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Birds In Yard
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Manchin vs. McCain, 6/21/11
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Fox News, 11/14/10
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Fiorina on Abortion
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Amanda Terkel on Olbermann
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Matthews: 'Dicking Around'
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Palin Flip-Flops On Feminism
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Ellen Responds To Sarah Palin
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GOP Voter Fraud
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Fox On Palin Picture
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Fox Compares Flag Pins
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  • bob johnson
    bob johnson Month ago

    Why in the hell doesn't Hollywood "stars" keep to acting and stop trying to run the government's business???

  • Sharralynn Pierce Woolworth

    Wow! She's got what it takes!

  • Alan Clarke
    Alan Clarke 4 months ago

    Thoughts and prayers,see yah

  • Kathy Mac
    Kathy Mac 4 months ago

    Somebody actually told me that our enemies were propagating gay culture to breed us all out. How would that work, genius? How would forcing them to endure reporductove straight sex breed out straight people more? Doesn't matter if they take genetic or environmental ethier. You would either preserve gay genes or make gays raise babies which defeats your own distorted illogical premise anyway.

  • Kathy Mac
    Kathy Mac 4 months ago

    I disagreed we the Sarah but this is misinformation. It's Not technically changing the Constitution. Plus if those original writings do need to evolve as society changes they become irrelevant. Unless blacks are still 3 /5 of a voter whose voting black control is the master's to use. And yes I love Ellen and think she's smart and know Sarah is a moron

  • Rick Borja
    Rick Borja 4 months ago

    I 💘 LOVE Laura Ingram!!!

  • israel castelan
    israel castelan 5 months ago

    I don’t understand why it was illegal for so long. Republicans are walking hypocrites.

  • Central Scrutinizer
    Central Scrutinizer 5 months ago

    ........Amanda is on the list....took Hillary money....big mistake.

  • Stephen Stoner
    Stephen Stoner 6 months ago

    Some times people just have to say yes sencie becauze dealiling with those who have a spilt in there tounge its not easy and chins dragun

  • Stephen Stoner
    Stephen Stoner 6 months ago

    One of the few woman doing what she can . Like magen killy wonderful woman some just get cot up in the sceims of bad things its been going on for years now that we know about 1957 wow. But alcapone hum

  • Vic P
    Vic P 6 months ago

    trump's idiot nation ...

  • Kathy Mac
    Kathy Mac 6 months ago

    If straight people hate gays so much they ought to stop raining all them gay children. They're the ones reproducing after all.....SMH...

  • Jon Campos
    Jon Campos 7 months ago

    Laura pissed off the wrong person-a high schooler- and he persuaded most of her sponsors to drop her like a hot piece of coal. She'll never be able to spin her way out of that one.

  • Bill numby
    Bill numby 7 months ago

    FDR knew in advance about the attack of Pearl Harbor, and did nothing, he and lesbian wife Eleanor were satanic MF'ers,(evil Hillary still talks to evil Eleanor's spirit according to Bill) FDR removed in "God we Trust" from currency, yes he was a evil SOB, and is burning in hell, history is once again misrecorded and fools the masses but no one fools God.

  • Daron carter
    Daron carter 9 months ago

    I so love her❤

  • Tyler Jhonson
    Tyler Jhonson 11 months ago

    She wants to change the constitution?? Bullshit, the constitution does not say anything about gays or their Godless ways. That being said, we should live however and with whoever we want but dont force others to like it or give our tax dollars for your weird lifestyle choices. Live and let live. Enough said.

  • Wesley Hite
    Wesley Hite Year ago

    she is one of the few voices that made sense. I will miss you Laura

  • Jeff Boldrin Jr
    Jeff Boldrin Jr Year ago

    Why does she sound out of breath?

  • J W
    J W Year ago

    Sally Fields is nothing more than a dirty ass jew Jews have been nothing but trouble and always will be

  • XxMyLameUserNamexX

    She looks like a foot.

  • USA News
    USA News Year ago

    Bill OReily WHATACREEP!

  • Kilgore Trout
    Kilgore Trout Year ago


  • Tyrone Sandoval
    Tyrone Sandoval Year ago

    McCain you are a traitor too

  • Azolio Eroach
    Azolio Eroach Year ago

    Sarah Palin can see Russia from her front porch. Another good reason to NUKE RUSSIA, so she can WATCH!

  • Manataw Lo go
    Manataw Lo go Year ago

    A Sexual predator and a smelly Cunt! Buggers All

  • Rodriguez Turner

    She's beautiful Ms. Laura

  • Julia Hill
    Julia Hill Year ago

    Laura is obnoxious n rude. .acts like a know it all...repulsive hag

  • Yola A
    Yola A Year ago

    While I do not agree with her views, I admire her forwardness, confidence, and spunk. It's something that women today should be in this "man world"..

