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  • Susan Shelton-Styles

    Oh, THANK YOU! I did the exercises along with you and even though I am having difficulty with the torso movements my toes and ankles have relaxed! Gonna keep these up because it's difficult to stay in my lymphadema wraps 24/7. Thanks again!

  • AS1313
    AS1313 15 minutes ago

    Why be so critical She offers good advice. If you go to a urologist they don't help much. Her book is very inexpensive If you get one good idea out of it you got a lot more than you will get from a urologist. They have a psa test which the us government says is worthless that it makes a lot of money for urologists. Dr Ablin invented it and says it is not very good. Most of their procedures will end with you in a diaper. Good luck with that

  • Mary GRAHAM
    Mary GRAHAM 21 minute ago

    Thank you so much. I get those swelling pockets in my ankles.

  • Kathleen Perez
    Kathleen Perez 23 minutes ago

    It`s high time that you search this fungus infection alternative, “Yοmkοzα Yuzo”, on Google. Persistency is all it requires to ascertain the outcome. To see the effectiveness of the product, utilize it each morning and also nighttime for two months. My good friend has tried another solution also bought from store, that didn`t really do the job. This treatment solution however is very effective in dealing with fungal bacterial infections.. .

  • Lois Lyons
    Lois Lyons 27 minutes ago

    Thank you! These 11 to 13 hr flights from East Coast to Hawaii, several times a year, this is vital for me. My feet, ankles have swollen so many times. I feel swollen all over!

  • frankie Cafazzo
    frankie Cafazzo 48 minutes ago

    how do you kill th3e spirochete.

  • frankie Cafazzo
    frankie Cafazzo 50 minutes ago

    you should read the CDC protocols for lyme and mycoplasma. you are ignorant.

  • Christine Miller

    Perfect timing! 👍I''m going to Scotland on Thursday ....6 &1/2 hour flight after a little short flight 1:50 mins. So thanks for this. You look beautiful!! ❤

  • Alice Watson
    Alice Watson Hour ago

    You can also do those same exercises while your leg is elevated above your heart for gravity to help with drainage.

  • SJ
    SJ Hour ago

    I have used the same magnesium product and every time it caused mouth dryness and nightmares. I threw it out. Melissa, any idea why my mouth got dry after taking the product? I even tried smaller doses, but it was as bad.

  • SwiftJustice2020
    SwiftJustice2020 2 hours ago

    Doc, you’ve got some cute toes! Thanks for the tips; you’re the best!

  • Jaded Optimist
    Jaded Optimist 2 hours ago

    I purchased a whole body vibration machine (Confidence brand). I love it.

  • Naomi May - Sustainable Prepper

    A month ago, I took an office job. I am sitting all day in a cubicle now. I am now swelling just from working and sitting all day. I used to only swell really bad if I traveled. I am swollen right now.

    • Naomi May - Sustainable Prepper
      Naomi May - Sustainable Prepper 2 hours ago

      Natural Health Resources Not really. I work in a small call center for John Deere. This means I am on the phone and at a computer all day. I plan to buy a stool to keep under my desk though. I get a 30 minute lunch and I can get up and walk around during my lunch.

    • Natural Health Resources
      Natural Health Resources 2 hours ago

      Naomi May - Sustainable Prepper these should help. Can you do any of these in your office? Mid day?

  • chris suberg
    chris suberg 3 hours ago

    My mother has blackish and deformed toe nails as well as tried this fungus infection remedy “Yοmkοzα Yuzo” (Google it) to cure the problem. Her nails have become much better a couple weeks later. The blackish parts on here toe nails are beginning to disappear. .

  • T. Ruth T
    T. Ruth T 3 hours ago

    when would be the best time to do this? I don't want to do this in the evening if it gives me energy...

