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  • Backpackapocalypse
    Backpackapocalypse 10 days ago

    0:53 anyone know what bed comforter that is and color? link would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Sofiya Sama
    Sofiya Sama Month ago

    Chopper nice,but not mention price.

  • theonedom Dom
    theonedom Dom Month ago

    My bed does just that

  • karen richardson
    karen richardson Month ago


    • Not Me But You
      Not Me But You Month ago

      I know, right? I had to mute the volume while listening to this. 😠.

  • DavyDave1313
    DavyDave1313 Month ago

    Id def buy the last one, but I would set it up so it gave everyone the finger hahaha

  • Frost 101
    Frost 101 2 months ago

    Does your bed do that?

  • FOOTBALL 360
    FOOTBALL 360 2 months ago

    Wait what am here early u say?

  • R J
    R J 4 months ago

    You can still be hacked and I'm not sure I'm not so keen on everything I'm doing being recorded.

  • Fatima correa beleza e arte correa

    A minha cabeça encosta tida no chão, não está dando certo

  • Nuno Santos
    Nuno Santos 5 months ago

    I have both headphones, the Sony 1000mx3 and the B&W PX. SOUND: However, I intend to say that B&W has a more intense bass, and Sony has a more BOOOMMM bass! Did I make myself understand? After listening a techno music at high volume, the results in my head were different: With the Sony 1000mx3 I kept my head vibrating. With the B&W PX I got my head to echo inside! The B&W PX bass comes in inside the head, and the Sony 1000mx3 vibrates the outside of the head. Different results for different tastes. I prefer the Bass of the B&W PX, more real and penetrating, like a punch in the head. Sony sounds a little artificial (comparing with the B&W PX) In addition, the B&W PX volume is higher. When it reaches the volume limit on the Sony 1000mx3, the B&W still has another 20% to add. Without a doubt, the sound of the B&W PX is superior, more defined and more elegant. I say this without any tendency, because I bought both. Do not forget the following: B&W is a company dedicated exclusively to sound, equipping high-end cars like Ferrari, BMW's etc. Sony produces a wide variety of things, from mobile phones to microwaves. B&W is a lady of sound quality, because she dedicates himself exclusively to this. COMFORT: With regard to comfort, the Sony 1000mx3 are more comfortable, nor giving almost by the presence of them in the head. 👍👍👍 However, while the B&W PXs are less comfortable, the ears stay free inside the earpiece, being cooler and not causing perspiration. The Sony 1000mx3 ears do not have space inside the headphones, and make them perspire on hotter days. Unsustainable in summer days, much less to walk down the street on sunny days. 👎 The quality of construction is top notch in the B&W PX. All in aluminum, and genuine leather. It costs € 400 in Europe but pays for the elegance and quality of construction. 👍 The Sony 1000mx3 is all in plastic and synthetic skin. In Europe costs € 380, but it seems that we are buying plastic.👎 However the Sony are lighter and therefore more comfortable. 👍 NOISE CANCELLATION: The Sony 1000mx3 has a perfect noise cancellation, it looks like you put your head inside a vacuum chamber. Perfect! 👍👍👍 The B&W PX though reasonable in noise cancellation, but are far from the Sony 1000mx3. Android/ Apple APPLICATION: With respect to the Android application to control the headphones, the Sony is perfect, as well as the indicator sounds in your own language. The B&W PX are just beeps. 👎👎👎 The B&W PX application only serves to control the level of noise reduction (which is best to keep it OFF), and to control the system to pause the music when you remove the B&W PX from your ears (which works at 80%). The app for B&W PX is terribly basic 👎👎👎 CONCLUSION? Comparing these headphones to a women, I would say: That the Sony are that kind of woman, very devoted to home and children, but a little less beautiful and more chubby. The B&W PX is that a elegant woman, very pretty, but untidy woman at home. So, if you prefer the ugly and dedicated woman at home, you will always look at the beautiful woman. If you prefer the elegant and beautiful woman, you go and wash your dishes at home. You choose. 😁😁😎 I prefer the B&W PX, although I know it does not have all those features that would do it great. I'm more of a fan of B&W PX's aesthetic and sound elegance. If you choose B&W PX you will make a good choice, but sacrificing some aspects of the Sony 1000mx3 that would make music even more enjoyable. If you buy Sony, you're just one more who bought a headset for €350. If you buy B & W, whoever watches you knows that you like not just music but sound quality. Some of the "business" websites that do the comparatives, seem to give 100% preference to Sony, but gave me the impression of sponsorship by Sony. 😀😀😀 Because everyone knows Sony, and a lot of people have never heard of Bowers & Wilkins, only sound connoisseurs know it. Thus, Sony is more mediated, and ends up having a control of public opinion, and obviously creates a subconscious tendency by Sony, even some of youtubers who make these comparatives . If you are young, and like techno, buy a Sony. But if you are over 40 years old, and want to make up for the lack of youth with charm, buy B&W PX 😎👍 . .

