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  • Магистор
    Магистор 16 hours ago

    good quality, like.

  • Funny Gamer
    Funny Gamer 23 hours ago

    Enemy No Tank. U solo Farm

  • D0cKyLiSa The ML player


  • ML is life
    ML is life Day ago

    HAHAHAHA you are so Good -FANNY

  • sidji weh
    sidji weh Day ago


  • Yosef Reda
    Yosef Reda 2 days ago

    You are amazing. I always watch you can play with Lancelot too pls

  • Illegal Loli
    Illegal Loli 2 days ago

    How I play Selena : Doing my best and die trying

  • hyper tal-ha
    hyper tal-ha 2 days ago

    hi i'm from Indonesia by the way I'm frist

  • Shunaria
    Shunaria 2 days ago

    More like bad coordination and wrong draft pick. No CC hero in enemy team when all hero in your team have CC skill including silent from hercult.

  • Mark Mellvin
    Mark Mellvin 2 days ago

    Anti recall😱

  • solar flare
    solar flare 2 days ago

    My Main mm is YSS

  • Mr PVZ
    Mr PVZ 2 days ago

    Mu favorit hero is rafaela

  • Nopal Kik-kuk
    Nopal Kik-kuk 2 days ago

    Cek my chanel for montage selena

  • Rodenson Salvador
    Rodenson Salvador 3 days ago


  • LOLZ Destroyer
    LOLZ Destroyer 3 days ago

    Wow selena

  • R20 Royale
    R20 Royale 3 days ago

    I'm North Carolina number one Saber

  • leon mel
    leon mel 3 days ago


  • Benedict Obsuna
    Benedict Obsuna 3 days ago

    Third! More videos like this pleaseee

  • Smko Bcssgf
    Smko Bcssgf 3 days ago

    First Commenterr Hehe

    SNEACK_ GHOST 3 days ago


  • Nur Aini
    Nur Aini 3 days ago


  • Dobby Jang
    Dobby Jang 3 days ago

    Rafaela is one of hidden op champs in duo ranked

  • Lea Mae
    Lea Mae 3 days ago


    ML CONFLICT 3 days ago

    They say show your skill not your skin *but GL shows both*

  • Jan Yves Muldong
    Jan Yves Muldong 4 days ago


  • belajar bersama
    belajar bersama 6 days ago

    Biasa aja

  • Lian TV
    Lian TV 6 days ago

    My main hero!! Nice gameplay

  • WuFFLeZz TV
    WuFFLeZz TV 6 days ago

    2nd Ahhh gad darnit

    ML CONFLICT 6 days ago

    *me sees : selena vs selena* Let me guese *GL WILL WIN*

  • BrooksX
    BrooksX 7 days ago

    I still mvp 😂😂 ( harley )

  • Albert Manlapitao
    Albert Manlapitao 7 days ago


  • Axe Mobile Legends
    Axe Mobile Legends 8 days ago

    Bro? You deleting all your old videos?

    • Glorious Legend
      Glorious Legend 8 days ago

      Bro thats so sad But ur channel is good u have alot of fans who love u so start to play by ur self and if u can comment thats will be good Dont delete anything now just start new content and when u Ready to reapplay again u can delete ur old

    • Axe Mobile Legends
      Axe Mobile Legends 8 days ago

      Actually im also get demonized on 4 October... 😭

    • Glorious Legend
      Glorious Legend 8 days ago

      Now waiting to get 4k hours to reapplay again

    • Glorious Legend
      Glorious Legend 8 days ago

      Yes bro 😢 They didnt accept my channel for 2nd time they said about top global gameplay (reused content) also i have some friends started a new channels with top glabal gameplay content they didnt accept them also So i deleted all my videos and started my new own content as u see Hope to show in ur videos😅

  • vvampir bayar
    vvampir bayar 8 days ago

    Sniper selena 💙

  • Deepa Kunwar
    Deepa Kunwar 8 days ago

    Shout out

  • Top Legends
    Top Legends 8 days ago

    Nice bro. swap sub pls.