  • lars f.
    lars f. Year ago

    How many million$ has Billie paid out to settle sexual harassment allegations in 2017 alone --- 35, 45 million?

    KEVIN HESKETH 2 years ago

    The psychology and brain experiment that has stolen decades from a man is torture.Raped by a US sound weapon with some disgusting vile belief that the target will accept their joking for torturing the fucking hell out of me. No American tv company or British will ever get to feed like a parasite off the tortured being you created by planned persistent attacks.A human right to life to family taken away by American grotesque Mindrapists and British rapist torturing bastards.

  • Donald Coleman
    Donald Coleman 2 years ago

    Didn't she play in the wizard of Oz if I only had a brain

  • Eric R
    Eric R 2 years ago

    Laura and Bill are such wonderful and great people for sure

  • William McDougal
    William McDougal 2 years ago

    She could've been president..... I think Actually in this specific case she wasn't really being bigoted at all... just ignorant/stupid

  • pratyay amrit
    pratyay amrit 2 years ago


  • BeerBottleBaby
    BeerBottleBaby 2 years ago

    Love Laura!

    • Roger Rousco
      Roger Rousco 7 months ago

      She loves you too, im sure you share her ideology , BeerBottleBaby

    • M. M.
      M. M. Year ago

      Yeah, she totally sucks, just glue your foil hat on and you'll feel better when she gets fired.

  • Ana Gautier
    Ana Gautier 2 years ago

    Carl Paladino needs to look at his own family he has a illegitimate child wash your mouth out with soap

  • Кузьма Абрикосов

    These people teach us democrasy. Haha

  • Blaise Castleman
    Blaise Castleman 2 years ago

    Ellen what are You talking about? surely You have a penis.

  • C Brookshart
    C Brookshart 2 years ago

    Sarah Palin called Ellen man of the year

  • Thursty Squonk
    Thursty Squonk 2 years ago

    we don't have to learn to love anyone

  • Lester Prosser
    Lester Prosser 3 years ago

    Thank God she is off the air. Can you imagine how much damage she has done?

    • mark clark
      mark clark 4 months ago

      While VP, uncle Joe flew his son to China on Air Force One to work out a secret deal with the Chinese government.

    • Rick Borja
      Rick Borja 4 months ago

      @lester, yeah in the last 2 yrs she's helped EXPOSE the Democratic party for the P.O.S.'s they REALLY ARE! 😆 lol

    • mark clark
      mark clark 4 months ago

      No I can't. Why don't you tell us.

  • Jerome Szęnowski
    Jerome Szęnowski 3 years ago

    Democrats make innocent people suffer. What unforgivable crimes did the citizens of Prague and Budapest commit that they should live for decades as slaves of communist Russia? How would Immnuel Kant feel if he ever knew that his lifelong hometown Königsberg one day would be wiped out from the map?

  • Hope
    Hope 3 years ago

    Ellen is hilarious she is one the best human beings on earth.

  • bob green
    bob green 3 years ago

    WE ALL LOVE YOU=====ELLEN!!!!!!

  • busawulf
    busawulf 3 years ago

    Where is Hitchens when you need him? Oh, sorry, mistook this for a serious post,lol.....

  • charles botha
    charles botha 3 years ago

    Laura Ingraham is a fraud. She has been riding the cock carousel for years and after she hit the wall, decided to be a single mother. Conservative like her used to say single mothers were detrimental to society (which they are). I guess baby rabies got the best of her. She also lives the life of an elite, yet pretends she relates to women in "real America". She has absolutely nothing in common with fundie xians who homeschool their 10 children (with old testament names) in shitback, Arkansas.

    • charles botha
      charles botha 3 years ago

      @Elwood Bluze look at how well South Africa is doing now that blacks are running everything. For that matter look at Rhodesia, Baltimore, Detroit, and The Congo. Racial realism.

    • Elwood Bluze
      Elwood Bluze 3 years ago

      Charles Botha son of Roelof Pik Botha,? defender of the apartheid racial separation policy in South Africa. That is black and white segregation. A credible critic of the Right I'm sure.

  • Graham S
    Graham S 3 years ago

    we are only equally free

  • OldMaidWhovian akaNancyG

    Freedom without equality is just a word in a dictionary. If Christians are going to base our laws, which are meant for everyone regardless of their race, religion or gender, on their OWN religion, then churches need to start paying TAXES.

    • Jim Chumley
      Jim Chumley 5 months ago

      OldMaidWhovian akaNancyG JOHN 6:66

    • MrEntinen
      MrEntinen 3 years ago

      +OldMaidWhovian akaNancyG now that's just wrong. Either the church is above the law and religion affects government and churches pay no taxes OR the Church is below the law and should not affect government and churches should pay taxes. The current system is just illogical. Either we treat religion as infallible link to higher power or we treat it as superstition and disregard it.

