Amazing Woodworking
Amazing Woodworking
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  • Zebgoraja Holyhell

    Imagine all the time and effort he would save by sharpening that chainsaw

  • D Mac
    D Mac Day ago

    I was expecting that log to roll and pin him against the other log as soon as he cut through. Made me cringe!!

  • Andy Ball
    Andy Ball 2 days ago

    almost AMAZING, but still only someone converting a tree into sawdust....................this one is only about scale but still NEVER amazing

  • Russell Anderson
    Russell Anderson 2 days ago

    There he is with that dull chainsaw again LOL

  • luigi pepi
    luigi pepi 2 days ago

    Ma le cuffie?

  • luigi pepi
    luigi pepi 2 days ago

    Cedro belga

  • Steve Ondich
    Steve Ondich 2 days ago

    Thanks for posting. What type of tree are we looking at here?

  • OGHomey
    OGHomey 2 days ago

    A vase is hollow. These aren't vases just wooden sculptures. I love the woodwork on this channel though. Some great artisans are featured.

  • Mộc Art
    Mộc Art 2 days ago

    anh làm kiểu dáng rất dể thương, tác phẩm rất ok

  • Mộc Art
    Mộc Art 2 days ago

    này mà đem một cặp về chưng ở nhà thì hết chê a nhỉ

  • Mountain View Turning

    Great looking vase

  • FDCbadaman
    FDCbadaman 3 days ago

    Like a hot knife through concrete.

  • KH HappY Channel
    KH HappY Channel 3 days ago

    Very good

  • Andy Ball
    Andy Ball 4 days ago

    or is this really a 3rd world woodchip and sawdust factory and I have missed the point....................take a 100 year old piece of rare, but momentarily stunning, piece of wood, spin it for 30 minutes and chop it into millions of worthless little chunks

  • Andy Ball
    Andy Ball 4 days ago

    cut the AMAZING, this isnt. I can pull one of this out using a pedal lathe and paring knife....................but this one is one of a set of 12 BIG vases that nobody needs

  • Colorado Crafter
    Colorado Crafter 4 days ago

    Great Video!!

  • Toni salim
    Toni salim 4 days ago

    Hebat teknis bubut kayu nya

  • Özkan Özder
    Özkan Özder 5 days ago

    Friends found a very useful product. It's definitely gonna be very useful.

  • Capinera Outdoor
    Capinera Outdoor 6 days ago

    In ciabattine🤣

  • Andy Ball
    Andy Ball 6 days ago

    AMAZING, its a stand and he already has a dozen behind him..........................

  • Andy Ball
    Andy Ball 6 days ago

    more AMAZING conversion of tree into dust, im guessing it will be a leg, a stand, a tall wooden round thing or just more dust...........sucha shame we treat trees so badly but i suppose it creates work for the sweeper up'r

  • Rose Marie
    Rose Marie 8 days ago

    That was really painful to watch.....Ever heard of a sharpener. Or just buy a new chain

  • Fábio Nunes
    Fábio Nunes 9 days ago

    Half an hour to clean the place, build a workbench so you don't work on the floor, maybe the results are better.

  • I wish I was wrong
    I wish I was wrong 17 days ago

    I think your doing it backwards.

  • goatsears
    goatsears 18 days ago

    Pointless video, unsubbed.

  • Thapa Ab
    Thapa Ab 21 day ago


  • The Black Pirate
    The Black Pirate 22 days ago


    NTDTV 25 days ago

    Greetings, I wanted to kindly remind you that I sent you a message regarding your video. Please see my previous message. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you Vladimir

  • Hysteric Lepper
    Hysteric Lepper 29 days ago

    Hope he's wearing goggles! :/

  • widasna wayan
    widasna wayan Month ago

    Alamat ???

  • Ouroboros
    Ouroboros Month ago

    Is this the channel that constantly rips off other people's videos and pretends it's their work?

  • Ouroboros
    Ouroboros Month ago

    Is this the channel that constantly rips off other people's videos and pretends it's their work?

  • Ouroboros
    Ouroboros Month ago

    Is this the channel that constantly rips off other people's videos and pretends it's their work?

  • Ouroboros
    Ouroboros Month ago

    Is this the channel that constantly rips off other people's videos and pretends it's their work?

  • Patrick Newkirk
    Patrick Newkirk Month ago

    Cutting with a dull blade and in sandals...a recipe for disaster.

  • pikindownunder
    pikindownunder Month ago

    Wow ! freaking amazing alright... amazingly stupid

  • Hang Nguyen
    Hang Nguyen Month ago

    đéo gia con căc gì làm ngu nhu chó

  • Guide emup
    Guide emup Month ago

    fantastic great

  • Xuong moc Viet Trung
    Xuong moc Viet Trung 2 months ago

    Khuan mỏng vay sao.hang co ban vẽ hay duoi xuoi tiet kiem go

  • Star Karan
    Star Karan 2 months ago

    I am really sure you can build it yourself mates. I made it 2 weeks ago thanks to woodprix website.

