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Jordan 1 Hi Mushroom
Views 59310 days ago
WMNS Jordan 1 Low Chicago
Views 2.3K6 months ago
Air Max 1 Grass Golf
Views 5K7 months ago
2019 Jordan 1 Mid Equality
Views 2.5K7 months ago
Jordan 1 No L’s Maize
Views 84610 months ago


  • Jesse Trovato
    Jesse Trovato 2 days ago

    Now ya gotta grab the conan hell boy tho, its nice

  • Deshawn Webster
    Deshawn Webster 2 days ago

    Bro stop buying those toys

  • Sneaker Additionz
    Sneaker Additionz 7 days ago

    I'm good on these but how you been fam

  • It’s me Juntao
    It’s me Juntao 8 days ago

    Meeez el

  • Mr Mike911
    Mr Mike911 8 days ago

    Great vid fam

  • iam_mr_marcus 26
    iam_mr_marcus 26 8 days ago


  • Cameron Fisher
    Cameron Fisher 9 days ago

    Cool shoe. I’m noticing Nke is starting to push the brown colorways. Probably hoping to ride the Travis Scott wave 🌊

  • xTrthz
    xTrthz 9 days ago

    the 4s look better imo

  • Tomas Santana
    Tomas Santana 9 days ago

    I hit 9.5w, 11.5w, & 12 W but 9.5 w📈but 🧲 brickz 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • MaxAir365
    MaxAir365 9 days ago

    Bottom is iridescent nice pick up tho

  • Donnell Powell
    Donnell Powell 9 days ago

    I’m liking that color way gotta see it in hand .

  • Glenn Kirk
    Glenn Kirk 9 days ago

    Colorway definitely dope...

  • Charlie Gray
    Charlie Gray 9 days ago

    I like colourway a lot, but the quality and branding is a big turn off.

    • Jane Trade666a
      Jane Trade666a 2 days ago

      @HEY FAM MeaslyG i also have a video that makes these shoes! check me chanel

    • HEY FAM MeaslyG
      HEY FAM MeaslyG 9 days ago

      Feelings mutual as hell fam!!

  • Willems Pierre
    Willems Pierre 9 days ago

    Those aint ugly.. Pass though...

  • Pop Lody sneakers
    Pop Lody sneakers 9 days ago

    I’m rocking with them

  • Joe K
    Joe K 9 days ago

    120 retail??? is that a gs pair

  • Jordan 23
    Jordan 23 9 days ago

    They’re kinda 🔥🔥🔥💯

  • Alim Jones
    Alim Jones 9 days ago

    Shot is trash but ima sell the shit out of it

  • MaxAir365
    MaxAir365 9 days ago

    Dope but would've been better with the swoosh all yellow

  • cade
    cade 9 days ago

    I kinda mess with it just not the perforated leather

  • Glenn Kirk
    Glenn Kirk 9 days ago

    On the fence honestly.. thanks for the early look

  • Justin H
    Justin H 9 days ago

    Have any pics of them laced up with the yellow laces?

  • Culley Steiner
    Culley Steiner 11 days ago

    What was their return address?

  • IamSuave
    IamSuave 13 days ago

    Man, the DJ is giving me LIFE! #NOSTALGIC

  • dkcrook5
    dkcrook5 14 days ago

    back doors smmmmmmh

  • P. Martin
    P. Martin 15 days ago

    u still got that small lime green shirt????

  • juan jose palancares

    So if i buy a 11.5 is gona feel like a 10.5 bc im size 10

  • Danilo S. Lucas
    Danilo S. Lucas 20 days ago

    Nice sneaker... Ugly nails... :D

  • Camp Dead Tree
    Camp Dead Tree 22 days ago

    Those Frosted Flakes in the back tho.....

  • C_FIDDY711
    C_FIDDY711 23 days ago

    Love the fat tounge

  • Jeremy Lawson
    Jeremy Lawson 23 days ago

    Took an L on these but they are really clean great summer shoe

  • T.ekchhhu
    T.ekchhhu 23 days ago

    How Nike finna give a pair of converse

  • Franky Boy
    Franky Boy 23 days ago

    Do you give them $50 less until you receive the box? 😂

  • Jack Sorto
    Jack Sorto 23 days ago

    Do you know that the color obsidian is the same color you call navy. The powder blue is not obsidian the navy is obsidian

  • Sean Max
    Sean Max 23 days ago

    Wassup bro any new funko pops in the collection?

  • Agata Gniadzik
    Agata Gniadzik 24 days ago

    My baby😍😍too cute!!!!!!

  • iam_mr_marcus 26
    iam_mr_marcus 26 24 days ago


  • Broin Prater
    Broin Prater 24 days ago

    That was a beautiful treat ....

