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Thank You, And Farewell
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Race Day Hangout
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  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith Hour ago

    Wow ! didn't see that one coming . Wish you all the good in where life takes you from here on though Mike .

    ATL RIOT 7 hours ago

    So this is where all my new subscribers have been coming from. Great vid.

  • t hammer
    t hammer 8 hours ago

    Why? I love your videos. I'm a seasoned racer and have always appreciated your videos as they even give me tips.

  • Carl Gray
    Carl Gray 9 hours ago

    RU-clip just lost a piece of magic ! ....

  • Wyzax76
    Wyzax76 10 hours ago

    What a shame. I've only just discovered your channel and it was one of the best channels for racing game fans. Please reconsider.

  • mester orange
    mester orange 11 hours ago

    Group c is great!

    ANDY WAN 11 hours ago

    Seems like they listen to you about that purchasing content thing

  • Zsolt Csók
    Zsolt Csók 12 hours ago

    Thank for the always useful content! I'm sorry for your quitting. :( (And you were one of the few native english speaking sim-tubers who is completely understandable even for a non-native speaking guy.)

  • Timo Engel
    Timo Engel 13 hours ago


  • Hugo
    Hugo 13 hours ago

    Good luck in your futur projects Mike.

    ROAD WARRIOR 14 hours ago

    Project cars should make a rally game.

  • Divaldo Borges
    Divaldo Borges 15 hours ago

    I luv the Porsche 917 K and the 962

  • D. McCloud
    D. McCloud 16 hours ago

    One goes down, good luck sir! Another goes up. I'm starting a channel. Look for ThaGamezOva. Only kidding. Best of luck bro!

  • Oromdubel
    Oromdubel 19 hours ago

    Wish you all the best, it was a pleasure to have you contribute to this community

  • James Dowling
    James Dowling 20 hours ago

    Mike thanks so much for all your videos brought a few mins of joy to my days, take care.

  • jeffro503
    jeffro503 20 hours ago

    Nooooo!! Damn! Mike , thank you so much for all your videos. You have always been one of my " go to " guy's in this hobby , and really sad to see you go. You helped me out a few months back with my ASR cars if you remember , so thanks again for that too! I hope to see you stay in the community.

  • Nata 86
    Nata 86 Day ago

    Dude, I wish you the best. Take care, peace.

  • TzuDevil
    TzuDevil Day ago

    Enjoy your life as it comes!!! I do hope to see you back someday, but if not.... cheers!!!

  • Peter Meier
    Peter Meier Day ago

    vary sad news for us. I wish you all the best. Thank you so much for your videos. bye :(

  • Jt7166
    Jt7166 Day ago

    Years later I'm finally trying to get into AMS.. although my ffb still sucks, this cart extreme mod has become one of my top mods in any sim already. Unbelievably good. Miss ya already Mike.

    • SimRacing604
      SimRacing604 Day ago

      Jt7166 thanks man! I miss you guys too. Take the time to dial in your FFB. In my opinion it’s the best in sim racing once you get it right

  • Andrei Demeny
    Andrei Demeny Day ago

    This is unexpected. Thank you for your contribution to this community.

  • Aiman Balushi
    Aiman Balushi Day ago

    Personal tip for controllers: Hold the left analog up all the time, then curve it clock-wise and counter clock-wise to turn, this way you can turn sensitively as if holding a steering wheel in contrast to the right-left input that disturbs the car balance with sudden shifts. I learned this on drift trials with driver view to get a handle on how the steering wheel reacts, my times are now nearly identical to steering wheel time trials (yes I have a steering but sometimes I cant be bothered to get off the couch lol).

  • DooDie
    DooDie Day ago


  • spiralmoment
    spiralmoment Day ago

    thanks for all the videos. they are really appreciated.

  • dominicdgt
    dominicdgt Day ago

    When a thumbs up seems inappropriate.

  • TheKenji2221
    TheKenji2221 Day ago

    My big complain I have about this game is multiplayer. When you wanna race with friends it's great, but otherwise, it's really tedious and unpractical. I would have liked a system like in Gran Turismo where you can simply race and have fun.

  • Marquise goodwin

    This makes the FPS really bad though

  • Rj Riddlebaugh
    Rj Riddlebaugh 2 days ago

    You can get it for free with PlayStation Now

  • shaggy69001
    shaggy69001 2 days ago

    Take a break friend

  • Highness
    Highness 2 days ago

    Mike, thanks for your videos and best wishes with your next project.