    ML CONFLICT 8 days ago

    *i cant win againts them* -me 2019

  • ii_itzkeith Articona_ii

    First veiw💓💕

  • مهند مهند
    مهند مهند 8 days ago

    Is good

  • ii_itzkeith Articona_ii

    First 💓

  • Jacob Bulawan
    Jacob Bulawan 10 days ago

    wow nice game!

  • Khaphur Jamatia
    Khaphur Jamatia 10 days ago

    I like your video😘😘😘😘

  • Mrr global red
    Mrr global red 10 days ago


    ML CONFLICT 10 days ago

    *Saber the most underated assassin* Natalia: Am i joke to u?

  • big boi
    big boi 11 days ago

    How do you get that hero lockon at 3:45 ? Thx im new player

  • Seralph Joanner E. Ariola

    Want to master, really? Thats your title? It was just a gameplay.

  • Mannuell Kusssh
    Mannuell Kusssh 11 days ago

    Estes also need ban

  • Abang Iga
    Abang Iga 11 days ago

    But how about emblem ?

  • PYT41
    PYT41 11 days ago

    First xd

  • Paula Bola
    Paula Bola 12 days ago

    Like it, but prefer the epic skin, Virus Tho don't have any skin for Selena

  • Paula Bola
    Paula Bola 12 days ago

    Nice done 9/10 I am very good with Selena but sometimes I mess up, :(

    XAVIER GAMING 12 days ago

    Masih amatir bossku wkwk

  • Toixc
    Toixc 12 days ago


  • Top Legends
    Top Legends 12 days ago

    bro what editor you use. i like it

    • Top Legends
      Top Legends 12 days ago

      thanks bro. then can i ask last one pls. where did you get thtat Font?

    • Glorious Legend
      Glorious Legend 12 days ago

      FilmoraGo (PC)

  • Anna Narciso
    Anna Narciso 12 days ago

    100% youre so good at using selena.. your beter than me😔 youre like a top global selena you have excellent skills to..thats why i always watch your videos ever since..cause youre so strong ang like an top global player hope you can reach a 1M subss😇😇 id:339913481(3676) ign:Aronnarciso18 Give me skin plss(any skin) or 100 dias ehheh thank you and godbless

    ML CONFLICT 12 days ago

    *yay i master selena!* 0/12/1

  • ML Player YT
    ML Player YT 12 days ago

    selena queen

  • Top Legends
    Top Legends 12 days ago

    how nice.

  • Ambee GT
    Ambee GT 13 days ago


  • Deepa Kunwar
    Deepa Kunwar 14 days ago

    I need more gameplay of tigreal.plz upload more gameplay glorious legend u are the best

  • tolga
    tolga 14 days ago

    For honor

  • Kun Akbar Ahmadi
    Kun Akbar Ahmadi 15 days ago

    Need more tigreal videos.. Thanks mate

  • Abdi M.
    Abdi M. 15 days ago

    Man, real talk? I always kinda go to this channel when the game starts to piss me off. It's a nice way to relax after a loss or somethin'. ☺

  • Dadi Kelz
    Dadi Kelz 15 days ago

    Very lagggerrr mobile legends fucking speed mode

  • William Park
    William Park 15 days ago

    It seems it’s low rank

  • Yuu otosaka
    Yuu otosaka 16 days ago

    Whats your rank?