  • ftjax
    ftjax 3 years ago


  • Michael Hughes
    Michael Hughes 3 years ago

    Ellen, I didn't "Dabble" in high school! You are wrong in your immoral way of thinking. And the applause you got shows how low we have all sunk! Your TV show is off my viewing list! Get lost!

    • PDC1987
      PDC1987 3 years ago

      Off your viewing list? You're not fooling anyone, you've never watched her show. If you did you would know she is gay.

    • Irishmick
      Irishmick 3 years ago

      +Sue Mead... In this case, if put in context, my comment is not flawed. In Ellen's case, she is right for being true to herself, to be who she is. That does not make it right for a serial killer to end another's life, wether or not they are being " true" to themselves. You can look at it from a legal manner, or in a moral way. This is why we have laws and societal standards to live by.

    • Sue Mead
      Sue Mead 3 years ago

      @Irishmick As much as I believe you've got good intentions, your argument is flawed. Even serial killers are being true to their inate selves. Be that as it may, ignore the hater. The world needs to encourage more love. If one finds that love in another adult that is of the same gender, then so be it. They have love in their hearts and that's a good thing.

    • Irishmick
      Irishmick 3 years ago

      +Michael Hughes.... How could Ellen be wrong if she is being true to,herself? Just a little something for you to think about, instead of being opinionated and hateful.

    • Sue Mead
      Sue Mead 3 years ago

      +yes350yes Well guess what kids? Your way of thinking is behind us. We've moved on. Find a way to live with it because this is now the reality and it hurts you not one bit. Let people be.

  • Michael Hughes
    Michael Hughes 3 years ago

    I agree with MYHUMAN68 and Bradburn. I don't care what liberals say. Same sex marriages are sinful, abnormal and against the will of God! Read your Bible! We all would do well to remember the people living during the time of the Great Flood, Sodom and Gormora and the Roman Empire. I don't care what you liberals and Ellen say! We are really trying God's patience! Stop trying to force your sinful/immoral lifestyle on other people, Ellen and you other likeminded sinfull people.If you want to marry another woman, that's your affair. But stop trying to force your sinful lifestyle on other people, and leave Mrs. Sarah Palin alone! She is right and all who think like her! Read your Bible Ellen and all you other people who think same-sex marriages is "all right"!

    • Marilyn Newman
      Marilyn Newman 3 years ago

      +Vivian The Potato I've read my catholic bible many times, it's no fucking way about loving marriages. It's about ownership & degradation of women. You're only good if you have children. Otherwise, you're worthless trash. A man can have as many women as he can steal or rape. Rape is worth 50 shekels to the father. Plus if you can't have children, you can give your slave to your husband so he can rape her & count her children as YOURS. Isn't the bible lovely? This is why christians don't read it. It's much better to make shit up.

    • Sushik09
      Sushik09 3 years ago

      If I turn gay, is the great flood is more likely to happened again? If so, Sign me up! Too much shit in this world anyway. This world apprently needs some deep scrubbing from your God.

    • Vivian The Potato
      Vivian The Potato 3 years ago

      +Michael Hughes That's OK. We don't really care what you say either. Sinful? Only if you believe in mythology. Read my bible? I don't have one. "But stop trying to force your sinful lifestyle on other people" No one's trying to force same sex relationships on anyone else. It's religious people who are sticking their noses into other peoples' business. "Read your Bible Ellen and all you other people who think same-sex marriages is "all right"!" Are you a Christian? Doesn't that mean someone who follows Christ's teachings? Jesus never mentioned homosexuality. What was he doing out in the desert with 12 men anyway?

    • ironchefdempsey
      ironchefdempsey 3 years ago

      Thor, Krishna and Aphrodite are totally cool with it

  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones 3 years ago

    Rove is a douchebag, but why didn't McCain become a democrat in 2000?

  • A drummer
    A drummer 3 years ago

    Funny how she says "sectarian war" as opposed to what it really is. A religious war.

  • clc040
    clc040 3 years ago

    Ellen would make a great president

  • Alex Kelly
    Alex Kelly 3 years ago

    It's still funny, 8 years later that this bitch really thought she could change the constitution. ... Haha

    • ras124
      ras124 Year ago

      do you know that for sure?

    • khav ll
      khav ll Year ago

      this bitch is actually powerful and relevant still on the other hand work in a fucking kmart ROFL

  • Garrielee Peck
    Garrielee Peck 3 years ago

    I'm sick of wars on lies young blood loseing there lives so young for people's greed , oil , banking system , gas pipes and everything has to be the American way the government think they no best and my country England disgusting what they done to these poor people for fucking greed and we are still doing it when the people of the world are sick of it all so Gaza no people should ever be suffering like they are disgusting reality

  • Delishea Penicaud
    Delishea Penicaud 3 years ago

    Michael Allan, I NEVER EVER, NOT ONCE said that you should believe as I do. Please don't speak without having your facts straight.