  • Isaiah Bonilla
    Isaiah Bonilla 5 months ago

    Do I get a heart 🤣

  • atrothe
    atrothe 5 months ago

    The guy below is a false account shrill for the product.

  • speedkg aa
    speedkg aa 5 months ago

    Where they find this retarded faces for commercials

  • Computer Addic
    Computer Addic 5 months ago

    Read the reviews!Its rubbish.

  • Blue Heart
    Blue Heart 6 months ago

    First great job on vid keep up the great work 😊

  • Blue Heart
    Blue Heart 6 months ago

    Amazing and great video I think ima going to buy the lamp maybe 🤔 Also first comment LOL

  • Cornelious
    Cornelious 6 months ago

    ROAV, really? A new Range Rover like that should already be smart connected. Im a big tech fan but why would you need an additional drvice that connects to Alexa? Not to mention that most phones are already set up to connect to bluetooth to use in your car and do everything this device can do and even more.

  • Blue Heart
    Blue Heart 8 months ago

    Thx for the heart I really can’t believe it you don’t know how cool it is

  • Blue Heart
    Blue Heart 8 months ago

    Wow first comment

  • guitardiningrat
    guitardiningrat 9 months ago

    Cool gdgt..i hope have one of them

  • Dolo Eugene
    Dolo Eugene 9 months ago

    Can u have zus car audio & back up cam running off your phone at the same time. Like just through that app?

    • Khetman of the Zaporozhyan Cossack Host
      Khetman of the Zaporozhyan Cossack Host 7 months ago

      Only if you create a drive partition. To do so you must root your appliance, have two SIM cards. The dual partitions makes your processor behave as if it's two appliances It causes your appliance to hear at dangerous temperature, and battery will be reduced to no more than 10-15 minutes on full charge. Doing this also voids your warranty as it makes the appliance prone to interference from security breaches, and even exploding or catching on fire. If it catches fire inside of a moving car your insurance will not cover, and you may even be charged with possession of homebuilt explosive devices. Call your carrier's security department and ask them. They'll tell you the exact same thing that I told you.

  • Pratap Veera
    Pratap Veera 9 months ago

    Gudda lepi kodhiga kastapadandi ra nayana...emmana smart smart ani dumb panlu chesthunaaru

  • Quoffi B Blaque
    Quoffi B Blaque 10 months ago

    I’ve got the Owl Dash Cam and I can say with a certainty that it’s the bomb diggity!!! So far, so good... Great product Owl💥🔥😎👏🏽✌🏽😍

  • 수혜
    수혜 10 months ago

    통으로 자를때부터 알앗는데 잘라져잇던데요 ㅋ

  • Alexander Mündel
    Alexander Mündel 10 months ago

    Guten Morgen gutes Video weiter so schaut mal bei mir auf die Seite habe auch gute Küchenhelfer!

  • Nicholas Kirchhoffer
    Nicholas Kirchhoffer 10 months ago


  • OurFamilyOfSound

    “The water shield” although it helps clean your water it ends up giving you cancer because of the cancer causing wifi always on 24/7. 364 days a year. Guess that really doesn’t improve your health situation, does it.

  • me and the stonks


  • me and the stonks


  • Moon Light
    Moon Light Year ago

    Great...backache is a big issue these days

  • Etienne Maclaine

    amazing than you

  • Smart Tech HD
    Smart Tech HD Year ago

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  • Smart Tech HD
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  • Pink Magic Ali
    Pink Magic Ali Year ago

    I love the look of the acanvas. I’m eclectic so it would be perfect for me.