  • مهند مهند
    مهند مهند 16 days ago

    Nice bro

  • Bsjsh Dhsish
    Bsjsh Dhsish 16 days ago


  • Anisha Khaling
    Anisha Khaling 17 days ago

    1of my best hero clint😘😘♥️

  • Haritz Skyline
    Haritz Skyline 17 days ago

    clint eat mana too muchhhh

  • Chang'e Says Hi
    Chang'e Says Hi 17 days ago

    Yes I love Clint but team won't let me use him. We was? You mean "we were" 😊😊

  • Ambon Melvin
    Ambon Melvin 17 days ago

    Mobioe ledgends good MLBB rank sama

  • Swear OnMe
    Swear OnMe 17 days ago

    'we WERE winning' not we WAS zzzzzzzzz

  • FrostByte
    FrostByte 17 days ago

    Bro your video playbck on 1080p is quite laggy

  • Gosu Mikazuya
    Gosu Mikazuya 17 days ago


  • Kyo Kusanagi
    Kyo Kusanagi 18 days ago

    One you stunt by her. You have done for it. But X borg will survive if he still has armour on.

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain 18 days ago


  • Twinky Boy
    Twinky Boy 18 days ago

    Am i 4

  • Aj Mainit
    Aj Mainit 18 days ago

    Am I the 3rd

  • [AP-STUDENT] Jayson Nicholas Sena


  • Elizehr Manlapat
    Elizehr Manlapat 18 days ago


  • johan yugsi
    johan yugsi 18 days ago


  • Bsjsh Dhsish
    Bsjsh Dhsish 18 days ago

    My main hero is lesley

  • Cc Mobile
    Cc Mobile 19 days ago

    Hello bro

  • Kjcgs
    Kjcgs 19 days ago

    Thats classic bc your team has uranus and your enemy has him also.....but good gameplay

  • Kjcgs
    Kjcgs 19 days ago

    Are you in legend rank?

  • Edward Randel Pedrialva


  • Yohann Dievart
    Yohann Dievart 19 days ago

    We have the same fc*** ping...

  • HomerNoeL Jumawan
    HomerNoeL Jumawan 19 days ago

    Finally I've found selena, gameplay channel, nice bro keep it up❤

  • raphael ragaza
    raphael ragaza 19 days ago

    My main granger

  • Ratana KHYT
    Ratana KHYT 20 days ago

    My main hero is Claude😎😎

  • Paula Bola
    Paula Bola 20 days ago

    My main is Selena

    Yuan OFFICIAL 20 days ago

    You really need to make a compilation of savages to gain again ur popularity

    • Glorious Legend
      Glorious Legend 20 days ago

      And they didnt accept any new channels with compilation video

    • Glorious Legend
      Glorious Legend 20 days ago

      Only some of old channel still active but they will demonetized soon Look at Ranits gaming..he didnt upload any savage video from 2 months

    • Yuan OFFICIAL
      Yuan OFFICIAL 20 days ago

      @Glorious Legend ow why some still can?

    • Glorious Legend
      Glorious Legend 20 days ago

      Bro savage compilation was got 100k views in 48 hours .. Now i got about 600 or 700 views Any youtuber will do anything for more views... but my channel got demonetized becoz of savage moments... I deleted it then i waited for month to reapplay again, they also didn't accept my channel All i want to say the all compilation is not acceptable also Top global gameplay not acceptable, they didnt accept any new channel with this content. I know there many channels doing savage and top global gameplay content but they will demonetized soon RU-clip want your video is 100% own by you only No compilation no recording aothers gameplay

    UZUMAKI GAME 20 days ago

    Can selena be used with magic hemblema?

  • PARIAMAN Channel
    PARIAMAN Channel 21 day ago

    Apa fungsi spel retribution sepanjang game tidak kepakai dan mending pakai flicker atau execute kalau gitu

  • aira nicole solomon

    slow hands

  • Ibu Purwanti
    Ibu Purwanti 21 day ago

    Plese alucard lengendary skin game play (Komen 1)

  • Toixc
    Toixc 21 day ago


  • eZ kill
    eZ kill 21 day ago

    I miss the top 15 savage😞😩

  • Ramon Urbina
    Ramon Urbina 22 days ago

    Road to Top Global Selena Wow heheheh

  • Paula Bola
    Paula Bola 22 days ago