  • Владимир Брат

    В чем прикол, работать на полу? К концу дня без поясницы остаться можно))

  • Sherryl Keith
    Sherryl Keith 2 months ago

    I'm sure the best instruction is on woodprix website.

  • HDVICTORY ford
    HDVICTORY ford 2 months ago

    I have seen some of these items up close. The true craftsman would find their work not that good. It can't be. Too much is eyeballed, done in haste and little time is taken to insure a proper fit. Their joints are not consistent, not all are tight, and there are gaps everywhere. If speed impresses you, you will like the video. If a true craftsman impresses you, you will not find one here.

  • Allan Docater
    Allan Docater 2 months ago

    You can use woodprix plans. The best handbooks and very detailed instructions. You can learn much from them and make it yourself.

  • Romaine Athey
    Romaine Athey 2 months ago

    I made it too. Want to know how ? just go to woodprix webpage.

  • Romaine Athey
    Romaine Athey 2 months ago

    i made it too. just used woodprix instructions. just click the pig on that website :)))

  • Salty Dog889
    Salty Dog889 2 months ago

    Give these boys some good timber and they would still do a great job. I’ll give this bed half a dozen roots and she’ll be stuffed😆

  • Myriam Mendieta
    Myriam Mendieta 2 months ago

    El.trabajo? ¡ Perfecto! Pero ¿por que trabajan en chanclas?. Que osadía! que falta de seguridad en caso se accidente.

  • Bilal Rana88
    Bilal Rana88 3 months ago

    Amazing What is this liquid tel me please

  • Watson Jesus
    Watson Jesus 3 months ago

    Trabalho perfeito parabéns

    EMAD IBRAHIM 3 months ago

    Why he glue the whole bed instead of using joints, how he will transfer the bed to costumer ? one piece ?

  • _ M
    _ M 3 months ago


  • fha gerber
    fha gerber 3 months ago

    This is a load of crap no thx what are they making door frames?

  • Amrit Kaur
    Amrit Kaur 3 months ago

    May I know the type of wood that you were using in this video

  • Jacob Willow
    Jacob Willow 3 months ago

    Nothing amazing. Misleading thumbnail. Safety at the lowest level.

  • Nugroho Wasito
    Nugroho Wasito 3 months ago

    I think these is made in indonesia,jepara city.

  • phương Nguyen
    phương Nguyen 3 months ago

    Em kiêm tra lại vô ván lộn đầu ko theo vân gỗ

  • rey inocencio
    rey inocencio 3 months ago

    poor material food for termite

  • Sankai tv
    Sankai tv 3 months ago

    nice skills

  • Gez 13
    Gez 13 3 months ago

    what a load of shit - rough as guts - bloody fraud.

  • Baron Lamex
    Baron Lamex 3 months ago

    The Carpentry skills are good but the choice of materials is very poor, the wood in used to make this furniture came from wooden pallets or commonly known as "Palo China" in Asia ...

    • ronald libao
      ronald libao Month ago

      i also noticed them working in a sitting position.why not build a table or platform as a work area ( not on the floor ) with standard height.just like what Norm Abram does.

  • PartTimeTourist
    PartTimeTourist 3 months ago

    In all my professional career as a Master Builder, I have never witnessed such a crude primitive method of joinery construction by sitting on the floor with tools and timber scattered everywhere instead of working at a purpose-built carpenters bench in a safe manner with tools in an orderly fashion and timber pieces likewise. Incidentally never hit the workpieces with a steel hammer Always use a mallet and a scrap piece of timber to avoid damage PTT

    • PartTimeTourist
      PartTimeTourist 3 months ago

      @Harleen Kaur I totally agree and unfortunately, this is the resulting problem created initially by the greedy who wanted an empire. However, with a world population of 7,346,235,000, it would need to be at least 100 times larger to accommodate everyone. PTT

    • Harleen Kaur
      Harleen Kaur 3 months ago

      @PartTimeTourist yes its a pity especially when God created this world for everyone equally. there are some rich who have so much land that they cant manage it all and there are some poor who have no place to sleep. who was the one who took this land for resale to others i feel land should be free , everyone can take how much they can manage and need . today there are no fruit trees around i think sometime would this have happened if land was free for all and there would have been plenty full around for all. Gods given resources should be made free to all.

    • PartTimeTourist
      PartTimeTourist 3 months ago

      @Product Photography In Mohali Your reply saddens me as it indicates the exploitation of the vulnerable especially children from disadvantaged families who slave to profit the wealthy.

