Mariah Michael 3 hours ago

    No wonder why millenials are called the "Lazy" generation

  • Lærke Halvorsen
    Lærke Halvorsen 4 hours ago

    14:37 the girl in the back falls

  • PlayLister Music
    PlayLister Music 4 hours ago

    15:49 VSCO ALERT!

  • Hannah
    Hannah 4 hours ago

    It's a purple yam 😂

  • Rafed Yasir
    Rafed Yasir 4 hours ago

    Is that keyboard in the background a Yamaha psr-e423 ?

  • • l o v e l y o o f s •

    i wash my hair once a week...:\ and im completely normal.

  • nonna hason
    nonna hason 4 hours ago

    When she says 5 pounds it means 5 dollars right?

  • Aquatic Kitty
    Aquatic Kitty 5 hours ago

    Xd this is so stupid

  • Ariba Garasia
    Ariba Garasia 5 hours ago

    go to your GP and have your Ferritin levels checked. your iron levels can be normal but your ferritin levels can be low which can contribute to hair loss

  • Omicron
    Omicron 5 hours ago

    Brain dead herd brainwashed by post modern garbage philosophy since birth walking around like zombies.

  • Alex Nenoff
    Alex Nenoff 5 hours ago

    Fake art . . . but made by artists?!

  • SIG
    SIG 5 hours ago

    Look at all the fake woke art people in that gallery hqhwhwh

  • Rodericko
    Rodericko 5 hours ago

    I eat way less than Taz and I’m 138 pounds. I’m worried

  • Anna Scott
    Anna Scott 5 hours ago

    I was eating pizza and I eat 2 slices

  • Yannmergez D
    Yannmergez D 5 hours ago

    No I think am okay but people tell me am ugly 2 different things

  • Rodericko
    Rodericko 5 hours ago

    The serving size for Oreos are ridiculous

  • Tessa Obert
    Tessa Obert 5 hours ago

    you should try hello fresh

  • ET #everyone together


  • Elexa Allen
    Elexa Allen 6 hours ago

    I don’t have a gag reflex so

  • Emilia Jayne
    Emilia Jayne 6 hours ago

    OMG you went to the hobby craft that is soo close to me ahhh!!! 😱

  • Emina Hodzic
    Emina Hodzic 6 hours ago

    I live in Germany and I work in Lidl.. Lidl has it's own products and for example butter milk milbona( Lidl Produkt) and butter milk Müller (fancy product) are made in the same factory with same ingredients with different packaging.. Müller milk is twice the price of milbona. It doesn't mean if it's well known brand that its better

  • Sydknee !
    Sydknee ! 6 hours ago

    I bought one of the hoodies and it doesnt ship untill november 13 :,)

  • Babusker
    Babusker 6 hours ago

    This makes me wanna go to a tesco with 1€

  • Jerry M
    Jerry M 6 hours ago

    This may sound a bit sad but leaving my job of 5 years to pursue teacher training and having to drive myself to places outside my town. This is something I planning on doing next year and I am already anxious about it. I started following your youtube channel when you did spoken word and I was inspired by it so I started doing when I was at school a long time ago. I think I subscribed to you a long time after that (because I didn't trust the internet lol- subscribing to youtubers made me nervous when I was younger --- it's weird to me now that I felt like that) but I can see how you have progressed as an individual. It's funny because I mentioned your channel to a college at the school I work in and we totally bonded over your content.

  • Sexy Voldemort
    Sexy Voldemort 6 hours ago

    It’s like they are paying for the canvas the painting is on (cause it’s high quality), not the actual painting

  • simona toneva
    simona toneva 6 hours ago


  • Lolli lustig
    Lolli lustig 6 hours ago

    4:59 That warmed my Animal Crossing heart

  • The Great Cornholio
    The Great Cornholio 6 hours ago

    There's no such thing as a fake art gallery. Make art. Get paid.

  • Premier Clan
    Premier Clan 6 hours ago

    that happend the same to me our flight was delayed 10 to 12 hours and after when we arrived to spain in like 3:00 in the night we couldn’t get it cause we didnt have the right key to unlock the upper door so we were stuck outside not knowing what to do: my sister,mom,me,dad we had to go in 1 star hotel to sleep for 4 hours and in the morning the cleaner had the right key and she gave it to us and yeah we got in

  • happy B.F.F girls
    happy B.F.F girls 6 hours ago

    A youtuber named Zack makes good art if you do this again invite him

  • happy B.F.F girls
    happy B.F.F girls 6 hours ago

    Is the cereal part of the plan too?

  • Maimouna Samb
    Maimouna Samb 7 hours ago

    you should do a series with tax junior a.k.a. tj ,you 2 are a great pair together.

