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Top Dead Youtubers
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  • J Lim
    J Lim 29 days ago

    Yes, but still Australia has lots of great uni like this one👇. lt worths.

  • Dirk 1
    Dirk 1 Month ago

    Wheres xxxtentacion?😭😭😭😭

  • Dark Play
    Dark Play Month ago

    F for the fallen Rest easy nown

  • Pan Janek
    Pan Janek Month ago

    Where's james Charles tho

  • Katarina Fahie
    Katarina Fahie Month ago

    anyone else here looking for a cat?

  • lilbit
    lilbit Month ago

    so sad

  • Vu Bros
    Vu Bros Month ago

    1:42 no not edd goult

  • Gemz Nyan
    Gemz Nyan Month ago

    Next it's pewdiepie.

  • Arlene Dela Rosa
    Arlene Dela Rosa Month ago

    Ohh that was so sad

  • A handcraft player สุเมธาคุณ

    Awww the god of yt Geriatricc. May he rest in peace

  • Stewart Bandas
    Stewart Bandas Month ago


  • Deno bey
    Deno bey Month ago


  • the Farpy guy
    the Farpy guy Month ago

    Wow what a title

  • cho brothers조 브라더스

    you did not include junior boarding schools which are about 100000 dollars a year

  • Classydashy - Roblox

    R.I.P VERN TROY? (dont know how to spell his name) [forgot how he died] R.I.P Angry Grandpa [due: cancer] R.I.P Cameron Boyce [due: Seizure in sleep] age 20

    • Classydashy - Roblox
      Classydashy - Roblox Month ago

      @Patrick Star oh ok thank for telling me cause i got confused on it

    • Patrick Star
      Patrick Star Month ago

      Cameron Boyce had a seizure not a stroke

  • PvpDamager Kris
    PvpDamager Kris 2 months ago

    Angry Grandpa?

  • Arcenal Future
    Arcenal Future 2 months ago

    The rock is the youngest intercontinental champion

  • Yoan Slaveykov
    Yoan Slaveykov 2 months ago

    T 90 is fucking 4.5 million your numbers are soo wrong dickhead we're did you get them from

  • Asurel Tuffzzon
    Asurel Tuffzzon 2 months ago

    This video honestly should be taken down i feel bad for these people their deaths are being used for views in my opinion

    • Patrick Star
      Patrick Star Month ago

      @Asurel Tuffzzon there are no ads you dipshit

    • Asurel Tuffzzon
      Asurel Tuffzzon Month ago

      @Patrick Star he is making profit from dead people and i dont care if he gets straight to the point or if the video is short he shouldnt be doing videos like this about dead people like what is that title TOP DEAD RU-clipRS

    • Patrick Star
      Patrick Star Month ago

      How? The video is short and he is getting straight to the point without stretching it out.

  • Parth K Gami
    Parth K Gami 2 months ago

    I hate all African Countries in World. All time I hate African Continent .

  • Chris Neil
    Chris Neil 2 months ago

    The magnetic bed would be pretty cool for about 5 minutes then you would be like damn how do I sell this?

  • Depressito
    Depressito 2 months ago

    What a joke

  • Hom Bahadur
    Hom Bahadur 3 months ago

    Yes the mount Everest is between Nepal and china border but if the climber wishes to climb the mount Everest he have to come in nepal even if he is from China. BECAUSE the gate way to Mt Everest is from nepal. Not from china...

  • JamieJames da chat boi

    Scott was my Idol but its over...

  • Objektharfe9340 The Overlord #2

    Gaming RU-cliprs don't die. They respawn.

  • Ladie’sMan 1990
    Ladie’sMan 1990 3 months ago

    My mattress $129

  • Get Ass
    Get Ass 3 months ago

    Geriatric1927 was the most subbed channel in 2006

  • RAVI
    RAVI 4 months ago

    Im sure caribbean countries are much happier

  • Atlantis PH
    Atlantis PH 4 months ago

    Yeardley Diamond! R.I.P Man!!!!!

  • I'm Iron Man
    I'm Iron Man 4 months ago

    Is Canada on the list? It's ridiculous 😡

  • Guilherme Allan
    Guilherme Allan 5 months ago

    50 vc é o melhor

  • Jason Gates
    Jason Gates 5 months ago

    Most expensive at the time this video was posted, that is. There's a couple of these islands that I would want. And, some look like they could be an airport, or a city, or a military base. Because, they're big enough, and built a certain way.

