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  • Ngadimin 86
    Ngadimin 86 Day ago

    Hebat singapur dari pd .....

  • fighting force
    fighting force 2 days ago

    lancau la sg.. bodoh

  • Solo traveller
    Solo traveller 2 days ago

    Commentary is good for highlights

  • 777 777
    777 777 3 days ago


  • Dejanan Kongsamruay

    not bad singapore

  • John Wig
    John Wig 3 days ago

    This isnt a friendly match tey shudnt have put in the new guys 13, 20 and zulfahmi. Shudve start w Faris, Quak, Zulkarnain & Yasir.

  • afendi ujud
    afendi ujud 4 days ago

    Singapore can defence cant attack do they know about football

  • Khai Eijamp Angah
    Khai Eijamp Angah 4 days ago


  • Boy Hanoi
    Boy Hanoi 4 days ago

    Bọn ubk này sút kinh thật

  • Hojiakbar Qayumov
    Hojiakbar Qayumov 4 days ago

    Olg'a O''zbekiston

  • Muzaffar Sadikov
    Muzaffar Sadikov 4 days ago

    Hamdamovni yuqotish kere

  • Benjamin Koh
    Benjamin Koh 4 days ago

    Congrats Uzbekistan from Singapore. Shomurodov is a beast. On our side good try, ikhsan brilliant as usual, the 16 player was quite good for a 20 year old, please don't play the 23 ever again though. 3rd goal for Uzbekistan we were sort of unlucky, everyone was high up the pitch and few were running back to mark. Yoshida is a good coach, but he shouldn't over emphasise on attacking. A good coach can switch efficiently between defending and attacking. A good coach can also switch formations efficiently, such as between 5-3-2 and 3-5-2. Could be better, though, because this is a difficult group and we have to do better to have any hope of progressing. Also, game was quite dirty lol. A lot of shirt pulling.

  • pigtorlai
    pigtorlai 4 days ago

    Singapore number 8 dodged to avoid the ball for Uzbek first goal. Useless player!

    • Young Lord
      Young Lord 4 days ago

      pigtorlai hahaha

    • pigtorlai
      pigtorlai 4 days ago

      @Farid Prap Seems like he faked his own goalkeeper by dodging the ball at the last minute, haha!

    • Farid Prap
      Farid Prap 4 days ago

      Uhh he assisted for our goal?

  • dostonbek raximov
    dostonbek raximov 4 days ago


  • Olamgir Komilov
    Olamgir Komilov 4 days ago

    Congratulations Uzbekistan

  • adreen137
    adreen137 4 days ago

    Come on lah sg

  • Hyzel Fadhil
    Hyzel Fadhil 4 days ago

    Honestly... sick and tired to see SG play. Only can compete with SEA countries. Outside SEA, SG always gets outplayed. Since 30 years ago, still same standard. When will FAS start to send our youths to Europe and let them grow there?

  • nidhindas das
    nidhindas das 5 days ago

    Congratultions singapore🇸🇬 from Indiaaaa🇮🇳

    ABU AZOOZ 6 days ago

    This was supposed to end 5-0 for Saudi.

  • kamihernan
    kamihernan 6 days ago

    ay Singapur una de las mejores economías del mundo, pero si no le dan pelota a los pelaos graves, son puros bultos jeje

  • #Bellicose #
    #Bellicose # 6 days ago

    I wish if Saudi and Iran get in same group they would have playe in their own country

  • Ravana Lanka
    Ravana Lanka 6 days ago

    Watch ex-Singapore forsaken midfielder Benjamin Davis first assist in a friendly match against Hassan Sunny’s team. He now becomes a soldier of fortune ru-clip.com/video/CtEvH7_mxTM/video.html

  • Paul Lim from Singapore

    Under this Japanese coach...frankly Singapore team improved alot...a transformed attacking team never seen before...the goals scored by Saudi Arabic were not fantastic...with luck Singapore should be able to score two goals and final result will be 2-2...awesome penalty save by Singapore goalie...he was really cool...this Singapore team can lifted their heads high...regardless of the score...in football luck play a vital part in the final result...in due time...Singapore team will be much better and fitter under this Japanese coach...just mark my words.

  • Saitama 22
    Saitama 22 6 days ago

    They never fail to disappoint me.. I don't think the coach is the problem, Singapore have tried quite a few coaches but yet the results are the same, draw lose draw lose , if win also luck. . Personally I think it's the player that got a problem..