  • Delishea Penicaud
    Delishea Penicaud 3 years ago

    Have a look: "Rediscovering American History", by American Policy Roundtable.

  • Delishea Penicaud
    Delishea Penicaud 3 years ago

    I lové you, Josh🤗Thank you so much for speaking out😅Whew! I needed help❗️

  • Delishea Penicaud
    Delishea Penicaud 3 years ago

    I do make the error of thinking most people know the Bible even though they don't follow it. We are to "give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to give to God what belongs to God. We pay our taxes like everyone else. The United States is founded on the Bible. Why do people today have a problem with believers ?

    • Irishmick
      Irishmick 3 years ago

      +shoe horn, actually, the founding fathers were not around when the 14th amendment was ratified in 1868. - equal rights for all citizens. And this is why the Supreme Court ruled the way it did in regard to same sex marriage for all 50 states.

    • shoe horn
      shoe horn 3 years ago

      +Irishmick and our founding fathers said, "one day gays will have equal rights."

    • Irishmick
      Irishmick 3 years ago

      +Delishea... The United States is not founded on the Bible. It was founded on common sense, and that common sense was written into the Constitution. The original authors of this document understood the complexities of forming a nation and showed great foresight. They understood that their new nation was to become a melting pot of many different cultures and people and by basing their writings on a Bible would have been devisive (to say the least). Henceforth the separation of Church and State. Ya' gotta' love it!

  • Tsnore
    Tsnore 3 years ago

    Rove is a disgusting maggot of a man whose filthy tricks have plagued US politics for four decades.

  • Delishea Penicaud
    Delishea Penicaud 3 years ago

    The former comment was for Irishmick.

  • Delishea Penicaud
    Delishea Penicaud 3 years ago

    I do not have the wisdom to run things. Nor do you. I live and let live, but I do have a right to state an opinion. It is not because I do not agree with the majority that I am overbearing or ignorant. I push my beliefs on no one. At the same time, I do not hide that I am a child of Christ.

    • Irishmick
      Irishmick 3 years ago

      +Delishea.... You said it yourself. Christians are taught to obey God's laws, not man's. That in itself is not well thought out. And this is why the founding fathers saw the need to separate church and state. You are denying that. Again, we do not all have the same beliefs or faiths, so we need our man made laws in order to not live in anarchy.

    • Delishea Penicaud
      Delishea Penicaud 3 years ago

      I am speaking for myself, and also stating an opinion about a comment that you made. It is not disrespectful for me to disagree with you. Also, I never said that I disagreed with the separation of church and state. Don't find a comment somewhere, and take it out of context.

    • Irishmick
      Irishmick 3 years ago

      +Delishea... Please speak for yourself - perhaps I am smart enough to "run things" (whatever that means). Respect is all I ask for. We will agree to disagree on the separation of church and state (stated in the US constitution) but it is a must for a civilized society, unless, of course, we all share the exact same beliefs.

    MYHUMAN68 3 years ago

    would someone please tell me the number and the chapter of the constitution where it says that gays can marry. If you really get down to it that is a human law. it's God's law that matters and it reads no woman shall lay with another woman or no man shall lay with another man. you can comment if you want but i always just say what i want and the rest is history. God Bless

    • umefunasone together
      umefunasone together 3 years ago

      but remember the bible was WRITTEN by man....interpreted BY MAN!!!!! since the stories of jesus was handed down CENTURIES BEFORE the bible WAS WRITTEN!!!!! so go ahead and let the church continue to LIE about religion....then WHY AREN'T ALL the books of the bible IN THE bible!!!!!!!! a pickin and a choosen......thats what ya''ll are good for and thats it.

    • umefunasone together
      umefunasone together 3 years ago

      and your an wear mixed cloth clothing? i bet you do!! STONE THEE

    • Josh Bradburn
      Josh Bradburn 3 years ago

      +PDC1987 keep telling yourself that buddy!

    • PDC1987
      PDC1987 3 years ago

      +Josh Bradburn you're literally wrong about everything.

    • Josh Bradburn
      Josh Bradburn 3 years ago

      +PDC1987 In the old testament when the bible talks about slavery if you study the Hebrew meaning and rightly divide the word of truth like the bible says, you would know that these "slaves" were treated very well! they had food, shelter, and there families! it's was a Job! God sent Moses to free the Hebrews from egyptian bonded because they were being mistreated, starved, and beaten for 400 years! also the Bible talks about children being disobedient should be stone. there are two points to this. first when the bible talks about children the "children" it is referring to 99 percent of the time are mid 20s to 30 years old. second if you read the whole and understand the dispensation it's not literally telling you to kill your children it's trying to get the point across on how important it is to obey! you need to study more my friend!

