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  • Something duo
    Something duo 59 seconds ago

    I need a new phone. My dies at least 5x a day. It can get up to 12x a day. Really sucks

  • Марат Салахов

    They chose 1 only because they did realize, that it is an AirPods

  • Jenna Tolls
    Jenna Tolls 19 minutes ago

    Come to my city lmao, population 35k moose jaw, sk

  • Jake
    Jake 20 minutes ago

    "Wow this is alot better iphone" how can he tell there all the same

  • Kalio - Release The Snyder Cut!

    It's not a coincidence that everyone in this video who uses an iphone is an asshole

  • Jake
    Jake 33 minutes ago

    I use a android and I wouldn't want a google pixel 4,

  • Tactualhornet95 Kelly
    Tactualhornet95 Kelly 35 minutes ago

    Rochester Michigan

  • Ower_patterns James
    Ower_patterns James 36 minutes ago

    Oreo ?

  • Python X5
    Python X5 50 minutes ago

    Bruh I want an android device to complement mi iPhone 11 Pro, its so frustrating not having some android features I really need in my daily life. But I also need some iOS things like airdrop because of my work :(

  • Alphabet 7
    Alphabet 7 54 minutes ago

    By the way Android came out first in 2003 compared to iOS in 2007

  • kira kendall
    kira kendall Hour ago

    everyones gonna ignore mikey tua?

  • Maj R.
    Maj R. Hour ago

    Ljubljana, Slovenia maybe?

  • Michael Jackson HEHE AOW

    I *KNOW* that these guys downloaded it again

  • Michael Jackson HEHE AOW

    Deadass I would delete every social media account on my phone for an iPhone 11 pro max (RU-clip, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, Facebook)

  • Joathekloa
    Joathekloa Hour ago

    come to norway hahaa

  • Lydia Faith
    Lydia Faith Hour ago

    Come to bend, Oregon!!!

  • Robert Jordan
    Robert Jordan Hour ago

    Come to Lawtey please

  • Jaxxton Glidewell

    Lol millennials

  • Rock N Roll
    Rock N Roll Hour ago

    I will send you video of my phone break. You send me the new phone. Lol

  • World Wide Tech
    World Wide Tech 2 hours ago

    Next City: if you have the money: Romania, Bran - Brasov (Dracula's Castle)

  • Loud_Music
    Loud_Music 2 hours ago

    Come to Lithuania:Kaunas

  • Vicky
    Vicky 2 hours ago

    So i ask some of my friends why did they chose to use iPhone, they said "Because they're fancy" I like the look but I prefer quality so I have been using Samsung phone, well I did get a free galaxy J7 and I drop it, 3 or 4 meter up and it surprisingly didn't affect the phone at all so I decided to follow the Samsung path .

  • Leo Nela
    Leo Nela 2 hours ago

    Wow!!!Logic of them girls killed meee.This is an iphone x What does x stand for. Even my little brother in 3rd grade knows it i swear

  • Folorunso Temidayo
    Folorunso Temidayo 2 hours ago

    Seriously man, this video is on point I really wish something like this was going on here in Nigeria It'll be really cool tho Lit video From your no. 1 Nigeria fan and subscriber Lots of love

  • 乙PointBlank
    乙PointBlank 2 hours ago

    What? Android R is already out for Pixels..

  • Nicole Bowers
    Nicole Bowers 2 hours ago

    7:00 the boy talking is WOAHH

  • mattgaming
    mattgaming 2 hours ago

    it would have been better if they said: oh crap that didin't supose to happen but still realy good

  • KLanD Tine
    KLanD Tine 2 hours ago

    Answer to the second question is wrong.. it was the Nokia 7650. Third question is - Nokia 6131