  • Isayev Umid
    Isayev Umid 7 days ago

    Uzbekistan 5:0 Yemen Singapore 1:4 Uzbekistan Uzbeksitan 4:0 SaudiyaArabiya Go_Uzbeksitan 🇺🇿❤️

  • HN# Gió
    HN# Gió 7 days ago

    Singapore good

    • Farid Prap
      Farid Prap 5 days ago

      @Flipbook. VN no wtf

    • Flipbook. VN
      Flipbook. VN 6 days ago

      all asean is weak except vietnam. vietnam strong

  • Med
    Med 7 days ago

    Where does Singapore No 10 play? I liked his playing style

    • Kevin Ooi
      Kevin Ooi 4 days ago

      Faris Ramli, usually a Winger but sometimes operate as a Attacking Mid

  • Ôi Ôi dồi
    Ôi Ôi dồi 7 days ago

    Love Saudi from Vietnam

    • SMOK Z
      SMOK Z 4 days ago

      Love Vietnam from Saudi Arabia and thank you for your love

    • MT3B Ala'ali
      MT3B Ala'ali 7 days ago

      what do you know about Saudi Arabia?

  • Arif Arif
    Arif Arif 7 days ago

    Song name?

  • รัตพง กินมะหมี่

    KSA king of penalty

  • Jet
    Jet 8 days ago


  • Prakarn Tawan
    Prakarn Tawan 8 days ago

    โกลด์หนองบัว พิชญะโดนไป3เลย

  • soy la wea
    soy la wea 8 days ago

    Esta wea es fifa weon

  • Boripat Wannasri
    Boripat Wannasri 8 days ago

    Chinese people is 70% in Singapore but why Singapore national team has only Melayu players ? WTF ?🤔

    • darrendelong
      darrendelong 7 days ago

      Does it matter? People have freedom of choice whether they want to become footballers. Do you need a race quota in football teams? That is racist. Chinese have a choice to not want to become footballers as much as Malays wants to become footballers.

    • HM Zuhdi
      HM Zuhdi 7 days ago

      Boripat Wannasri because not a lot of Chinese play football in Singapore

    • HM Zuhdi
      HM Zuhdi 7 days ago

      Why not

  • Equalizer
    Equalizer 8 days ago

    Spore team should press more aggressively instead of just attacking when having d ball and giving it away easily too. Pressing should be a collective team effort. Only Ikhsan seems to be upfront pressing. Seems that lions should switch from area positioning and man marking to more team defensive and attacking:]

  • Muhd Suffyyan
    Muhd Suffyyan 8 days ago

    What song

  • Suhail Mk
    Suhail Mk 8 days ago

    Song name ???

  • Febri Alpian
    Febri Alpian 8 days ago

    Yess kalah ..gak ush lolos biar Indonesia ada temennya ..wkwk

  • Zulkifli Abdul Gani

    2008 spore also lost 0-3,so no much difference.

    • Farid Prap
      Farid Prap Day ago

      @fighting force at least we didn't park the bus bro we tried to play attacking football but they were just too good on the counters and they are technically and physically superior as compared to us

    • fighting force
      fighting force Day ago

      @Farid Prap same thing la. Nothing change. Out means out la.. Lose nothing to be happy.

    • Farid Prap
      Farid Prap 5 days ago

      That's not how it works bro so much has changed since 2008

  • Elizabeth Chin
    Elizabeth Chin 8 days ago

    Line up player, no need to see sure loose. 👎👎👎👎👎

  • aymeric laporte
    aymeric laporte 9 days ago

    Singapore cố lên

  • riswandha isaris
    riswandha isaris 9 days ago

    Lebih baik ketimbang indonesia, jangankan cetak gol waktu lawan uea, golnya uea aja banyak karena kebodohan sendiri

  • goh kok hiong
    goh kok hiong 9 days ago

    I noticed in the last 25 min, Singapore actually play defensively too prevent letting in more goal as Saudi bully us totally. Saudi will have problem if play with stronger team with their current form.

    • darrendelong
      darrendelong 7 days ago

      But we have overall improved in terms of moving on and off the ball. We are still technically inferior to the Saudis but generally we have improved.

    • goh kok hiong
      goh kok hiong 7 days ago

      Good luck to your country.

    • MT3B Ala'ali
      MT3B Ala'ali 7 days ago

      We will qualify for the World Cup, the sixth time 🇸🇦

  • zack haikal
    zack haikal 9 days ago


  • SaltyFinest
    SaltyFinest 9 days ago

    stupid music

  • zainuddin brahim
    zainuddin brahim 9 days ago

    to our spore side please do not let e ball , hide e ball before an attack, like a solid cross and divertion towards their goal post they will be confuse by it.