  • John Hanks
    John Hanks 3 years ago

    GOP yokels, bums, and cartels. They never leave a racket behind.

  • Vivian The Potato
    Vivian The Potato 3 years ago

    Why are Christians so obsessed with what other people do? From the Catholic church spreading like a disease around the world with missionaries telling people that what they've believed and practised for years is wrong, to Jehovah's Witnesses spreading their lies telling people what to believe, and now all this. What business is it of Chistians if gay people get married? How does it affect you?

    • root
      root 3 years ago

      @Vivian The Potato It's the truth whether you want to accept it or not. Victims of child abuse, especially sexual, have more difficulty with long-lasting traditional relationships.

    • Debra Wolf
      Debra Wolf 3 years ago

      +Vivian The Potato Exactly let everyone make their own choices.

    • Vivian The Potato
      Vivian The Potato 3 years ago

      +Marilyn Newman Please ignore chownful. He's just one of those people who likes to provoke others due to his own low self esteem.

    • root
      root 3 years ago

      @Marilyn Newman You won't be married because you are damaged goods from an abusive childhood. I guess it's good that you won't have children since you are more likely to be abusive.

    • Marilyn Newman
      Marilyn Newman 3 years ago

      +Vivian The Potato I'm not married, nor will I ever be. I don't like children for starters. Never did, even when I was a child. My mother was a rotten mother. She could have passed as "Carry"'s mother.

  • Mihail Mocan
    Mihail Mocan 3 years ago

    +maria psychiatric disorder has nothing to do with biology.

    • Vicky Abramowitz
      Vicky Abramowitz 2 years ago

      +Mihail Mocan Have you ever considered how you would react if one of your kids told you he/she is gay? Would you try to talk your child out of it? It wouldn't do any good since sexual orientation is already present before birth. You make it sound as if you raise your kids with your beliefs, then they can never come to you and say they're gay. For the sake of your kids, I hope that they never have an opinion on anything that differs from what you taught them. Or if they do, hopefully, they will find other people who they can talk to about whatever and not have to endure the shame of disappointing you if their beliefs/opinions differ from yours.

    • JakesyDude
      JakesyDude 3 years ago

      +Mihail Mocan its not a mental illness if real harm is done to nobody. you don't know what you're talking about.

    • Marilyn Newman
      Marilyn Newman 3 years ago

      +Mihail Mocan Yeah, they'll be able to look at a picture of you & puke. I had a crummy mother like you. So, I know what I'm talking about. I made SURE I was nothing like her. So, you go right ahead acting like a total loon.

    • Mihail Mocan
      Mihail Mocan 3 years ago

      +Open-minded Skeptic. dont worry about my kids, they grow into good people who can clearly see where the sickness lies, and know to keep away from such tolerant idiots like you. worry about your kids, that is if you are not a fag and have kids

    • Open-minded Skeptic
      Open-minded Skeptic 3 years ago

      @Mihail Mocan All children deserve good role models to teach them how to become kind, decent, respectful adults. So, hopefully, your children will be fortunate enough to encounter some of these good mentors as they grow up. Otherwise, they will likely end up like you - which would be extremely unfortunate. Because the last thing this world needs are more vulgar, ignorant bigots. Because of your negative influence, clearly your children will be fighting an uphill battle. But I wish them all the best on their journey in this life. May they become honorable, respectful and dignified adults - in spite of your horrific influence. Cheers.

  • 777houses
    777houses 3 years ago

    It has nothing to do with equal rights. The merrage should be between a man and a woman period!! To allow marrage between two women or to men will destroy the very core of a family in the society. There is freedom from homosexuality and gay is not a race, it is a Lifestyle that destroyes the cores of family in the society!!

    • Sushik09
      Sushik09 3 years ago

      +777houses What's up with people always being threatened by non existent threats. Do you fear that gays will take over government and run your lives? If so imagine how they must feel when heterosexual r telling them how to life thiers. I just want YOU to stop interfering with someone's else life because of your religious beliefs. There should be no discrimination based on sexual orientation. No one is going to tell you how to life your life, so don't do that to others. Goodness how hard is that?

    • PaddleFar
      PaddleFar 3 years ago

      How in the world would allowing same sex marriage destroy a heterosexual marriage? Are you in a heterosexual marriage now and feeling extremely strong urges to destroy your marriage because of sudden, unexplained desires to marry someone else of the same sex? Also, do you really believe every marriage between a man and a woman is perfect and never breaks up?( I believe the divorce rate is at 50 %). Please don't be such a nit wit!