    • Natural Health Resources
      Natural Health Resources 2 hours ago

      T. Ruth T generally folks swell more during the day. But whenever you need to. Mid day. Am. Whenever it works

  • Lady DI .Williams
    Lady DI .Williams 3 hours ago

    Thank You I am excited to do these exercises...feeling better already!!!

  • Genevieve Shaughnessy

    Awesome. I have alot of swelling everyday and have been looking for these type of exercises. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Natural Health Resources
      Natural Health Resources 3 hours ago

      Genevieve Shaughnessy yay these will help. If you haven’t already checked out the playlist there are several other exercises I know can help.

  • Wendy Greenwood
    Wendy Greenwood 3 hours ago

    Well Dr going back to bed. And going to use the towel wedges. All the tips are helpful. And by the way beautiful bedroom. Thank you so much. XXX

    • Natural Health Resources
      Natural Health Resources 2 hours ago

      Wendy Greenwood let us know how the wedges go. And this was the prettiest hotel room I have been in.

  • Terri Griffie
    Terri Griffie 3 hours ago

    My mom got me some ginger oil. Would this be good for the swelling in my legs

    • Terri Griffie
      Terri Griffie 2 hours ago

      @Natural Health Resources awesome I mixed it with aquaphor advanced therapy lotion is that okay

    • Natural Health Resources
      Natural Health Resources 2 hours ago

      Terri Griffie yes love it. Just clarify it’s pure and some folks need to blend with a carrier oil.

  • Irene Pollard
    Irene Pollard 3 hours ago

    Can you suggest a reliable person like you who has a clinic in Orlando FL?

  • Mz_Carolyn64
    Mz_Carolyn64 3 hours ago

    this is exactly what I needed 2 weeks ago from a drive from Florida to Iowa omg my legs and knees were swollen and painful I'm still recovering. thanks👌🥰

  • Mad Zabinga
    Mad Zabinga 3 hours ago

    You're the best! I really appreciate all the knowledge you share with us. I would like to know how I would find a good Dr like you in my area. What to ask, what credentials to look for, etc.

  • WAW Keefer
    WAW Keefer 4 hours ago

    I am on a school bus 5 out of 8 hours a day I am going to try and share this video..

    • Natural Health Resources
      Natural Health Resources 3 hours ago

      WAW Keefer oh wow - lots of sitting. When and if you get breaks you could use the seats for elevation. Even 5 mins can help

  • Sam Doornbos
    Sam Doornbos 4 hours ago

    Do you recommend sleeping with legs in an elevated position?

    • Natural Health Resources
      Natural Health Resources 3 hours ago

      Sam Doornbos yes you can do that. With pillows or like the wedge I recommend. May be hard for some. But yes sleep with legs above heart is impactful

    ANGELA WILSON 4 hours ago

    I'm off soon on another trip. This time a week long bus tour of New England. Thanks for these tips. I will be sure to to do a few each night. I plan to wear compression socks. Do you recommend them?

    • Natural Health Resources
      Natural Health Resources 3 hours ago

      ANGELA WILSON yes. Always love compression. Juzo is my fav brand. Let me know if you need help with sizes and compression levels

  • Kristin Kitti
    Kristin Kitti 4 hours ago

    Excellent? Do you answer your comments yourself? I need real help.

  • Allison McMillan-Lee

    Thanks. I know some of these exercises from physical therapy and from yoga, but I also learned new ones for the ankle using a stool from you! Hope to reduce swelling with these!

  • Bernadette Rawles
    Bernadette Rawles 4 hours ago

    Way too many commercials

    • Cheri Madlom
      Cheri Madlom 2 hours ago

      Bernadette Rawles, purchase RU-clip Red and you will not have anymore commercials on any of the videos you watch and yet your favorite you tubers still get $

    • Allison McMillan-Lee
      Allison McMillan-Lee 4 hours ago

      Just hit the Skip Ads button that soon appears in lower right where the countdown timer is.

  • Anthony Bolton
    Anthony Bolton 4 hours ago

    I'm definitely going to do all of these! Thanks!

