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  • JackTheStarman
    JackTheStarman 37 minutes ago

    Hey Rimmy have you heard about senor hilter

  • Doctor Discord
    Doctor Discord Hour ago

    Wow. Angelos got roughed up since I last saw him.

  • JumpingFlapjack
    JumpingFlapjack Hour ago

    This makes my Pickelhaube hard! XD

  • Doctor Discord
    Doctor Discord Hour ago

    I really want to play Deathwing, but I don't have any friends with it and I am scared of strangers.

  • Ein Patriot
    Ein Patriot 2 hours ago

    5:14 This happens when everyone thinks they can muck us Germans when and where they want. Fun fakt: If you muck foreigners in Germany then you will immediately be insulted as a racist or Nazi (if you are German) 2 Fun Fakt: If you are a German Patriot, you will also be insulted as a Nazi (that happened to me recently)

  • Alfozmac Bristlebringer

    The empire endures

  • Wouter d.B.
    Wouter d.B. 3 hours ago

    ARMA still has the most non-immersive gay guns sound EVER made.. popopopoppopop

  • Patrick Earthridge
    Patrick Earthridge 3 hours ago

    Has to be the best RP ive ever seen. A former marine loses his shit while soldiers try to capture him and calm him down. Kenneth gets progressively more destructive and dangerous, and gathering a group of helpers that save him from capture. Eventually they decide that their only option is to kill Kenneth, which somehow repeatedly fails. Eventually he nukes everything. He's later found on his rock, and is strafed by an A10, still somehow surviving. Where is he now? Most likely still contained on his rock. Nobody is to ever go within visual range of the rock, or it may send him into another rampage

  • Don't Shoot Me X
    Don't Shoot Me X 5 hours ago

    "Why the germans are the worst faction." Reason: whatever you do, in the end you lose and get shamed on for the rest of existance.

  • Neptune Vasilias
    Neptune Vasilias 5 hours ago

    Who noticed that Belgium was also in place 9 in the list of country’s?

  • active cinematic
    active cinematic 6 hours ago

    holy that german pronunce....

  • Thundrhawk 1
    Thundrhawk 1 6 hours ago

    Lennie the Ork

  • fuzzy
    fuzzy 7 hours ago

    SS40k best server

  • Jay
    Jay 8 hours ago


  • Anon
    Anon 8 hours ago

    Hell yeah I want to see more of this.

  • BlackLight
    BlackLight 8 hours ago

    But I have a copy of the Eragon movie.

  • firmak2
    firmak2 9 hours ago

    i am surprised the chapter master is here

  • firmak2
    firmak2 9 hours ago

    i enjoyed dawn of war 2

  • Gaming Forever
    Gaming Forever 9 hours ago


  • deveraux daze
    deveraux daze 9 hours ago

    There's one called Order of Battle that plays like this, it's On GoG

  • Gleb Stepkin
    Gleb Stepkin 10 hours ago

    Zombies can come over social anxiety better than I can.

  • KAMIKAZE 619
    KAMIKAZE 619 10 hours ago

    Im expecting the red baron sabaton in play

  • Eastwardrope 91
    Eastwardrope 91 13 hours ago

    Orks live forever if they don't get killed

  • leagus twinketoes
    leagus twinketoes 13 hours ago

    Where can I see full

  • jakesknolleus
    jakesknolleus 13 hours ago

    Ah, I see you have built Quito lol

  • Neon
    Neon 15 hours ago

    8:45 I swear I seen this exact scene in an anime bit with a little more psychopath feel to it.

  • Maplefrog7
    Maplefrog7 15 hours ago

    who turbo and what is her RU-clip channel

  • Leedle Leedle Lee
    Leedle Leedle Lee 16 hours ago

    Who else took the enclave scientist route?

  • Kristopher Clowater
    Kristopher Clowater 16 hours ago

    Please make more!

  • Kristian B
    Kristian B 16 hours ago

    Go back to green hair, it works.

  • Erica Vale
    Erica Vale 16 hours ago

    3:03 You’re blue now. That’s my attack.

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord 16 hours ago


  • Ima Popo
    Ima Popo 17 hours ago

    Lots of criminals and warp fuckery.... Yep, it's an Imperial hive city alright.

