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  • Reel-Living Films
    Reel-Living Films 30 minutes ago

    is he pro yet?

  • c j
    c j 31 minute ago

    What an epic clickbaited

  • get rekt
    get rekt 31 minute ago

    Am i the only one who find them ugly ?

    LION STUDIOS Hour ago


  • Kold XIV
    Kold XIV Hour ago

    The most important drill out of all drills to get faster is SPRINT!!!!!!!!!

  • Zakaria Muslim
    Zakaria Muslim Hour ago

    Bagus an crossbar beny

  • GonnaShiftha
    GonnaShiftha Hour ago

    I know many of the viewers even don’t have a decent pair of slippers

  • Macharla Karunakar

    Alone from India?? 😥😥

  • Vishnu Nair
    Vishnu Nair Hour ago


  • Pxltiger
    Pxltiger 2 hours ago

    Please test the gripmode GK Gloves

  • Invincible Playz
    Invincible Playz 2 hours ago

    Sub to me for more magical vids

  • El Mahdi Lamghari
    El Mahdi Lamghari 2 hours ago

    Cr7 is my motivation 🙏❤

  • 10k subs without doing Anything

    The most important thing to me? Wishing to Actually have the money to buy everything you just said

  • Shashwat Mali
    Shashwat Mali 3 hours ago

    In which club do you play?

  • Kishan Kartik
    Kishan Kartik 3 hours ago

    00:33 is the best freestyle in this street soccer.

  • Stewart Edwardes
    Stewart Edwardes 3 hours ago

    You are the best now i can thrash my friend in 1v1

  • Kenta Aruga
    Kenta Aruga 3 hours ago


  • Feang Lampard
    Feang Lampard 3 hours ago

    The subtitles are really useful when messi is talking

  • Rajarshi Dutta
    Rajarshi Dutta 3 hours ago

    How to learn it . I mean how to practice?

  • Nhan Tran
    Nhan Tran 3 hours ago

    adidas pleaseeeeeee

  • ThePlayMaker
    ThePlayMaker 4 hours ago

    Probably the best Messi boot EVER. Sauce all over those mfs

  • Sub 2 me for No reason

    "The biggest mistake you can make is being afraid to make one"

  • Dhairyasheel Bhosale

    Best video 4 motivation ❤️❤️❤️

  • Khalid mazlan
    Khalid mazlan 4 hours ago

    desporte ?

  • Saad majeed
    Saad majeed 5 hours ago

    Wellllllllll training ggggggggggg

  • DJ Jello
    DJ Jello 5 hours ago

    What’s the move he does at 0.15 called

  • Fabian Salazar
    Fabian Salazar 5 hours ago

    Do a review on the new mercurial indoor plz I got the previous generation there alright but would recommend get the new generation

  • Lil Kabob
    Lil Kabob 5 hours ago

    i’m a goalkeeper and I personally use renegade goalkeeper gloves since I can’t spend much money on gloves. they give you the option to chose the cut that you like and it has perfect quality and latex for the price that you are paying. So if you are on a budget for gloves I really recommend renegade goalkeeper gloves since you can get a really nice pair of gloves for 30 bucks.

  • mohammed adnan
    mohammed adnan 5 hours ago

    hi bro an sis how are you hope you all are good i,am mo adnan 13 years old from bangalore india every day morning i go for practice with my dad from one year at mud ground i have learnt so many skills know i want to learn fast running with football and passing like Ronaldinho pls help me

  • Gould Gaming
    Gould Gaming 6 hours ago

    precision gk gloves training addidas gk gloves for matches


    Ortuseight jogosala 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • PINEAPPLE Gaming
    PINEAPPLE Gaming 7 hours ago

    Whos here after knowing PWG is a filipino

  • F I L M เดอะออนซอน

    ผมคนไทย ชอบติดตามมานานแล้ว มีความรู้มากครับ

  • Eduardo Cervantes Cruz

    Im sad the boots sold out =(

  • Prafull Tiwari
    Prafull Tiwari 8 hours ago

    These are the best messi version nemesis by Adidas

  • Caius Aquino
    Caius Aquino 8 hours ago

    Im just an 8 year old

  • Nadia Kharisma
    Nadia Kharisma 8 hours ago

    I wish I wasn't skint lol

  • Ardiansyah Pirlo
    Ardiansyah Pirlo 8 hours ago

    Puma is the best....

  • rodrigo solis
    rodrigo solis 9 hours ago

    Is this shoe for wide feet?

  • Gourish Nandan
    Gourish Nandan 9 hours ago

    Who like football hit likie

  • Anika Cool beans
    Anika Cool beans 9 hours ago

    What if you don’t want to buy another pair expensive football boots

  • Gaitsa Aldeansyah
    Gaitsa Aldeansyah 9 hours ago

    My Favourite Gloves Training: PGS pro eagle series Matches: PGS pro Jaguar series

  • Collins Lastname
    Collins Lastname 10 hours ago

    anyone remembers the Messi 10/10 boots. Adidas should make another pack of that style

  • angieydanielito
    angieydanielito 10 hours ago

    All of my city’s field are turf

  • Arturo Chavez
    Arturo Chavez 11 hours ago

    The Rinat

  • Hilario Trejo
    Hilario Trejo 11 hours ago

    The Five circles on the Crown is to represent the 5 Ballon d'Ors that the King has won!!!⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ I like that🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

  • JSM Clout
    JSM Clout 12 hours ago

    tip from me don’t care about what anybody says to you everyone makes mistakes. How would you learn than?