    • Natural Health Resources
      Natural Health Resources 4 hours ago

      Anthony Bolton thank you for this! Sometimes this work is thankless and I really value commentary like yours! Made my day! 💗

    • Anthony Bolton
      Anthony Bolton 4 hours ago

      @Natural Health Resources Keep up the great work and you are appreciated

    • Natural Health Resources
      Natural Health Resources 4 hours ago

      Anthony Bolton yay!!!! I didn’t mention but if there isn’t a chair/couch you can be on the floor and elevate legs into the bed

  • Maryann Stahl
    Maryann Stahl 4 hours ago

    Thank you!!! I travel every few months 5 hours each way to go to the doctor and visit family. It's sometimes hard to elevate when I'm not home. By the time I get back home, it takes me a week to get back to "normal" with my Lipo-Lymphedema!! I have a zero gravity bed and lift recliner at home to keep elevation.

    • Natural Health Resources
      Natural Health Resources 4 hours ago

      Maryann Stahl yes! 🙌🏻 toe curls are amazing. Gets joints moving again. Regardless of how many I do my pinky is still a rogue toe

    • Maryann Stahl
      Maryann Stahl 4 hours ago

      I forgot to mention I've done the toe curls using a dish towel. My trainer showed me this years ago and it help with my foot arthritis :) Thank you so much for all you share!!

    • Natural Health Resources
      Natural Health Resources 4 hours ago

      Maryann Stahl I totally understand. This is a common complaint with my patients.

  • Williams sasha
    Williams sasha 5 hours ago

    Contact this great herbal doctor via his email address or whatsapp him via +2348102743287 and you can also message him directly on instagram via @herbal_dr_abumere because he has helped a lot of people round the world and he recently cured me from a deadly virus

  • silsil mama
    silsil mama 5 hours ago

    Collagen gave me anxiety and depression. No thx.

  • silsil mama
    silsil mama 5 hours ago

    Maca gives me stomach cramps. Really bad ones.

  • T Cabra
    T Cabra 6 hours ago

    I just saw your video regarding uncommon symptoms hypothyroidism. Or thyroid problems it says it was dated a year ago. One symptom I want to add to that group I was that before I was diagnosed I had a sort of a I'm going to say a tick in my throat. So when I would try to speak or speak I would have like a pause in my speech. I noticed this after my second child was born but I wasn't diagnosed until probably Ten Years After her birth with hypothyroidism. And I continue to have like that tick in my throat until I got put on Synthroid. Then the problem was resolved. However now I'm dealing with parathyroid issues and my vitamin D level being way below the normal range and therefore the doctor has me on a hundred thousand I use a week. I just started that a week ago.

  • sweetpeace5
    sweetpeace5 6 hours ago

    Wait..1-2 TABLESPOONS?? I bought the TJs maca & really researched proper dosing it was recommended 1/2 tsp daily slowly moving towards 1 tsp. It’s important to carefully teeter up as women do have negative side effects on too much. So I’m shocked at your rec of 1-2T wondering am I actually getting enough?? Who’s right here?

  • Yves Carrasco
    Yves Carrasco 7 hours ago

    I have been suffering with ear discomfort for three years, The Reason For I Put Activated charcoal powder onto a Q Tip And Inserted it deep enoughto clean my ears and Ever since my Ears been a nightmare , Cant Seem To Find A Cure

  • Angelica Jaime
    Angelica Jaime 9 hours ago

    My face gets puffy what can I do about it ?

  • Chi’s Healing Messages

    Hi I have secondary lymphedema from breast cancer spreading to my lymph nodes in my armpit. my swelling in my arm does reduce overnight about 25% when I elevate my arm. my skin is normal but I do have a rash and darkened and slightly thicker skin under my armpit but it's stable and keneiso taping helps, can you please let me know what stage you think I am? Here's my youtube channel on healing breast cancer naturally:

  • Aiden Case
    Aiden Case 10 hours ago

    I used the first tip and it really helped. Thank you!