  • Coolsisters Ts
    Coolsisters Ts 5 months ago

    4 : replace that with Seth and Becky

  • LeinardLouie
    LeinardLouie 5 months ago

    Mount Everest is not the tallest

  • Cosy Plays
    Cosy Plays 5 months ago

    😢 I want more gta vids

  • E579 Gaming
    E579 Gaming 6 months ago

    should Australia be number 1 they are peaceful and we dont start wars and dont want to start them Australia is a free country

  • E579 Gaming
    E579 Gaming 6 months ago

    Only $50,000 per year our school makes more then that and we are only normal school with only 52 people

  • Alejandro Lamonaca
    Alejandro Lamonaca 6 months ago


  • happy ride
    happy ride 6 months ago

    Damn I thought I was the only wierdo on RU-clip who types in Wierd random things like the words most expensive couches lol

  • Aashish Rasaili
    Aashish Rasaili 6 months ago

    Nepal has 8 of them seriously IAM proud of my country Nepal💖💖

  • Kamill Litkowiec
    Kamill Litkowiec 6 months ago

    To sa rakiety!

  • Kamill Litkowiec
    Kamill Litkowiec 6 months ago

    Amazing Amazing!!!!!!!👏👏👏

  • Rosy S vlogs
    Rosy S vlogs 7 months ago

    OMG Idk how to explain these peoples Mt. Everest is only in Nepal 🇳🇵 Not in between China and Nepal’s border seriously 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • ĐQ Đ Nam Việt
    ĐQ Đ Nam Việt 7 months ago

    What is the music

  • PewDiePie Việt Cộng

    Monty own. The best asian guy :(

  • Barbon rus
    Barbon rus 7 months ago

    1:10 Nikos it’s my name

  • milkmandan77
    milkmandan77 7 months ago

    Damn I thought I was ballin with my Johnny Walker Blue 😀


    Suscrine ist canals

  • Balasaheb Poul
    Balasaheb Poul 7 months ago


  • FVL
    FVL 7 months ago

    Ha I am at The school Le Rosey!! Most expensive!!!!’

  • Fie Cie
    Fie Cie 7 months ago

    Marcos is the richest man in the 🌎 in 90s

  • GDsasan
    GDsasan 7 months ago

    Scott yakiwchuk how did he die?

  • Alif Eqmal
    Alif Eqmal 8 months ago

    Mount Kinabalu??

  • Константин Кислицын

    Ничем от слова СОВСЕМ., и голимый фэйк по последней позиции...

  • JM&NM Studios
    JM&NM Studios 8 months ago

    nice, short and to the point. awesome job.

  • lazarelena mihet
    lazarelena mihet 8 months ago


  • Deengold the great
    Deengold the great 8 months ago

    Chris breezy

  • Wes McGee
    Wes McGee 8 months ago

    Old Crow. 2019. 9 bucks. Buy scratchers with the change from a 20.

  • imran khalid
    imran khalid 8 months ago

    All the highest mountains is in Pakistan and China

  • Gary L
    Gary L 9 months ago

    The 1% must have their expensive "toys" to show the rest of us 99% that we are not: The best kind of whisky, Scotch or not, is the kind you like...

  • Brandon Bentley
    Brandon Bentley 9 months ago

    Awesome island but im not rich haha lol xD

  • keyonzer
    keyonzer 9 months ago

    wheres mount kinabalu?

  • Malkit Singh Mandeo
    Malkit Singh Mandeo 9 months ago

    We just bought a couch for 10,000 dollars and looking if that’s on the list (dispointment)

  • Jonathan Joestar
    Jonathan Joestar 9 months ago

    Aren't all of these mountains in the Himalayas? Also fake video....Himalayas are in *aFrIcA* not *iNdIa*!!!

  • TheEnderfun
    TheEnderfun 9 months ago

    lol steven is a dead niggaaaaaa!

  • Liteyo Walls
    Liteyo Walls 10 months ago

    Rey Mysterio wasn’t on the list???

  • zahra oryanerass
    zahra oryanerass 10 months ago

    What about atlas and toubkal

  • notdrivingaminimetro
    notdrivingaminimetro 10 months ago

    saw you coming....