    • Vivian The Potato
      Vivian The Potato 3 years ago

      +777houses You are crazy, stupid or both. Gay people aren't the ones who want to round up people because they don't agree with something. Homosexuality is NOT a lifestyle.

    • Michael Allan
      Michael Allan 3 years ago

      +777houses.. I'm sorry, but your post doesn't make sense.

  • Immortan Joe
    Immortan Joe 3 years ago

    Sarah Palin is stupid.

  • mike cassell
    mike cassell 3 years ago

    I just can't believe it took this long for everyone to have equal marriage rights

    • Meine Namen
      Meine Namen Year ago

      Dude408f If it were a law that says people HAVE TO marry someone of the same sex then it would matter who opposes it, but since it's only a right it shouldn't bother anyone, just don't marry anyone of the same sex. I've only heard arguments of religious nature, especially the Christians claiming god forbids it while ignoring 99% of the Bible themselves.

    • Tyler Wolff
      Tyler Wolff 3 years ago

      There were like 10 other countries that did it before the US. The first one did it 15 years before the US. Yet we pride ourselves in being "land of the free"

    • Juan Cardenas
      Juan Cardenas 3 years ago

      +TR4R gay marriage in Mexico it's been legal couple years before here in the US! but yeah I think you're right saying that in most of the latin countries gay marriage isn't legal yet,but time has changed and now society in Latin America are more open minded and show more tolerance for this people!

    • TR4R
      TR4R 3 years ago

      Can you believe that in most Latin American countries it doesn't exist yet? And in Costa Rica most people are against... side effects of Roman Catholicism (and I'm not gay).

    • Hipster Jesus
      Hipster Jesus 3 years ago

      +Dude408f Justice demands retribution.

  • Arthur Dent
    Arthur Dent 3 years ago

    Did anyone else catch how Billo covered Laura's Firing by Fox, by instead insisting it was a "business deal" of hers? He wasn't quite so understanding when Keith Olbermann was Fired by MSNBC as I recall. Billo is such a Prick...

  • Dingle Barry
    Dingle Barry 3 years ago

    FDR definitely makes my list of the top 20 most evil people of all time as well as Winston Churchill. It's amazing how people are so unaware of history.

    • chris powell
      chris powell 3 years ago

      +Dingle Barry I am just starting to look at this can you please explain why he's or point me to some resource that shows this I am a curious student

  • Kathleen Biederstadt

    Margaret Thatcher entered the Falklands war and she was a Mother. It's easy to say there shouldn't be any wars but life just isn't always easy or simple. Sometimes violence is whats needed. All the worlds problems can't be fixed with a hug.

    • Eleanor Biddle
      Eleanor Biddle 3 years ago

      +Kathleen Biederstadt .,,.aliens love the meat of earthlings,....

  • Foung Vang
    Foung Vang 3 years ago

    reclaim America for who? Al jezera...or socialist? Current is great for pripanda Hate America...

  • James Gray
    James Gray 3 years ago

    What ?!? What's wrong with changing the constitution? Basically, Ellen we've already had a change in the Constitution from the standpoint of eliminating hetero marriage exclusivity.. Millions of people disagree with you that providing financial incentives and privileges to gay couples benefits our society at all appreciably.

    • Dude408f
      Dude408f 3 years ago

      +James Gray Well, I really don't know if homophobia exists or not. But if someone is going to call anybody homophobic the person who calls has to be really sure the person called really is. In my case, I respect and tolerate, but don't cheer nor endorse.

    • James Gray
      James Gray 3 years ago

      @FantasyPNTM​ Ok, so by your logic a person must engage in say, pedophilia or theft first in order to TRULY understand they are confused and immoral? You and homosexuals are morally confused and socially deviant based on the facts of your biologically unnatural behaviors and inherent inability to form a complex, positive society in general... That the law temporarily provides some measure of limited acceptance in no way alters the fundamental reality, nor the fact that the "rightness" of our laws are, ultimately. posited on a particular metaphysical perspective .

    • James Gray
      James Gray 3 years ago

      @Dude408f​ -how can someone call you "homophobic" when no such thing exists apart from the malevolent feelings of some misguided, corrupt social deviants . Neither the APA, nor the DSM-3 recognizes any such disorder at this time;wth...

    • Dude408f
      Dude408f 3 years ago

      +FantasyPNTM "Asking for equality" is a fabulous slogan. And has been a very effective way to frame the discussion. I admire that. With that slogan the homosexual rights movement took the high ground. Great move. Now, it implied just changing the definition of marriage. A minor (?) fix. It's not going to be between a woman and a man, but between two beings. I have to say it was a revolutionary change and it went well (for the homosexual rights movement, of course). Now, you can call me old fashioned (please don't call me homophobic. Or , if you will, explain why you think I am), but I think that the issue with the gay "marriage" was a matter of arrogance. Civil unions were available, but the purpose was to appropriate of the very institution basic for the patriarchal society. It's symbolic but also strategical. Don't you think?