  • Ruth J.
    Ruth J. 10 hours ago

    In our store, kids hunt for a picture of a cow. I've forgotten the name of the cow. 🐄

  • Cat Woman
    Cat Woman 10 hours ago

    Colorado! 😊

  • Ruth J.
    Ruth J. 10 hours ago

    LOVE TRADER JOE'S! I'm gping today and will buy bone broth if they have it.

  • Betty Pecoraro
    Betty Pecoraro 11 hours ago

    You last 6 food products did not come through

  • Sara Dautzenberg
    Sara Dautzenberg 14 hours ago

    Hi, I have Discoid Lupus, I take Neem, CBD oil, Hemp Oil, vitamins D and b6, Fish oil, Valarian and Plaquenil. I eat as anti Inflammatory as I can. Is it a good idea to start taking both the Rhodiola and Chaga or just one? Thanks!

  • gianna gian
    gianna gian 15 hours ago

    Can I use this pressure point to cleanse the lymph from fluid retention and detoxification? if not what point is for that? thank you

  • cmmdesigns1
    cmmdesigns1 15 hours ago

    Some of your links dont work.

  • J and M Silver
    J and M Silver 15 hours ago

    Really like your videos! They are so informative! I did not appreciate watching for 25 minutes only to find out that I couldn't get the information without subscribing for a fee. I totally understand and appreciate that this is your job! Subscription service is a fantastic way for you to be compensated, however, maybe that could be for more in depth info on a topic. I think this tease of info may turn off viewers if continued, and I would really hate to see that happen as your knowledge and information are very helpful!

  • Verica Cvetkovic
    Verica Cvetkovic 16 hours ago

    90% of world population are deficient in iodine. We cant eat any more sea food due to heavy metal pollution and now plastics too. So we cant get iodine from there. Unfortunately they put fluoride in d drinking tap water n that prevents absorbtion of iodine. Also they put bromine in pastries n bread n that has d same effect. Thats why so many ppl around d world have hypothyroidism. Of course Pharma mafia prefers to sell us meds than to tell us to use iodine because meds bring them more money. Criminals. Just get Lugol solution from your pharmacy and ask how many drops you can put in a glass of water n drink. Putting it on d skin is an option but make sure its always in a different place so you dont get irritation.

  • Verica Cvetkovic
    Verica Cvetkovic 16 hours ago

    I had ptoblems for a long time and my blood tests were always normal and d dr said i dont have a problem. Then i googled it and educated myself. I found out that 30% of patients with hypothyroidism test normal and sience doesnt know why. I monitored my basal body temperature because i was always cold and my temp was 34.2 or 3 instead of 36.2 or 3. I saw an ebdocrinologist n she put me on 50mcg immediately. Early next morning i took d first dose n my hair stopped falling out that day. Before that it was 5 to 6 hairs evety time i went through my hair with my fingers. Also constipation stopped that day. My dr says it takes 2 to 3 weeks for meds to kick in. Its not true. There is no hard and fast rule in this. I eventually got to 100mcg. Then i decided to raise my dose by 12.5mcg because my eye brows near d nose were looking thin. I hadnt dreamt for many years n thought its due to againg. But that first night of an extra dose was d night i started dreaming and never stopped since. Only 6 months later i watched a video by dr. Isabella Wentz n heard a dr there say that when you reach a healthy level of thyroxine you start dreaming. But not everybody has this problem. We are all unique. In April i started applying Lugol solution iodine on my arms and i had to reduce d daily dose because it was too much. By now i stopped d meds because i dont need it. Once my thyroid got enough iodine it started producing d hormone. Very important: iodine has to go together with selenium. I use iodine every so often.