  • N00bBlox 0_0
    N00bBlox 0_0 10 months ago

    2018 americas team is 1 in the world

    TOP5CLUB 10 months ago

    Good work

  • No Commentary Gameplays

    People who commit suicide are responsible for their own death. They made a decision that they didn’t know you can’t think twice before you do something. But overall, rest in peace

    • EndTezeract •
      EndTezeract • 6 months ago

      No Commentary Gameplays They know what they did. They may have actually thought twice The people who killed themselves probably struggled for a while Things might be different, but most likely they thought of what they had done.

  • Razif Ismail
    Razif Ismail 10 months ago

    No.1 is CEO...great

  • Neha Gupta
    Neha Gupta 10 months ago

    ridiculous they're not even worth it

  • Memës _1020
    Memës _1020 10 months ago

    *HEY GUYS YOU WANNA PLAY MONOPOLY!? * pulls out 2 million dollar game board..* *

  • Afghan Miners
    Afghan Miners 10 months ago

    Some geographical info Himalayan, karakoram mountains are the most youngest mountain on earth. They have not been weathered they will remain on the top on highest mountains rank for 10000-50000 years more. They were made due to the covergent movement of eurosian and indian tectonic plates.

  • PeteTFloyd
    PeteTFloyd 10 months ago

    Where’s J.P. Morgan??

    BIR GORKHALI 10 months ago

    Any one nepali here..

  • Darren Fuerst
    Darren Fuerst 10 months ago

    That metal one and diamond encrusted would be soo uncomfortable lol imagine getting jabbed by a sharp diamond

  • Leona Pan
    Leona Pan 10 months ago

    Everest is the highest but mount kea is the tallest.. LEARN FOOL

  • MrNuts70
    MrNuts70 10 months ago

    I am very skeptical of this list. Also I feel if these people are as smart as they are (I.Q. tests really only show academic intelligence) Don't forget school smarts are not the same as life smarts.

  • Ravi Kumari
    Ravi Kumari 11 months ago

    Nice job

  • Simran Jahan
    Simran Jahan 11 months ago

    number 1 surgeon ❤

  • Marakesh7
    Marakesh7 11 months ago

    Will be getting a Granturismo MC Stradale in 2019. Can't wait. The sound from the exhaust is awesome.

  • Stalin 1879-1951
    Stalin 1879-1951 11 months ago

    Thai people was love king

  • oriel octave
    oriel octave 11 months ago

    There are at least ten schools in Switzerland alone that are more expensive than the first 8 schools in this list !

  • Lau Sheila
    Lau Sheila 11 months ago

    Is this primary school?

  • RAL 79
    RAL 79 11 months ago

    Number 8 for me

  • Gajendra Dahal
    Gajendra Dahal 11 months ago

    kanchanjuga nad mt everest are only in nepal :)

  • ninglun ngaihte
    ninglun ngaihte 11 months ago

    So fast

  • Aakash Gurung
    Aakash Gurung Year ago


    • Sahudi Sadano
      Sahudi Sadano 7 months ago

      stupid man..where did we say k2 is highest?

  • Galaxy Angel
    Galaxy Angel Year ago

    I have a fear of snails and slugs and It’s really bad like I can’t even look at them without getting shivers. I even have nightmares about them... please help me

  • Yasir Hasan
    Yasir Hasan Year ago

    Anyone knows the name of this music please ?

  • Haseeb Ahmed Khan

    I'm research a best fields in the world and they show me best paying jobs are money is everything in the life the all world make education like business and this is not a good profession education is to change something things and doing some things for others not make money

  • Pico Savage
    Pico Savage Year ago

    Geriatricc! The Father Of YT! RIP

  • Popzain 30
    Popzain 30 Year ago


  • Popzain 30
    Popzain 30 Year ago

    *Malaysia* *UAE* *Turkey* *QATAR* ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 1rst Love *Singapore* *Georgia* *Azerbeijan* *Bosnia & Herzagovina* *Cyprus* *Swizterland* *Kosovo* *UK* *Ireland* *Canada* *Sweden*

  • Markhor Siddiqui

    Deadliest one is in Pakistan and which is K2

  • Kian06Rowley
    Kian06Rowley Year ago

    It’s not the tallest tho

  • Top World Best
    Top World Best Year ago

    Only Nepal and Pakistan 😶

  • Sebastian Aldrych Yumul

    Where is marcos he had 987billion$