  • the tea man
    the tea man 17 hours ago

    i like how you just casually collapse a cathedral

  • Porter Schoen
    Porter Schoen 18 hours ago

    The hatred Timmy puts in the word "Italian" is wonderful.

  • ghost archemedys
    ghost archemedys 18 hours ago

    Da boyz live forever

  • 05_2_ ChaseKatona
    05_2_ ChaseKatona 19 hours ago

    Disappointed that nobody said something along the lines of “What a Fokker!”

  • The Woolly Eel
    The Woolly Eel 19 hours ago

    The officer uniforms are from the wrong war.

  • Devyx
    Devyx 20 hours ago

    Rimmy is doing multi-wing drifting.

  • the German wolf
    the German wolf 20 hours ago

    You guys need to do more wwz stuff

  • [EMP] PrimoEmperor
    [EMP] PrimoEmperor 20 hours ago

    Yeah that’s right, kill those furry fuckers

  • Steaven
    Steaven 21 hour ago

    Crew Member: Errr captain. Captain: Yes? Crew Member: THEIRS A GIANT HUMANOID METAL THING!! Captain: That's just Australia, ready the sails and get the arrows. Precautionary measures...

  • Yannick 73
    Yannick 73 21 hour ago

    Did I miss something, of you applyinh for Antifa? :P

  • 40k Origins
    40k Origins 22 hours ago

    Try playing age of wonders planetfall because it has russian space dwarf called dvar

  • Yeeter Mcyeets
    Yeeter Mcyeets 22 hours ago

    Nobody: Rimmy: “I’ll try spinning, that’s a good trick!”

  • whssy
    whssy 22 hours ago

    This is the funniest Arma video I have ever seen.

  • [EMP] PrimoEmperor
    [EMP] PrimoEmperor 22 hours ago


  • J Broad
    J Broad 23 hours ago

    Because you know what the bad dragon logo looks like very well ;P

  • FARBerserker
    FARBerserker 23 hours ago

    "OI! GET! shooting at me now eh?" < = sounds like Bo, Loli and Stickboy . .

  • AI Deep Space Combat Unit 4730 Lexael

    7:52 I see even in Arma, there are Jingles Landings

  • Segal central
    Segal central 23 hours ago

    Rimmy don’t do every state independent battle Royale, because it says that central Australia is a state

  • Wouter d.B.
    Wouter d.B. Day ago

    I was rooting for the Zulu's

  • Samuel Schurman

    I doubt you’ll see this comment Rimmy but I would love to see more DoW content. Either more of this or preferably Dow 1 the Ultimate Apocalypse mod. A patch for the mod was recently released allowing it to function with the campaign. Also multiplayer is a blast.

  • Sir Boomsalot
    Sir Boomsalot Day ago

    I just realized it says FlusterCluck

  • Dragonswrath18

    Rimmy your featured in a thatmadcat Yogscast stream compilation btw

  • Garrett Pomeroy

    I would love to see them try this with the jets DLC, mainly because I haven’t seen such before

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Day ago

    CRINGE ROLEPLAYS ... boomers are everywhere

  • DeathEatsCurry

    "The Episode Where Germany Kills Themselves' But not the way you expect.

  • Yeshua Zuñiga


  • Czerwony Kwas
    Czerwony Kwas Day ago

    Like it keep the good work

  • SovietRacoon
    SovietRacoon Day ago

    thank you Rimmy you still manage to make me smile even tho currently my life is shit.

  • Jake Mosca
    Jake Mosca Day ago

    Imagine they added dismemberments 🤤

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Day ago

    Full auto only ? Ok casuals

  • Oscar van der Aar

    rimmy never ever screem ura again!

  • rachelinauk
    rachelinauk Day ago

    wait, i think the mod no longer exists

  • gamer w01f15
    gamer w01f15 Day ago

    0:27 I should unsubscribe for that

    HALLO Day ago

    2:26 "who's that flying upside down" he's flying normal in Australia you know

    HALLO Day ago

    2:26 "who's that flying upside down" he's flying normal in Australia you know

  • Kein Name
    Kein Name Day ago

    tssssssssssssss @altis... not really immersive ;)

  • Bad Taste
    Bad Taste Day ago

    Absolute chads, took a rocket on the face shook it of and calmly walks away.