  • Savage West
    Savage West 16 hours ago

    Thanks for this one I definitely needed it. :-)

  • kiqui 3
    kiqui 3 17 hours ago

    Hi I have a question no one has asked. Everyone I see demonstrating the castor oil packs have flat stomachs, you don’t have a fat belly. My question is how to find the Fallopian tubes and how to exactly put the cloth on an overlapping stomach. I hope you understand what I’m asking and hopefully answer me please 🙂 thanks

  • Matthew Shaba
    Matthew Shaba 19 hours ago

    Thank you Dr. great information

  • Miriam Fiorenza
    Miriam Fiorenza 22 hours ago

    Hi Dr. Melissa! Can you shed some light on the HGH gels? Are they safe and good for you?Thanks for info!

    • Natural Health Resources
      Natural Health Resources 12 hours ago

      Miriam Fiorenza sure. Am typically not a fan of them. Squats and lunges produce this naturally in your body.

  • Mon
    Mon 22 hours ago

    Absolutly wonderful what an amaizing and knowledgeable woman you are! Good on you keep sharing your awesomeness! So happy I found you. Lots of luv to you and all the others out who need your help.!.

  • Stephanie Morris
    Stephanie Morris 23 hours ago

    Bone broth, Green juice, cashew yogurt!

  • M Smith
    M Smith Day ago

    Thank you for putting this video out there!!!!!

  • M Smith
    M Smith Day ago

    I have 1 kidney on my left side and it burns. it started after eating green grapes from walmart, I will go now and have some water with lemon and honey hope that helps. I will look for the piedra chanca and from now on only organic fruits from a trustable source

    DIANA Day ago

    Hi Melissa, what about post menopose?

  • Kristi Bowman
    Kristi Bowman Day ago

    I finally got to Trader Joe' to get Maca and they discontinued it at my local store :( I know Amazon has it but I still wonder which color to get, Black, Red or Yellow or if it matters?

    DIANA Day ago

    AT age 71, will maca be good for me.

  • d falco
    d falco Day ago

    Please, I need that downloadable list! I don’t see the link.

  • Debra Calhoun
    Debra Calhoun Day ago

    I took Maca for about 3 months and i gained weight...then when i stopped taking the Maca the weight came off in 3 months...

  • gaillefko01
    gaillefko01 Day ago

    I don't have a thyroid due to thyroid cancer surgery 2007 . I blew up like a balloon . I am also now a type 2 diabetic on insulin . Can you give me any advice on losing weight ? I have a hard time losing weight .

    • Neha Kalani
      Neha Kalani 11 hours ago

      Look into Intermittent fasting..

  • Eva Arbo
    Eva Arbo Day ago

    Thank you so much I will try your combination I have all three elements but haven't used them together now I will 🙏

  • Savage West
    Savage West Day ago

    I watched your videos last night for about 2 hours. I’ve been a fan of you Expertise for sometime and you are life changing to me. I’m in my mid 50s and stoped working out about 2 years ago because I found out I love to paint landscapes and sold about 300 in the last 4 years and I also play a guitar So I’ve let my go a little but you have got me thinking about the way I eat and not exercising. I’m 5’10 200 pounds with a 34” waste however at 52 my size was 178 pounds and 30”waste So today I cleaned out my garage and got my gym ready I’m committed like my favorite NFL team their slogan is do your job the New England Patriots I will do and stay off the cell Well except to watch you Sorry this is so long of a response but you need to know your helping a lot of people. I know soon you’ll have millions of followers and can’t respond to everyone so THANK YOU 😊

  • Joan Remaley
    Joan Remaley Day ago

    Please get to the meat of the discussion!

  • Erin Biggerstaff

    Any ideas for dark circles that came on literly over night and 9 months later they are still the same boater what I try sorry I know this is unrelated to this vidio

  • mchlljls
    mchlljls Day ago

    But is it shingles if the tingling and burning skin is ALL OVER THE WHOLE BODY!? And not concentrated to one area only?