  • balanceric
    balanceric 2 days ago

    Mike, I just wanted say thank you for all of your wonderful videos. I'm from Coquitlam, but I live in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island now and it was so nice to have someone of the same area and age range that produced content that was directly in line with my interests. Many of the other great sim youtubers are from England and elsewhere and it was nice to see cars and tracks with a sort of North American take on them. Same goes for equipment and rig stuff. I know you can relate to the lack of Fanatec stuff in our neck of the woods!! haha!! Anyway thanks again and maybe if they ever open up that awesome new racetrack in Duncan to us regular folks, maybe I will see you lapping around irl. Cheers from "simracer250" haha!

  • Fernando Gonzalez
    Fernando Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Damn i just found your channel today and started watching a bunch of videos lol... sigh...

  • F1 Game
    F1 Game 2 days ago


  • ajaopify
    ajaopify 2 days ago

    Your kindness, ability and knowledge will be missed Mike. Best of luck in whatever you do.

  • SimRacing454
    SimRacing454 2 days ago

    Sad to see you go, always created great content. Creating racing videos is definitely a time consuming task and honestly can take away from the pure enjoyment of sim racing. I think many don't know the efforts than can go into it. Good luck out there, hope to see a video pop up from you here and there, and if I'm lucky maybe catch ya in an online race some where.

  • Gonzo Gaming
    Gonzo Gaming 2 days ago

    Very sad to hear but not totally unexpected, YT is no longer viable for small independent creators as they only want to push mainstream media these days. I wish you luck in any future endeavours Mike, it has been a pleasure.

  • sr l
    sr l 2 days ago

    this game has a matchmaking likr iracing and gt sport ?

  • Socky Noob
    Socky Noob 2 days ago

    Man you were one of the best out there. We're gonna miss you. Good luck with life!

  • Jackson Shoemaker
    Jackson Shoemaker 2 days ago

    Decided to say thanks for the content and you will be missed on your first video... I started out doing hotlap videos and what not the same way you did. I burned out after only a few dozen videos. So i understand the want to "move on". Best of luck in your future endeavors

  • Simon Noergaard Kristensen

    People: Is Project Cars 2 still worth buying? SimRacing604: Sure ill make a 9 minute long video about saying Yes or No.

  • TheDive25
    TheDive25 2 days ago

    Thank you so much for making this video. I just downloaded R3E and I need all the help I can get. I've been checking out your other vids on Raceroom too. This is fantastic.. just what I was looking for.. Still trying to wrap my head around the IPD or "World Scale" settings in VR.

  • i
    i 2 days ago

    This is one of those posts where I really did not want to click the like button and I fully understand why people clicked the dislike. Thanks Mike-- It was a pleasure watching all the content you put out. Good luck in whatever else you do.

  • Snake Roberts
    Snake Roberts 2 days ago

    Your voice does NOT match the face I had in mind! Lol Will miss your channel matey...all the best! Cheers

  • Derek McCord
    Derek McCord 2 days ago

    Well man, good luck! I have used your tutorials for my own group GRG eSports for so many topics and tutorials.

  • that guy
    that guy 2 days ago

    I respect you for not being overly theatrical like I would expect from most people

  • steven irish
    steven irish 3 days ago

    All the best dude ✌

  • Jake Webster
    Jake Webster 3 days ago

    Good luck with your next venture mate, you always done mega vids

  • SuperSonic486
    SuperSonic486 3 days ago

    8:18 ... so whats wrong with taking the back streets, you never know if you dont go.

  • WW3Revelation6 and13

    I can't understand how SMS abandoned PC2...just like they did PC1. I won't buy PC3, but they may get some money from me if I buy Automobilista 2.

  • spferace
    spferace 3 days ago

    Thanks for all your video's I really enjoyed them. See you on the track!

  • MrPflynhi
    MrPflynhi 3 days ago

    Take care bud, you are one of the good guys and I'm going to miss your videos and that trademark laid back style :)

  • Lyle Wiley
    Lyle Wiley 4 days ago

    Why dude?

  • bpweber
    bpweber 4 days ago

    Thanks for everything you've done for the community, good luck with everything!

  • MagicAyrtonforever
    MagicAyrtonforever 4 days ago

    The 993 had a much revised rear suspension.. It was the first of the modern "Safe" 911's

  • Emin Babaoglu
    Emin Babaoglu 4 days ago

    Sad to hear that first of all. I following your channel more than two years, I enjoyed your AC mod introductions and of course your nice voice. Thank you all of your contents and see you in the future.