  • zainuddin brahim
    zainuddin brahim 9 days ago

    to beat saudi, spore cant afford to score in an open manner but saudi loose on divisive attacking, e way saudi score today too is more like divertion attacks in which spore lack in control, next match if we control n read their divertion way of attacking, we are on our way to a feast of goals from our side.

  • Benjamin Koh
    Benjamin Koh 9 days ago

    Izwan Mahbud was surprisingly not too bad in this match. Some good shots saved and a penalty as well.

  • Benjamin Koh
    Benjamin Koh 9 days ago

    It's okay Singapore. We tried our best and that is what matters. Saudi are a world cup standard team anyway.

    • Bdot96
      Bdot96 8 days ago

      Hard luck.🇸🇦🇸🇬

  • Kevin Ooi
    Kevin Ooi 9 days ago

    Decent result for SG playing away from home against a World Cup team. Huge credit to coach.

  • Mrwacko123
    Mrwacko123 9 days ago

    Those who said Singapore played well probably didn't watch the other longer video. Singapore had 2 scoring opportunities only vs the Saudis' estimated 15. The Saudis converted 3, 1 penalty saved by Singapore goalkeeper, some hit the post, hit the bar, and some, again, saved by the Singapore goalkeeper. The Saudi coach, ought to be pissed at the Saudis' 20% scoring rate. The Singapore coach should commit hara-kiri for emphasizing attack at the expense of defence.

    • fighting force
      fighting force Day ago

      Same thing la.. Sg thought they got Japanese coach they think they good. Lol. Lose means lose la cb...

    • david archangels
      david archangels 9 days ago

      @zainuddin brahim no wing play. No crosses. But still did their best. Im proud of them. Wait for the return in spore. Must shoot on sight.

    • zainuddin brahim
      zainuddin brahim 9 days ago

      saudi uses alot of body defensive football which is why always loosen up spore attack, spore must focus of cutting passess and divert it well to the target area, e goal.

    • goh kok hiong
      goh kok hiong 9 days ago

      That is way to go forward for playing attacking football. I support the coach tactics. We got nothing to loose. If we park the bus, we may still lost to Saudi. However, we are quite lucky not to loose big.

  • Mansor Lasim
    Mansor Lasim 9 days ago

    The way Singapore players played look so much improvement under Japan coach. Although we lost the game to Saudi Arabia but honestly we are good.

    • darrendelong
      darrendelong 7 days ago

      I agree. I think we have made progress. Saudis have also improved a lot as seen recently that they can take the game to Brazil even though they lost. We are just technically inferior to the Saudis at the moment, the gap in the levels is obvious, but the way Singapore footballers moves on and off the ball has definitely improve a great deal.

    • zainuddin brahim
      zainuddin brahim 9 days ago

      yup we lost with respect and courage

  • goh kok hiong
    goh kok hiong 9 days ago

    We will beat Saudi at our home ground. Singapore play well although we lost. Keep it up.

  • Na7w7af
    Na7w7af 9 days ago


  • mu fc
    mu fc 9 days ago

    Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦💚🇸🇦💚❤️❤️

  • Vincent Png
    Vincent Png 9 days ago

    Sg team cmi... see the gulf difference in standard. A good training session for the Saudi team...

    • Farid Prap
      Farid Prap 5 days ago

      If ur a fan u support not say sg cant make it. Win lose or draw if ur a fan support if not then u can fuck right off

  • Tu Cao
    Tu Cao 10 days ago

    Singapore bay giờ đã đang cập rồi đó

  • Babon Binbin
    Babon Binbin 21 day ago

    Good game singapore respect from Indonesia 👏👏👏

  • Kelvin Han
    Kelvin Han 27 days ago

    If only the lions took their chances better in the 1st half with more football intelligence...

  • Wan kl kl
    Wan kl kl Month ago

    Go asean teammm!!!! From malaysia

  • Kien Vu
    Kien Vu Month ago

    Viet nam 2 Yemen 0 Asiacup

  • mr robot
    mr robot Month ago

    Indonesia emang goblokkkk

  • Ammar Yanie
    Ammar Yanie Month ago

    Lain mcm singapore

  • Kimbowra Snow
    Kimbowra Snow Month ago

    👏👏👏👏👏 from thailand. Bg phatum อีฟาน สุดยอด

  • Aditya Rizky
    Aditya Rizky Month ago

    Hebat ya Singapura, timnas indonesia mah boro boro ... Yang ada mainnya lembek .. sama malaysia aja kalah muaakk sekarang sama timnas senior Indonesia .. contoh dong Malaysia Singapore, Cambodia .. mereka sekarang sudah berkembang dan maju , lah ini timnas senior Indonesia apa ga malu ya wkwkwkw asu lah..