  • Esco KickS
    Esco KickS 24 days ago

    I hate all white soles smh , those are nice 👍🏽 though

  • PM kickz
    PM kickz 24 days ago

    She's adorable love the family unboxings with the kids

  • MaxAir365
    MaxAir365 24 days ago

    Usually ur early didnt these come out in the summer?

    • HEY FAM MeaslyG
      HEY FAM MeaslyG 24 days ago

      I got em a week early but between work travel and this store being an hr and a half away I had to drag on the pickup lol

  • IamSuave
    IamSuave 24 days ago

    That is too cute

  • lvosx1
    lvosx1 24 days ago

    great vid fam!

  • Rongosserand SneakerSteez

    Pop collection raw!!!

    • sanaa johnson
      sanaa johnson 24 days ago

      Rongosserand SneakerSteez steady growing too!! Goodlooking

  • Alim Jones
    Alim Jones 24 days ago

    Dope cop G

  • Chappell Hannon
    Chappell Hannon 24 days ago


  • PM kickz
    PM kickz 24 days ago

    Them joints look 🔥🔥

  • Frank King
    Frank King 24 days ago


  • kovemaster559
    kovemaster559 25 days ago

    Great review bro

  • alif greene
    alif greene 25 days ago


  • XglichersXD
    XglichersXD 27 days ago

    Measly you spelt “Early” wrong fix that*

    FUNKO BROZ 27 days ago

    🔥👨🏾‍🍳🔥 What u know about Duff bro lmao!

  • Issa Coon
    Issa Coon 27 days ago


  • Todd Lemmer
    Todd Lemmer 28 days ago

    Obsidian is the navy not sky blue

  • Eric James
    Eric James 28 days ago

    These are straight 🔥 I need two pairs

  • EJ 24hrz
    EJ 24hrz 28 days ago

    Bro Teach me how to cop I live in Chicagoland area & i can’t get my hands on nothing

    • dazzla2010
      dazzla2010 28 days ago

      adidas app you on you phone you have a chance of getting them i did

  • Unbreakable Kicks
    Unbreakable Kicks 28 days ago

    Haven’t heard piss yellow colorway in a minute lol

  • Chappell Hannon
    Chappell Hannon 28 days ago


  • Donnell Powell
    Donnell Powell 28 days ago

    👍🏾 nice review FAM, I’m definitely going after these !

  • iam_mr_marcus 26
    iam_mr_marcus 26 28 days ago


  • Tomas Santana
    Tomas Santana 28 days ago

    Must cop 🔥🔥🔥

  • TripleJJJay
    TripleJJJay 28 days ago

    These are fire!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • iam_mr_marcus 26
    iam_mr_marcus 26 28 days ago


  • PM kickz
    PM kickz 28 days ago

    Them joints looking 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Love It
    Love It 28 days ago

    Fire 🔥 got to get me sum

  • Kaotic Kiccs
    Kaotic Kiccs 28 days ago

    Deez are a must cop @measlyg for me dope video bro much love salute

  • IamSuave
    IamSuave 28 days ago

    They're nice. I like the women's pair better (biased opinion). However, I will be trying to win a raffle or 2 to flip.

  • Socra Amezcua
    Socra Amezcua 28 days ago

    Fam you think you can you get a sz 12 ?

  • Larry Wheels
    Larry Wheels 28 days ago

    Just went for my second time it’s an awesome exhibit

  • iotaken
    iotaken 29 days ago

    2:00 you clearly have NO IDEA about this shoe. This CLEARLY IS A PROTOTYPE of the Air Jordan 13 created by Tinker Hatfield( who designed many of the classic nikes and air jordans for years) smh...when did you start buying jordans... in 2014? ROTFL..

    • HEY FAM MeaslyG
      HEY FAM MeaslyG 24 days ago

      If only u knew I’ve been on team early since 1999 back when we got 1 release a month. I don’t know every shoe in detail if u notice all the diff shoes I review. Geesh why so harsh lol

  • Grim
    Grim Month ago

    man complains for paying 70$ for Virgil tee but buys 100 plastic figures for 20$ each

  • Gary E. Ko
    Gary E. Ko Month ago

    Hanna barbera isnt barba

    COBALT iLLADELPH Month ago

    Hoarding is real

  • Talks With TJ
    Talks With TJ Month ago

    Look at you shinin with that early look! Killin it!!!! The SSBB 1s did come with an extra set though, I still have my black ones in, white ones are chillin in the box

    • HEY FAM MeaslyG
      HEY FAM MeaslyG 24 days ago

      Shit that means I threw them out with the box🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Beaters Apparel
    Beaters Apparel Month ago

    We are a new brand giving away fire sneakerhead tees FREE!! F*** paying influencers to tell you what’s dope. We want YOU to be the influencers! Cop in link beatersonline.com/products/copy-of-k-r-e-a-m-sneakerhead-tee-1

  • Ricky Phetsavong
    Ricky Phetsavong Month ago

    Nice funko pop set up collection

  • Stew Todd
    Stew Todd Month ago

    Nice video... but these lows are NOT worth anything over 250 fam... love from the east side of Chicago

  • Alim Jones
    Alim Jones Month ago

    Happy you put the reacts with the UNCs if you did a solo react video I would have been 😡 pissed

  • John Kester
    John Kester Month ago

    What is playing on the tv in background

  • Rongosserand SneakerSteez

    Nice vid bro! I would wear those if somebody threaten to take my life if I didnt......