    • FantasyPNTM
      FantasyPNTM 3 years ago

      Your religious beliefs actually hold no weight due to the separation of church and state and the freedom to practice, or not practice an religion.... and maybe you should go reread the bible, in which polygamy is practiced throughout the old testament... And I don't think the social ideas of gay advocates are confused in any sense, and I find it quite strange that you are such an expert on the mind of gay people, considering you aren't one.

  • Heidi Bean
    Heidi Bean 3 years ago

    Good job Amanda. Love your emails too. All the best.

  • Bob Sagetz
    Bob Sagetz 3 years ago

    How does Palin want to change the constitution by banning gay marriage? This isn't a republican or democrat thing.

    • monokhem
      monokhem 3 years ago

      +Bob Sagetz You are wrong. It is definitely a republican thing.

    • Alex
      Alex 3 years ago

      Because the constitution states that all Americans have a right to marry

  • frogstamper
    frogstamper 3 years ago

    And eight years down the line conservatives and the republican party have not moved an inch, they are still the closed minded, hate filled people they've always been.

    • Vivian The Potato
      Vivian The Potato 3 years ago

      +Clive Duke Hello Clive. The only thing you said that I didn't like was, "It seems that you need to slow down and maybe allow a person to respond to your questions…" When I read that, I thought if it were me, I would have worded it differently. Also, I was thinking that usually people respond on You Tube with hatred-filled rants so why should I wait for you to respond? However, in hindsight, if I think about what I had said before about people on You Tube and put myself in your shoes, I probably would have said something similar. You may not have been looking for an apology, but I'm sorry that I didn't read everything you'd said previously in order to clearly understand your position. That's not the way I usually do things. I had just really read more than enough homophobic comments at the time and assumed the worst.

    • Vivian The Potato
      Vivian The Potato 3 years ago

      +Clive Duke "It seems that you need to slow down and maybe allow a person to respond to your questions before you proceed to make statements based on what you assume to be the answers to your questions." I did that to save time in case your answer had been yes. Usually, Christians don't respond to that because there's nowhere for them to go. "It does, however, say that homosexuality is an abomination." That's what I saw and what I responded to. If I've made any error, it was not reading what you had said previously to properly understand the context of your statement. I've had so many nasty comments and been called so many nasty things and seen so many horrible homophobic comments on here that I reacted without reading as much as I should have. If you're needing an apology, I'm sorry. However, I think you also could have responded in a nicer way.

    • Vivian The Potato
      Vivian The Potato 3 years ago

      +Clive Duke Are you a Christian? Doesn't that mean you follow the teachings of Christ in the new testament? He never said anything about homosexuality while he was cavorting out in the desert with a bunch of men.

    • Marilyn Newman
      Marilyn Newman 3 years ago

      +Clive Duke Get the dummies to read their fucking book. NOWHERE in the bible does it say to kill gays. Tattoos on the other hand...

    • T Toughtask
      T Toughtask 3 years ago

      Weighing up the facts and understanding what is right and just is a good place to start .. Certainly a better place than a cobbled together book of bronze age myths

  • WiggaMachiavelli
    WiggaMachiavelli 4 years ago

    The administration under F.D.R. also contributed significantly to the weakening of Britain, and therefore consequently (probably by design) the utter destruction of Her Empire. So why did F.D.R. want to boost communist power and destroy liberal, capitalist Britain? Why did he shift America way to the left? Because he was anti-freedom, anti-prosperity, and anti-White; simply a dreadful excuse for a man.

  • Brian Davis
    Brian Davis 4 years ago

    Obama ain't the most perfect president but if you are stupid to believe he's the anti Christ then you need to wake up, the man already finish 2 terms do you really think he's going to kill millions smh im pretty sure if he was then we would of already been in revelations at this points. People of God don't listen to the media

  • toller retreiver
    toller retreiver 4 years ago

    TWIT - thy friend did not have a choice -ask her

  • Raynes79
    Raynes79 4 years ago

    In my life time I hope to see this filthy fucking demon hang.

  • Bill Blinky
    Bill Blinky 4 years ago

    "I dabbled in High School......". Dabbled with what, whom, which team?

  • Yochanan TrueBiblicalChristianblog

    In reality it is the homosexual activist that wants to change the constitution. No homosexual in any state in America is prohibited in loving their partner.

    • Gene Davis
      Gene Davis 3 years ago

      +Yochanan TrueBiblicalChristianblog -- The same was said for mixed-race couples, in my own lifetime. In 1965, my brother could not have married the (Hispanic) woman of his dreams, in 21 of these United States. I've met a white/Asian couple who had to run from Missouri to California to get married, around that same time frame. Go get 'em, homosexual activists! It's time for tired Dark Ages mores and ethics to go the way of slavery.