  • Fútbol Noticiero
    Fútbol Noticiero 12 hours ago

    If you are a keeper do Lille

  • Joseph Scrase
    Joseph Scrase 12 hours ago

    Ah happy memories, bought these originals in sorrento on a football tour when I was 14. Spent my whole budget to get them. Loved them except the english weather wore the colour off instantly on the toes after i got back! 🙄

  • 10/10/Messi/Maradona ااا

    Damnnn fresh for King

  • haumangmang haukhanmang

    Ronaldo see step over Ronaldo

  • Mike Wizad
    Mike Wizad 13 hours ago

    Nice brown and gold

  • Miller Nichols
    Miller Nichols 13 hours ago

    1:29 Minecraft house

  • Manad
    Manad 13 hours ago

    What are they called?

  • Josh Martin
    Josh Martin 14 hours ago

    The audio give me stage 4 cancer

  • Angel Delgado
    Angel Delgado 14 hours ago

    What song is the one at the beginning?

  • Ikhlas C
    Ikhlas C 15 hours ago

    You guys should have invited Will John to explain this because he's a pro

  • Dylan Flood
    Dylan Flood 15 hours ago

    Do you really need all that stuff for training

  • Kristoffer Furnes
    Kristoffer Furnes 15 hours ago

    Puma 19.1

  • HaadiPlayz
    HaadiPlayz 16 hours ago

    When I saw this, I was like this is going to be so hard but now I have watched it, it was actually really easy. Thanks buddy!!

  • rinoma amonir
    rinoma amonir 16 hours ago

    I turned on the subtitles and wtf did i just hear it's funny as hell in the sub😂

  • Lalito
    Lalito 16 hours ago

    These are the only nice looking Messi boots ever

  • carlos amador
    carlos amador 16 hours ago

    Hey what soccer pants was he wearing?

  • Naphtali Kyei
    Naphtali Kyei 16 hours ago

    Can you do a video of Bernardo silva top 5 skills

  • BKT
    BKT 17 hours ago

    Can you give me these amazing boot

  • Benny Macharia
    Benny Macharia 17 hours ago

    🔥🔥🔥💥💯 thanks

  • Sto7e
    Sto7e 17 hours ago


  • Faiaz Ahsan
    Faiaz Ahsan 17 hours ago

    does messi use sole of the foot?

  • ανδρεας θεοδωριδης


  • Tanvi Kore
    Tanvi Kore 18 hours ago

    I just bought this studs today ....when I came home after buying I saw the notification of this shoes by unisport and started shouted ..😂😂 I still don't know why...???

  • xq Sondre
    xq Sondre 18 hours ago

    It really triggers me how jolter says fifteen anos and not quince anos

    CLASH WITH AD 18 hours ago

    Love you MESSI

  • Jack Spy
    Jack Spy 18 hours ago


  • Voke Messi
    Voke Messi 18 hours ago

    Tell Messi to teach us how to dribble like him

  • Ruth Odidi
    Ruth Odidi 18 hours ago

    Give me the mecurial sock boots

    DANIEL RAMIREZ 18 hours ago

    Nice boots fit for a GOAT

  • gscaria
    gscaria 18 hours ago


  • Rekha _ p
    Rekha _ p 18 hours ago

    They look so awesomely awsome⚽⚽⚽⚽

  • الماجيكو افلام 2019

    My favourite player

  • Swati Ayachit
    Swati Ayachit 19 hours ago


  • Swati Ayachit
    Swati Ayachit 19 hours ago


  • Mohsin Amin
    Mohsin Amin 19 hours ago

    Wow wish I could buy it

  • Tafara Chibanda
    Tafara Chibanda 19 hours ago

    I was 1 month old when he started playing 😅

  • For Time Being
    For Time Being 19 hours ago

    Anybody can shoot like Ronaldo but none can like Messi👑

  • Kickoff Abdullah
    Kickoff Abdullah 19 hours ago

    I am the king on shooting on my school and soccer 🥅 team the call me the shoking 🤣🤣🤣😅 SHOCKING😂😂😂🤣👌

  • Ona Pogg
    Ona Pogg 19 hours ago

    Unisport is the best football channel If wrong dislike..✅like if right

  • Dillon Jogie
    Dillon Jogie 19 hours ago

    dont sit on the soccer balls

  • np12_
    np12_ 19 hours ago

    Im following back the first 100 subs if i make it pro !!! Show some love and peep the tape

  • Linda Seqaqa
    Linda Seqaqa 19 hours ago

    Nice boots

    CJ BIGKLAPZ 19 hours ago

    I love you guys please heart❤❤🤗🔥🔥

  • Santiago Cervera
    Santiago Cervera 20 hours ago

    How about the fit? I bought my normal size 9.5 and they fit long. If I buy 9 would they fit too tight?

  • ProMo
    ProMo 20 hours ago

    Didnt Messi wear nike in his first year?

    • Jonathan Rodriguez
      Jonathan Rodriguez 20 hours ago

      Yes, wore the tiempos nike provided the club back then (I think the t90s too for a little)

  • 100 subscribers without any video

    I hate to brag but I am professional noob in football

  • N.Shady
    N.Shady 20 hours ago

    Do u guys have fingersave or not?

  • N.Shady
    N.Shady 20 hours ago

    Top 5 fingersave gloves can u make that?

  • MFrhn Anonymous
    MFrhn Anonymous 20 hours ago

    ur technique are really fit for me..tq so much

  • Akro Medeo
    Akro Medeo 20 hours ago

    Who else wanna see 7mlc and Will John together ?? Like

  • Talha Tariq
    Talha Tariq 20 hours ago

    Made his debut 1 day before my b-day!

  • MFrhn Anonymous
    MFrhn Anonymous 20 hours ago

    tq..i can do this kick now..tq so much. tq tq tq tq

  • Rehaan Ahmed
    Rehaan Ahmed 20 hours ago

    6th Golden boot And balon dor