  • marques ingram
    marques ingram Month ago

    They clean but I ain't paying resell on no damn lows. No siiir...

  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams Month ago

    Those SB J1 lows are nice! SNKRS did me dirty this morning. Had me in line for an hour, and come to find out they were sold out in about 7 mins. (facepalm) Gonna give them a call and get me a discount for the next come up. (I always take screenshots so I gots the proof.) As far as the Jordan Reacts....those joints are very comfortable. I have the Apex Utilities (the ones w the Bred 1 J1 Flyknit covered in the shroud) and the black Proto Reacts. Both were well worth it. Wasn't really feeling the ones you have. They should've had the normal J1 upper w the React cushioning. Thanks for the review Mess! - O.G. CMD Safe

    FUNKO BROZ Month ago


  • JsT Kaye
    JsT Kaye Month ago

    Hell nobody's gonna copp cause all the pairs will be backdoored before release 😡

  • Sacred Sensui
    Sacred Sensui Month ago


  • Deepfreeze Kicks
    Deepfreeze Kicks Month ago

    Fire video bro! As usual. On those 1Low SBs there's another thing to know about. On the inside of the shoe, right underneath where it has Eric Koston's signature, there's an orange tag that has $24.99 on it in black. The story goes that the first pair of Js that Eric Koston ever wanted were some 1 Lows that were that same UNC colorway marked down to $24.99 but his Mom still couldn't afford them at the time. I just thought that was a cool story detail for the shoe and that you would like to know about it. Peace

  • Brandon Ayers
    Brandon Ayers Month ago

    How can I cop those Air Jordan 1’s Black Toes Saturday bro?

    REPMILWAUKEE414 Month ago

    Ayyyyyeeeee!!! Much luv fam #SNEAKERHEADSCLOTHINGLINE #genuinefunkofamily and I know I watched this vid idk how I missed it lol

  • JBurns
    JBurns Month ago

    What’s the Chicagoland stores that’s getting the black toes

  • Mob Only Network
    Mob Only Network Month ago


  • iam_mr_marcus 26
    iam_mr_marcus 26 Month ago


  • SLK 50 TV
    SLK 50 TV Month ago

    Where u get ur shelves from above the tv G

  • Jalen 20m
    Jalen 20m Month ago

    Them satins clean hope I get lucky on those this weekend. Yo it was good to see you in Vegas. Where you able to hit up Hakkasan that night at MGM?

  • Rongosserand SneakerSteez

    I counted 2,304 pops yesterday in my game room! LOL I started selling some of them joints yesterday and made enough cash off 16 sold to buy an off white! I may start selling at this point

  • Henny 206
    Henny 206 Month ago

    Spoiler alert with the netflix show in the background fam lol

  • Issa Coon
    Issa Coon Month ago


  • Jordan 12905
    Jordan 12905 Month ago

    So I’ve now seen 6 people on RU-clip with a limited hype shoe before release date just think of how many people also got them backdoored shit is not even fair nor fun no more you could be standing inline for hours for them to open the gate and say they have 4 pairs all not your size shit has gotten pathetic what’s worse is it’s not even his size so he’s just gonna resell it taking that pair away from someone that potentiallly really wanted it

  • IamSuave
    IamSuave Month ago

    I would like to get the wmns black toe satin, but I have a feeling I won't be able to. Gonna give it a try though. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    • IamSuave
      IamSuave Month ago

      @Tyrell S Done

    • Tyrell S
      Tyrell S Month ago

      IamSuave Enter all the raffles you can and try to get in a line fast as you can if they dropping in your area lol

  • Donnell Powell
    Donnell Powell Month ago

    🤘🏾I’m definitely going after these I’ll be setting up camp Friday night 🤣

    • Donnell Powell
      Donnell Powell Month ago

      Jordan 12905 Finish Lines in my area I’m in Illinois & Hibbits Sports too they don’t do raffles on women shoes.

    • Jordan 12905
      Jordan 12905 Month ago

      Donnell Powell where what store is doing fcfs

  • Alim Jones
    Alim Jones Month ago

    Great to see you up and running dope video bro