  • Ahmad Alsuod
    Ahmad Alsuod Month ago

    هههههههه اليمن طلع عندهم منتخب 🙈🙈🤣😂🤣😂

  • JUNAID p
    JUNAID p Month ago

    Nice play singapore from india.. u need improve finishing skill and defencive... our defence were very strong vs qatar..

    • Farid Prap
      Farid Prap 5 days ago

      I hope India can go for in this world cup too - from Singapore

  • Reyza Tza
    Reyza Tza Month ago

    Tahniah singapore...from Ireland

  • Zen
    Zen Month ago

    Hanya sikit org Singapore nak cakap bahasa Melayu

  • Don't Play
    Don't Play Month ago

    Yemen 🇾🇪 ❤️😘❤️

  • phanom juntha
    phanom juntha Month ago

    Configuration Singapore , your team very strong From Thailand

  • Saux Saux
    Saux Saux Month ago

    Singapore was a better team in this match and should have won the game.


    Congratulations So Good Singapore from Thailand

  • Noppissza TV
    Noppissza TV Month ago

    SupaChao viras Thailand out ear

  • TĐK Muzik
    TĐK Muzik Month ago

    ♥️♥️♥️ ru-clip.com/video/O1RoV_-5sss/video.html

  • choopong chompoorach


  • Peach Panthakan
    Peach Panthakan Month ago

    Congratulations Singapore🇸🇬 👏👏 -from Thailand🇹🇭

  • สุรพงษ์ สุขพรเจริญ

    I support all ASEAN teams. thaifan

  • Mohammad firdaus Sulaiman

    terbaik singapore

    POORBOY [ARM] Month ago

    ศุภโชค สิงคโปร์ 5555

  • Hervan Miftah
    Hervan Miftah Month ago

    Wow selamat singapore.. From 🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • mimey global
    mimey global Month ago

    Singapore much better than Indonesia. Small country with Big Heart. High Spirits. How about Indonesia....

  • เช ยังไม่ตาย

    👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏from Thailand!

  • อับดุลเลาะห์ กาเล

    Tahniah Singapora saya dari Thailand

  • Yui & Lala
    Yui & Lala Month ago

    Singapura menang , Lala 🇸🇬🇸🇬🦍🦍

  • Eko Kurniawan
    Eko Kurniawan Month ago

    timnas indonesia hancur lebur dikualifikasi piala dunia.

      BOLO RUWET Month ago

      @BA'D Bhadani Singapore belum tentu lolos aja udah sombong

    • BA'D Bhadani
      BA'D Bhadani Month ago

      Untung indonesia ga 1 group sm SINGAPURA . Kyk apa malunya klo sempat main sm SINGAPURA , INDONESIA bisa di gunduli

  • Thèm Football
    Thèm Football Month ago

    trận đấu mai động quá

  • Simple Living
    Simple Living Month ago

    Good. We really need to beat middle eastern countries To make ASEAN stronger.

  • Vincent Kurniawan

    Good job Singapore

  • Mikael Safie
    Mikael Safie Month ago

    Tahniah Singapura dari selatan Thailand

  • Bia Ba
    Bia Ba Month ago

    sư tư biên hay qua

  • Mạnh blu
    Mạnh blu Month ago

    Việt Nam

  • Abud Geming abud
    Abud Geming abud Month ago

    Good Singapore,Indonesia out from indonesia

  • Kachen Rx
    Kachen Rx Month ago

    Good job singapore from 🇹🇭

  • Souman Lor
    Souman Lor Month ago

    Indo harusnya lebih percaya sama sekuat muda . Masak striker kita 38 taun gt hahaha. Yg bertalenta muda banyak bgt padahal

    PUTRA PENANG IV Month ago

    Congratulations Singapore 👏👏 - From Malaysia ♥️

  • Vũ Tiến Lực
    Vũ Tiến Lực Month ago

    1:50 no pennalty ???Vietnam hello.good look singapore

    • Danneh
      Danneh Month ago

      Vũ Tiến Lực yes it should have been penalty keeper did not get to the ball

  • Tai Nguyen
    Tai Nguyen Month ago

    good luck to Singapo from VietNam

  • The Sword of God
    The Sword of God Month ago

    Berbenah diri tidaklah usah memikirkan yang lain

  • yusuf hamidi
    yusuf hamidi Month ago

    Bagus ya timnas bisa ngalahin Thailand 3:0