  • Dina Galal
    Dina Galal 7 hours ago

    Can't wait for the I BOUGHT A HOUSE video. your success both inspires me and makes me feel like a failure to be honest. you deserve it 💛

  • MamtazPlayz
    MamtazPlayz 7 hours ago

    i think watermelon looks pink too is it just me or what? Most watermelons look red but some look more lighter and pink also I really dont think Taz is colorblind

  • hayleeisanerd
    hayleeisanerd 7 hours ago

    driving skills

  • Ummayyah Mohammed
    Ummayyah Mohammed 7 hours ago


  • SKB_ Kroto
    SKB_ Kroto 7 hours ago

    I would have brought the circle one

  • Willem Roekaers
    Willem Roekaers 7 hours ago

    shut the fuck up & go get yourself some knowledge about the history and philosophy of art

  • Shayla Campos
    Shayla Campos 7 hours ago


  • Uglii Unicorn
    Uglii Unicorn 8 hours ago

    🤦🏽‍♀️ yall r bowling pros 😑😭🤣 I suck

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 8 hours ago

    Why does she sound like a Disney princess i-

  • Johanna Mendoza
    Johanna Mendoza 8 hours ago

    For o you could have done orange or Oreo

  • KastLP
    KastLP 8 hours ago

    Now your Art is actually worth something, because you're showing the truth about how insane the fans of modern art actually are😂

  • Lone Star Travelers
    Lone Star Travelers 8 hours ago


  • iCQ_www-SPCL-tk
    iCQ_www-SPCL-tk 8 hours ago

    ur crazy, spoiled, pretty, insane, funny and u got balls... +1 and oh... honestly... i like the art! the whole video is full with nice people... thanks for the smiles! :-D

  • Debra Elsmore
    Debra Elsmore 8 hours ago

    tbh taz, i thought the mcdonald's line wasnt that hard. yet i kept trying..... and i couldnt do it

  • Me Ok
    Me Ok 8 hours ago

    12:50 to 13:01 🤣😭😂💜

  • Jade Borg
    Jade Borg 8 hours ago

    the painting that is called 'Instagram' hit £1,000 on the auction site.

  • Laura P
    Laura P 8 hours ago

    I can't watch this....ooohhh...I hate asmr..😱 but I wanna hear your story..

  • Miracle Slayzzz
    Miracle Slayzzz 8 hours ago

    “ahhh, got paint on my dongareeez and carpet”🤣🤣😭

  • Annika
    Annika 8 hours ago

    It's funny how you say Real is one of the beste supermarkets you've ever been to since it's rather unpopular in Germany as far as I know ... Among all the people I know it's more or less the store you go to when there's other option :D When it comes to nice supermarkets with a lot of stuff, I prefer a big new Edeka :D

  • TheRandomOrb
    TheRandomOrb 8 hours ago

    Her dancing reminds me of Liza kosy

  • Harshal Pathak
    Harshal Pathak 8 hours ago

    I'll buy your arse

  • Franchou Espinosa
    Franchou Espinosa 8 hours ago

    my name is francesca \(TOT)/

  • Manisha Sinhababu
    Manisha Sinhababu 8 hours ago

    Wish I had cousins that actually know how to take a picture and doesn't make me look like a potato and say that it was a beautiful shot

  • Giggly Gelly
    Giggly Gelly 8 hours ago

    14:37 why didn’t I laugh?

  • mana assal
    mana assal 8 hours ago

    you are so right I don't understand how they sold them for millions!

  • Humaira Aroos
    Humaira Aroos 9 hours ago

    at 13:54 taz: i can't- i can't put this on the internet taz: *proceeds to post it on the internet*

  • Martha Tedla
    Martha Tedla 9 hours ago

    if you make a bunch of paintings and hold a showing, is it not a real gallery?

  • taetae my starboy
    taetae my starboy 9 hours ago

    but you really did make a real art gallery though😳😳

  • Kylyn Cowie
    Kylyn Cowie 9 hours ago

    Hiya, love your videos, me and my sister are having a debate, do you have a nose stud or a black head, my sister said if it’s a nose stud she will give me £5

  • Tips Pho School
    Tips Pho School 9 hours ago

    I’ve thought about this so much. Like how is a line art

  • Neil Mañibo
    Neil Mañibo 9 hours ago

    Nice. I am glad you were not dissapointed to try wearing feminine clothes! 👍👍👍

  • Hannah McNaul
    Hannah McNaul 9 hours ago

    The thing is after nearly 20 years of waiting to heal I feel my time is up

  • Little Pancake7272
    Little Pancake7272 9 hours ago

    With a lot of ketchup