    • Product Photography In Mohali
      Product Photography In Mohali 3 months ago

      indian carpenters dont get paid that well to afford a carpenters bench or high end tools............. they are mostly poor but manage well for what they get paid ........... they will get paid peanuts for making that bed and its good it does not last long as thats what the customer paid for and then they can get to do the repairs. There might be a few high end carpenters here i am not sure who work the way you do and get paid reasonably........they are hard working people sometimes going hungry at nights as they cannot support a decent meal for there family's as they get paid very poorly. all of them dont even go to colleges for training but are put to work as helpers at the mere age of 12 or 14 and there career takes on from working hard as child labourers and learning the ropes as they grow.

  • hafza macie
    hafza macie 3 months ago

  • hafza macie
    hafza macie 3 months ago

  • hafza macie
    hafza macie 3 months ago

  • Allen Ang
    Allen Ang 3 months ago

    Conserving glue that no glue was applied on the edge of the panel.

  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith 3 months ago

    Love that random orbital grinder

  • Fernando De La Cruz
    Fernando De La Cruz 3 months ago

    Gracias maestro aprendí algo bueno hoy

  • Gobinda Sharma
    Gobinda Sharma 3 months ago

    Very nice Wark the teknikal is good

  • Stephen Kelly
    Stephen Kelly 3 months ago

    I warn you if you must watch this do it on mute.

  • hafza macie
    hafza macie 3 months ago

    Woodprix is nice for that.

  • Soni Jati
    Soni Jati 4 months ago

    Made in indonesia from jepara

  • Richard Marsh
    Richard Marsh 4 months ago

    Looks to me they are a load of cowboys

  • Đàm Quốc
    Đàm Quốc 4 months ago

    giường Bao nhiêu tiền vậy em

  • Shiv Krupa Arts
    Shiv Krupa Arts 4 months ago


  • rilo ariicho ariicho
    rilo ariicho ariicho 4 months ago

    It's not amazing. This type of bed is good at looking but won't last for long

    • vanjo ero
      vanjo ero 3 months ago

      it will last if u know how to take care of it

  • Md Akash
    Md Akash 4 months ago

    All nice

  • Elaine Twum
    Elaine Twum 4 months ago

    What on earth are you doing? Click bait. Dislike and not interested.

  • Don't forget me Pakistan zindabad

    Wood work is good 👌 work

  • Pascal Sterckx
    Pascal Sterckx 4 months ago

    Neanderthaler workshop, zero work kwality, a f... disgrace

  • Hưởng Đỗ Văn
    Hưởng Đỗ Văn 4 months ago

    Thời nay mộng thắt đuôi chuột rồi ko còn chốt đinh nữa

  • Azizul Islam
    Azizul Islam 4 months ago

    অসাধারণ এর দাম কত

  • Puran Ram
    Puran Ram 4 months ago


  • k9bushman bushy
    k9bushman bushy 4 months ago

    I agree with all the chain sharpening comments, but what about the fantastic element of safety, or at least the lack of it 🤔🤣🤣👍

  • Carl  Burgess
    Carl Burgess 4 months ago

    Thanks for your videos, this was not up to what I would think would be expected of you. I was waiting for a product that I would think of having.... any 10 year old child could have done better. Carl

  • Haresh BK
    Haresh BK 4 months ago

    Sasta maal badapanna.

  • Manoj M
    Manoj M 4 months ago

    What about the wood type and quality.

  • Altaf Hussain
    Altaf Hussain 4 months ago


  • japanese standard
    japanese standard 4 months ago

    quá đơn giản

  • San Kumar
    San Kumar 4 months ago

    i dont trust this bed

  • Юрий Кляпко
    Юрий Кляпко 5 months ago

    Що за колгосп?...

  • Marcial Aviña Avalos
    Marcial Aviña Avalos 5 months ago

    pienso que no aguanta dos personas arriba le puso unos palitos y no tiene buen soporte se van a quebrar en pleno agasajo

  • Pamuditha Senarathna
    Pamuditha Senarathna 5 months ago

    no one do better than Japanese. woodwork and many other crafts.

  • Azizan Mat
    Azizan Mat 5 months ago

    Impressive skill

  • dia dia
    dia dia 5 months ago


  • John Lamb
    John Lamb 5 months ago

    One of those planks dropped on your foot is gonna hurt.

  • John Lamb
    John Lamb 5 months ago

    Surely one of the most confusing video titles ever!

  • abu muhammad
    abu muhammad 5 months ago

    How much? For king size bed.

  • Pavel Semyonov
    Pavel Semyonov 5 months ago

    Well, these comments are jokes. Guys, can't you really see this is shitworking, not woodworking?