  • Racing Legends
    Racing Legends 2 hours ago

    Come to Camas washington

  • Ahybe
    Ahybe 3 hours ago

    Is that fin from fin and sky

  • SyEd Z-A-MAN
    SyEd Z-A-MAN 3 hours ago

    Fan from NEPAL. Send me also an iphone as giveaway

  • Luke Crawford
    Luke Crawford 3 hours ago

    You should come to Indianapolis IN USA

  • Shifty
    Shifty 3 hours ago

    Wtf the Pixel is a straight up copy of the iPhone lmao

  • 9Tailsfan
    9Tailsfan 3 hours ago

    You guys should have asked these questions. These would stump most Android and iPhone fans. Where does Apple source their iPhone screens from? Answer Samsung. Who manufactures Gorilla Glass? Answer: Corning. FYI Their main HQ is in Corning, New York, USA. Has Apple ever made an official licensed Hello Kitty themed phone? Answer : No But many Android manufacturers have like Samsung, Acetel, and HTC. Does Europe use different wifi and cellular radio bandwidths from America? Answer: Yes. Tip if you travel a lot then get a phone that is an international model. Or buy a cheap prepaid "burner".

  • Doubl3r
    Doubl3r 3 hours ago

    Barcelona PLS

    BISHAL'S CREATION 3 hours ago

    16:10 i saw same girl in another question video

  • Ze gone mad
    Ze gone mad 4 hours ago

    please ask me some 😂😂

    MAKnCHEEZ 4 hours ago

    Am I the only person who would like to have the home button back??

  • ProfessorFilm
    ProfessorFilm 4 hours ago

    come to christchurch new zealand

    BISHAL'S CREATION 4 hours ago

    Hope to see u in Kathmandu Nepal

  • Alan
    Alan 4 hours ago

    Anyone remembers when apple was innovative

  • Jessie Birax
    Jessie Birax 4 hours ago

    Dont know how The apple obsessed people can be so dumb and arrogant

  • Mária Uhrová
    Mária Uhrová 4 hours ago

    iphone 11

  • sageer ansari
    sageer ansari 4 hours ago

    Iphone 11 pro max

  • Jessie Birax
    Jessie Birax 5 hours ago

    Really !#? Pixel and iPhone is your only offered reward ? Dumb

  • Símon Kattoll
    Símon Kattoll 5 hours ago

    can u now come to iceland

  • TechAvid
    TechAvid 5 hours ago

    iOS 2 😂😂😂😂

  • itskeynl Music
    itskeynl Music 5 hours ago

    All answer were really easy. Also, the Google pixel is probably the worst Android phone on the market as of right now, i don't even know why would you give it.

  • Jonathan la Croes
    Jonathan la Croes 5 hours ago

    these people wanna use smart phones,but they are not smart!

  • Ahmed أحمد
    Ahmed أحمد 5 hours ago

    Some of the answer you claim right are wrong

  • Max Box
    Max Box 5 hours ago

    Boss give me one phone Please

  • Jh V
    Jh V 5 hours ago

    I wish to have an iphone, even old one. Will do. Just to try. How it feels to have tht phone. Hays😶

    SHOULD_3R 5 hours ago

    Can you come to Essen (Altenessen) in Germany

  • Sas salta
    Sas salta 5 hours ago

    Come to Sweden i live there!

  • blue goose
    blue goose 5 hours ago

    the first android camera phone was in 2000 this video incorrect?

  • fast track fortnite
    fast track fortnite 6 hours ago

    Come to delhi dwarka

  • 수니
    수니 6 hours ago

    is it only me that noticed hailey in 1:30 (Lavender towne)

  • Ahmed أحمد
    Ahmed أحمد 6 hours ago

    Actually android was been in development since 2005 I think Android was not a Google product it was baught by google

  • Audrey Karemera
    Audrey Karemera 6 hours ago

    Please come to my little village in the Netherlands Sibton Anthonis

  • Wilbert Agyarko Tutu

    Accra, Ghana . Your next travel destination.

  • Gachatuber Kev
    Gachatuber Kev 6 hours ago

    Didn’t anyone see the Canada flag

  • Gadget Spectator
    Gadget Spectator 6 hours ago

    Come to india

  • M Qeems
    M Qeems 6 hours ago

    9:51 ans: Jonny

  • Farhan Tanvir
    Farhan Tanvir 6 hours ago

    Which country harbours these idiots? :/ Im crying :')

  • darshan solanki
    darshan solanki 6 hours ago

    i live in Africa but have more knowledge. lol

  • martyn evans
    martyn evans 6 hours ago

    First camera on a phone? It was Nokia.