  • Marcin Kapusta
    Marcin Kapusta 4 days ago

    Nice Video! Good resource. What app are You using to display fps, cpu and gpu temps. Is it in game app or some external stuff?

  • dogsof war
    dogsof war 4 days ago

    At least do update for vr ps4 but game is now ditched so they can screw us for cash on pc3

  • TJRSim
    TJRSim 4 days ago

    I wish you the best and you will be missed in the sim racing community.

  • RCMotorsportsPark
    RCMotorsportsPark 4 days ago

    Join my fb group assetto corsa 4k pics and tuned mods cheers

  • Pluvillion
    Pluvillion 5 days ago

    I'm about to get Project CARS 2 for the PS4. yes, I could get GT SPORT, but the game, albeit having offline content, is primarily focused online. plus I'd want to try other sims for now, anyways. great video!

  • Lawyer4Ever
    Lawyer4Ever 5 days ago

    Sorry to hear this Mike, I very much have enjoyed your videos. Thank you!

  • Jdid1225
    Jdid1225 5 days ago

    Thanks Mike! Best of luck in the future!

  • Pro Sim Racing
    Pro Sim Racing 5 days ago

    My friend, this is a blow to our beloved Sim Racing community, you are one of the most genuine guys out there. As a RU-clip content creator myself, I know that it can be really tough trying to balance work, family, RU-clip etc. I wish you and your family all the best, hope to see you on the track soon.

  • Mark Ham
    Mark Ham 5 days ago

    thnx for your positive and constructive comments and video's. See you on the grid👌

  • JonBoy
    JonBoy 5 days ago


  • F1 Fan
    F1 Fan 5 days ago

    Mike. I’ve only followed this channel for about a year, but I’m gonna miss the content bro. Good luck with what you do and where you go, gonna miss you!

  • Mr Tom Waffles [Level Designer]

    Thanks for all your content, sad you're going but once your happy!

  • stephen miles
    stephen miles 5 days ago

    awesome video

  • Bright Sky
    Bright Sky 5 days ago

    Wishing you all the best and continued success in all that you do .. I enjoyed your content .. hopefully I'll see you at the Finnish line .. Love Saves the Day ..LSD

  • Erik
    Erik 5 days ago

    Thanks for everything Mike. And good luck.

  • Aoo Wolves
    Aoo Wolves 5 days ago

    This is sad, but at least don't delete your old videos, let us enjoy watching them. Farewell and Goodbye.

  • Reginald Powell
    Reginald Powell 5 days ago

    Would you recommend this to someone who regularly plays gt sport? It's on sale right now, was considering buying.

    • RandomErkki
      RandomErkki 2 days ago

      @Reginald Powell glad to hear. im gonna buy it too

    • Reginald Powell
      Reginald Powell 2 days ago

      @RandomErkki thanks I bought it. Can't stop racing long beach circuit. That track is amazing. Been racing on it all day lol

    • RandomErkki
      RandomErkki 2 days ago

      i dont have it but go for it. cause it will beat gt everyday :)

  • Burning Star
    Burning Star 5 days ago

    i understand your feelings!sorry to hear that

  • Jon Berg
    Jon Berg 5 days ago

    Wow, good luck Mike. Sorry to hear.

  • Rick Lelienhof
    Rick Lelienhof 5 days ago

    I do have a question which i hope you want to look into. Since a few months, 7/8 something, raceroom freezesup during startup, shutting down, or pause the sim. When you pause the engine sounds stays on loud. Before this never was the case. I think it might be since a windows update around febr. I tried everything i could think of like, reinstall the game, reinstall windows, i tried every option within the compatibility options of windows and nothing works. Before this periode it wasnt the case. In the meantime i have another windows desktop, with a i9 9900k rtx 2080ti and the proble is still there. Within the raceroom forums i cant find my answers. Even on facebook sector 3 wont reply to this problem. Maybe you want to look in to this? I would like race the sim again. Spend alot of time and money on the content which is totaly useless at the moment. Thanks in advance! I do like your vids. The Netherlands ✌🏼🚦🏁

  • Arrione Miller
    Arrione Miller 5 days ago

    I'm late yea just it on sale a Walmart close out so Forza horizon 4 an Forza Motorsport 7 50 percent off you know I grab them happy like a 12 year old kid mind you I'm 50 enjoy yourself these games have come along way

  • Aaron Green
    Aaron Green 5 days ago

    That's a shame, I liked your content man. Good luck for the future.