  • Brent Wu
    Brent Wu Year ago

    Very good!

  • H Duong
    H Duong Year ago

    For the first one I can see the cut mark

  • Smart Tech HD
    Smart Tech HD Year ago

    Hi guys Thanks For Watching!! ► Let us know in the comments below ⬇⬇⬇ Which one was your favourite??

  • LiftBigEatBigVideo

    I dig it

  • Smart Tech HD
    Smart Tech HD Year ago

    Hi guys Thanks For Watching!! ► Let us know in the comments below ⬇⬇⬇ Which one was your favourite??

  • Smart Tech HD
    Smart Tech HD Year ago

    Hi guys Thanks For Watching!! ► Let us know in the comments below ⬇⬇⬇ Which one was your favourite??

  • GamerD
    GamerD Year ago

    Wait am I the only one to comment on this vid!?

  • GamerD
    GamerD Year ago

    Ring is better than sky bell

  • Maria Bese
    Maria Bese Year ago

    👍🏼very Nice

  • Sina Hendrian
    Sina Hendrian Year ago

    Yes, the music is driving me up the walls

  • Solanki Hitendrasinh

    How to cart array

  • Brigitte LM
    Brigitte LM Year ago

    Wireless earphones instant brain cancer espevially with 5 G waves... great NOT eliminate all wireless, unplug and get elect meter off house, demand to go back to analog.

  • Tabitha Hosking
    Tabitha Hosking Year ago


  • ThinkGizmo
    ThinkGizmo Year ago

    Those gadgets are awesome.

  • Erin Boomer
    Erin Boomer Year ago

    the squash was already cut i could see it

  • Breanna Basler
    Breanna Basler Year ago

    Keep up the good work!!!!

  • Breanna Basler
    Breanna Basler Year ago

    😍😍 I love these videos 😍😍

  • rice spice nd evrything nice nice

    the music is so loud nd irritating plz stop it Very annoying.

    • Maura McFall
      Maura McFall Year ago

      I liked it and you have a mute option!

  • Alim abdullah
    Alim abdullah Year ago

    WoW its so amazing

  • Jack Slater
    Jack Slater Year ago

    1:29 that egg is so over cooked

  • Shane Sanchez
    Shane Sanchez Year ago

    I have my own Amazon Echo connected to a giant speaker tower in my room. In the dead silence, she responded to the command in the video. This is why I don't watch these videos anymore

  • Jaid Noor
    Jaid Noor Year ago

    Can it use with honor v 10?

  • soynuevo :v
    soynuevo :v Year ago

    maincra xdddf

  • Schroeder Family

    Thanks for the video. I am looking for some amazing headphones. Do you think you can make a video about headphones?

  • Schroeder Family

    I love this channel

  • ANDy JK
    ANDy JK Year ago

    amazing stuff i would like to know more of this systems


    First one is fully fake

    • Mano Game over
      Mano Game over Year ago

      NAAZIL _S أ

    • zanell scott
      zanell scott Year ago

      Breanna Basler the thing was already cut they fake cut it to make it seem like it cuts easy but if you look closely at it you can see the lines from when it was previously cut but you can really see it on the orange part

    • zanell scott
      zanell scott Year ago

      Thought I was the only one who saw that

    • Breanna Basler
      Breanna Basler Year ago




  • Flames
    Flames Year ago

    The first one is fake

  • AllegedlyInferno

    1st time i ever said that

  • Smart Tech HD
    Smart Tech HD Year ago

    Hi Guys !! Thanks For Watching ! Happy New Year 2018 !!! 🎉🎊❤️

  • Miss Red
    Miss Red Year ago

    The first one was very satisfying

  • Gacha Light
    Gacha Light Year ago


  • Gacha Light
    Gacha Light Year ago

    Pls don't make videos of gadgets which are used for non ve

  • Vikki Moyer
    Vikki Moyer Year ago

    Mom would kill us if we cleaned fish in the house

  • Debbie Larocque
    Debbie Larocque Year ago

    Chopper really ! Ya just used a cutting board,knife lazy can you be think about it you still need to wash all of it

  • sagorika Khan
    sagorika Khan Year ago


  • Mike's unboxing, reviews and how to

    Thanks for sharing

  • Bella Shi
    Bella Shi 2 years ago

    So great,It makes our life easier and easier