  • southpaw hail
    southpaw hail 7 hours ago

    Your channel is a lie.. the people may from space if real

  • Cul Doode
    Cul Doode 7 hours ago

    *Am i the only one who thought they are gonna be in the car?*

  • Clement Siby
    Clement Siby 7 hours ago

    The title makes no sense after watching the video...

  • Μαριος Ναχμιας

    Guess what? You just got a new subcraber

  • Lukas Demarsin
    Lukas Demarsin 8 hours ago


  • Facts Only
    Facts Only 8 hours ago

    BUT its proven clowns and brainless people use iPhones and smart people know how to spend and whats worth for the money that's why they choose android because it does a lot for less and nothing is overpriced obviously a smart person will never buy somethings expansive and doesn't do anything i mean show me one smart person that uses an iPhone ill give you the real reason apple users think they smart

  • Rede chihwai
    Rede chihwai 8 hours ago

    I swear i ddnt know only one answer... The rest i got em correct.. I shuld be featured in these things kkk.. Too bad im im 🇿🇼 zimbabwe all the way in africa 🙈🙈

  • Han.M C
    Han.M C 8 hours ago

    damn i got all correct, give me my phone

  • Ghost Killzzz
    Ghost Killzzz 8 hours ago


  • Starwars Supremacy
    Starwars Supremacy 8 hours ago

    I got them all correctly. Why don't you come to Serbia Belgrade.

  • Promax 8
    Promax 8 8 hours ago

    Please go to munich

  • Rayan Mustafa
    Rayan Mustafa 8 hours ago

    You can't just log in again? ,lol

  • Waqas Ajaz
    Waqas Ajaz 9 hours ago

    Come to Doha, Qatar

    KING VINCENT PO 9 hours ago

    Wasn't the first phone with a digital camera on a Japanese phone?

  • Linkkid Gaming
    Linkkid Gaming 9 hours ago

    Yeah right like you are gonna come to Serbia in Zrenjanin lol

  • Akash biswas
    Akash biswas 10 hours ago

    Can you give me a Samsung Galaxy note 10+?

  • Reymar Kibete
    Reymar Kibete 10 hours ago

    Please deliver Samsung Galaxy in Philippines siaton

  • Faizaan Fazal
    Faizaan Fazal 10 hours ago

    The Black guy looks like Ajiona Alexus cosplaying J Cole.

  • Gossip Heart
    Gossip Heart 10 hours ago

    You cheated these people. You should have replaced the Pixel with the Samsung S10.

  • Omar Adlan
    Omar Adlan 10 hours ago

    Come to Egypt

  • Francisco Fidalgo
    Francisco Fidalgo 10 hours ago

    Asking Nokia guys what they think about the iPhone.

  • Miquel Roura Batlle
    Miquel Roura Batlle 10 hours ago

    Got all of them right and fell at the last one. I said Quishe. Alright man, I guess I didn't deserve that Pixel.

  • Liam04
    Liam04 11 hours ago

    Come to Melbourne Australia

  • ismail mayou
    ismail mayou 11 hours ago

    Come to London England I need a new phone

  • krishna Murari Gupta
    krishna Murari Gupta 11 hours ago

    Visit Nepal too will br waiting

  • Rajshree Padwad
    Rajshree Padwad 11 hours ago

    Who thinks if they would on that place they would won any mobile .

  • rari coupe
    rari coupe 11 hours ago

    "IpHoNe 10?? ThAtS aN iPhOnE x"

  • MMD
    MMD 11 hours ago

    When you get all of them right… 😭😭😭

  • Tatu
    Tatu 11 hours ago

    Got 6/7 correct, woulda said 500$ for the final one so that's kinda close

  • Sidhu mosse Wala
    Sidhu mosse Wala 11 hours ago

    Please gift me an iPhone 6 or 7

  • rari coupe
    rari coupe 11 hours ago

    This'll show people that Android's are better in almost every aspect

  • Hans Qreymer daniel
    Hans Qreymer daniel 12 hours ago

    oof I guess I knew more than them

  • Osinachi Okpara
    Osinachi Okpara 12 hours ago

    I wish i was the one answering these questions. I got them all correctly. Hiw can an iOS user say the latest is iOS 11?! 😢

  • AGM
    AGM 12 hours ago

    Egypt alexandria