  • Mark Heßler
    Mark Heßler 5 days ago

    Danke, Mike! Deine Reviews waren immer sehr ehrlich und ein wertvoller Anhaltspunkt für mich. Grüße aus Deutschland und alles Gute! Thank you, Mike! Your reviews have always been honest and were a precious clue for me. Greetings from germany and I wish you all the best!

  • MrThamahn
    MrThamahn 5 days ago

    Thank you for your contribution to the community & farewell. Godspeed Mike!

  • David O'Reilly
    David O'Reilly 5 days ago

    Mike, all the best for your future endeavours.

  • VR Pilot
    VR Pilot 5 days ago

    Thanks for meeting you and all your good videos. We have the same taste in good racing games and mods. Thanks!

  • Audi R8
    Audi R8 5 days ago

    Hi Mike, I sure hope you’re moving onto bigger and better things. You have been awesome and surely will be great in your next ventures... Good Luck...🏎🏎🏎

  • flightis3dollars
    flightis3dollars 5 days ago

    Nothing to say but thank you and wishing you all the best. (I'm sure there is a bush joke here somwhere but I can't think of it right now. :D )

  • Boban Jr
    Boban Jr 5 days ago

    See ya on track buddy take care and good luck for the times ahead Cheers :)

  • Retro Lover
    Retro Lover 5 days ago

    I thought assetto corsa was good. I was 15 and didnt know better. I tried the rf2 downloaded the 1991 formula 1 season mod from ASR formula. Best cars I have driven. FFB feels good and tyre physics are amazing. Having a blast on tracks like Monza, Suzuka, Imola. After that when I go play assetto corsa tyres feel like made out of wood. Apart from graphic assetto corsa isn't that good.

  • Feer.C9
    Feer.C9 5 days ago

    I think your seat position is too high, and the camera vibration gets really annoying :_ just saying

  • Tony Abbott
    Tony Abbott 5 days ago

    Thanks for the great channel and all the great content Mike. We're gonna miss you!!!! All the best.

  • Janne Laahanen
    Janne Laahanen 5 days ago

    Damn I'll miss your sexy voice and quality content😔

  • Charles Fa
    Charles Fa 6 days ago

    A big shock for me, you were one of my favorite Simracing RU-cliprs, thanks for all your content that I always eagerly watched as soon as RU-clip told me, all the best luck to you in your future, and hope you decide to come back when it is right for you :D

  • Ryno’s Raceroom
    Ryno’s Raceroom 6 days ago

    Be safe, thx for all the great content! Drop back in sometime bud & keep it between the ditches.🏎🏁

  • BugattiMan
    BugattiMan 6 days ago

    When I started sim racing, I used a Lamborghini Huracan Performante. That car is AWD, easy to drive, and is fast! Currently, I'm learning the last car in the game, the Porsche 918 Spyder. It tends to be unstable when braking, so I can't put much braking force into the pedal, or the car loses control. I'm learning on last skill, how to deal with bad/careless drivers. These are people who don't use a steering wheel, ram into you, lose control infront of you, etc... I am a good driver, but I can't handle bad drivers.

    • Tyrone Richards
      Tyrone Richards 2 days ago

      Make it look like you're going for the left, then quickly dive to the right. Takes some practise, but once you have it down, you'll have endless of laughs as they smack into the wall. Looks great on replays too.

  • WadeOhh
    WadeOhh 6 days ago

    Sad to see you go Mike. Thanks for all your content over the last little while. You'll be sorely missed.

  • Kan Amarasuriya
    Kan Amarasuriya 6 days ago

    Its been a good run; we will always have all those great vids of yours. Thank you and wish you all the best bud!

  • Tim Olugu_Yesu
    Tim Olugu_Yesu 6 days ago

    That's not fair, please don't quit!

  • Terry Lu
    Terry Lu 6 days ago

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

  • Potjie Kos
    Potjie Kos 6 days ago

    Cheers Mike. Sad to see you leaving the platform. This was my go to channel for AC mod reviews and still will be my go to for recommendations. All the best man.

  • zorth
    zorth 6 days ago

    Bon voyage good sir

  • Leemz100
    Leemz100 6 days ago

    Best of luck for your future.

  • Ib oogie boogie
    Ib oogie boogie 6 days ago

    boooooooooooooooo hisssssssssss,,,,,dude,,,you will be missed,,,take care of your self,,,

  • Corsa
    Corsa 6 days ago

    Really hope you're just taking a well deserved break and we see you in the future Mike.

    • SimRacing604
      SimRacing604 4 days ago

      Thanks so much. And I hope to be back in the future as well....