  • Harry Smith
    Harry Smith Day ago

    Always a pleasure to see the 20 Minuters in action, ey what

  • Doris Ryan
    Doris Ryan Day ago

    “I’m going too deep I have gone too deep” “Pull out Jenkins!” Context is a very important thing.

  • Doris Ryan
    Doris Ryan Day ago


  • United States of America

    the sherman with rockets is called calliope and the sherman with flamethrower is called crocodile the rocket halftrack is called stuka i think i the name is from COH 2 the big enemy rocket is called v-2 idk why im telling you the names xd 10:16 is hetzer

  • Callum Sutherland

    hey rimy i know that is was a long time ago but could you do more of the DOW 3 game i know it didnt get many likes but i think more people would be into it now

  • Keiser Kjellsson


  • Siberia
    Siberia Day ago

    You f****** kidding me? HoI 3 is WAAAAY better than crappy HoI 4! The Ideas with HoI 4 are... nice. But the overall game expierience is way better if you play HoI3. I really dislike playing HoI 4 in Muliplayer because so many goddamn mechanics are plain broken. HoI 3 had its problems but it was overall a complete game with 3 good DLCs. HoI 4 is just messy when it comes to anything other than the army. And don't get me started about the AI... Argh...

  • Estone D Reveldo

    y'all should do a event where is WW2 vs modern

  • Callum Sutherland

    how does this not have that many likes??? i thinks its realy cool

  • Yoschi Annik
    Yoschi Annik Day ago

    Die Kraut? Das Kraut!

  • YOBO115
    YOBO115 Day ago

    Get to the NHS hahahahahaha

    STAHP EXE Day ago

    Or rather pvp m8

  • Hazzard 765
    Hazzard 765 Day ago

    I swear I recognise one of these guys from a game of rising storm Vietnam I played ages ago...

  • Enziro
    Enziro Day ago

    You guys should play some war thunder, i feel like you would enjoy it.

  • Glue Food
    Glue Food Day ago

    I felt like I was playing war thunder

  • nitai hativa
    nitai hativa Day ago

    this isn't ww2. this is ww1 2.0

  • United States of America

    1:43 That means we must starve our selfs -Rimmy

  • Steve The Dream

    Just like a australian to be upside down

  • Enrico Paolo Coronado

    "I'm going too deep... I'VE GONE TOO DEEP!" "Pull out Jenkins! Pull out!" "I touched bush with that one, sir!" Nothing to see here, just totally not sexual words being exchanged between pilots.

  • 1inamillion & Co

    Vic only TVTs lead to some seriously good radio

  • The Random Fucks Platil


  • Rey Crusader II

    I love it this faction... I can have Bazooka and MG troops. Also they can easily promote experience in combat field. They can fuoght Panzers, in the battlefield.

  • PrettyMuchTheApexOfHumanEvolution

    0:01 is it just me or is the engine spinning with the propeller? That's... extremely wrong xD

  • Navy Green 782

    Intro: *Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom..* Me:Oh yes... *WWII Addict starts to take over*

  • Glen McGillivray

    Cybernetic organisms? Should unlock three events: one, send some nutty scientists to colonise mars and get some mekaresearchers that increase the number of moon factories, at the cost of a few additional toasters being delivered to the moon. Second: Cyber Attack Dogs. Replace Cav. Have armour, and improved move speeds/possibly anti tank jaws. Poor org. Third: Empire perk, spend a secret point on a small Army of Armoured Troopers, Bonus Civil Factory output (% bonus construction speeds) or a shipment of Space Guns. Repeatable on a Cooldown.

  • Simon Nigel Quin

    Wow they even did the birthday in Filipino that's a nice touch

  • Sky007
    Sky007 Day ago

    Hears aces high from iron maiden in the background.

  • weldonwin
    weldonwin Day ago

    What a bunch of Mother Fokkers...

  • Crazycatman
    Crazycatman Day ago

    "Why in the cun-t god fucking" - That's what she said. 0:54

  • PatWick
    PatWick Day ago

    That moment when you spent all of your pay check on Arma 3 DLCs but now your really in the mood for some Battlefield 1 dog fights.