  • Ginger Ohlman
    Ginger Ohlman Day ago

    The more i read, research shows that taking this does not decrease the size or number of kidney stones in people prone to kidney stones. Other research suggests that taking a specific product of chanca piedra known as uriston, for at least 3 months after undergoing shock wave therapy to break apart kidney stones helps the body get rid of kidney stones if they are located lower in the urinary tract.

  • nicolagrimmer100


  • Michael P
    Michael P Day ago

    Good morning Doctor, geez I wish you were my personal physician for your enthusiasm is contagious and the love you have for your profession and helping others is simply beautiful. I woke up this morn with a deaf left ear and vertigo, an ongoing manifestation of throat cancer treatment and I will be doing all your exercises today to hopefully clear it up. Wish me luck.

  • Sara Neal
    Sara Neal Day ago

    So what about boric acid suppositories capsules doc.

    LLIP DER Day ago

    Those herbs did nothing for any of my parasites,i chewed so many cloves drank so much Wormwood and Black walnut i was buying it by the lb did this for 2 mo with no success ,it wasnt until i began taking Albendizol , prozyquantel ,that i vomited into my sink with the drain plugged so i could see what was in me ,when i finished vommiting the sink looked like an Asian fish tank ,so many creatures life forms ,yah maybe there is a natural way but people should stop saying this combi works ,it does absolutly nothing ,i believe. Big pharma must have started this rumor 👎👎

  • gilbert perez
    gilbert perez Day ago


  • Eye on art
    Eye on art Day ago

    My lymphoes under my chin were enlarged all the time. I stopped eating fast food and they went down and have not enlarged again. Doctors are not about healing but pill pushing. We are what we eat.

  • Nomandax R.L.Basalgin

    Best medicine is decongestant in pill form OBJECTIVELY proven to work (pills can cause some side effects such as loss of appetite but the relief comes in 30 minutes or less). It sucks to go to a doctor for decongestants though because you need to get a prescription and usually they sell you a pack of 30 pills for 40$ l you really only need 1 or 2 pills. Putting olive oil in your ear can actually cause serious allergic reactions, be warned anybody using "alternative" medicine will tell you to go for all of the fancy oils but they are not inherently better or safer than actual decongestants. Please don't follow broze age myths, as if Indian peasants know better than actual doctors.

  • Shawna Carlos
    Shawna Carlos Day ago

    Yeah right. Thats why you have hardly any eyebrows

  • Trevor Graham Welch

    Recently my entire body is painful is stiff and sore , shoulders , legs , and feel tired . My Doctor is doing blood tests and x rays . I have cut back on sugar and carbohydrates. I have lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks .

    • shann Lee
      shann Lee Day ago

      My arms were very sore and tired I used myrrh oil and put drops all down my arms rubbed it in and wow it really took away that sore tired ache feeling. I had been having it for over a month. I bought a 5oz bottle from amazon.

  • Stephanie Nicole
    Stephanie Nicole 2 days ago

    Many things you mentioned in this live/video are things I was cutting out to lessen anxiety issues. Inflammation in the body/brain can rev up anxiety, and I was avoiding things that triggered excess estrogen as well (BPA, plastics, pesticides, hormones in meat etc.). Also, going mostly organic, getting more exercise, and lessening stress (lowering cortisol). For anyone wondering, it works as a “natural remedy”, helping ease anxiety issues. After a few weeks, you notice when you don’t eat well and avoid these “bad” things. It also definitely helps you decrease bloating, and helps you lose weight. Just keep at it. That’s the important thing- consistency. Thanks for the information!

    • Natural Health Resources
      Natural Health Resources 12 hours ago

      Stephanie Nicole yay! Great work Stephanie on your diligence! Thanks for watching and affirming these! 🎉🌟👏🏻👏🏻

  • Adam Easa Meme Page

    Bless you it worked

  • TheEnderGamer rs
    TheEnderGamer rs 2 days ago

    Yep they worked thank you woo

  • aconsideration1
    aconsideration1 2 days ago

    Where is your practice located?