  • Ed Gloss
    Ed Gloss 4 years ago

    I was never a conservative and even when I believed there was a creator of was not all that religious, of at all. But unfortunately, and almost certainly due to my upbringing, I had some incredibly backwards ideas about gay people. Besides not understanding that gay relationships are equally about love as compared with straight relationships, a fact that I didn't merely not believe but never even thought about it because it never crossed my mind, I thought physical displays of love by gay people such as kissing, hugging and holding hands was disgusting. Then I grew up and realized that if I truly believed that then it was my problem, not the couple who were simply doing what people who love one another do. And of course, being a man, lesbians not only didn't bother me but excited me. Yes, I know I'm being stereotypical but I'm not sure I've known all that many men who didn't think that way, if I knew any at all. A decade and a half ago I would have been vehemently against the idea of gay marriage. I don't hide the fact that I acted shamefully toward gay people using exceptionally offensive language when talking about them and even to them. I can't count the number of times I've screamed "faggots" out the window of my car when driving down the West Side Highway in New York City. But I was ignorant, incredibly and foolishly ignorant. The only "excuse" I can put forth is that I was ignorant as a result of what I was taught in private school, in synagogue and often at home. My rabbis said the most vicious and disgusting things about gay people, things I am ashamed to even repeat here. I'm even more ashamed that I believed those things and repeated them myself. The older I got and the more I educated myself away from the hate-filled teachings of ancient, barbaric religious texts and teachers, the more I began to see just how stupid I had been. I was so angry, not simply because of how I acted but that I had been lied to by those who were charged with educating me on how to be a good person. I was angry that I believed them without researching their claims. I was angry at the knowledge that I had almost certainly hurt people with what I said. I know that when people hear disgusting things shouted at them from a speeding car it can be very hurtful and physically painful. Happily, I've learned how stupid I was. I've learned that if I don't like what consenting adults do when they aren't harming anyone (including themselves as I once ignorantly believed) then I'm the one who has a problem, not them. I have learned that gay people don't choose who they are and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. I've learned that their love for one another is equal to the love my wife and I have for one another. I've learned that preventing them from enjoying the same rights and freedom that I've enjoyed for nearly twenty years is reprehensible and every day that they don't have rights equal to me is another day of pain for them. I've learned that hate is taught and that my children have benefited from the lessons I learned the hard way. They've chosen love. My children view gay couples so naturally that it's like any other couple. My son even pairs up his dolls and figurines (yes, I've learned that that isn't a problem and doesn't make him gay, with which I wouldn't have the slightest issue anyway) in straight and gay relationships and never even thought that there should be an issue with it. He did it without even being taught it. He just didn't have enough "traditional" pairs so he put two men together. My daughter was incredibly surprised to learn that people have a problem with gay couples. I realized that I had been so tolerant that I never bothered to teach my children that there are those who hate. They truly couldn't understand why anyone would hate someone because, for example, the color of their skin didn't match theirs. They were raised with a family that included an Indian (as in India, not Native American) aunt and a Hispanic uncle (two separate couples) and I suppose being around their families for so long the notion that some people believe their is an ethnic hierarchy never occurred to them. Hate is taught and I refuse to allow such utter nonsense to carry on to the next generation. I'm not perfect, far from it. But I recognize that and I'm willing to learn from my mistakes so I not only don't repeat them but so I don't pass them on to another generation, allowing them to exist for another half century.

    • Vivian The Potato
      Vivian The Potato 3 years ago

      +Dude408f Responding to this James Gray person is a complete waste of time. Unfortunately, some people who are full of hatred like to comment on You Tube because they know they can say anything they want. They do things like use a thesaurus to find big, fancy words to make people think they know what they're talking about despite using these words incorrectly at times.

    • Dude408f
      Dude408f 3 years ago

      +James Gray Eh, I didn't read his advice, but your words show you as an intolerant, xenophobic, angry and patronizing. You can be as you want and it is obvious you can't respect others (when they don't agree with you).

    • James Gray
      James Gray 3 years ago

      Bye buh, you are clueless..Your opinions are meaningless and we don't need immoral, unreflective foreigners such as yourself giving any ignorant advice

    • MikeEmmet
      MikeEmmet 3 years ago

      +James Gray Just based on your utterly misinformed and warped conception of your own First Amendment, yeah, I do know your laws better than you do. No matter, that's not the point, your bigotry is. My failed fellow country people? Wow, that really hurts, James... or it might, if it actually meant anything other than a failed attempt at ad hominem. Propaganda... you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. Shoo, homophobe. Your time is over.