  • Tami Coulson
    Tami Coulson 2 days ago

    Warm lemon water every morning, on empty stomach.

  • Hannah Wilson
    Hannah Wilson 2 days ago

    Wow! Great video! I’d love to ask how I would be able to raise my cortisol naturally? My level was 130 two months ago and I ideally don’t want to go on medication to raise it. I’ve had my thyroid tested 3 times and it’s come back fine. I’ve been feeling very exhausted tho and can’t help but think it’s the cortisol making me feel that way 💤 thanks :)

  • North Wind
    North Wind 2 days ago

    Puerto Rico

  • North Wind
    North Wind 2 days ago

    So glad I discovered your channel. Thanks for helping me regain hope.!

  • Donna Aaron
    Donna Aaron 2 days ago

    I didn't like the fact that you cut the video for a lead to joining your group for a few. Made me want to stop watching your videos.

    • Natural Health Resources
      Natural Health Resources 12 hours ago

      Donna Aaron sorry to lose your viewership. Channel membership allows me to continue to produce FREE content.

    • Sherie Wright
      Sherie Wright Day ago

      yep. me 3.

    • B.
      B. Day ago

      Donna Aaron Me too!

  • fertom
    fertom 2 days ago

    Read Dr Melissa's reviews. She will not get back to you if you purchase a saliva or blood test kit from her. Her business side of things of horrific. Beware of you buy from her. Otherwise she's easy to listen to and some of her info is great

    • sweetpeace5
      sweetpeace5 7 hours ago

      fertom Not good news. Not good at all.

    • fertom
      fertom Day ago

      @Molly Gail you can disagree. I would love to send proof of my correspondence to Melissa. Look on Facebook and see all the negativity regarding this very thing. You can look on other platforms to see the backlash she's getting for not taking care of her customers. Although her social media is amazing, the business side is going to get her into trouble. I wish it wasn't so. I wanted her be amazing I wanted help and I still do. I wish she would of given me my results after spending almost $400 with her. I do have proof, if need be. I still watch her, but beware if you purchase from her and need her to follow through.

    • Molly Gail
      Molly Gail Day ago

      Have to disagree with fertom. Dr. Melissa’s advice is great & she does respond to her patients.

    • TiMalice2009
      TiMalice2009 2 days ago

      fertom 😳

  • theUroshman
    theUroshman 2 days ago

    Great pieces of advice! You have just become a part of the group of my very favorite health advisers! Naturally, I subbed and clicked on the bell!

  • Nina Boeske
    Nina Boeske 2 days ago

    I think you are GREAT!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I appreciate you <3

  • Brian Gower
    Brian Gower 2 days ago

    Lots of waffle, get on with it! Typical American, all talk no action, losing the will to live!...bye!

  • Cher Silveira
    Cher Silveira 2 days ago

    Rodiola causes me Migraines n but I will give MACA a try. I have LOW cortisol that has been causing me GREIF FOR A YEAR with weight gain & inability to lose it even with strict diet & exercise, At this point I will try anything!

  • cat 2012
    cat 2012 2 days ago

    I have been looking for info if dong quai it's good for uterine fibroid s or not. Thank you

  • Sharon Stein
    Sharon Stein 2 days ago

    Contains Hexanidiol?

  • Sharon Stein
    Sharon Stein 2 days ago

    Will it work for hair growth on scalp?

  • Sharon Stein
    Sharon Stein 2 days ago

    Have you actually had hair grow???

  • Toni Booth
    Toni Booth 2 days ago

    Yes. I am interested in your weight loss course for Jan 2020

    • Natural Health Resources
      Natural Health Resources Day ago

      Toni Booth yay!!! Subscribe and join the private Facebook group. More details will follow as it gets closer to that date